Battle Frenzy
550 Good bosom friends for life
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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550 Good bosom friends for life

Although she was rather clear about how silly and amusing Ma Dong was during the time she had spent in Tianjing, seeing this scene still caused Laura to feel a little trippy, as her brain wasn't able to process what she had just seen. Tomorrow was their quarterfinals match! Her taking a stroll was already an extremely incorrect and irresponsible action as a participant! Yet, this fellow's actually betting on horses?

However, never in her wildest dreams did she expect for this to just be the start. At this moment, Grai had looked over and sent a smile towards her, his hands still holding on to a folded-up thing.

Wait, was that a magazine? It looks like the latest edition of "The Great Entertainment News"...the woman present on the cover was dressed in an exceedingly provocative manner!

Laura almost choked on her tongue as she thought, what the hell? Didn't Tianjing say that they would persevere on and strive for the best result possible?

Laura always had a good rather impression of Grai, a he was strong, courteous, and most importantly, gave people a strong feeling of security. However, even this reliable person had fallen to the level of Ma Dong?

Before Laura could regain her senses from her astonishment, an even more mysterious figure appeared, in the form of the goddess-like Hymin. Having most likely heard Ma Dong's emotional cries, she had stuck her head out from the kitchen, before saying. "Come over here, elder sis Laura. We're about to have dinner! Come try out the new food my Barran has made! After yesterday's lesson, I can definitely confirm that today's portion will be more than sufficient!"

"Cough Cough!" upon seeing Laura, the emotional Ma Dong was instantly scared afraid, with an impulsion after wanting to bolt out of the door surging through his mind.
Just at this moment, Barran walked out from the kitchen door, an embarrassed smile on his face as he scratched his head. The incomparably short apron present around his frame, made an undescribably comical and amusing scene before her.


Finally, Laura opened her mouth slightly.

Betting on horses, looking at magazines, and cooking?

This…what is this situation? Was this serious and conscientious Tianjing squadron? If such a scene was shown to the fans debating on the level of preparations Tianjing was making for their upcoming match, god knows what kind of feelings they would many meanings would they come up with?

Although there was a definite level of disparity between the strength both parties possessed, not a single person believed that Tianjing would give up, as they had never shown any fear despite any opponent they had faced in this CHF. Betting their lives on their willpower, combat tactics and out of this world imagination have always been the unique traits of Tianjing. Could it be….

Only after seeing Wang Zhong present in the grass patch was Laura able to gain a slight understanding towards all of this "weirdness".

The apt phrase to describe him would be "subordinates would imitate their superior's vices".

The supposed perfect person in Laura's eyes was actually showing an utter absence of any intent to go to battle! When Laura walked over, he was currently fiddling with the sketches of runic arrays that were strewn all over the ground. From time to time, he would scribble on them, while sipping on the little bottle of alcohol by his side. An excited expression was present on his face, appearing as though he was trying to find some inspiration from the alcohol and the world around him.

This….made her feel like saying "WTF!", as this was utterly different from what she had expected. From the looks of it, this bunch of fellows were even more relaxed than she was! How could they be satisfied with walking to this point?

However, as she thought about it, with even her being satisfied with her road in this CHF, she seemed to have no good reason to be dissatisfied about Wang Zhong.

Upon seeing Laura, Wang Zhong finally stopped his writing. Raising his head, he said, "You're here? What's with that dumbfounded look? This isn't the first time you're seeing me and my scribblings."

"Only my grandfather's interested in your scribblings. I"m unable to understand." Laura was triggered by his reply, causing her to sit down beside him. "Before I came here, I was still afraid of whether my visit would affect your preparations for the upcoming match, you know. However, from the looks of it, you guys are really relaxed, huh."
"Ha ha, you're also as relaxed as us, to be able to stroll all the way to our place."

"That's not the same. You're very clear about your strength, and are capable of putting up a fight, though the hope towards victory isn't big."

"We too are also going quite all out. The combined strength of the Gui Family's is as of now the strongest we have ever met." said Wang Zhong with a serious expression.

No one's able to not develop any good impressions about Laura when facing her. This wasn't due to her fiery body, but due to her character. Being by the side of a girl like her would make one feel considerable radiant and relaxed. She clearly hailed from a family with extremely high status, yet she was exceedingly frank and sincere.

"I would really believe those words if they were said by other people. However, why do I feel that it contains a cocky and smug element when said by you?" Laura gave cheeky laugh before continuing. "However, I really did not expect for you guys to be that relaxed. What's the matter? Could it be that you have managed to obtain some secret information, and therefore are a 100% confident for tomorrow's match?"

With a smile, Wang Zhong shook his head. Faced against the S+ranked Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, no one would ever dare to say they had 100% guarantee of defeating them.

The reason why they were that relaxed was due to them being taught a sufficiently impactful lesson during their match against Torres.

Scarlet and Emily have yet to recover from the injuries they had sustained during that fight. Furthermore, the doctor had recommended that it was for the best if they were not fielded in tomorrow's match against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor.

Looking at their injury-laden bodies, Wang Zhong too proceeded to reflect upon himself. He was everyone's pillar of support, which unknowing resulted in his actions massively affecting their psychological states. Frankly speaking, his thirst for victory had affected them. The relaxation the entire squadron had undergo over the last to days had changed that state, allowing each and every member to decide the benefits of their goals by themselves, and not those that were made due to the influence of their captain.

Giving a stretch, Wang Zhong replied with a laugh, "

Although he maintained a modest manner when saying those words, Laura was acutely able to catch the sliver of self-confidence flashed across Wang Zhong's eyes while he was saying those words.

This was that exact gaze that had captivated Laura. It seemed to be utterly incomprehensible, yet was devoid of any blind fear or dread.

This fellow's already that casual with his words for tomorrow's match! That confidence gaze had left a deep mark in her mind ever since the first time she had seen them from All Mouthy King via the Skylink. All the way till now, everyone she had met believed that it was impossible for Tianjing to defeat Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. Yet, this gaze had remained the same since then till now.

His attitude was much better than her own.

"What a reasonable stance." said Laura with a smile. All of a sudden, a thought appeared in her mind, inexplicably causing her to continued speaking, "Seeing that you're full of confidence, I suddenly feel like giving you a little encouragement."


Extending her fair and dainty hand out, Laura proceeded to say in an ambiguous half-hearted manner: "If you guys are really able to win tomorrow's match, I'll accompany you for a private date, and we could take a stroll, watch movies, or play whatever games you guys like to play…" saying till here, a slight blush appeared on Laura's face. "You better not have any thoughts. In any case, you don't have a girlfriend, while I don't have a boyfriend."

When the last statement was added in, Wang Zhong started to laugh. Truthfully speaking, he was rather grateful of Laura. In any case, a sweet and graceful lady was a good choice for a gentleman, and just as what Laura had said, he did not have any girlfriends.

"Are you forcing me to bet my life for tomorrow?" replied Wang Zhong as he shook Laura's dainty hand "However, all of the men in the Federation would definitely be jealous the hell out of me! It's a deal!"

Hiding behind the entrance of the door, Ma Dong was currently sneaking a peek. Upon seeing Wang Zhong grabbing hold of Laura's hands, he proceeded to lean against the door in relief. His brother's luck was quite good, though it was a pity about Scarlet. Frankly speaking, Scarlet's contribution to this squadron had even touched his hart. However, the more clearly he was about the situation, the more he knew that Wang Zhong and Scarlet would stay the same. They were too familiar with each other, to the point of being unable to become a couple. Being the love saint as he was, he was all to clear about it. There were times that the only thing lacking was the little bit of fate. Nevertheless, Wang Zhong was at the very least finally taking this first step out by his own initiative, and could be considered to have walked out of Carolyn's shadow.

All of a sudden, Ma Dong gave his face a pat as he thought, "What the hell am I doing? It's not like I'm his mother, right? When did I become so nosy?"
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    《Battle Frenzy》