Battle Frenzy
552 Proof 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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552 Proof 2 in 1

"This truly is a magical match! There's a clear gulf in the difference between the squadrons, yet his supporters are still numerous. I hope that Wang Zhong is able to grasp hold of this opportunity!" Chen Yu'er pumped her fist.

However, a dream was in all, a dream. Tianjing's fielded members " Wang Zhong, Grai, Barran. The first 3 were understandable. However, the last 2 of Colby… and Ma Dong...

At this moment, Ma Dong was looking around in an exceedingly satisfied manner. Dressed in a striking white outfit. What the fuck! Never did he expect to have a day where he would be sent into combat, what more in the quarterfinals! His ancestors must really be praying for him! Now, no one in the whole world would not forget about how handsome he was!

Naturally, our student Ma Dong had indeed confirmed that he only needed to fill in the numbers, and did not need to fight. What an international joke! Although it was important to become well known, his little life was still more important. If he was to land in the hands of those perverts from Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, he would not last even a few rounds.

At this moment, everyone had started to discuss with one another. "Who the motherfucker is that? Tianjing's secret weapon?"

"Colby's too weak! If they are still sending him up, Tianjing really doesn't have anyone left."

"There's nothing shocking about this. Who doesn't know about Tianjing's exceedingly horrible overall strength? This time, everything hinges on the performances of Wang Zhong, Grai and Barran."

"As long as they can win 2 matches and let Wang Zhong 1 VS 5 and all will be good."

"Fuck! I would definitely have vomited blood if I'm Gui Hao. Those cross wheels have already graced the stage for so long. I don't believe that they can't find any way to counter it."

At this moment, the entire stadium was filled with a noisy din, as be it those neutral standing audiences, or the fans from both sides, all of them were now engaged in lively debate and discussion.

Within preparatory areas, there were 2 different atmospheres present in the 2 squadrons.

On the side of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, be it their captain Gui Hao or their little substitutes, all of them, were have a relatively casual conversation, with all of them appearing exceedingly relaxed.

Regardless of how miraculous Tianjing's performance and combat results were, they weren't able to affect Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's mental state one single bit.

It wasn't that they were underestimating their opponent, but that self-confidence was established on absolute power, as well as the detailed understanding of one's opponent.

The so-called reasonable analysis done so by people from the outside world was just done so by eyes that weren't able to see the entire picture. They had only seen Tianjing's few outstanding points, and had overlooked areas where they looked absolutely weak in. What's more, even that little bit of superiority that Tianjing possessed could easily be extinguished whether Gui Hao felt like doing so.

It had to be said that have a brain was a good thing, as Gui Hao was rather appreciative of the little schemes that Zhao Zimo had done. If not the factors of his loyalty and disobedience, Zhao Zimo's help had indeed caused him to turn into a tiger that had grown wings.

Appearing calm and undisturbed, he proceeded to size up the preparatory area of his opponents, and just so happened to cross gazes with Wang Zhong.

Gui Hao gave a faint smile.

It was a rather complicated smile, one that brought along some degree of ridicule and provocation, as well as genuine killing intent present under its false appearance!

Wang Zhong immediately understood the gaze shooting towards him. In fact, he was even suspicious of whether that assassin attempt on himself back at Tianjing had any connection to the Gui Family. After all, at that point in life, there was utterly no reason for anyone to do that, except the little matter between him and Carolyn. Furthermore, Carolyn would not go that far as to kill people off just to silence them, so the only remaining possibility was from this potential fiance from the Gui Family.

At this moment, Carolyn was also observing these 2 males. Truthfully speaking, both of them were pretty good. Perhaps, this make would help her come to a decision between them. The members of the Stuart squadron were all exceedingly relaxed, as their strength was at a level that caused people to develop fear and despair upon seeing them.

The battle between the vanguards!

Grai VS Gui Wulie!

The stadium instantly burst into a bout of cheers, shouts and whistle when the 2 simultaneously walked out of their respective preparatory areas. Being the star level members of both squadrons, both of them, be it Grai or Gui Wulie possessed a large number of fans and fame.

"It's within expectations for both of them to be the vanguards for their respective squadrons, with none of them showing any sins of signs of shrinking back or yielding. Looks like little Yu'er's guess is spot on. Sending Grai up as their vanguard is representative of Tianjing not giving up on their thirst for victory! This also a counterattack against a portion of rumours that have spread around before the match. Regardless of the issue of their current lineup, Tianjing did not give up!"

Following Ruo Zhi's impassionate voice, the focal point for all of the audience was turned towards the 2 standing on the stage, before the entire stadium turned absolutely silent.

Grai's weapon choice...He had actually chosen to use daggers?!


Faced against one of the 5 Great Mo's List assassins, Gui Wulie, he had actually chosen to use daggers?!

He wasn't a soldier?

Furthermore, one would be able to use a sword and runic shield to attack and defend against a top-class assassin. Not even those brain dead people were able to think of a reason why he had chosen to use daggers!

Could he have forgotten about his previous fight where he had chosen to use daggers against Zhao Tianlong? In the end, those daggers had been destroyed by the latter, resulting in him using his bare hands to win the fight? Although one could argue that there was no need to do this...

"Using daggers against Gui Wulie...Grai6666666!"

"Handsome people are always that stubborn!"

"Don't be jealous! You can be willful when you possess the strength to back it up!"

"My Grai is really too handsome!"
The Skylink and stadium instantly burst into a flurry of voices talking about topics unrelated to the fight, causing Ruo Zhi to be caught between laughter and tears. "Looks like this weapon storm that started brewing from Tianjing will never be in accordance to any reason. It's possible we common people have a certain degree of disparity between them towards the understanding of weapons."

A large bout of laughter reverberated across the stage, though Gui Wulie showed not a single emotion throughout the whole moment.

With his hands behind his back, he stood quietly at his original position, with not even a sliver of movement detected on his face.

He wore dark red copper guards on his arms that radiated with a vague brilliance. They appeared to be thicker than ordinary arm guards, and more roughly made. From time to time, one would be able to see that a dark red light flowing through them, revealing the runic patterns engraved on their surface. They were definitely not just any ordinary defensive type arm guards.

Blooddrinking claws, the strange weapon Gui Wulie was famous for using. This outlandish and obscure weapon would definitely pique people's interest during normal times. However, it did not attract too much attention at this moment, as one couldn't help to notice the sliver of a desolate aura that radiated from his being, which would involuntarily attract all of one's attention to it.

No, that wasn't a desolate aura! That was a murderous aura!

He clearly didn't reveal any savagery in his appearance, and clearly didn't make any threatening gestures. In fact, Gui Wulie had a rather handsome face and appearance. However, when he stood casually on the stage, the invisible murderous aura continued to expand out from him!
As long as people shot a look towards his direction, they would feel a bone-penetrating chill! As though one was looking at a thousand-mile-long glacier! This caused many people to unconsciously start shivering in response.

However, right before Gui Wulie just so happen to be someone as contrasting as him as spring and winter.

A faint smile hung on Grai's face. Regardless of who his opponent was, it appeared as though the fight did not have any significant connection to him. He was also able to feel the murderous aura radiating from Gui Wulie. The latter should have done quite a few assassination missions, as that desolate gaze was common in those who undertook in such matters. That was due to them treating every other participant being as little kids that have yet to grow out of their swaddling clothes.

These 2 were top-class experts. In the instant where their gazes intersect, their attention had already been completely placed on each other's body.

The murderous aura came surging over, wave after wave. However, all of them rapidly dissipated in the face of Grai's smile.

This made Gui Wulie a little surprised, as unlike an ordinary pressuring aura, when his murderous aura automatically radiates across in all directions, there were very few people that could remain that calm in the face of his terrifying killing intent. That would be the subconscious reaction of ordinary humans. Even those people with an extremely strong mind, Spiritual Soul and willpower would get be affected in some way or another at the very least.

Unless he was an idiot, or had trained so much that this murderous aura was normal to him...

Nevertheless, those were not of concern.

Being able to resist his murderous aura meant that Grai might have some kind of special training or experience to accomplish that feat. Before the start of this match, Gui Wulie had gone through all of the combat performances in this CHF, with Martial Ghost Divine Emperor having specialized people analyzing every single detail about Grai with scrutiny.

He was extremely powerful, yet was only on the level of "strong". Be it speed, strength, skill and technique, he could completely trash the latter.

Therefore, he should not spend too much energy on this fight.

An upward curl appeared at the corner of Gui Wulie's face. To him, this was already a substantial expression for him. However, in the next instant, the competition bell rang!

With the tap of his feet, a wave of accumulated Soul Power erupted ferociously from his legs. Just like a rocket-assisted takeoff, it shoved him forwards at an extremely quickly.

The slow pace of a competition setting was basically child's play in the face of a genuine assassin.

Today, there would not be any spectacular showdown, not would there be any slow battle of attrition. Heaven's Fate and Stuart had already displayed their might. Now, it was time for Martial Ghost Divine Emperor to do so. Not only would they win, they would also do so in a swift and dominant fashion!

Gui Wulie's actions were so quick that he had already disappeared from his original position before the sound of the competition bell could propagate out!

Before the absolute majority of the live audience could react, the large screens in the stadium were barely able to lock onto Gui Wulie's figure, before he appeared before Grai in what seemed like a blink of an eye!

The blood-red claws shot out from the hidden holes on his arm guards, piercing right towards Grai's throat.

A chilling glint flashed out in that instant.


The clear sound of a dagger ringing sounded out, as Grai had actually blocked the incoming attack.

Grai's action was appeared to be much faster than Gui Wulie had expected. His squadron's tactical analyst had estimated Grai's speed based on the fights, where he had used a runic sword and shield. However, due to the former switching to daggers, the deftness of his weapons had allowed his speed to change, causing him to appear as though he wanted to rely on the added agility granted by them to deal with Gui Wulie's speed.

Looks like the former had done research on him and had come here prepared. This was undoubtedly an exceedingly correct decision, with daggers being a very good choice. However, the problem was that the Gui Family was the ancestor of the assassin lineage! Therefore, Grai was trying to show his meagre skills in the face of a master!

A sliver of brilliance flashed across Gui Wulie's eyes.

With a twist of his hand, the bronze claws instantly locked the dagger up, before the half foot claws suddenly extended out another half foot, piercing towards Grai's chest!

However, not a single fluctuations appeared on Grai's face upon seeing this as he rotated his dagger. Now, the bronze claws had locked his daggers up, and vice versa were locked up by them!

A gigantic rotational force travelled through the dagger,

Screech screech screech...

A ferocious collision instantly erupted between the daggers and the bronze claws, the ear piercing metallic screeches ringing out as a result.


The 2 weapons rubbed against each other before separating. As this happened, both fighters smashed against one another, their dangers and bronze claws colliding against one another at a speed invisible to the naked eye, while they darted around the stage like swallows weaving through a forest!

The successive clashes of their weapons exploded out in the air.

Quick! Quick! Quick, too quick!

The figures displayed on the large screens were a feast for people's eyes!

Just like extensions of his arms, Gui Wulie appeared to fuse with his bronze claws. The path he pursued was the continuation of nature. To him, the reason he was fast was due to him having perfect control of his arms and fingers.

As for Grai, the reason why he was that quick was due to the pure, unadulterated speed of his attacks!

The explosion of power allowed his daggers to match up with their exchange.

The actions of the 2 were truly too quick! Even the top class experts standing at the apex were seemingly unable to clearly see everything with their naked eyes, and were forced to rely on their battle senses to understand the entirety of what was going on stage!

Admittedly, Gui Wulie's performance was within expectations. However, Grai was the one who had astonished everyone. At this moment, he was completely using the combat style of an assassin to deal with the strongest assassin in combat! Although everyone knew that Grai's occupation was ambiguous, they could see that Grai was leaning more towards a soldier. However, who would have guessed that he was that proficient towards the abilities of an assassin! Being a Mo's List assassin, what more hailing from the Gui Family, who were the originators of assassins, the skills and techniques Gui Wulie had inherited were no small matter. It was said that they had also developed counter-assassin combat styles. After all, they knew everything that everyone knew, but others might not know what they knew.

This increase in speed might not be treated as much by a layman. However, any of the experts from the various powerhouse squadrons that had done analysis on Tianjing and Grai could clearly feel the great increase in speed he was currently showing as compared to his previous performances in this CHF!



Yet another exchange occurred, with a flurry of sparks shooting out in all directions as the daggers and bronze claws collided once again in the air. The 2 figures crossed each other in the air before separating. After all the exchanges, their breathing still remained exceedingly stable. Clearly, they could feel how thorny it was to deal the other. The earlier bouts of exchange were completely done so using the assassin's combat style of dancing on the edge of a blade. Other than the collision of their weapons, they had purely used their movements to counter each other. Just a momentary slip would result in one receiving a lethal attack! Yet, they had actually managed to mutually counter each other to the same exact degree!

Gui Wulie's murderous aura and observational skills, which he had formed from repetitive assassination missions and comprehension from surviving in tough environments were useless in dealing with Grai. Clearly, his opponent was definitely not an academy shut-in, as it was impossible for most of them to possess such reactions!

Gui Wulie's eyes wavered between gloom and surprise, as he could smell a scent someone familar. This was utterly different from the information they had gathered! Furthermore, he had discovered an inconceivable matter, which was that Grai's strength was progressing alongside the CHF. Although his speed and combat style appeared to have only progressed by a bit, it had in fact already exceeded the estimations their family's analysts had made. This fellow really hid exceedingly deep, and this was something fishy. Looks like Tianjing had ulterior motives coming to this CHF!

One could tell whether one was an expert when one takes actions. Grai's bouts of exchange were sufficient to leave quite a few assassins dumbfounded. Emily, who could only be part of the cheerleading squad this match, was also left dumbfounded. She knew that Grai was extremely strong. However, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine for Grai to actually be able to put up a fight against an assassin of such calibre as Gui Wulie, using an assassin's skill, techniques and combat style, and actually not come out in a disadvantage! She truly was too, too far behind!

Standing quiet opposite to him, Grai continued to regulate his breathing. His calm and tranquil attitude no matter what situation he was in had indeed gained him countless female fans.

At this moment, a few shades of already appeared within Gui Wulie's deadpan like eyes, before the murderous aura that had radiated across the stage in all directions suddenly dissipated away into thin air.

Having hidden his murderous aura, Gui Wulie appeared to have lost all of his fear factor. However, Grai knew that his opponent had just restrained his murderous aura within himself.
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