Battle Frenzy
554 Life reaping poison
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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554 Life reaping poison

The countless plumes of scattered poison gas that had landed around Grai exploded upon contact with the ground, causing a yellow poison cloud to completely envelop the area Grai was standing in!

This was the Loathe Beast's plague! It was an entirely different concept from the slow acting poison created by Galen with his Wood attribute special ability! Even if you don't breath it in...

Everyone was dazed by what they saw. It was said that even those Heavenly Soul Stages would stay clear from the poison unleashed from the Loathe Beast. Although it was only a bloodline, it was not on the level Grai could defend against. He was a person that was allergic to even pollen….

Soul Power surged out from Grai's body, though it was unable to dissipate the poison gas in his surroundings. At this moment, it had covered the entire stage, with the sizzling sounds of corrosion ringing out from the ground. Nevertheless, the poison gas appeared to part and diffuse away when coming into contact with Grai's Soul Power.

Grai's Soul Power has a poison resistance effect???

All of a sudden, people thought back to the duel between Grai and Galen. During that time, the latter's poison did not have any effect against the former, allowing Grai to turn the tide on him. That's right, it was possible that Grai really possessed a poison resistance attribute!

Countless Tianjing supporters breathed a sigh of relief as they placed their anxiously beating hearts that hung at the throats back to their chests. At the same time, they felt slightly amused. This Grai was allergic to even something as soft and gentle as pollen, yet he was not one bit afraid of the poisonous fumes that would cause everyone's face to change! What the hell was with his resistance...

Nevertheless, not one bit of change had occurred to Gui Wulie's expression upon seeing this. There was no astonishment or hesitation shown by him. Although his poison wasn't able to achieve the quick life-rending effect that he had expected. However, he had forced Grai to divert a portion of his Soul Power and attention to deal with his poison gas. As if there was any absolute poison resistant body out there! This was the poison of the Loathe Beast!

A slight sneer appeared at the corner of Gui Wulie's mouth. Drip... 

A droplet of saliva dripped out from his mouth onto the ground, causing sizzling sounds to instantly fill the stadium!

It was just one droplet, yet the strong and resilient granite floor started to emit a cloud of green smoke, before a small hole appeared on its surface, while the surrounding granite turned into a dim grey colour!

The screen rapidly zoomed into on this, causing people to involuntarily suck in a mouthful of air.

That's too poisonous!...

Before the audience could regain their senses, Gui Wulie's yellowish eyes suddenly flashed with brilliance, before he launched himself into the air.


A yellow hurricane appeared in the blink of an eye, before expanding to double its size!

Grai was barely able to catch up in speed as he brought his daggers up in time to block.


The sound was somewhat muffled, and wasn't as clear as the exchanges that happened at the beginning of the duel, before a series of them rang out!

This time, it was even faster!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Gui Wulie was already started whipping around recklessly!

After every single collision, Grai's runic daggers would blossom with blue light, as the channelling of Soul Power into their engraved runic patterns had increased their hardiness.

Nevertheless, they still weren't able to resist the incoming attacks!

Gui Wulie's bronze claws were now perfused with corrosive effect of the Loathe Beast bloodline's Soul Power, which was not one bit weaker than the saliva that had dripped onto the ground. Very quickly the runic patterns on the daggers were corroded away, while the sharp edges of his daggers that sparkled with a chilling glow were rapidly reduced, layer by layer!


Just like the sounds made when branches snap, the 2 daggers unexpectedly cracked at the same time!

Astonished cries rang out across the viewing galleries, as the corrosive power was different from the earlier poison gas, as it appeared to corrode anything it makes contact with! It was still possible for Grai to defend against them if he still had his daggers. However, now, with them gone, would he dare to use his bare hands to block them?

Yellow brilliance sparkled in Gui Wulie's eyes as he rushed forwards!

Grai's feet continued to change directions as he fluttered about like a willow leaf in the wind. Appearing to just like tens of thousands of waves overlaying, his swaying figure continued to retreat back across the stage.

Nevertheless, he still wasn't able to retreat back in time. Furthermore, Grai's "immunity to the poison gas" was established on him diverting a portion of his Soul Power to it, so he was not naturally poison-immune. Being distracted was the greatest taboo in combat. It took just a split second drop in his movement for the bronze claws to arrive right before him.

"You're dead!" Gui Wulie's eyes were already showing the belief of complete victory!


Surging with yellow Soul Power, his bronze claws appeared to bang into something hard as they stopped in their tracks.

It was yet another runic handprint, though this time it had formed into a runic shield!
Crack crack crack crack!

The runic shield blocked the incoming bronze claws, causing cracking sounds to immediately ring out.

Gui Wulie's momentum was only affected by an instant, before his bronze claws had already penetrated over!

He was unable to block them!

The hearts of countless Tianjing fans had already risen to their throats and eyes!

Grai's face did not change one bit as, BANG!

The 2nd runic shield!

Grai's array writing speed was truly too quick, as it only took a split second for him to create one more shield before his body.


The massive impact came rushing over! However, relying on the delay of the 2nd shield's appearance, Grai utilized the force to retreat explosively!

However, Gui Wulie was alright in pursuit, just like a maggot in Grai's tarsal bone!

A step in retreat, step after step in retreat!

Under such pressure, losing the initiative would equivalent to being slowly pushed to the edge of death!

As the blooddrinking claws were swiped about crazily, Grai was already unable to count how many runic shields he had already condensed in this instant. Nevertheless, in the face of those attacks, all of them were rapidly broken, while the might of the successive runic shields were clearly getting progressively weaker.

From the start, he would be barely able to block after taking a few steps back. However, after as this continued on, he would be pushed into a slight disadvantage. However, as this accumulated, he would end up into
WIthout showing the slightest hesitation as he advanced. To a top-class assassin, it would be an utterly life-threatening mistake to not capitalize on this opportunity!

Thump thump thump!
Grai made a slight stumble! Brilliance blossomed from Gui Wulie's eyes, as his blooddrinking claws transformed into a beam of yellow light as he lunged forwards at full power! As long as he could make contact with Grai, the latter would be finished!

Grai moved his hands apart. Although he was stumbling back, he displayed not one bit of fluster, while his 2 hands proceeded to do 2 different actions.

A smaller sized runic shield appeared in his right, while his left hand drew a circle in the air, creating a perfect arc with the afterimages of left!

100-fold palm!

Having chased all the way till the end, and now being face to face, cruel on one side, silence on the other.

A sliver of vigilance flashed across Gui Wulie's eyes.

The small shield on Grai's right hand was appeared to be just a symbolic gesture of him maintaining his defence, as it was utterly ineffective against his blooddrinking claws! As long as he could lunge forwards, Grai would die without a doubt! However, he would also have to endure the damage from his opponent's 100-fold palm strike!

This was the 100-fold palm strike that had destroyed Zhao Tianlong's indestructible body, and could be said as Grai's signature move. There was naturally no need to mention how powerful it was. Although he might be able to avoid the most lethal of damage from it at the last possible instant and avoid death, he would still have to face an extremely great risk by doing so. His opponent's eyes were frighteningly calm, appearing not one bit "YOLO" when he had unleashed his move. This might be indicative of still having something to fall back on, and thereby indicating that he might not be able to avoid damage.

Not worth!

His opponent had no more weapons to use. An opportunity like this could be recreated by him. It was for the best to wait for the most favourable moment to strike. To him, victory was only a matter of time. So there was no need for him to risk his life.

In just a split second, Gui Wulie had already made his decision. Hailing from an ancient assassin school, where one should retreat a thousand miles when failing a strike. Betting one's life was the most mediocre way to go, and was least suitable for assassins!

The yellow stabbing strike turned into an upward strike, easily shearing Grai's runic shield. Taking advantage of the rebounding force from reaping the shield, he somersaulted back and retreated back.

Grai stumbled back a number of steps once again before the 2 exchanged glances from a distance of a dozen metres apart.

A burnt smell started to come out from Grai's neck!

Having sliced apart the runic shield, the bronze claws had finally reached Grai's skin.
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    《Battle Frenzy》