Battle Frenzy
555 His splendor was absolutely not limited to his face
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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555 His splendor was absolutely not limited to his face

His entire sleeve had been corroded into dust, while his snow-white sleeves had been slightly touched. Black smoke instantly started to be emitted by his arm, and in what seemed like a second later, blood and flesh flew into the air as Grai sliced off a piece of his flesh without any hesitation. His decisiveness caused a bunch of his fans so much pain in their hearts their tears were on the brink to flow out.

Countless opened jaws slowly closed. Frankly speaking, the current Gui Wulie was slightly frightening!

The speed and strength caused by the eruption of his bloodline power were basically not inferior to the top rankers within the 10 great Mo's List soldiers! What's more frightening was that Soul Power poison cloud that was perfusing out across the stage!

It was only a little bit of contact, with the actual bodies of the bronze claws haven't yet to made contact with his skin, in the form of a little bit of the Soul Power poison cloud, yet it had already caused such a reaction!

Blood dripped from Grai's arm and fell to the ground, causing dripping sounds to ring out.

Without taking about his skin, even the runic daggers that were infused to the brim with Soul Power were corroded away from contact!
What kind of destructive power was this?!

Without talking about the laymen in the audience, even Noriba could not help to feel his goosebumps across his body rise in response to what he had seen. " I motherfucking hate these kinds! What poison gas! He better pray he doesn't bump into me! That's utterly shameless!"

"No one's asking you to go up!" Pomo rolled his eyes towards Noriba. Although that fellow was genuinely fierce at times, there were also times where he was truly stupid.

Noriba rolled his eyes in response. Yes, he was fierce, yet he wasn't an idiot. "It's also impossible for you. That's shit corrodes Soul Power. That kind of people should be left for big bro the handle!"

Vladimir did not bother to pay attention to this buffoon. Nevertheless, he too could not help but frown, as Gui Wulie's bloodline power was an extremely thorny to deal with. The capabilities brought about by his bloodline would cause the combat techniques and skills that people had put in hard work to lose all of their effectiveness! It can't be defended against effectively, and compared to the strength of Heaven's Fate that people respected, the strength of the Gui Family caused people to fear and dread them.

Naturally, the true men of the Northern Regions did not fear any challenge, as something like bloodline powers was not worth a mention in front of them.

Since the start of the duel until now, not a single change had occurred to Gui Wulie's expression. His opponent was really going all out, and too had displayed incredible thought process. However, it would only lead to more suffering that he was going to endure, and the slight prolong of his life.

Gui Hao was right. In the end, a lamb would still be a lamb. In the eyes of the Gui Family, other than Heaven's Fate, Stuart and Vasilyevich, everyone else was all just lambs!

It was time to send his opponent on the road.

Flipping his chilling bronze claws blade up, the Soul Power poison cloud covering their surface started to transform into a claw-like shape, appearing as though they were alive.

The hearts of countless Tianjing fans started to pound with worry as they stared anxiously at the stage. As for the Grai's fans, they did not even dare to look over, as this poison gas was more frightening to them than defeat, as it would absolutely wreck Grai.

It was unstoppable! Grai's had already used all of his moves, while mutually assured destruction could not be used in every given moment. The terrifying might of the S+ rank was now in full display.

Grai slowly raised his hands, with not much change happening to this expression throughout this fight. Nevertheless, the audience appeared to sense a kind of despair from him.

Hush.. this is?

The Skylink, stadium instantly turned solemnly silent.

What action was that? Was he going to surrender?

Frankly speaking, the possibility of a reversal or defeat had appeared in the minds of the countless Grai fans. However, there was no one that had imagined the possibility of him surrendering.

Nevertheless, when factoring in reason, that might be the best choice Grai could make. If not, there would be one less person from the 4 great handsome guys of this CHF.

His opponent was too strong! With all of his weapons destroyed, what other plans could he have other than to surrender in the face of that life-rending poison gas and bronze claws?

Indeed, S+ ranks cannot be defeated!

However, this was just everyone's subjective idea, as after raising his hands, a blue rune started to flash from them. Appearing just like an exquisite piece of machinery, his fingers started to move fluidly about with deftness. Circle after circle, layer after layer, a complicated runic array started to take shape. It was not a 2-dimensional runic array...was that actually a 3-dimensional runic array?

Blank expressions appeared on everyone's face, as Grai was the only one who could create and use such a runic array in combat. If a 2-dimensional one was used to form a runic shield for defence, what would a 3-dimensional one result in? A stronger runic shield? Nevertheless, it seemed to be completely useless in the face of Gui Wulie!
anticipation for a miracle to occur, though it had already turned into a joke in the face of the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans.

Having fought to this point, victory was already in his hands. What was left for him to do was the easy part! However, this Grai… was creating what seemed like a horn-shaped runic array. Could he be worried that Gui Wulie would be unable to hear his voice of surrender?

In the next second, Gui Wulie had already disappeared from his original location!

He wasn't that naive! The more foreign it was to him, the greater the threat it poses to him!


It was slow to rely on his legs, so he immediately entered a dimensional state and advanced!

Spatial ripples undulated out as he entered the dimensional state, while he turned into a dim shadow as he travelled in a straight line towards Grai!

This time, he did not choose to continue waiting for a better opportunity to strike. Regardless of how effective Grai's weird runic horn might be, both of his hands were locked in place by it. Now, Grai no longer possessed the capability of unleashing the move that could force him out from his dimensional state!

This was his chance!

A move to end this fight!

Just at this moment, Grai took a fierce breath.

As he did so, he had already closed his eyes. Gui Wulie's speed and location as he shuttled through the higher dimension was incomparably clear in his mind. In fact...there wasn't really a need to do so.
Maintaining his hands in a raised state, Grai's eyes snapped open: HU….


It was a single sound, yet it had caused the runic array formed "horn" composed of multiple circles to blossom with light. Every single circle and layer started to vibrate, creating the same sound, before the entire surrounding space started to vibrate along. Immediately, Gui Wulie was sent into a miserable state as he was smashed out from the higher dimension, his face turning exceedingly pale as a result.



A single sound instantly caused Gui Wulie, who tried to advance, into a halt once again. At this moment, blood started to drip out from his ears and nose, with his Soul Power being utterly incapable for blocking this attack-- a sonic attack! In the next instant, he sealed his 5 senses.

However, this was just the first wave of vibrations created by Grai's Soul Power. A roar that penetrated the skies rang out : BOOOOM~~~


Incredulously, the frighteningly massive sound wave visible to the naked eye formed into a cannonball and rumbled out, with the massive recoil causing Grai's body to sway.

A massive ripple appeared in the surrounding space, while the completely transparent sonic cannonball shook the surrounding dimensional space as it travelled through the air. It shook so hard people could see visible cracks being formed, as well as the space of the other dimensions, and the countless lightning arcs travelling around those cracks!

However, this was just the side effect of the sonic cannonball!

Gui Wulie, who had attempted to hide via the dimensional state, had been forcefully smashed out by the sonic cannonball back to the real world. Sweeping him along, he smashed fiercely into the energy barrier along the side of the stage!


In the next instant, the earth moved and the mountains shook! The entire stadium was vibrating!

The incomparable majestic energy barrier started to vibrate intensely as a massive depression appeared on its surface! Countless multicoloured lights flashed out from the energy barrier, as it was barely able to reform through the sheer amount of energy being pumped into it. Even so, everyone could discern with their bare eyes that the colour of the gigantic energy barrier had grown quite a bit dimmer.

At the same time, the audience in the stadium instantly felt their ears losing all function as their vision shook and swayed. Shake shake shake...the lights went dim, with quite a few slightly weaker people appearing to faint from the intense vibrations.
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    《Battle Frenzy》