Battle Frenzy
556 They are already powerhouses!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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556 They are already powerhouses!

As everyone looked over towards to broken section of the barrier, they discovered Gui Wulie lying on the ground, all of his orifices dripping with blood, He appeared just like a dead centipede, with his body curled up into a clump, paralyzed and not moving an inch!


This energy barrier was specifically erected in preparation of fights between Heroic Soul Stage soldiers! It was developed for the sake of protecting the audience from anything that would be happening on stage! However, it had now been smashed through by a Casted Soul Stage! Furthermore, that was a Mo's List assassin that was sent smashing through it! He was a top-class assassin from the Gui Family that had held the overwhelming superiority in the duel! However, with a single sound wave, he was smashed to the point of his 7 orifices dripping blood, with his life or death unknown?!

There was no need to start to countdown, nor was there need to do a detailed check. Just one look at Gui Wulie's body position and one would discover that he was now outside of the stage.
The entire stadium went completely silent as they stared dumbfoundedly at Grai. Was he still a human? What kind of ultimate move was that? What kind of runic array was that?

This was the first time Grai had used in combat, as he had only created the virtual construct and not fire it during training. Looks like the effect was more powerful than he and Wang Zhong had expected. Indeed, when runic array techniques and science were combined, the resulting effect was world changing.

Looking towards Wang Zhong seated by the side of the stage, Grai noticed the latter giving him a big thumbs ups in reply, causing heartfelt smiles to appear on their faces. Under the pressure from such powerful opponents, the 2 of them had managed to get a burst of creativity and develop this move, one that was absolutely bold and full of imaginative flair.

The complete name of this move was "Runic subwoofer cannon". This was the first combat technique they had flexibly created from the runic array system they had established.

Victory was his! Indeed, he was the one who had proposed this runic array system. However, Grai discovered that Wang Zhong appeared to have kept some foundation of his own, something which was exceedingly strange. Furthermore, upon gaining mastery, the latter's bold and imaginative ideas had far surpassed, as he clearly would not be able to come up with a construct like this runic subwoofer cannon. It could be said that Wang Zhong had come to understand it bit by bit as he progressed along. He was still somewhat lacking on civilization-based aspects. Looks like he needed to soak in more information from the library after the end of this match.

With a smile, he walked down the stage and headed towards Wang Zhong.

Raising their hands high, the 2 gave each other a high-5, causing the clear clap to resound across the stadium!

1st duel, Tianjing, victory!

The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans all had dazed looks on their faces. After a momentary silence, the countless Tianjing fans went batshit crazy


The terrifying applause instantly engulfed the entire stadium in a tsunami-like fashion! As for the ensuring shouts and roars, they threatened to blow the roof of from the stadium!

Miraculous Tianjing! Miraculous Grai!

What was a Mo's List assassin? An elite of the Gui Family? He still was insta-killed!

"Who motherfucking dares to say that Tianjing's terrified and wants to admit defeat?!"

"Do you accept it? Do you feel happy now? Now I ask, who else!"

" So what if they're S+! Brother King will bring along Tianjing and conquer anything in their path!"
"Ah! Grai! Your highness Grai! I love you!"

"Don't say such nonsense! My Grai! Today night at the Beauty Scene Hotel room 808! I'll be waiting for you!

While the male fans were able to rein in their excitement, the concubine group had already gone batshit crazy! All of them wanted to bear Grai's seed, with some even going so far as to shout out their hotel rooms!

This really wasn't a joke. In this era, the death rate for male in combat was exceedingly high, therefore it was a common trend for the populations of the various cities to be female dominant. Although the one-husband-one-wife was the so-called definition of love and devotion, it had already become a formality in this radiant era. In fact, its name was all that remained.

The various great cities were actively promoting their citizens to procreate, especially those with outstanding lineages. Not only was there no condemnation due to morality, they were also even giving out substantial rewards for doing so. The legendary "granted one-night stand" was definitely not unfounded, especially with someone as handsome as Grai. If he was to put out the word, the number of females leaping to sign up would form a line from here to the suburban districts of Stuart City.

This was the era of bloodlines, and outstanding bloodlines would lead to the birth of outstanding soldiers. Outstanding soldiers would result in greater resources, naturally leading to a superior lifestyle.

In an instant, countless banners were raised.

"Punching Stuart, kicking Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, our honey Tianjing's invincible under the heavens!"

"Earth's invincible handsome youth, universe's invincible brother King! Horizontal scrolling words; I will conquer the heavens!"

The Tianjing fans had come here prepared. They had initially believed before heading to this match that they would see the scene of brother King being suppressed, resulting in them keeping these banners away.

However, never did they expect for Grai to be that awesome!

The earlier 2 matches with S+ ranked powerhouse squadrons had ended with their absolute and utter victory was now broken by Tianjing in their first duel! Now, it was no longer a problem to just see brother King obtain a victory in his duel, as Tianjing has now even had the chance to aim for victory!

"There's a chance!" the excited fans watching via Skylink had already started to analyze the situation.

"Martial Ghost Divine Emperor has 3 great cores. Now, from the looks of it, Gui Wulie has been removed from this match! If brother King removes one more, and join up with this strong of a Grai in the group battle, will Martial Ghost Divine Emperor have anyone that could block against those 2?!"

"Tsk tsk tsk! It's a pity that Emily and Scarlet are injured. If Tianjing's able to have their full lineup today, I feel that possibility's even greater!"

"That not necessarily the case. Emily and Scarlet are still slightly lacking in strength. In this level of competition, them participating would not result in much change in the overall situation."

"Have you guys forgotten about our Ba God? I'm saying our transformed Ba God! Even Mo Zhong was overshadowed by him in the previous stage!"

"Wang Zhong, Grai, Barran. If this trio enters the group battle, Tianjing really has a chance to obtain victory!"

One cannot blame the Tianjing fans for their excitement and madness. Frankly speaking, before the start of the match, the majority of the people felt that Tianjing did not stand any chance of victory. It wasn't to say that they lacked confidence in brother King, but that Tianjing's other members were truly too lacking in strength. The only one that could possibly stand up was Grai. However, regardless of how high people's evaluations were about him, after the 3 earlier matches against other squadrons, it had become a fact that he would lose in the duelling phase. He wasn't even able to deal with Torres and Divine Dragon Academy! Could they really believe in him being able to deal with Martial Ghost Divine Emperor?

However, he had really done it!

Not only have the laymen audience watching in the stadium or via Skylink gone wild with their thoughts, even the people in the participant's viewing galleries were also whispering to one another with considerably astonished expressions on their faces.

This was especially present from Torres and even Divine Dragon Academy, who were now feeling exceedingly calm, and even an unspeakable feeling of sour delight present in their hearts.

Even Divine Ghost Martial Emperor was feeling the same. It wasn't much of a surprise that they would lose a duel, as they didn't lose to a black horse, but an overly powerful Tianjing. In fact, they would feel unhappy if Tianjing was suppressed by them.

Naturally, on a deeper level, for the good or bad, they wanted to get rid of Grai in the duelling phase of this match. However, being an S+ ranked powerhouse squadron, Martial Ghose Divine Emperor had now lost one of the generals.

Alasi could still remember the faint look of ridicule present on Gui Hao's face after accidentally bumping into him after Torres's loss. What about now?

From the looks of Gui Hao's blackface, Alasi suddenly felt extremely delighted, a gloating feeling of delight, a fucking awesome delight!

Naturally, there were those that were delighted by it, and those that weren't.

Naturally, there was nothing for Gui Hao and his fellow members to talk about. On the other hand, Carolyn, who had maintained her calm attitude throughout the entire CHF, was genuinely shocked by what she had just seen.

She was shocked not only for Grai's victory, but also for the potential and field of view! He's too frightening! Especially the new system of rune usage that he had displayed! A person like him must definitely be pulled over to her family, yet this genius was a subordinate of Wang Zhong.
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    《Battle Frenzy》