Battle Frenzy
557 If time could turn back, she...
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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557 If time could turn back, she...

A sliver of change happened to Carolyn's expression. Today, she was finally forced to admit the fact that the current Wang Zhong absolutely not the "just a slightly higher level hired-thug" that she had said to Divian

Be it his combat prowess or his utilization of runes, his influence or his supporters, the current Wang Zhong had already reached a terrifying height. To a commoner without any background, that was already an unprecedented realm! One couldn't fault her for not considering this possibility, as there has been such an outlandish fellow in the entire history of the federation!

Frankly speaking, if she knew that this would happen, she would not be that negligent and break up with Wang Zhong. Or perhaps, even if they were to break up, she would not choose a way that left her with no room to manoeuvre!

If not, even though nothing might come out from her and Wang Zhong, there were also many ways for her to let him and Grai to become her subordinates. However, now...

It took only an instant before Carolyn made a decision that she had never considered before. From the looks of it, she needed to have a talk with Wang Zhong after this match, regardless of their victory or defeat.

As of now, the entire stadium was bubbling with a cacophony of voices, as people were whispering to each other's ears, with happy laughter and cheers ringing across the stadium.

In contrast, the atmosphere hanging over the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was considerably solemn, as this loss had clearly affected the perfection that Gui Hao desired.

Furthermore, what would they do for the next duel?

A rather gloomy expression now hung on Gui Hao's face, as he discovered that he had unexpectedly been forced into a passive situation. This feeling was quite uncomfortable, as there never had been an instance where Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was forced by someone into passivity. Was there even a moment where he was forced into such a state?

If he sends himself up for the next duel, it was extremely possible for Wang Zhong to send a substitute to remove him from the duelling phase of this match. After all, bringing this match into the group battle phase was the best and most likely choice that Tianjing could make, and that was something that he definitely didn't want to see!

Losing a point had already caused them to be ranked lower than Stuart and Heaven's Fate. If they were brought by Tianjing into the group battle phase, then there would be no talk of their Martial Ghost Divine Emperor being on the same level as the other 2 any more. If they wanted to obstruct Wang Zhong from doing so, the only possible person that could accomplish that would be himself! Compared to him, Gui Xinying was still slightly inexperienced. Furthermore, Wang Zhong was his greatest guinea pig! How could Gui Hao let him land in other people's hands, even if that person was his sister!

That damnable thing!

No. I shouldn't get flustered.

Closing his eyes, Gui Hao took a deep breath while squashing the sliver of jittery feeling present in his heart.

Upon opening his eyes, he had already made his decision.

"Xinying, you're up." said Gui Hao as he shot a look at Gui Xinying seated beside him. "If you bump into Wang Zhong, try your best to drag the fight on to let us take a look at his cards. If it's other people, finish the fight as quick as possible!"

He wanted to bet, and now, that was the only thing he could do! He was betting that Wang Zhong would not choose to fight with a woman!

Without a doubt, he was the strongest point of this squadron, and could be considered to have the greatest guarantee to obtain victory. Gui Xinying was next in line. If she was able to obtain victory for the 2nd duel, he would be able to have the freedom to send himself up for any opponent! Of course, though, his target without a doubt would definitely be Wang Zhong!

Without replying, Gui Xinying stood up and quietly walked out.

This was a figure that the entire Federation was rather familiar with. All of them had seen her during the video of the CHF's top 10 experts, with her already captured the hearts of countless youths in the process.

They weren't able to see her face, as it was still covered under that thin black veil she wore. Nevertheless, they were still able to see her eyes.

Unlike the overbearingness of Carolyn, the might of Divian, or the vacantness of Mo Xingchen, her eyes were filled with a clear brilliance, so pure that it appeared untainted by anything. However, at the same time, it was incomparably icy-cold. If one really wanted to describe it, it would be just like the untouched South pole, where the ice present had formed since tens of thousands of years ago! Clear, bright, pure, yet prohibited from entry by anyone!

"It's Gui Xinying!"

"The princess has graced the stage!"

The slightly downcast Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans had an instant boost of morale blown into them.

Who was Gui Xinying? Gui Hao's sister, and the princess of the Gui Family! Regardless of her status within the Gui Family, or the fame she had in the outside world, she was only 2nd to Gui Hao. In fact, it was rumoured that her talent and abilities were able to incite envy in Gui Hao. Although some people might not believe too much about that, it was extremely easy to understand once one takes a look at the 10 great Mo's List experts, as she was the youngest person on that list! Her appearing on that list was definitely not only due to her status.

However, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans weren't the only people that were excited, as the Tianjing supporters were now feeling even more excited!

This was definitely an extremely rare chance that had presented itself to Tianjing! Having already obtained a win in the earlier duel, if Wang Zhong was fielded next, Tianjing really stood a great chance of bringing this match into the group battle phase!

This wasn't an indication of Gui Xinying's weakness, but that she was easier to deal with than Gui Hao. Furthermore, this line of thought was based on an extremely simple reason, which was that if Wang Zhong doesn't go up, there was no one that could defeat her. Once they lose the selection advantage, Wang Zhong would need to deal with Gui Hao in this duelling phase!

What decision would Wang Zhong make?

Everyone awaited his decision in bated breath.

Gui Xinying looked towards Wang Zhong, with her eye unexpectedly shown faint signs of anticipation.

She did not wish to be a minesweeper for Gui Hao. This was the first person that dared to treat her to a drink, and was also the first person that had chatted with her like a genuine friend, without any hidden motives or goals in mind when doing so.

However, feelings of disappointment quickly appeared in her, followed by sighs of regret that rang across the stadium.

Tianjing had sent out Barran.

"Tsk! Brother King's still that arrogant! He's actually sending Barran up for this duel? What is he thinking! Don't tell me that he really believes that a heavy soldier like Barran is able to counter an assassin like Gui Xinying? If he wants to remove her from the equation, he could have just sent that Colby up, or perhaps that gaudy looking fellow."

"Wang Zhong is Wang Zhong. Real men are always that strong and firm." said Noriba, with his little eyes brimming with a posh look. "I really appreciate this fellow! His future looks bright!"

"Do he need your appraisal?" replied Pomo with an eye roll.

"Fuck! What are you trying to say?" Noriba shot a glare in return. "Showing a pretentious act is all for the sake of gaining appraisal! What's with your logic? I've discovered that I've less and less in common with you adorable and sweet person! It's best for you to occasionally let your brain out!"

"I don't know anything about letting my brain out." replied Pomo in an indifferent tone. "However, having a brain is a very good thing. I hope that you have them."

Noriba immediately raised his eyebrows in response, while the rest of the Grozny squadron already being unable to continue watching the 2 argue. As for those situated slightly behind, Karl, Divian, Jormungar and the others were watching while maintaining a leisurely stance. The thick tinted glass around the viewing gallery had afforded them some respite from trouble, while their defeat was already long off their minds. As of now, the 3 were feeling rather relaxed, as there was nothing shameful in losing to Mo Wen, and this was something everyone on Earth understood about.

"That fellow has really big ambitions. I feel that he's gutsier that Gui hao. Carolyn's eye is not impressive." said Karl with a smile. "Boss, do you think that Carolyn's regretting it now?"

Divian could only shake her head in response.
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    《Battle Frenzy》