Battle Frenzy
558 The shadow hidden behind Gui Hao
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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558 The shadow hidden behind Gui Hao

Frankly speaking, there was a slight feeling of regret present in her heart for her bestie.

She still remembered the words Carolyn had said to her: Regardless of what happens, he is just a high level hired thug.

However, the current Wang Zhong had clearly exceeded the boundaries of a hired thug. In fact, he had somewhat transcended to another realm, be it his individual prowess or the reforms he had done to the rune system. Furthermore, the influence he had within the commoners as well as his decisiveness in making decisions, etc etc...were too great!

Was he really a commoner without a shred of background?

There has never been a person like him that have appeared in the annals of history. One couldn't fault the ignorance that everyone had towards him. From the looks of it, Carolyn did not manage to get a sufficient understanding of Wang Zhong, and that was a careless mistake. Thinking back about it, she had only spent a few hours of private time alone with Wang Zhong.

However, coming back to the present, was she feeling pity? Or regret?

If that happened to Divian, she would probably be feeling regretful. However, as for Carolyn...Truthfully speaking, Divian felt that she was slightly unable to get a grasp about the true nature of Carolyn.

At this was happening, the 2 people on stage had already gotten into their positions.

Assassin VS heavy soldier. Dagger VS shield.

4 eyes interlocked, while an invisible pressure radiated out across the stadium.

Gui Xinying's murderous aura was of the silent and seeping kind. It wasn't fierce and direct like Gui Wulie's, though it existed everywhere throughout the stage.

To freshmen, the embrace of such binding murderous aura would start to affect their hearts unknowingly, and would be much more frightening than the direct threat present from Gui Wulie's.

However, there were none of any exceptional expressions present on Barran's face. Having endured defeat and tasted glory within the CHF, he had continued to grow. Nevertheless, he has frankly yet to reach the height that Wang Zhong was looking forward to. As for Hymin's recognition and admittance...

At this moment, Barran was clearly more calm and cool-headed than he had ever been. It wasn't something formed by him forcefully pumping himself up, but something that radiated out from his core.

There was no such thing as techniques and skills to control this aspect. A heart filled with substance was in all ways easier than an empty heart in the establishment of a defensive mechanism that it needed to have!

"I thought that fellow would be extremely nervous in the face of a beauty…" Ma Dong clicked his tongue in astonishment.

"You make it sound like I'm not a beauty at all." said Hymin with a satisfied laugh. "Under this sis's influence, do you think that things like beauties will have any effect against my Barran?"

"Elder sis Hymin, I don't give in to anyone but you!" replied Ma Dong with a thumbs up sign.


Just as his voice rang out, the fight on the stage had already begun!

Gui Xinying did not have any intention of dilly-dallying. From the instant Barran had been confirmed as her opponent, she had only one choice left to make, which was to end this fight as fast as possible! It wasn't for the sake of anything laughable like regaining her or Gui Hao's face. Instead, it was for the Gui Family. In a public event, no one could snatch away their Gui Family's spotlight, with her being of no exception!

A forward advance! She did not appear to travel at too quick of a speed, appearing not to conform to the might of being one of the 10 great Mo's List soldier. However, all of a sudden, without any sign at all, a doppelganger had already broken off from her main body!

Unlike the pursuit of realism that most ordinary assassins aimed for in their doppelgangers, Gui Xinying's doppelganger appeared as though it was afraid of people being unable to recognize the difference it had from the original.

The doppelganger had a completely pure black look that caused it to appear just like a materialized shadow, though one was faintly able to make out the silhouette of Gui Xinying's face on it. Not only that, the doppelganger wasn't even able to accomplish the same movements, causing it to look just like a "fake and inferior" product that was a far cry from the original.

This is?

What a strange doppelganger move. Frankly speaking, there truly was not many people that have seen such a doppelganger. If such a doppelganger was created by some young aristocratic member or freshman, there would have already been people that would be keeling over in laughter.

However, this was Gui Xinying!

At the same time, the other Gui Xinying had already appeared right before Barran!

Having progressed till this day, Barran's real-life combat experience was already gradually turning substantial, especially during this period of time where he was constantly being adviced by Wang Zhong. Now, he had a deeper understanding and experience of about his special ability and combat techniques.

The radius of his gravity field had shrunk, with its overall effect having reduced from before. Nevertheless, he was able to have a somewhat better directional focus than before. When this improvement was fused to his combat techniques and skills, he had become a completely new soldier!

There was not a need to use his eyes to see, as he was already able to sense the incoming threat just from the Soul Power fluctuations and innate senses.
He was precisely waiting for this!

He did not appear on this stage just to give his opponent a free win, even if he was up against Mo Xinying, one of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers! He was clear that Wang Zhong had sent him up to take advantage of the valuable chance the CHF had provided for him to square off against experts. It was only on this stage would any opponent of his be serious in their actions. Such a valuable experience was exceedingly important for Barran's journey towards casting Heroic Soul. This journey did not end with the CHF, with him just getting started!

Being a soldier, a heavy soldier, there would be people present behind him that he needed to protect. In an instant, an adundance of Soul Power instantly surged out from his body, though with it circulating with a rate that caused him to appear just like another person!

Disregarding Gui Xinying's attacks, he gave the ground a furious pat with his left hand.


The ground instantly exploded, while a Soul Power ripple expanded out like a wave!

A shudder shook through the "Gui Xinying" that was rushing towards Barran. Appearing to have felt the impact from the ripple expanding across the ground, "she" instantly turned dim.

That was an illusion!

However, if that was the doppelganger, where was the original?

Befoer Barran could think about it, danger had already shown itself!

The fake Gui Xinying dissipated away, while a dagger came piercing towards Barran's throat.

With a completely subconcsious reaction. Barran gave the ground another fierce pat with his left hand, sending his body flipping back. Sweeping his left leg out, an astonishing spinning kick causing an intense gushing sound that caused people to feel the massive weight present behind his leg?

Gui Xinying's figure swayed backwards in response. However, Barran appeared to have anticipated that. Before his kick could swing out completely, his body had already leaned to the side, before smashing into Gui Xinying's back, completing the entire set of movements in a single breath!

Was this Barran???

Everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw, as there were genuinely too few people that could accomplish such level of subconscious reactions, especially in the face of Gui Xinying,a Mo's List soldier. The current Barran needed to be seen as a different person from what he had appeared to be in the previous matches. Frankly speaking, he had never even done such actions consciously before. He had only seen Wang Zhong attempt it during their sparring, which had in turn been engraved in his mind. With his condition now being exceedingly good, he was naturally able to execute it straight from his sub consciousness.

Indeed, they have made preparations!

The Tianjing fans could no longer hold back their anticipation.

Barran has been improving at a godly pace. Regardless of Wang Zhong's mixed martial arts training or his own personal judgement ability, even though he wasn't able to differentiate which one was the original, he would no longer get flustered. He was no longer the newbie that he used to be.

The gigantic backsmash bore down like a mountain toppling into a sea!

Although Gui Xinying was one of the 10 great soldiers, she was still one that was biased towards an assassin. Compared to Barran and his heavy soldier type body and strength, in a head-on showdown, there really wasn't much in her favour!

Gui Xinying, appears to have slightly underestimated her opponent?

At this moment, Gui Hao gave a sneer. The ridiculing sounds coming from his surroundings sounded exceedingly ear-piercing. These commoners always love to use their beggar brains to ponder about an emperor's lunch.


The gigantic bodyslam to the back had caused Barran to fly into the air. That was an illusion?
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    《Battle Frenzy》