Battle Frenzy
559 Inconceivable girl
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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559 Inconceivable girl

At this moment, the "Gui Xinying" that was smashed by Barran's gravity attack and had turned dim as a result started to sparkle, before the dark shadow turned clear in an instant as it hurtled towards Barran! 

With his heavy shield blocking before his body, Barran immediately retreated back while appearing slightly dazed.

Without talking about Barran, even everyone was slightly dazed by what they had seen. What kind of combat technique was that?

That was definitely the original, yet it had turned into an illusion in an instant. What clearly was an illusion had turned into the original in an instant!

There was a distance of at least a dozen metres between the illusion and the original body, yet there appeared to be an invisible string that connected the 2, that allowed the real and the fake to exchange positions at will! How incomparably strange was that!


The massive surface area of Barran's heavy shield saved his life, completely hiding his body within its protective area. The attacking Gui Xinying was sent backwards, though in the next instant, a with one from the left and one from the right, her 2 daggers started to burn with black flames...

A clear and chilling brilliance flashed across Gui Xinying's eyes. Not only did she plan to not waste too much time in this duel, she also needed to put a stop to Tianjing's momentum, right here and right now. Furthermore, Barran was considered to be of the type of soldier that was best at attrition battles. When that happens, they would generally be able to create miracles, and that was something she didn't want to him!

Darkness attribute special ability!

Quite a few people could not help but cry out in astonishment.

The 2nd darkness attribute special ability user had appeared. Or precisely, Gui Xinying was the 1st one!

Darkness Flames of Hell!

No one had imagined that this duel would turn out into a life or death fight, leaving everyone with bated breaths. The illusion positional transfer, as well as the Darkness Flames of Hell, was famed for burning everything it touches caused the countless Tianjing supporters to turn slightly dazed.

The 2 figures came attacking over, one fast and one slow, one real and one fake, appearing exceedingly distinct from one another. However, after having experienced what had just happened, one could even use one's butt to guess that one would definitely be wrong!

This was coupled with the even more terrifying Darkness Flames of Hell that drew strange arcs in the air, which appeared to even cause the air to burn!

The aura of death came boring down fiercely on Barran!

In a life or death crisis, not the slightest bit of dread was present in Barran's eyes. When he had walked up to the stage, he did not even know who his opponent was going to be/ However, he had chosen to face against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, he needed to make the preparations for imminent death!

The massive shield was smashed fiercely into the ground by Barran, causing it to become embedded within. In an instant, Soul Power exploded out from his body!

If 200 Grassos was a limit that Barran had broken through the previous match, the current Barran had complete control over his Soul Power. Unknowingly, his Soul Power had already become firm and stable, and was incomparably dense. Compared to the earlier stages of the CHF, he basically appeared like a completely different person!

Since he was unable to guess which one was the original body, then there was no use to guess! Faced against a move where the reality was hard to differentiate from the real, the best method was an area-of-effect attack. This was the ultimate move Wang Zhong had specifically developed for him to deal with those nimble and confusing combat techniques!

Lightning arced through Barran's eyes as he stood motionless like a mountain, causing him to radiate with the faint aura of an expert!

Circles of airwaves visible to the naked eyes brought along paralyzing lightning arcs as they rippled through the ground out from Barran. Like a tsunami, they swept out across in all directions! Regardless of who and where they were, they would be affected by it!

After one was struck by Barran's special ability waves and gotten halted in one's movements, it was that exact instant where he would make his attack!

Gui Xinying was in trouble?

However, just at this moment, the 2 "Gui Xinying"s coming over in a pincer formation came into contact with the expanding special ability ripples, causing both of them to turn dim. As the ripples passed by, what appeared like a bout of wind blew by, while not a single other change appeared on the 2 Gui Xinyings! In fact, there wasn't even a millimetre difference in the speed of their advance!

At the same time, 2 daggers covered in hellish flames shot out and struck Barran's body.


The hellish flames instantly surged, appearing to explode onto Barran's body, before completely engulfing him!

"Barran!" Hymin could not help but to should out in shock. One would only need to see the opponents that Mario had crossed hands with to know exactly how terrifying those hellish flames were!
However, not a single miserable shriek was heard! While everyone was waiting for it, a mountain-shaking earthshattering roar rang out!


A terrifying surge of Soul Power rippled out from the centre of the black hellish flame explosion, causing airwaves even more powerful than the earlier Gravity Wave to expand out in all directions!


An earthshattering bang blasted out, as countless Soul Power ripples surged out, layer after layer!

An even stronger explosion, an even greater impact!

What was previously the epicentre that was engulfed by the countless hellish flames was now suppressed and folded by a strange power. Within it, a Barran with airwaves radiating out from his body appeared. This was Barran's life-risking counter attack.

The 2 Gui Xinyings that had turned dim, before appearing turn, right at the instant when the terrifying ripples came shaking from behind her feet.


An intense bout of tremors caused one "Gui Xinying" to instantly disappear, while the other one landed gently a dozen metres away. Her eyes appeared exceedingly calm, while the entire stadium appeared exceedingly silent. That was was the black flames of hell! Mario had already displayed the might of this terrifying special ability. Clearly, Gui Xinying was more nimble than him in her control over her special ability, with the flames generated also being larger than his.

There was no use to erect any Soul Power defence, as those hellish flames were able to ignite Soul Power. Instead, it was Barran's special ability that had saved his life. He had risked his life to press all of the hellish flames and condense them right before his chest. Although the hellish flames possessed terrifying combustion capabilities, they were still limited by the elementary realm of the element attribute special abilities. Therefore, his Gravity attribute special ability was still effective against it!

However… the problem was that even though he was able to defend against it, it was merely at that. In fact, Barran felt as though those hellish flames were sticking to him, with him being unable to wring them off, to the point where he could not help felt that he should not confront them! At the very least, it just needed an instant of negligence from him to cause him to be devoured by them!

Barran clenched his teeth in response! This time, Barran did not have a single shred of defence raised. In the face of an assassin like Gui Xinying, an opponent who was in such a stiff and inflexible stance as Barran, was no different than a fish on a chopping board!

Dagger? Or fists and kicks?

In fact, ever since the hellish flames had come into contact with his body, this duel was already over. Regardless of how strong and talent the fellow before he was, he had only just awoken his special ability. Furthermore, he had yet to reach the level where he could dispel her hellish flames, as he had only suppressed, but not dealt with them.

At this moment, everyone was looking quietly at Gui Xinying, who proceeded to snap her finger


Barran, who had given his all just to gain some semblance of control in the duel, immediately felt as though something had exploded before him. Although there wasn't much of an impact, in the next second, the hidden might had already revealed itself.

Just like the manifestation of internal damage, blood started to drip out from Barran's eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Furthermore, right as this happened, the surrounding hellish flames immediately came lunging over, instantly surrounding Barran.

In the time for a laugh to ring out, the power

Without the need to start a countdown, the referee had already made the call. Gui Xinying, victory!

A faint sliver of hesitation appeared in Gui Xinying before she waved her hand, causing the hellish flames to slowly retreat away, leaving being a completely charred Barran lying on the ground. Clearly, Gui Xinying had shown mercy. This duel ended up in the completely one-sided dominance, as her realm was too, too great as compared to her opponent.
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    《Battle Frenzy》