Battle Frenzy
560 Showdown between the trump cards
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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560 Showdown between the trump cards

The clean and decisive victory had happened not long more than a minute after the competition bell was rung!

Finally able to vent their feelings, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans instantly roared and cheered with earthshattering might! Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! The dignity of the king cannot be challenged by mere bandits!

Upon the end of the duel, the medical squad and Tianjing squadron immediately rushed up the stage. Fortunately, although he had suffered serious injuries, the medical squad and Hymin's diagnosis came out to be not bad, with the only gripe being that he was most likely unable to participate in the group battle in lieu of needing a period of time to rest and recover.

Clearly, Gui Xinying's control of her strength and the flow of combat was exceedingly good. She possessed a suppressive level of strength, yet was exceedingly good at restraining it back.

However, within the preparatory area, a slight frown had appeared on Gui Hao's face. His younger sister was soft-hearted! Why didn't she just finish that fellow off!

However, it was a pity that Gui Xingying did not "fulfil" that craving of his, and did not feel the elation that ordinary people would feel after obtaining victory. Instead, she appeared exceedingly calm and indifferent as she walked down from the stage, appearing as though she had accomplished a matter so small it was not worth mentioning.

As this happened, the large screens started to play back the spectacular fight that had just happened.

The 2 Gui Xinyings that were present on the stage, one real one fake, were both real, yet were also both fake!

"Twin doppelgangers, double illusions...the higher dimensions are the bridge that married the 2 twin illusions together. It only takes a single thought for her to swap positions with her doppelganger." Napier Mo said in a rarely seen serious tone, appearing somewhat touched as he did so. "This level of Spiritual Soul Doppelganger usage, the fusion of one's Spiritual Soul with the higher dimension...she's more formidable than me, and might have just used 50% of her actual strength in that fight!"

Mo Wen and the others nodded their heads in reply. Gui Xinying had not only displayed her talents, she had also used her talents to the utmost extreme. As of now, this was the most complicated Dimensional and Spiritual Soul fusion combat technique that has appeared in the CHF, and was definitely not as simple as it appears to be.

Frankly speaking, Barran was already extremely strong, be it the eruption of his Soul Power or the strength of his willpower. However, it was a pity that he had bumped into Gui Xinying. Now, the selection advantage of this match has already returned to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor!

"Do you see that! That's the genuine might of the S+! Don't assume that you guys have the ability to deal with S+ just because you guys made a weird move and won a single point!"

"Haha! It just takes a little effort to insta-kill you!"
"All Mouthy King? Don't hide! Come out and play!"

The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans finally felt themselves coming alive. Gui Wulie losing the first duel truly sent them into a sullen mood. However,

In the Tianjing preparatory stage, Wang Zhong and Grai both took a breath of relief after looking through Barran's condition. Exchanging glances, both of them could see the intent present in each other's eyes.

They would remember this favour. Grai had also shown extreme restraint in his attacks against Gui Wulie, causing him injuries to the point where he was merely unable to participate in the group battle. However, frankly speaking, there were many times where people would reciprocate one's restraint. Even if they would, some would not necessarily acknowledge their actions.

1:1. Now it was time for Tianjing to make their selection.

Wang Zhong did not hesitate in doing so. Truthfully speaking, Tianjing did not have any other choice left to make. They were already lacking manpower in the first place, with Ma Dong and Colby being there just to fill in the numbers. Therefore, despite it being a tie, the result of the 3rd duel would determine the outcome of this match.

From the very beginning, there was no way of him avoiding his match against Gui Hao.

Naturally, he also did not plan on running.

A faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face.

Was there any good in him running? Since they were going to engage in a group battle with the numerical disadvantage, it would be a better choice to inflict heavy injuries to their opponents.

As the possibility of him losing? Wang Zhong did not consider this problem at all. Not only did it stemmed from his self-confidence, if he wasn't able to overcome the barrier of this duel, there was also simply no need for him to consider the group battle.

Originally, he had assumed that Tianjing would wriggle and squirm for a while before making their decision. Never did he expect for Wang Zhong to be that decisive.

Gui Hao immediately stood up.

He had already lost a lot of face just by losing a duel. As for entering into a group fight against Tianjing? It would be an embarrassment for Martial Ghost Divine Emperor even if they were to win! It was time for him to grace the stage!

Appearing to have made prior arrangements, both captains were exceedingly straightforward in their actions. Before everyone could react, Mars and Earth were already stood right before each other!

After a rare moment of silence, the stadium proceeded to burst into cheers and roars!

The battle between the kings!

If Gui Hao was the king of the aristocrats, All Mouthy King would be the undisputed king of the commoners!

Who would be the representative of the younger generation? Who was the real king?!

Compared to this upcoming fight, the earlier 2 duels would just be appetizers, no matter how spectacular they were. Everyone had squeezed so hard into this stadium all for the sake of watching this moment! The 2 proud kings clearly didn't disappoint everyone, as the collision of Mars and Earth was about to happen!

Both of them held only the most ordinary of runic swords. To Gui Hao, it was way too easy for him to find a divine weapon to use. However, why would he need to depend on the might of it?

Using the most ordinary weapons to defeat an enemy would result in the most decisive of losses!

The 2 men came to a stop at the same time.

Their gazes intersected, instantly causing sparks to fly!

An invisible clash of auras appeared the instant they appeared on stage, growing more intense and radiant as they approached each other.

"You've really surprised me, from actually being able to walk up here before me." a somewhat ridiculing look was present on Gui Hao's face as the corner of his mouth curled slightly upwards. Despite being in an intense showdown of gazes an aura, they did not affect the way of his speech. "However, you will stop here."

Shrugging helplessly, Wang Zhong replied, "There are quite a few people that have said those same words."

Just duke it out if you're not satisfied. Words could also be used in a showdown. There wasn't the slightest bit of modesty present in his words! That motherfucker! Being an opponent, being an enemy, why the need for any modesty!

"66666666! I can guarantee that Bobo Torres had definitely said those same words!"

"I represent Zhao Yilong for that!"

"The defeated group expresses their innocence and unjust accusations."

"Show off fail! If that motherfucker's able to do a 10 thousand damage crit, brother King's able to do 16 thousand!" the brother king fans were instantly delighted. Engaging in a verbal fight against brother King? Can't you see what's his Skylink ID! 

As the madness-filled roars filled the surroundings, Gui Hao gave a smile in return. He had seen too many people with sharp tongues. However, none of them was able to survive before him. "Let's see if you have the same courage to say that in a while."

Just as his voice rang out.


A wave of power exploded forth from Gui Hao's body!

This was a Soul Power that was more than sufficient to stifle everyone's breath. However, as it radiated out, it proceeded to rapidly skyrocket, getting stronger and stronger!

Wasn't it a waste of Soul Power to blast it out like that?

However, that thought only lasted for a second in a handful of people, before everyone's faces changed.

That's because his Soul Power was unexpectedly continuing to rise, breaking right past the 200 Grassos level! Furthermore, it showed not one single sign of slowing down!

Oh my god! Oh my god!

Everyone could clearly feel that there wasn't any change to Gui Hao's Soul Power realm. He still wasn't of the Heroic Soul Stage. Only had to know that 200 Grassos was the Soul Power limit for Casted Soul Stage. Perhaps some people might have a few Grassos up and down from that limit. However...
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    《Battle Frenzy》