Battle Frenzy
561 A simple act of pretentiousness
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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561 A simple act of pretentiousness

220, 250, 270, 300!

Oh my god!

Within the short span of a few seconds, Gui Hao's Soul Power had already stabilized at over 300 Grassos, while Wang Zhong's Soul Power was still at 200.

How's that possible!

"There are talents in the world that would allow one to surpass all ordinary people. My Soul Sea is naturally much stronger and powerful than ordinary people. If your Soul Sea is the size of a bucket, my is the size of a water tank!" Gui Hao felt exceedingly good, with his heart filled with ridicule and a towering feeling. The Wang Zhong standing before him felt like a 3-year-old kid, and felt as though he would easily die with a single pinch. "Furthermore, my Soul Power would increase exponentially as I progress through the stages!"

"That's the Firmament Soul Sea Talent!" quite a few people exclaimed out in shock. It extremely easy to classify this talent, as only the Firmament Soul Sea would have such clear characteristics!"

Gui Hao's deliberate move of speaking out loudly had instantly caused quite unknowledgeable fans to react. Although their knowledge might not be especially broad, everyone definitely was exceedingly familiar about the "3 great divine special abilities" and the "legendary 3 great Soul Power Talents"!

Firmament Soul Sea! A person with this talent would possess a Soul Sea much larger than ordinary people, and so would one's potential!

From the looks of it, it appeared to just be a quantitative transformation, with nothing special other than that.

However, one needed to know that Soul Power was the origin of everything. Without a doubt, a stronger Soul Power would provide a foundation for all combat techniques, while increasing one's ability to expend strength!

Didn't such talent only appear once in a 100 years? The answer was, impossible!

Even counting the couple of centuries the dark era had spanned were numerous heroes had risen, the number of recorded cases of the Firmament Soul Sea Talent appearing in history was a mere 2!

What was being talented? What was being able to win at the starting line? This was the definition of those!

Gui Hao's voice loud enough to be heard across the entire stage. Coupled with the enhancement by the speakers, his voice reverberated across the entire world.

"This Gui Hao really …" Karl was delighted. "Loves to act pretentiously? Could he really be planning to scare his opponent to death? That's useless."

Seated beside him, Divian laughed and replied. "He isn't specifically targeting Wang Zhong. Gui Hao's ego is too big. When people like him with aspirations of ruling the heavens are placed in a stage that is broadcasted throughout the world, he would he be able to give up the opportunity to showcase himself?"

"That's especially so after Grai's performance." Jourmungar added in while nodding his head. "He wants to suppress that down, not only in actions, but also with words. He wants everyone to remember him and him alone, as well as the might of the Gui Family."

"It appears to be an extremely reasonable action…"Karl gave a hearty chuckle. "However, in my own opinion, you guys have overestimated him. That fella's just trying to show off his big ego!"

Regardless of how Karl believed it to be, the entire stadium instantly erupted into a wave of astonishing cries.

Frankly speaking, Gui Hao had already achieved his goal. Which was to have such an effect in the hearts of the masses. All Mouthy King was a genius that appeared once in a century. However, he possessed the Firmament Soul Sea talent, a talent that has appeared only a handful of times in the last couple of years!

At this moment, the looks people sent to Wang Zhong had changed. That was the Firmament Soul Sea! People with such Soul Power would be able to dominate their opponents, and not be like a little kid trying to wield a large blade!

300 over Grassos of stable Soul Power. What difference does this have with a Heroic Soul Stage's Soul Power? Furthermore, Gui Hao's Soul Power was incomparable stable, without a single sign of it being forced out from him.

To a Casted Soul Stage soldier, Gui Hao was Superman!

A faint smile hung on the face of Gui Hao, with the gaze he sent to Wang Zhong appearing just like the one people would send when looking at an ant.

Compared to him, Wang Zhong appeared to be exceedingly solemn.

There has never been anyone that had to face over 300 Grassos of Soul Power in this CHF! The quantity of Soul power would suppress anyone from the Casted Soul Stage! That was more than 50% more Soul Power, which would, in turn, allow any combat technique executed to have 50% more might behind them!

Without talking about this, just the look of it would cause terror in one's heart! There was no way to go around not evade it!

"From your eyes," Gui Hao's voice rang out once again. "I can feel your terror."


Just as his voice rang out, an explosion rang out from the ground. Appearing as though he was wearing rocket boots, a terrifying explosion of air shot, before Gui Hao disappeared!


A super quick explosive advance! Upon hearing the sound of the explosion, the sparkle of a chilling glint was already chopping down onto his head! Before the sword had arrived, the ferocious tearing sound of air being sliced apart as well as the powerful air pressure was already enough to chop people up!

A flash of brilliance blossomed from Wang Zhong's eyes, before he moved in accordance with his heart!


A muffled bang rang out, as Mars collided with Earth!

Wang Zhong felt an incomparably terrifying power pressing down on him like a mountain that couldn't be stopped! In what seemed like an instant, the force of his upwards sword slash was forcefully pressed right down!

After all, it was 300 Grassos! The starting eruption highlighted the disparity even more!


Reacting with god-like reflexes,Wang Zhong raised his right hand and grabbed hold of his sword. In an instant, all of his Soul Power surged out as he welcomed the incoming blow!

The downward pressure was instantly blocked!

The 2 runic swords collided, sending dazzling sparks flying in all directions! The clash of auras congealed in mid-air, causing explosions to appear in the clear surrounding air!

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

The 2 swords pulled back at the same time, before Wang Zhong felt an incomparable force being transmitted from this opponent's sword, shaking his hands to the point of them turning slightly numb.

It was the same runic sword. However, for the earlier exchange, Wang Zhong had used both of his hands, while Gui Hao had only used one!

The might of a single slash was more than enough to shake people's souls!

An extra sliver of cautiousness appeared in Wang Zhong's eyes. However, before he could catch his breath, Gui Hao's 2nd slash was arriving!

There was nothing fancy about it, nor was there much of any martial arts present behind it. As he unleashed his strike, a ridiculing smile was present on Gui Hao's face. He was purposely launching such an attack, all for the sake of suppressing his opponent in all manners and forms!

A single strike to end all resistance!

What was an omnipotent technique? What All Mouthy King? What commoner's hero? In the face of absolute power, he doesn't even have the qualifications to shudder in fear! He would be suppressed to the point of him being just like a slaughtered dog! A single hand was enough to deal with him!

The terrifying power came hurtling over. This time, through the rebounding Soul Power accumulation, the force present in this strike was even greater than the first!


Wang Zhong raised his sword with both hands once again to block!

The massive power collided in his sword, sending Gui Hao's heavy strike back yet again. However, at the same time.

Hum hum hum hum hum...

Wang Zhong's sword shook violently. This elite runic sword made by KD heavy industries could be used by even Heroic Soul Stage soldiers. On theory, it could withstand the might of a Heroic Soul Stage.

However, the problem was that it required the aid of a corresponding Soul Power realm in order to work.

Wang Zhong's Soul Power limit was at 200 Grassos. The was the limit that ordinary Casted Soul Stage soldiers could not exceed. Faced against a tyrannical attack containing 300 Grassos of Soul Power, even if Wang Zhong could endure it, his sword couldn't!

Just at this moment.

The 3rd slash!

Once again, its might had increased. Just the roar created by it slicing through the air was enough to scare the hell out of people!


Despite raising his hands above his head to block, he was unexpectedly forced back one step!

In a straight up showdown, retreating even by half a step was a clear sign of weakness! What more in a step after step high-pressure situation!

Once Gui Hao's momentum starts, it would not stop!
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    《Battle Frenzy》