Battle Frenzy
562 Truthfully speaking, its just a little more Soul Power, that“s all
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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562 Truthfully speaking, its just a little more Soul Power, that“s all

An even greater followup, and even quicker explosiveness!

4th slash, 5th slash, 6th slash….

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Like a berserk series of chaotic explosions!

Strong, strong, strong! Too strong! The power behind each slash was stronger than the one before it, appearing to have no limit, and never coming to a rest!

300 over Grassos of Soul Power. That was basically a disaster-level might that a Casted Soul Stage had to endure! Towards the runic sword in Wang Zhong's hand, that was a power that could destroy it!


10 times the power!

Never changing from the start, Gui Hao continued to use his strength to suppress Wang Zhong, before suddenly changing his movements!

Creating afterimages as he moved, his hand swung about like a gale, while his sword intent continued to split apart and came hurtling over from 8 directions!

In the preparatory area, Laura's expression changed.

The most frightening thing to face in combat was the high pressure, but the instant after one had just gotten used to the attacking pattern of one's opponent!

Gui Hao's too sinister! After using a suppressive fighting style, causing him to appear straightforward, he had instead was creating a trap for Wang Zhong! However, it was frankly useless to do anything even after knowing it was a trap. The suppression of that ferocious attacks would for any Casted Soul Stage to be forced into his dictated rhythm, with no way of it!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

A clear series of explosive strikes rang out. It had to be said that Wang Zhong's reflexes have already reached the limits of a human being, as he was actually able to block every single of Gui Hao's slashes right at the instant when they arrived before him!

However, in such a high pressured moment, his reactions were still lacking in the strength aspect.


At this instant when he had defended against the final slash, his runic sword was forced out from his hand. The gigantic force of the last attack had spread through Wang Zhong's defence and smashed it wide open.


A kick imbued with massive power came smashing into Wang Zhong's chest.


Wang Zhong was sent flying back like a cannonball. Upon landing on the ground, the hard ground was smashed apart, causing a huge pit to appear!

The entire stadium turned deathly silent.

Brother King, was unexpectedly unable to put up a fight?

This not only happened in the stadium, but also in Skylink, where it was all silent. Even those Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans were shocked by the overbearingness that Gui Hao had just displayed! Everyone knew that Gui Hao was extremely strong. However, they have seen too many of the legends created by All Mouthy King. Frankly speaking, for some level of degree, All Mouthy King had already been turned into a fairy tale character, so much so that people felt that he was invincible! However, at this very moment, he was being beaten up like a dog!

Rumbling sounds continued to ring out from the massive pit, with Wang Zhong's fate still being unknown. No one watching possessed over 200 Grassos, and thus were unable to determine the might of that last kick from Gui Hao.

Gui Hao did not pursue, nor was he eager to go in for the last him. Just like a heroic king descending from his throne, he faced the stadium before him with a faint smile on his face.

Raising his head slightly, he proceeded to enjoy the remnants of the earlier blood battles that had happened in this stage.

This was the feeling!

Smash the god in those commoners' eyes into waste, and squash those so-called rampant arrogant fellows beneath his feet! Let them tremble!

He had waited for this moment for a very long time!

There were already quite a few people in the participant viewing galleries that have buried their heads in whispered discussions. Compared to those laymen in the audience, they clearly have a greater understanding of what had happened on stage.

Indeed, Wang Zhong was extremely strong, and more than sufficient to reach an overlord status in the S ranks. However, there was still a disparity between him and the 4 great S+ kings of Mo Wen, Carolyn, Gui Hao and Vladimir. He was just like Karl, who had brought an incomparable shock to people in the first match of the CHF quarterfinals. Without a doubt, he would suppress everyone within his realm. However, it was a pity that the 4 great kings in a higher realm than them!

"This is the standard of one of the 4 great kings huh..."

"Wang Zhong's not weak. However, he's most probably on the level of Karl, so it's still too difficult for him to face the 4 great kings."

"He should still be able to put up a fight, to for not much longer. That 300 Grassos kick definitely isn't nice to eat!"

"Who knows if there are any combat techniques combined into that kick!"

Just as those words rang out, people appeared to suddenly realize the atmosphere wasn't quite right, before many people in the viewing galleries subsequently closed their mouths.

On stage, Gui Hao's eyes also started to narrow.


A series of rocks tumbling about rang out from the big pit, before Wang Zhong crawled up from within.

Crack Crack...

He cracked his neck.

Crack crack...

He rotated his wrists.

Finally, patting away the dust on his body, he straightened his body and look towards Gui Hao. In an instant, the radiant smile present on his face stole away the focus of the entire world!


Laughter...he's laughing?

He was suppressed, smashing to the air by a slash, received a kick to his chest, sent flying a dozen metres, and created a large pit in the ground as a result!

What was that? Had he been knocked silly?!

The audience present in the stadium was immediately dazed by what they saw. However, those "expert" in the viewing galleries that assumed this fight was over instantly widened their eyes in shock.

How, however, from his appearance and state, he appeared to have not taking much of any damage!

Could it be...

Gui Hao's face instantly sunk. That disgusting smile was basically like a fly that's stuck on his nose!

After a blink of an eye, all of the brother King fans instantly erupted!

From the very beginning, they did not believe that brother King would really be beaten up by people in an instant! How could that be possible! That was brother King they were talking about! Invincible under the heavens, the brother King that could move unhindered through the universe! Wasn't it just a Gui Hao? What's the use of acting!

"All Mouthy King, Overlooking the heavens!" a unified chant rang out in all directions, through the various cities and audience of different tongues. Without any organization, they had shouted out those words with synchronicity! The silent stadium exploded violently into a tsunami of roars! Those were shouts coming from their souls, which was followed up by the response of those present outside of the stadium.!

"All Mouthy King!"

"Overlooking the heavens!"

The roars and replies from within and outside of the stadium travelled 10 miles in all directions, instantly drowning the voices from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor to the point of being non-existent!

"Truthfully speaking," Mo Wen appeared somewhat carefree and relaxed as he gave a faint smile. Compared to Gui Hao's overbearingness, Wang Zhong was the one that truly interested him. "It's just a slightly higher level of Soul Power, that's all…"

It was alright if he did not say that. However, once those words left his mouth, his fellow squadron members immediately turned slackjawed.

Brother, big brother, my brother! Your words really hurt our hearts! What the hell does a slightly higher level of Soul Power mean? Was 300 grassos just a little bit? Soul Power on that level would have already transformed and reach close to the strength of a Heroic Soul Stage! How are you going to let people live if you say that it's just a little bit?

However, it was clear that they could only leave this thought to spiral within their heads. For a freak like Mo Wen, there was basically no use for any discussion. He was able to be an instructor for Heroic Soul stage soldiers. What matters did they not see before….

Mo Wen, Gui Hao, Wang Zhong. Every single person would cause despair in people. Yet, all 3 of them had appeared together. There was also Carolyn and Vladimir, who were most likely not weaker than them! Were they trying to shake people's hearts and their mood for training? Living in the same era as those freaks would absolutely be painful and despair-inducing, and one would have to scrap all ideas of making it big!


The runic sword in Gui Hao's hand made a turn.

Soul Power surged forth!

Acting? Did they really think that this was his limit?

Since it's the case, I'll let you see it again! The same move, but even stronger power, to the point of suppression!

Let me see how you're going to continue laughing...

However, before Gui Hao could finish his thought process, Wang Zhong had already disappeared from his location.
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    《Battle Frenzy》