Battle Frenzy
564 Omnipoten
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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564 Omnipoten

"I'm not trying to show off, but this single attribute special ability is asking for a beating from our brother King!"

The Skylink broke out into explosive laughter, with the entire stadium appearing incomparably delighted. This finally triggered the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans, who proceeded to jeer sarcastically, instantly causing chaos to erupt!

However, all of this commotion was already unable to affect the two fighting on stage.

The power of a special ability comprised more towards one's mental strength and willpower. There are 2 requirements a special ability user needs to fulfil in order to use their special ability, which was mental concentration and the focus of their energy.

Gui Hao wasn't an idiot, noticing the fluctuations present in his emotions the instant he used his special ability, causing him to forcefully stabilize them. This was the fastest, as well as the most effective method to do so!

Naturally, he was clear that using his special ability alone would not be of any use. He wasn't like those brainless idiots present on Skylink. The winds were merely an uncontrollable byproduct of the powerful might of his special ability!

Gui Hao slowly started to flow into the air. Air dancing move, something that most wind attribute special ability users could perform. However, it was too energy consuming for them to use, and therefore was an impractical move for them.

However, that was Gui Hao! His sea of Soul Power and powerful mental strength allowed him complete control over his special ability. He loved to stand on the high ground and look down from above, as it was an even greater way to show complete suppression!

What competition? Who said that you couldn't kill people?

He would definitely make sure this fellow that dared to shame him would never, ever find a resting place after his death!

With a wave of a single hand.

Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum hum~~

A small whirlwind appeared on the runic sword embedded into the ground a dozen metres away from him. In the next instant, it shuddered, before flying back to his hand like a meteor.

This was followed up by a gentle swing.


A sound of air being torn apart rang out.

The audience in the stadium was basically unable to see anything. In their eyes, they only saw Gui Hao floating in the air, with the runic sword in his hand giving a chop down. There wasn't any sword intent erupting out. Yet, Wang Zhong suddenly did a backflip, appearing to have done so in an extremely terrified manner.

In the next second, the audience were shocked by what they saw.

An invisible attack had struck the position where Wang Zhong stood, slicing right into the ground! The granite floor was sliced as clean as tofu being chopped by a knife!

Wind blade!

The Wind attribute special ability was universally recognized to be the strongest special ability in terms of single target penetration. Not only do the wind blades have sufficient sharpness, the winds also did not have any shadow or shape. Other than the seemingly unnoticeable sounds of air whooshing by, they were basically invisible attacks!
A desolate sneer appeared on Gui Hao's face.

You want to hide? Hah! That's just an appetiser!

Whish whish whish whish whish!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A chilling glint flashed across Gui Hao's eyes, before whooshing sounds filled the entire skies!

Following his swings, countless wind blades hid the skies and covered the skies as they flew towards Wang Zhong!

Like minced meat, the ground was chopped and blown apart by the invisible wind blade. In the blink of an eye, the entire stage appeared to have been bulldozed repeatedly, with countless scars covering its entire surface!

Countless gouges and countless scars were present, with slabs formed and rock chips shooting out in all directions! Various kinds of irregular splits were present in the ground, with massive 7 to 8 metre long valleys even present for all to see!

What kind of might, what kind of attack was this!

Everyone was dazed by what they saw. Could a Casted Soul Stage really reach such a realm? Frankly speaking, they could barely make out how strong Mo Wen through the slow-motion replay. However, Gui Hao's attacks basically made people feel despair and helplessness!

The entire stadium instantly turned into a massive chopping board, with Wang Zhong being the frog waiting to be slaughtered, jumping left and right in miserable fashion to avoid the gigantic cleaver aiming for its life!

What does it mean to be in a helpless situation! This was what a helpless situation looks like!

His Firmament Soul Seal appeared to be able to sustain a limitless amount of wind blades! Coupled by his Air Dancing Move, he stood in an undefeatable position, basically making him invincible!

Within a blink of an eye, Wang Zhong was forced into a corner!

"An ugly monkey jumping about!"


Killing intent flashed across Gui Hao's eyes, as his runic sword continued to slash out, instantly sending 10 successive wind blades!

The invisible wind blades appeared transparent to the onlookers. However, they appeared exceedingly distinct in Wang Zhong's Heart Eye.

The surround from by the 10 wind blades was lethal. In fact, there was even some concealment going on, with 2 or 3 wind blades moving as one unit, causing changes to their appearances.

This was done so to dull his opponent's senses. His wind blades appeared to leave a single road between their flight paths. However, one could imagine, with Wang Zhong even being able to predict, that this gap was a 100% road to death if he was to take it.
This was a death trap, with nowhere to hide!

However, at this moment, Wang Zhong started to smile. Having placed all of his attention onto Wang Zhong, the demonic smile present on the former's face caused Gui Hao to form various kinds of premonitions in his mind.

Choosing not to evade or dodge, Wang Zhong welcomed the incoming attacks with his arms wide open. At this moment, his fingers radiated with golden light as they started to draw in the air--Runic combat technique-Runic Shield!


2 crystalline constructs appeared on his arms.

Runic Shield!

Clearly, being able to create something like the runic subwoofer cannon, it was impossible for Wang Zhong to not be able to know how to create runic shields.

Furthermore, from the crystalline lustre of the runic shields, one could tell they were of better quality than those formed by Grai!

Bang Bang Bang Bang...

Without a single one being left out, the dozen wind blades were all eaten by his runic shields!

Every single wind blade striking the crystalline runic shields would cause them to sparkle with brilliance, appearing as though their energy was being consumed. This continued all the way till the end of the wind blade attacks, the 2 runic shields had only turned dim, yet continued to stay firm on Wang Zhong's hands!

Below the stage, Grai could not help but sigh in admiration, Wang Zhong's attainments in runes were truly terrifying! The runic shield move was something that he had brought out to share to the latter, with Wang Zhong also having learnt how to perform. However, how long has it been since? It was only half a month ago, yet he was able to execute it to such a degree! What does this mean?

The damage of the wind blade was slightly weaker than Gui Wulie's poisonous claws, though they definitely weren't weaker by much. Being able to block a dozen wind blades and not break meant that the strength of these 2 runic shields was definitely above the ones that he could create!

The combat move Gui Hao was proud about did not even bring about any trouble to Wang Zhong in the first place! The only reason why he did not unleash the runic shields, in the beginning, was for all for the sake of duping the former to stupidly toss out a bout of attacks!

Comparatively, the runic shields were much less energy consuming to create than the wind blades, which would clearly affect Gui Hao much more. Coupled with him floating idiotically and egotistically while unleashing 2 more barrages, he was about to get beaten into a pulp when he lands!

Without talking about the soldiers watching this fight, even the laymen in the audience were able to come into realization about this. While this was happening, Gui Hao's face had already fluctuated between red and white. He naturally knew that his move was overly flashy, and in fact was extremely energy consuming. However, who in the Casted Soul Stage could block his attacks? He had utterly never even considered this question before!

Furthermore, this Wang Zhong was actually able to create runic shields! Furthermore, it appeared to be even stronger than Grai's! That's because his shields were able to remain unbroken after enduring 10 of his wind blades!

Gui Hao proceeded to stop his attacks. His temper had somewhat exploded, though he had yet to turn into a complete idiot.

His face turning exceedingly gloomy, Gui Hao slowly descended from the air.

Upon landing, the entire stadium erupted into chaos.

All of a sudden, the S+ ranks didn't seem to be that frightening at all!
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    《Battle Frenzy》