Battle Frenzy
566 Don“t compare talent with Wang Zhong
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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566 Don“t compare talent with Wang Zhong

As the black wind blades continued to brew, Wang Zhong had already stopped moving, appearing to show no more intention of evading.

This caused everyone to turn anxious. Was he going to launch his counterattack? However, how was he going to do so?

An abtruse glow flashed within Wang Zhong's eyes. He had assumed that his opponent was unable to sustain the energy consumption of his Divine special ability. However, it seems that he had made a wrong guess. From the looks of it, he would be dead before his opponent tires out.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Zhong extended his hands out. All this while, Gui Hao had kept his eyes glued on his opponent. Come on, continued struggle! You definitely have to struggle! If not, how could he display his strength! A weak ant wasn't sufficient for him to vent his anger!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Whooshing sounds rang out at Wang Zhong's sleeves started to flutter, despite the absence of wind around him. All of a sudden, a golden brilliance appeared on both of his hands, before starting to rapidly spin up. Furthermore, Soul Power continued to pour into the 2 spinning golden glows.


Were those cross wheels? That's not possible! He did not bring any other weapon other than the runic sword up on the stage...

"Those are cross wheels formed using Soul Power!"

"Creating something out of nothing!"

A wave of clamouring instantly rang across the entire stage!

A layman might feel that this was an unreliable move However, in the eyes of a genuine expert, this move was not inferior to Gui Hao's Divine Wind attribute special ability. Naturally, it was in the difficulty aspect.

Just think about this. Only the experts at the apex of the Casted Soul Stage could extrude their Soul Power from their body. However, they were restricted to being able to send it a slight distance away from their bodies. It was extremely easy for this Soul Power to dissipate away as the distance grows. Furthermore, the difficulty level would increase drastically when forming such a complex structure like a cross wheel, to the point of it being something only told in fairy tales.

The 2 cross wheel analogues continued to amass Soul Power as they spun about. Naturally, it was they weren't as complicated as cross wheels, with there also being no need.

Even Mo Wen could not help but frown in response to what he saw. All of Wang Zhong's performances were within his original expectations of the latter, which was even inclusive of the runic shields. The Mo Family's intelligence network was extremely detailed, and therefore was able to shine light onto many things at an extremely early stage. However, this move...using Soul Power to form a construct before rotating it, and not letting it dissipate or scatter...Ordinary people were basically unable to achieve such control over their Soul Power. Other than that, most Casted Soul Stage soldiers would be sucked dry by the Soul Power consumption needed to initiate that high-speed spin!

Yet, not a change had happened to Wang Zhong's face!

Unlike an ordinary realm or techniques, Soul Power would rapidly dissipate when made into a shape or moved. These were the notable traits of Soul Power. However, Wang Zhong was able to let his Soul Power show such an effect...

Even Vladimir had an extremely weird expression on his face. Ignoring the issue about technique, exactly how much Soul Power would one need to form constructs like those with such substance to them? That was an absolutely sky high number for a Casted Soul Stage!

Possessing an extraordinary level of special ability, Vladimir excelled the most in the calculation of Soul Power consumption. Although a fight between experts appeared to have no restraint at all, every single bit of consumption was extremely well portioned in accordance to their trainings. At this moment, despite possessing a Firmament Soul Sea, Gui Hao was already starting to show slight signs of fatigue. However, as for Wang Zhong...even though his consumption wasn't as high as Gui Hao, it was definitely not small!

Emotional ripples appeared in Carolyn's eyes. Naturally, she would not miss out of such a key issue in this ongoing fight. Perhaps, she might be even more clear than anyone on this point, as she had been struck down by Wang Zhong at during their first meeting. Perhaps, all the way till now, Wang Zhong has basically not used his full strength!

The 2 sparkling golden cross wheels appeared in the blink of an eye.

Looking rather substantial, the 2 golden cross wheels appeared markedly different from the formidable pose that Gui Hao was taking. Clearly, Wang Zhong was in a different state from the former.

10 divinized Umbra blades. 2 golden cross wheels. 2 golden cross wheels. The majority of people watching weren't able to make clear of this. Could those cross wheels formed by Soul Power resist Gui Hao's Divine Wind attribute special ability?

Laura's heart was already clenched to its limit. This was the first time she had felt so anxious for all these years. Laura felt that her own heart would definitely not beat that quickly even if she was to switch places with him and be on stage right now!

This caused her to subconsciously grab hold of the things beside her. Arnold's miserable shrieks were no different from the buzz of mosquitoes to her. "My hair! Boss, my hair!"

Go! Go!

"Still with the mystifying act!" a sliver of viciousness flashed across Gui Hao's eyes. He was naturally able to see the brilliance of being able to form something out of nothing. However, so what about that?

Difficulty did not equate to might! At the very end, he was just a Casted Soul Stage commoner trash! At the very end, it was just something created from the accumulation of Soul Power! How could that compared to his Divine special ability formed Umbra blades!


Whiz whiz whiz whiz whiz whiz!

The Umbra blades flew out, leaving long black trails in the air. Lightning arcs formed as they cleaved through the air, appearing ferocious and overbearing, as though they wanted to cut everything in their path!

Wang Zhong narrowed his eyes, before swing his arms out, sending the 2 golden glows shooting out!


The spinning golden glows shook the air with their hums, before smashing to the Umbra blades in a blink of an eye!


Frankly speaking, the Divinized special ability was stronger. However, one could see from the air currents and winds speeds surrounding the revolving cross wheels that they possessed an extremely strong cutting ability. What's more, the edges of the wind blades were sleek and glossy.

Exactly who would end out above?

In the next instant, an inconceivable spectacle occurred, The 2 incomparably strong Umbra Blades that exploded after colliding into the cross wheels, instantly dissipating into thin air, before the cross wheels continued their berserk advance without being hindered.

Bang bang bang bang...

2, 4, 6!

6 Umbra blades were smashed by the cross wheels, which continued to their berserk flight paths in the air. This caused shock to appear in people's eyes, with some even showing despair...

What kind of might was this! Just by relying on his own Soul Power, he was actually able to engage in a successful head-on confrontation with a Divine special ability!

However, with them being made entirely of Soul Power, smashing 6 Umbra Blades was already their limit. Although they were exceedingly tyrannical, the problem of Soul Power dissipation as distance increase was still present, causing them to weaken, before subsequently being devoured by the remaining Umbra blades. After all, they weren't the Laforgue cross wheels. 

However, before the shocked Gui Hao could catch his breath, 2 more golden glows started to sparkle and blossom. Clearly, Wang Zhong was exceedingly clear about what he was doing. Despite only being in the Casted Soul Stage, there were no issues with techniques of Soul Power constructs and creating something from nothing, as those stemmed from the fundamentals of his control over his Soul Power and mental strength. Within this short span of time, he was able to create 2 more cross wheels to face the 4 incoming Umbra blades. Like before, bang bang bang bang...

4 explosions rang out, before all of the Umbra blades were destroyed, yet the cross wheels in Wang Zhong's hands were still intact without any damage present. In the next second, they howled towards Gui Hao, causing his expression to turn cold, before instantly waving his hand. What a dreamer!

The wind wall of despair!

This wasn't a secret move. Gui Hao's wind wall was seemingly able to block all energy attacks from the Casted Soul Stage, what more when with his Divine Wind attribute special ability!

The 2 cross wheels smashed against the wind wall in a fashion akin to punches smashing into cotton wool. This was the difference between Gui Hao's wind wall and those created by other special ability users. It wasn't a head on defence, but one that utilizes the soft aspect of the wind!

However, after a wave of astonishment rang through the stadium, Wang Zhong had already disappeared from his original location. In the next second, Wang Zhong's fist was already expanding right before Gui Hao's eyes.


Wang Zhong had dashed forwards the instant he had tossed his cross wheels out! Clearly, Wang Zhong had judged that his cross wheels were unable to penetrate Gui Hao's wind wall. There was no doubt about Gui Hao's talent. However, he was just a tad naive. Did he believe that blocking the cross wheels would mean that he would be able to block Wang Zhong?

How could he really believe that Wang Zhong would just stand there quietly after tossing his cross wheels out?

Regardless of how strong his 300 Grassos Soul Power defence was, there was a limit to it at the facial portion of one's body. What more, as of now, Gui Hao was slightly sluggish due to the over-consumption of his Soul Power and strength.

After being struck by Wang Zhong's fist, his head instantly spun. Before he could regain his senses, a terrifying strength had around came encircling from his back!
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    《Battle Frenzy》