Battle Frenzy
567 Patting VS disturbance
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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567 Patting VS disturbance

2nd drive body slam!

Barran's ultimate move was displayed by Wang Zhong with a god knows how many times the factor in might!

Gui Hao's powerful Soul Power defence was now being used as an assistance to the 2nd drive body slam! When Wang Zhong was forcefully shoved back by the rebounding force, the terrifying power was already over the limit Gui Hao could block with just his powerful Soul Power defence!

Before the attack had ended, Gui Hao had already lost control of his body. Nevertheless, before he could fly out from the impact, a shadow appeared above his head, as Wang Zhong had already shot forwards like a bolt of lightning! A leg raised high above the air came chopping down, as Wang Zhong did a 360-degree front somersault!


Gui Hao was smashed down, utterly unable to put up any defence! Bang...

He was sent sprawling onto the ground, with the entire stadium trembling and the stage grounds shattering into pieces. In fact, a large portion of the stage had sunk in from the impact!

The entire stage turned silent, with even the Gui Family members in a daze from what they saw. When did Gui Hao ever suffer such humiliation?

In what seemed like an instant, Gui Hao flew out from the pit, his handsome face now distorted into a malevolent fury, before 4 to 5 Umbra blades started to shot out ferociously!

However, he was unable to vent all of his fury. With Wang Zhong's experience, how would he give an opponent like Gui Hao a chance to come back into this fight?

The instant Gui Hao had shot out from the pit, Wang Zhong was already right by his back!

The Umbra blades were unable to reach their target, before 2 powerful arms had already appeared by Gui Hao's waist.

The arms gave an upwards pull, followed up by a vicious backwards tug.

Grappling combat --Suplex!


Gui Hao's head smashed right into the ground, before the top half of his body was driven into the ground like a piledriver, leaving behind his 2 legs and the lower half of his waist sticking out. The few Umbra blades that had lost their target flew aimlessly out, before dissipating away.

Bang...the ground exploded. Being already mad with fury, Gui Hao instantly sent Umbra blades out in all directions. At this moment, his head covered in blood, with the only thing he wanted to do was to rip that Wang Zhong apart! However, losing one's rational thoughts before an expert was equivalent to going into neutral gear.

There has never been anyone that could dominate the CHF just by relying on their talents.

Calm expressions were present on the faces of Mo Wen and the other Heaven's Fate members, though they were infused with slight disappointment. It wasn't to say that Gui Hao wasn't able to put up a fight against Wang Zhong. However, when he started to take things for granted, he was forced into complete passivity. He appeared to have sunk in a weird world of where only he existed, where Wang Zhong was never his match, where his performances were that of the main character.

Rushing forwards with fangs, claws brandished, and a roar, Gui Hao wasn't able to show his might before Wang Zhong had rushed in light a bolt of lightning. Bang...

Wang Zhong's lesson was really worldshaking. With his move infused with the power of 2nd drive, Gui Hao was sent flying out like a cannonball, smashing right against defensive energy barrier, before sliding down onto the ground. At this moment, the response from the powerful Firmament Soul Power had already turned noticeably weak.

Just as Wang Zhong was about to attack, the referees' countdown started to ring out…At this moment...Gui Hao clearly was still able to put up a fight. However, the countdown continued on. There was nothing that could be done. At this time, Wang Zhong would get an immediate disqualification if he was to attack Gui Hao.

A wave of clamouring rang out across the entire stadium. Nevertheless, it was unable to overturn the referee's decision. At this moment, Gui Hao was in an ambiguous state. However, anyone could see that the Gui Family had pulled some strings, giving Gui Hao the time to catch his breath.

1, 2...

Wang Zhong could only wait quietly by the side as the countdown continued. At this moment, the entire stadium, as well as the Skylink, had exploded into chaos. Was this even possible? Contrary to those who were able to judge the peculiar matter that had happened, there were more who were shocked by how strong Wang Zhong was.

What this the Gui Hao we know?

What situation was this? Wasn't Gui Hao going to beat Wang Zhong up? Wasn't it said that the 4 great kings were invincible? Wasn't it said that their powerful talents would suppress all other geniuses? However, from the looks of it now, even he was being beaten up like a dog!

In this instant, an absolute power started to slowly creep its way deep into people's hearts.

This was All Mouthy King!

The referee continued his countdown.

"He's talents are too powerful. Originally, focusing on one's talents is the right thing to do." Mo Wen had already started to speak. Other than being the instructor for the Federation's mechanized battalion, it was his instinct the teach the members of the Heaven's Fate squadron whenever the opportunity presents itself. "However, overly focusing and relying on them is the recipe for disaster. As this strength was gained too easily, he had overlooked the lack of hard work in tempering himself, resulting in him having a poorer realm of understanding towards combat. All of his attacks aren't used at the most suitable time, with all of them being just for show. Yes, Gui Hao might be stronger than Wang Zhong in how talented he is. However, in genuine combat, Wang Zhong exceeds him by a far mile."

"A far mile…" his fellow members were on the brink of rolling their eyes. "You should stop talking anymore, captain! You are about to force us into despair! Just you alone is sufficiently disheartening! If another one of your type appears, how are we going to live?"

Unlike the ridiculement going on within the Heaven's Fate squadron, the atmosphere was solemn over at the Stuart side.

Be it Carolyn or Rennes, Wu Li and even Yi Luo, their understanding of Gui Hao were on a level that ordinary people could never imagine.

The 2 families have exceedingly close, and were also their greatest competition, therefore resulting in them knowing too much about each other.

Even Carolyn didn't have the confidence to win Gui Hao when he uses his Divinized special ability!

"One has to grasp the chance to launch a lethal strike when up against Wang Zhong, and get the maximum value from one's special ability." Rennes said in a deep voice. "Once he finds a weakness, it would be nigh impossible to find a way to victory!"

"This is the scariest type of people…"

"You'll never ever know exactly how many cards he's hiding up his sleeves."

An even more complicated expression appeared on Carolyn's face.

This Wang Zhong! That actually was Wang Zhong! The heavens really were playing a big joke on her! Exactly what have I done wrong!

7, 8, 9...

In the stadium, countless brother King fans joined up with the referee as they shouted the countdown with fervour and excitement!

We've won! Brother King has actually won! He had defeated one of the 4 great kings, that incomparably pretentious Gui Hao, and squashed him under his feet!
No, wait!


As "9" was shouted out, Gui Hao climbed up from the ground, a hand resting on the runic energy barrier, while a malevolent smile hung lightly. He knew exactly what was going on. This precious time given to him allowed him to cool his head. This was the strength of his Gui Family, which was specifically used to squash losers!

The brother king fans stopped their countdown, with the noisy hum of ear piercing discussions taking its place.

"He's actually not dead? He had endured so much from brother King!"

"Is there any use? He's just looking for death! Brother King can beat him up anytime!"

"What 4 heavenly kings! They're just acting about! They would all be killed in minutes if they bump into brother King!"

Due to his hair scattered before his face, people were unable to see the expression currently present on Gui Hao's face.

Frankly speaking, the successive heavy impacts had indeed knocked him dizzy for a while. Nevertheless, the defensive and recovery effects brought about by his Firmament Soul Power was basically no different to using a cheat to recover in a game for a Casted Soul Stage soldier.

He did not receive any lethal injuries. In fact, he was already in sound mind ever since the referee had counted to 2. At that time, he did not immediately climb out from the ground. Instead, he laid on the ground, shaking furiously with anger!
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    《Battle Frenzy》