Battle Frenzy
568 Madman
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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568 Madman

Embarassment! Embarassment! Great Embarassment!

These were the only words said by the voice in Gui Hao's head!

The ultimate move he was most proud of had actually been broken through!

He was actually being smashed into the ground by that dog shit piece of thing!

In fact, Gui Hao could even picture the spectacle happening in the Skylink, where countless people were watching the slow-motion footage of him being squashed by that pile of dogshit!

What's more irritating was the rampant laughter coming from the brother King fans seated all around in the stadium!

They, were actually ridiculing him! Those ant-like things!

However, after going all out berserk, he suddenly became exceedingly icy calm in the next instant, with the only thing present being an insane thought filling his entire mind.

Die! I want all of them to die! All of the people who had seen his miserable state just now must all die!

Ripples large enough for one to see surfaced from the hand pressed against the energy barrier. Energy continued to follow from Gui Hao's left hand into his body. In the next instant, a jet black gale started to whip up, before a berserk amount of energy filled his body!

This wasn't the partially consumed Firmament Soul Power, but a power even more berserk, ferocious, and dense!

3rd special ability, Devour!

This was a power he had newly acquired from the dimensional worlds, and was also one of the most frightening special abilities out there. Nevertheless, it wasn't complete, with a Casted Soul Stage's body being unable to endure the load of activating this special ability. The only thing he could do was to use it temporarily by using his Firmament Soul Sea as its source of power!

Nevertheless, it was more than sufficient to kill the ant before him!

His power started to explode out, before expanding at a berserk rate.

350 Grassos, 400, 450, 500!

With the limits of the Casted Soul Stage, a Soul Power of this level already out of this world!

What's more frightening special as the transforming of power from the dimensions into Soul Power appeared to have buffed his Divinized special ability!

Countless Umbra Blades instantly formed in the air around Gui Hao, 10 blades, 20 blades, 30 blades! Not only that, a massive black tornado also proceeded to form. All of a sudden, lightning bolts and thunder appeared, with some of the bolts even shooting out towards the audience, causing panic and chaos to set in the stadium.

Clearly, this had completely exceeded the scope of what a Casted Soul Stage was able to incite. This was why all of the Heroic Soul Stage soldiers need to have their names recorded in a database. The stronger one's talent, the greater the disaster one would be able to cause via their special abilities.

From the looks of the seemingly uncontrollable level of energy, it appears that Gui Hao was utterly unable to control his new found power. Furthermore, he was still shivering with fury, and might not be able to control himself form rushing into the audience watching in the stadium.

This spectacle caused the head judge for this match, the legendary soldier Joseph, to frown. By right, he should raise his hand and stop this from happening. However, once he does so, it would mean that this fight would end, and by doing so, would confirm Gui Hao's victory due to the latter possessing more power at this very moment. However, on an actual standpoint of the current fight, Wang Zhong held an overwhelming superiority on all fronts.

There were difficulties in both decisions. As for judging that Gui Hao had lost,... that would result in him making an enemy out of the entire Gui Family. Clearly, the referee on stage has been pulled over by the Gui Family. Even a legendary soldier has a life to lead, what more other people.

The referee looked towards Joseph. God knows how many times this idiotic fellow would have died before reaching legend status! At this moment, Joseph had already made his decision, a simple and basic one. The fight would be ended by the participants.

A smile appeared on Gui Hao's face as the blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth. No one dared to obstruct him! This was the might of his Gui Family! The gales whipped up by his Umbra blades were clearly a few realms more powerful and the earlier ones, and so was their quantity. How were Wang Zhong's Soul Power cross wheels able to stop them at all! Once Gui Hao unleashes his Umbra blades, the latter will die!

Not only would he die, the ants in the stadium that had ridiculed him would also feel what it meant to endure the rage of a king when his storm of death sweeps over them!

Naturally, there was also another possiblity, which was that Wang Zhong admits defeat. If that happens, Joseph would be able to take action without any scruples!

Naturally, that would also mean that Tianjing's chances in this match are dashed.

Gui Hao's expression was one of scorching madness, while his malevolent appearance had caused him to appear just like a pervert!

Was he going to admit defeat, or would he bet his useless life to fight with him?

Make a choice! Hurry up! Make your choice! Aren't you very mighty? I just want you to feel the pain of being in that dilemma!

The black win blades sparkled as they roar, bring about wild winds and chaotic airflow throughout the stage, appearing even more incomparably ferocious than before. Not only did he not restrain his power due to the head judge's appearance, he had also proceeded to gather even more power. As of now, the devastating power accumulated grew increasingly berserk, and was still continuing to grow!

Wang Zhong launched a few attacks to scout out, which were blocked by the dense number of Umbra blades flying around. Clearly, Gui Hao's move had exceeded the boundary of the Casted Soul Stage, something that cannot be bridged via techniques. Nevertheless, it wasn't to the point where it would directly be lethal to Wang Zhong. He has never been afraid of crazy moves. In fact, he really wished to get a proper feel of it. However, in the current situation, if Gui Hao was able to accumulate sufficient power before unleashing his move, injury and death would become a real possibility. In fact, Gui Hao was scanning his gaze out time to time towards the Tianjing preparatory area, which had already received the attacks of 2 lightning strikes from him. 

The winds finally reached their limits in power and volume, causing their shuddering hum to stop increasing. Lording over the air above the stadium, they appeared just like the territory under the sole control of Gui Hao!

5 to 6 Umbra blades converged in the air, appearing exceedingly restless as they moved above, yet were forcefully reined in by Gui Hao with much difficulty!

Open his eyes, Gui Hao revealed his eyes, which were already covered with engorged capillaries, turning them blood red. Looking down from above, he appeared like a god overlooking the mortals that stood below. At this moment, the power radiating from him had already reached 600 Grassos. Just the air currents brought about by his circulating Soul Power was already sufficient to cause people to sway!
With a wave of his hand, 20 wind blades instantly shot out, aiming right at Wang Zhong, who had the Tianjing preparatory area right behind him!

"I'm very curious." said Gui Hao with a sneer, "Would you dodge, or would you stand your ground?"

The entire stadium was stunned by his cold voice, causing the entire place to turned solemnly quiet. No one was able to believe that Gui Hao was actually able to display such suppressive power in the face of the tremendous pressure Wang Zhong had shown earlier. Although he had utilized some kind of secret technique, this was where the aristocratic families were powerful in. Basically, all of the possessed some kind of sacrificial combat techniques, which would allow them to gain such power in return for paying a price. Within the dark era, this was the bread and butter fighting style for the various families. Although they have used it much lesser than in the previous era, it wasn't rare to see it from now and down.

There were already quite a few among the audience that wanted to flee from the stadium, as no one wanted to risk their little lives just to continue watching a match. Comparatively, the Tianjing preparatory area, which was under the greatest threat from Gui Hao, was covered with a stretch of calmness.

Other than Hymin, who had followed along with Barran for treatment, every single Tianjing squadron member was present, be it the substitutes of Milami, Lily and the others, or the injured Scarlet, Emily and even Ma Dong who had slipped over.

Not a single person hid or showed any dread, as Wang Zhong was still on
Although it wasn't anything noble like living or dying alongside Wang Zhong and Tianjing, every single one was confident that as long as Wang Zhong was still here, Tianjing would not be flustered, or show any panic! Wang Zhong would definitely choose the most correct decision! Regardless of the moment or situation!
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    《Battle Frenzy》