Battle Frenzy
569 What the hell is that white, fatty and dumb looking pet?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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569 What the hell is that white, fatty and dumb looking pet?

However, compared to them, the Tianjing Academy thousands of miles away wasn't calm or cool-headed, as they have good crazy a long time ago. This was a threat, and yet, was also a combat technique. Naturally, All Mouthy King fans that were not happy with the outcome. If not for the referee's countdown, the end would be entirely different.

Although old Greene showed fury within his eyes, he was feeling even more worried. The fight itself wasn't anything. However, now, Wang Zhong would have to most powerful Gui Family. That little bit was still considered as light...

Be it Wang Zhong, Grai, or Barran and Hymin, and naturally not excluding his precious granddaughter, Scarlet, all of these youths should have an extremely good future. If they were to lose their lives just from a second generation throwing his temper around, that would really be...

Old Greene was all too clear about the implications about this. If the Parliament and the organizing committee really wanted to stop this fight, they would have already taken action right at the beginning! Since they did not take action all the way till now, the only thing he could do was to steel his heart and wait for the outcome! Furthermore, regardless of who wins or loses this match in the end, the Parliament would receive no harm.

Naturally, the Parliament would be happy to see Wang Zhong possessing the ability to flip heaven and earth underside down and defeat Gui Hao. However, even if Wang Zhong loses, or even if all of the members of the Tianjing squadron was killed, it would still be a good thing for the Parliament, as they would have managed to obtain a fault from the Gui Family. Using this, they could stand on the side of justice and equality and obtain sufficient benefits from the Gui Family.
This was the games and standpoint of the Parliament. They would use these little pries to shake a big piece of the cake for themselves. Old Greene had seen all too many such instances happening. Without talking about a mere Academy headmaster like himself, even the current speaker of Tianjing City would only be able to be one of the accompanying small characters. At this moment, there's no choice but for Wang Zhong to rely on himself.

Gui Hao's wind blades continued to exist on the cusp of going out of control. One would be able to tell how considerably dangerous they were just with a single look, much less the bloodthirsty killing intent present within. It's extremely clear that the people seated in the first row within the stadium were at greatest risk if those wind blades were to go out of control. If that fellow goes crazy and loses control, he would not care about friend or foe.

A slight frown appeared on Vladimir's face. At this moment, he had already stood right before a few of his squadron members, while slivers of Soul Power were already swimming around him. Nevertheless, he wasn't in a rush to blast his Soul Power out. Clearly, he wasn't afraid of Gui Hao's Umbra Blades.

Feeling somewhat helpless, Mo Wen shook his head. Nevertheless, he did not move, nor did the other members of the Mo Family.

He felt slightly disappointed, yet was also getting an unknown feeling. Gui Hao was extremely talented, yet was far lacking in skill. From Mo Wen's point of view, the fight now was a completely one-sided match. However, this was combat. Regardless of the moved used, it would be a good move if it brings victory for one. No matter how good Wang Zhong was, he had too little access to resources.

At the very least, from Wang Zhong's current condition, he was basically unable to deal with this move. At this moment, admitting defeat was the most intelligent decision to make, as this was also a good thing for Tianjing. After all, there would only be hope when one is alive.

Countless eyes focused on Wang Zhong, with pity, encouragement, unwillingness as well as worry present in them.

Worried that he was overestimating his abilities and thereby risking his life for glory. Naturally, they were more worried that him going all out would also cause countless members of the audience to accompany him to the afterworld,...

Indeed, their worries have materialized, as Wang Zhong clearly did not have any plans or intention of surrendering.

All of a sudden, people realized that from the instant Gui Hao had formed the storm around him, Wang Zhong appeared to have stood there quietly, watching as though he was a spectator for this fight.

Only at this moment did he made an action, which was to shake his head.

It appeared to be filled with disappointment, before his left hand started to move with a cadence.

A wave of fluctuations instantly appeared in the surrounding space.

In the next instant, a gigantic "milky white" lump appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

What was that?

Countless people opened their eyes to take a clearer look.

It appeared to be a white ball-like clump that floated in the air weightlessly.

It possessed a pair of beady little eyes, while its mouth was larger than its face. Its body was of an elliptical shape, while appearing semi-transparent, causing it to appear naive and childish. However, after looking at Gui Hao's black winds, it appeared to have received some kind of stimulation as it immediately proceeded to lunge forward!

What the fuck...was that??? Summoned beast??? A worm??? Why doesn't it have any hair!

Dumbfounded expressions appeared on the faces of countless people, while the considerably miserable atmosphere was instantly changed by this little thing. No no no. Due to this naive looking big fellow's appearance, the atmosphere appeared to have changed to one of amusement.

Wang Zhong's actually a Soul Beast Master? However, was that thing a pet? It appears more suited to follow girls as they take a stroll about! This development caused quite a few people on Skylink to clutch their heads in dizziness.

Brother King's is the coming of the hero for this generation! All of that has been destroyed in an instant! He was actually that flustered to summon such a sweet and naive pet out! Could he really have exhausted all his abilities?

Everyone basically could not watch the scene of this cute little thing on the brink of being torn into shreds.

Gui Hao felt slightly surprised, as never in his wildest dreams did he expect for Wang Zhong to be a Soul Beast Master. Nevertheless, it took only a second for his eyes to be filled with contempt. How could this kind of trash pet be of any use! As this thought appeared in his head, his berserk wind blades had already swept out.

However, when that " sweet and naive pet" made contact with the first wind blade, Gui Hao's smile immediately stiffened.


Upon making contact with the wind blade, the white ball appeared just like Wang Zhong's runic shield before, being completely unable to put up any resistance or response at all. However, the wind blade proceeded to disappear without a trace, while the large white ball proceded to furiously expand in size! The entire meatball proceeded to shiver, appearing to be exceedingly...excited….exceedingly satisfied...appearing to treat the wind blades as food...

1 blade, 2 blades, 3 blades….10 blades, 20 blades, 30 blades...

The Divinized Umbra blades basically appeared to be a feast for that sweet and naive face! In that short span of a few seconds, before it really turned into a ball, with its new body already grown to a 7 to 8 metre tall, 5 to 6-metre ball!

After expanding in size, it proceeded to surge forward, heading straight towards the pool of energy present in the stage, which was the storm that Gui Hao formed. With a devouring might akin to that of a whale, it devoured the entire storm cleanly, resulting in its body instantly expanding to its maximum limit.

It was the same Devouring capability. Yet, Gui Hao's devouring method was simply a joke when compared to the Dimensional Wanderer King. Never in his wildest dreams would Gui Hao expect for this freak to come out and spoil the good situation he had placed himself! In an instant, all of the power he possessed exploded out, hiding the skies and covering the earth as it surged out! Everyone must die, all must die!

However, the seemingly slow-moving Dimensional Wanderer King instantly increased in speed, shooting forwards with a speed similar to the wind blades it had devoured. All of Gui Hao's attacks disappeared into its body like a stone in an ocean!

At the same time, the massive body of the Dimensional Wanderer King pressed down onto Gui Hao...BANG...

A massive bang rang out, as the arrogant and despotic Gui Hao was sat on by the Dimensional Wanderer King! As it did so, everyone could see flashes appearing on its body as it continued to absorb Gui Hao's Soul Power.

Wang Zhong knew what his Dimensional Wanderer King's abilities were. This fellow was basically born from Soul Power. Although the latter wasn't in a strong state due to his Soul Power limitations, it was basically like using a greatsword to kill a chicken.

Gui Hao struggled with all his life! This was an embarrassment that was utterly impossible to wipe clean! Everyone could see the white ball move about, while roars continued to sound in the ground beneath it. The faces of the Gui Family members have turned jet black. Never did they expect for such a scenario to happen!
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    《Battle Frenzy》