Battle Frenzy
570 Victory!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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570 Victory!

The Gui Family members wanted to rush into the stage, though they were already being obstructed. What a farce! There's a bottom line to every matter! This is the CHF, an event organized by the Federation! Furthermore, it was the home turf of Stuart!

Joseph was already by the side of the stage. As long as Gui Hao doesn't die, the entire fight would be under control. This truly was too astonishing. From the looks of it, everyone had underestimated that little fellow! Furthermore, he had actually hidden such a card up his sleeve! A Dimensional Wanderer King! Even Heavenly Soul Stages were not quite willing to provoke such a beast!

This clearly was the first time that big whitey had appeared in this world. The energy it could absorb here still had some disparity from the pure Soul Power present in the hyperdimension. All this while, Gui Hao who was squashed beneath its butt continued to put up a formidable struggle. Just at this moment, BANG...

An astonishingly loud bang rang out as the entire ground shuddered. What's more, white smoke gushed out from the fissures present across half of the stage. Appearing just like steam, there were even quite a few black gases present within!

The large white ball showed an extremely relaxed expression as it wriggled its butt, before its body proceeded to shrink. Revealed below his butt was a Gui Hao, one that was a ghastly sight as compared to seconds ago! At this moment, he had already sunk into complete unconsciousness.

A deathly silence filled the Skylink and stadium, followed by the sounds of countless people quietly swallowing their saliva.

In this instant, everyone discovered that Gui Hao really should have preemptively surrendered...Being dealt with by a dimensional beast's butt, before ending up with an appearance of one that had just been raped!

Taking over command from the dazed referee, Joseph shouted out. "Tianjing, Wang Zhong, victory!"

After taking a closer look at the dimensional life form before him, Joseph could say with greater certainty what it was. It really was hard to believe that there were actually people that could sign a dimensional contract with such a life form...thinking about this, Joseph's eyes sparkled with brilliance. Due to Dicaprio's relations, the Parliament seems to have really overlooked this little Wang Zhong fellow.

Vic, victory?

The Tianjing squadron went bonkers! Not a single one of them have ever dreamt of doing something like defeating Gui Hao! The Parliament, academies as well as the commoners and even entire cities have erupted into celebratory chaos!

Old Greene finally placed his floating heart back into his chest. At another corner of this city's suburban district, a faint smile of appreciation appeared on the face of Tumo Assassin.

Him choosing Ma Dong then was probably the best decision he had made. With Wang Zhong's performance, as well as his understanding of Ma Dong and the relationship between the 2, this intelligent man, the former King of assassins, was already able to connect too many things together in his heart.

Dimensional Wanderer, Golden Slab, mysterious S ranked Fate Master. Furthermore, with little Ma's story-spinning ability...most likely, it was really time for him to retire. The future would be under the rule of these youths!

Regardless of him being an assassin or a businessman, or the leader of his family, this intelligent old man was considerably qualified to make those guesses. In fact, he was considered to be rather brilliant in everything he does.

A snowy brilliance shone from his eyes. If he blends together all of the matters that have happened, it was not hard for him to come up with a considerably accurate picture. Naturally, he definitely wasn't going to share his findings with anyone. It was best for that mysterious Fate Master to keep his veil of mystery. That was the most important for Ma Dong, the Fate Master and for the Assassin Family, who wanted to enter the armed forces controlled dimensional worlds!

In fact, if need be, the Assassin Family would go all out just to protect this secret!

Waving his hand, he gave an order to the old steward behind him: "Don't continue promoting the matter about Ma Dong and the Fate Master anymore. Being famous would attract attention and ire. Furthermore, slow down our contact with Stuart. There have been some changes to the entire matter, so don't let their hands extend into our new city. The things are now no longer aligned with our interests. Haha, it's not worth it to continue just for that little benefits."

On the stage, Wang Zhong was waving his hands at this moment. Having a mental connection with him, big whitey was able to understand Wang Zhong's intentions. Finally, it gave a wriggle with its butt, before leaving unwillingly from that "delicious" body.

An extremely tragic sight appeared in everyone's view as it removed its butt. The arrogant and aloof rampant assassin was nowhere to be seen, being replaced by a beggar dressed in torn and tatters.

Blue and black bruises filled his body, while his handsome look turned into a messy bird's nest but that giant butt, while he had completely concussed over, lying flat down like a dead dog in the pit. Even after the butt was lifted from him, he did not move a single inch!

It was only at this moment did big whitey start to size everything that was around it. Floating in the air, it continued to circle around Wang Zhong Time to time, it would rub its face against him, appearing playful while trying a tantrum, appearing incomparably cute while doing so.

Frankly speaking, being a dimensional life form that had inexplicably signed into a contract, it should have been able to gain unlimited fame and shuttle between the worlds as much as it liked. It should able to enjoy the breath of freedom! However, its master, Wang Zhong, had actually forgotten about it! Therefore, this big baby felt wronged. From the looks of it, if it had 2 little hands, big whitey would definitely be using them to continuously club Wang Zhong's body, while saying "You meanie, you meanie…"

Its childish frame, placed right beside Gui Hao, who was beaten into a pulp.

After an inexplicable bout of silence, the Skylink and stadium finally reacted by completely exploding up. Was this the CHF? Gui Hao's near Heroic Soul Stage level Soul Power eruption, Wang Zhong's mysterious dimensional beast summon! Even Heroic Soul Stage soldiers might not be on the same level as these 2!

The viewership number on Skylink had already broken 2 million, with the popularity of the CHF utterly surpassing the officials' estimates. Absolutely no one could have predicted this surge in popularity! The main reason was due to the difference this CHF had from the past. In the previous CHFs, the quarterfinals have always been completely dominated by aristocratic families. However, this time, there was a black horse that had not only managed to break into the quarterfinals, there was also an extremely high possibility of it breaking into the semifinals!

As for the stadium, the fans that were originally worried for their idol, All Mouthy King, still did not dare to take any large breaths, all because of that looks too ugly! Take a look at other people's dimensional beasts! All of them were either ferocious, outlandish, or possessed incomparable power! Compared to them, Wang Zhong's dimensional beast was a rolling foodie...

However, this unorthodox foodie had eaten up Gui Hao's consummate skill like it was nothing! There basically no one that knew exactly what that dimensional life form was. Naturally, the people that knew it was lazy to explain. Instead, they were filled with curiosity. How did Wang Zhong manage to subdue this thing?

Only when head judge Joseph announced Wang Zhong as the winner did they feel their suspended hearts calm down. The entire stadium proceeded to explode with the sound of ovation, as countless people pumped their fists into the air, roaring with all their might. Nevertheless, they were already unable to contain themselves. The insufferably arrogant Gui Hao had lost! To Wang Zhong, their All Mouthy King!

That's right! They've already treated Wang Zhong as their illusionary doppelganger!

"All Mouthy King!"

"Overlooking the Heavens!"

"Did you see that! That's called strength! That's called a steamroll! So what about S+? He'll bust you with a butt!"

"Punch up Torress, kick away Martial no no, butt squash Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! Whose's left!"

Countless people have gone wide with the slogans chanted on the Skylink and within the stadium, to the point where one could see them from every single corner present within here!
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    《Battle Frenzy》