Battle Frenzy
575 Creating a sect 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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575 Creating a sect 2 in 1

Joseph did not immediately put himself through Skylink. He knew, that the people that should have a grasp about everything that had happened, was definitely in shock and were in the process of evaluating everything that have changed due to this.

In this CHF, they have pushed for Giant God Peak and Dicaprio. Originally, it was just a test for the Parliament. Admittedly, they had placed importance to them, though they weren't focused on something as shallow as the CHF championship. All the way till Giant God Peak came to a stop in the quarterfinals, there were even some people in the Parliament that were talking about withdrawing their control over the CHF. So what about Tianjing? Regardless of how strong Wang Zhong was, what he represented was a mere commoner Casted Soul Stage, and wasn't a genius that had nurtured. Therefore, even though the Parliament had the intention to recruit him, he would not be able to become part of their nucleus. Naturally, with these reasons, they weren't able to view him with importance.

However, now, it was different. The might of this combination runic array was more than sufficient for any influence to view Tianjing with importance! If 2 Casted Soul Stages were able to unleash such might, what might they possess when they break through into the Heroic Soul Stage? What about Heavenly Soul Stage?

Perhaps it was hard to adjust the frequency of one's Soul Power. However, it was not impossible to accomplish with the aid of science. Furthermore, the most important aspect of this was that the runic imprints were unlike those inborn talents of special abilities. There was no definite threshold, with the possibility for anyone to pick it up, allowing for it to be pushed out for the masses! This basically made it a revolution towards cultivation!

Joseph's eyes sparkled with an ambiguous radiance. He knew that after the end of this match, Tianjing would definitely receive a completely different treatment and attitude by the various influences. The heart of the Parliament, which had already turned cold in view of the CHF, might even be reignited by this.

Joseph wasn't the only person shocked by what he saw, as even the Mo Family seated in the viewing gallery all had shock and astonishment present in their hearts.

There was no such thing and naivety present in the people within their realm. Tianjing had actually managed to create a combat system that even they were unable to understand! This level of imaginative and execution abilities, as well as the mind for breaking into new grounds, had caused Tianjing to appear to have limitless future ahead of them!

In the Skylink VIP room, the old Potter gave an incomparably deep sigh of admiration. Today was his rarely seen rest day. On one hand, he had hit a bottleneck in the 2nd phase of his research. the other hand, he was contacted 2 days ago by Wang Zhong for some detailed matters concerning runes. He could feel that Wang Zhong was on the brink of making a breakthrough, causing him to assume that it was related to the 2nd phase of his research. However, who would have though that the latter had actually managed to incorporate runes right into actual combat!

This was the reason why a genius was a genius. Back then, he had believed Wang Zhong's talent to be focused on science, resulting in him trying to pull the latter back in hopes of him joining into the great army of runic technology research. However, from the looks of it, this fellow had managed to collaborate with that Grai and actually used runes in real combat, and more so to such a degree! 

Genius, a real genius! The critical point was that absence of dread, as well as not being tied down by the various regulations and restrictions present in the current society. He dared to think, dared to bet, and dared to try! Truthfully speaking, the old Potter was also a peculiar being in the eyes of a layman. However, he knew that there are some things that even he did not dare to come into contact with. After all, he still didn't possess enough courage to do so, and were tied too deep in some traditional and conventional matters. Furthermore...

All of a sudden, the old Potter felt that him trying to pull Wang Zhong into the depths of science might really not be the best choice. Be it the runic combat techniques or the runic imprints, the creation of this new system had brought boundless benefits for the entire Federation!

Regardless of where he was placed in, a genius like Wang Zhong would never ever get buried and overlooked. However, the pre-requisite was...that there was no other obstruction in his path. The old Potter felt that he should make a decision now, if not god knows what trouble the Gui Family would create for the latter.

Unlike the rapid trains of thought going through Joseph and the old Potter's minds, the hearts of the audience were still in the midst of processing the gigantic might and effect of that attack.

People who were not facing the brunt of that attack would not be able to completely understand what kind of power it contained. This kind of sonic attack was considered something outside the classification of any special ability or bloodline, and was formed with the use of runes. It could even be said that no one other than Wang Zhong and Grai could have achieved that. The twin stars of Tianjing were truly too frightening!

Dicaprio's face turned slightly pale. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect for such an outcome to appear.

When he had gotten friendly with Wang Zhong, he had done so for the sake of boosting his own ego. At that time, his heart was filled with grand and lofty aspirations, yet was required to endure and keep a low profile. Therefore, he had chosen to let Wang Zhong see the miracles he would create. He anticipated for the day that Wang Zhong would suddenly come to a realization and view him with envy and worship, to the point where he would tell other people: "Look, I'm good friends with Dicaprio!"

This was how this CHF was supposed to be, the scene that had been played countless times in Dicaprio's heart. However, now...

At this moment, the large screens in the stadium were already locked on to the collapsed Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron members.

Everyone could see the Guardian of Skoda lying on its side on the ground, its sparkling Soul Power infused runic engravings now appearing dull and dim. As for the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron members that were hiding behind the shield, all of them were now strewn across the pit the was present on the stage.

The earliest to wake up was Gui Hao. Rolling over to face the sky, blood dripped from all of his orifices. As for the Rassen, Wilhelma and Gui 18, all of them were already lying limply on the ground, with no more breath left in them.

Just like that?

A single attack, to deal with Martial Ghost Divine Emperor?

The Skylink and stadium remained ghastly silent, as countless people have their mouths agape, their eyes trained on the large screens now playing back the footage from an instant ago.

On the slow-motion playback, everyone could clearly see everything that had happened when the massive sound wave smashed into the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor formation. The ground instantly collapsed like it was made of tofu, while the defensive radiance coming from the Guardian of Skoda gave its all to maintain its defence. If this was just any other ordinary energy attack, it might be able to completely defend against it. However, it was a pity that it was up against Wang Zhong and Grai's compounded subwoofer cannon. Although it was able to defend against the first wave, that wasn't the case for the 2nd wave. The 2 waves appeared to be syncronous, though Wang Zhong made a little fine-tune and allowed his 1st attack to be just a tab bit slower. Although it didn't affect the overall rhythm, it was able to hide behind Grai's attack, causing it to be impossible to defend properly against it!

That's basically an combat technique of art!

"Is this the rhythm of the creation of a new sect?" Karl was dumbfounded by what he saw. He believed that he had hidden his strength sufficiently deeply. However, compared to was really not good enough.

"Are these 2 long lost brothers? This level of tacit understanding is truly too hard to come by." Noriba clearly could catch the details that have happened in the earlier attack. The more one understood what really was happening, the more one would feel about the scarily high technical aspect of what the 2 had managed to pull off. It was so high he was already unable to continue thinking about it.

At that instant, the furious Gui Hao did not show any of the behaviour and attitude a super soldier should possess. What a pitiful child...He had forcefully climbed up the stage for a second time, only to endure an even more complete beat down. He had really done it, tripping at this place, and doing it yet again.

However… where was Gui Xinying?

People quickly realised the absence of Gui Xinying from the limp figures present at the bottom of the pit. Furthermore, at the instant when the sound wave had wreaked havoc and dispersed the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor formation, a black shadow appeared to have flashed across them.

At the instant the sound wave had struck, Gui Xinying already knew that it could not be defended or stopped. Her twin illusion doppelganger allowed her to move into the dimensional space in an instant, resulting in her shifting position to a spot a dozen metres away.

Fortunately, she did not stay at the dimensional space at her original location, as the sonic attack had immediately destroyed the connection she had with her illusionary doppelganger. That was her bridge between this world and the dimensional worlds! One could imagine how powerful that sonic attack must be to completely engulf the surrounding dimensional spaces present on this stage!

Only Gui Xinying, with her high understanding of the dimensions, coupled with her sealing her 5 senses that, allowed her to be prepared for the chaos that unfurled around her.

However, it was a pity that she was unable to rescue Gui Hao or the other members of her squadron. Her twin illusionary doppelganger's dimensional shuttling ability was unlike other Dimensional combat techniques where it was just a simple enter and exit, and thus also did not allow her to bring any other person.

On the stage, a jet black figure slowly appeared.

It was Gui Xinying.

Those pair of eyes still sparkled as brilliantly as before. Clearly, she did suffer any damage from the earlier sonic attack. Despite being a girl, as a member of the Gui Family, she was not only bit emotional from the loss. This time, it was her brother than had made an extremely severe mistake. As for her, she did not have any authority to shoulder any responsiblity. However, at this very moment, she needed to use her own style to fight for the Gui Family.

Raising her head, she looked towards Wang Zhong, Before this match, she absolutely did not imagine, and never did she go out to think, that the powerful Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, would actually fall into a crisis with such ease! Furthermore, it was in the hands of just 2 people from Tianjing!

There wasn't much noise present in the stadium and the SKylink. Admittedly, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans weren't able to get excited, while the Tianjing fans were in a state akin to a nocked bowstring.

The closer it was to victory, the more unreal people would feel. They were afraid of victory slipping out from their fingertips. Afterall, Tianjing was up against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! Even though it was only one person remaining, it was Gui Xinying! She was the Gui Family's little princess, and one of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers!

She had her only unique combat technique, and the doppelganger that was judged by many to be untouchable after her fight against Barran.

Furthermore, she did not receive any injuries, and appeared to have not consumed any energy in her fight against Barran. In contrast, be it Wang Zhong or Grai, both of them had already given their all in their respective duels! The miraculous twin subwoofer cannon was unexpectedly evaded by her without a scratch. Could it be...that Gui Xinying was the strongest expert from the Gui Family?

Countless people held their breaths, as the fans from both sides could feel that this was the most crucial moment between victory and defeat.

Extending out her jade-like hands, she gently liftd her face veil off, causing the entire Federation to stop breathing in an instant.

This was a level of beauty that would cause people to sigh in admiration. That perfect facial features, that supple skin, that unique aura, that determination that had penetrated her cold expression, causing feelings of tenderness and bewitchment to surface uncontrollably in people's hearts...

This was the first time that Gui Xinying had revealed her face in public!

Of the 4 princesses. Gui Xinying was the one with the least amount of public appearances. There were even many people that were suspecting that her face hidden under the veil doesn't live up to its reputation. However, at this very moment, every single rumour was instantly destroyed!

Gui Xinying paid no heed to people's reactions. To her, the veil she wore had no other meaning then for the sake of not wanting to act ostentatiously when in public. Now, she had removed it for the sake of being able to fight better!

With a cling, 2 daggers appeared in her hands, spinning around her fingertips as they did so. Gui Xinying focused her gaze onto the 2 people before her as she waited for them to make their move, though more of her attention was still focused onto Wang Zhong.

The 2 before her were both extremely strong. If she was in a 1 VS 1 situation, she wouldn't feel any dread, as quantity was never the problem for a genuine assassin.

Her twin illusionary doppelganger congealed and appeared right by her side. She was about to face off against 2 experts!

However, it was at this moment when Wang Zhong suddenly turned to Grai by his side and said, "Are you going?"

With a smile, Grai replied "Please, senior."

Just a simple 5 words, yet it had instantly reignited the extinguished fires that used to be present in the hearts of countless Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans.

What do they mean? This, are they preparing to challenge Gui Xinying in a 1 VS 1?"

"Okay." Wang Zhong smiled before saying, "If I remember correctly, we've yet to settle that duel of ours."

Gui Xinying nodded her head. Never did she imagine that he would still remember about it.

"Let's finish it then." she said in an indifferent tone. "Dou you need to recover your strength?"

"There's no need." Wang Zhong cracked his wrists and stood straight up. Upon looking back at Gui Xinying, a new fighting intent condensed within his eyes. "Let's begin."

In a blink of an eye, the absolute silence that filled the Skylink and stadium was drowned out by absolute chaos.

It was a rarely seen outcome that could happen. Be it the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor or Tianjing fans, all of them started to shout,cheering emotionally and roar with madness in an instant.

Admittedly, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had seen hope within their despair, while the Tianjing fans were already on their knees in worship!

If it was any other person, everyone would have already shouted and cursed out in anger. However, that was All Mouthy King!

What was brother King afraid of?

A god was a god! Not only would he want victory, he wanted total subjucation! Subjucation from top to bottom!

On the stage, Grai naturally took a few steps back and stood by the side. Truthfully speaking, he was extremely clear why Wang Zhong wanted to do this. The latter would never put up an act. To him, a deserving victory would definitely happen. The reason why he did not want both of them to contend agaisnt Gui Xinying was due to the latter showing mercy to Barran. If not, even if Barran doesn't die, he would still become handicapped for the rest of his life. This action by Gui Xinying caused Wang Zhong and Barran to show restraint in their runic array attack, which would have otherwise reap Gui Hao's life.

There were some people that have no bottom line in their moral integrity. However, there were some people that cannot continue with life without it. This was one of their standards they had to keep while walking on their path in life.

An endless fighting intent started to rapidly expand and sweep across the entire stage!

Whoosh Whoosh!

2 clumps of black hellish flames suddenly lit up on Gui Xinying's daggers. There was no need to do any meticulous scouting, as Gui Xinying had already gotten a rather deep understanding about the latter's strength during their small contest in the bar. This was futher built on by the latter's performance throughout the CHF.

Across her, a carefree look hung on the face of Wang Zhong, a relaxed expression he usually wore every single day. Nevertheless, one could faintly discern a whiff of concentration present in that lazy looking gaze of his.

The clash of auras between the 2 solidified in the air, as invisible strings tightened in the air.


A spark of fire had actually formed from this invisible clash.

All of a sudden, Gui Xinying's gaze turned sharp, before 2 figures shot forwards!

Against Barran, the black shadow that had dispensible and slow, had now become nimble and full of offensive

Dimensional energies continued to surge out as she continued to shuttle between this world and the dimensional world with the usage of her special ability. Both were real! Both were also fake!

No only were they for defence, they were also for her offensive!

Her illusionary combat techniques was definitely able to be ranked along the top 10 combat techniques used within the CHF. Coupled with her unextinguishable hellish flames on her daggers, how would the unarmed All Mouthy King stand up agaisnt her?

On the left side, the original body had already came dashing over. Golden brilliance blossomed, as within expectations, a runic shield appeared!


The daggers coated in hellish flames created sizzling sounds upon making contact with the runic shield. Just like when Gui Wulie had chopped down on Grai's runic shield, the power of Gui Xinying's special ability rapidly corroded away at the runic shield, which was unable to completely defend against the incoming attack.
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