Battle Frenzy
576 All Mouthy King“s special ability? 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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576 All Mouthy King“s special ability? 2 in 1

However, this corrosion only lasted for an instant, before a surge of power rushed forth from Wang Zhong's hand, smashing her away.

Gui Xinying's body swayed lightly as she took a step back in retreat, not choosing to immediately continue to press on. At this moment, a doppelganger had already appeared on the left of Wang Zhong, though it appeared to be slightly distant from him.

2 jade-like fingers shook slightly.

Bang bang!

This time, it was the daggers, but 2 clumps of hellish flames that shot straight out towards Wang Zhong!

A shot-like attack! This was much faster and direct than Mario's attacking style. The condensed clumps allowed her power to be more focused, while possessing greater killing power. One had to know that with Gui Xinying's strength and training, how would she be any weaker than Mario in the use of her special ability?

Wang Zhong's runic shield sparkled once again. This time, there were 2 layers!

Bang bang!

The intense corrosive effect caused the runic shields to start exploding apart an instant after defending against the incoming clumps of fire!

Wang Zhong freed himself by jumping up. His runic shield was only used by a target to lure Gui Xinying's attack. Compared to Gui Hao's wind blades, the aftermath of her hellish flames was clearly much lesser.

However, just as he had launched himself into the air, 2 Gui Xinyings rushed simultaneously towards him, their daggers burning with hellish flames taking advantage of this opportunity to form an encirclement!

This was an instantly formed lethal-kill move. There were no warning signs given, with the 2 daggers sealing up all of the available escape paths Wang Zhong had. The speed at which she did so and the accuracy at which she created her encirclement caused Wang Zhong to appear as though he had jumped into the attack range of the dangers in his own accord!

Her move clearly wasn't as simple as pure speed. Instead, it relied on a powerful judgement capability, suppression of the target's movements, as well as absolute cool-headedness and experience.

Just a simple attack from her had showcased an incomparably training base. It wasn't some unique combat technique, but an encirclement that completely relied on one's movements. It was impossible to pull of something like that without an exceedingly high amount of training and combat experience. Just this move alone was much more powerful than the flashy moves that Gui Hao had displayed. 

Unarmed and defenceless, Wang Zhong appeared to instantly fall into a crisis.

All this while, Grai stood by the side of the stage, not showing any intention of taking any action. This was the 2nd time he had seen Gui Xinying's movements. There was no way that he could give up on such a good opportunity.

It wasn't a fixed type of combat technique. Regardless of how strong a combat technique was, points of breakthrough would be found by people once they were able to get a complete picture about it. However, Gui Xinying had made use of her experience and fundamental capabilities to unleash that move, resulting in it being impossible to predict, and thereby, impossible to break. Coupled with her god-like twin illusionary dimensional transfer, she had already reached the level where she could unleash it with a single thought, which also allowed her to remove herself if danger presents itself.

It could be said that she would be in an invincible position when faced against anyone.

However, she was facing Wang Zhong! A freak that could never, ever be judged using common sense!

Bang Bang!

Indeed, being in the air, Wang Zhong had no way to escape! However, he proceeded to extend his hands out to grab the 2 incoming daggers!

Everyone was stunned, so much so that they were unable to react at all.

Is he seeking his death! There's no denying it that Wang Zhong had a certain level of heavy soldier capability. If those were ordinary daggers, grabbing hold of them might really be a method to deal with them. However, those were daggers burning with a hellish flame that couldn't be stopped by his runic shields! And yet, you're using your bare hands?

Bang Bang!

The flames gave him an intimate feel as they made contact with his hands!

With her strike landing, Gui Xinying's original body instantly disappeared as she swapped places with her doppelganger. Despite landing her attack, Gui Xinying was clearly still dreading over Wang Zhong's counterattack. She did not want to let the success of her strike get over her head.

Where Wang Zhong stood, the 2 clumps of hellish flames instantly started to burn and expand out across his arms. In the blink of an eye, it enveloped Wang Zhong's entire body, giving extreme chills for everyone who saw it. At this point in time, the hellish flames can't be dealt with! The only thing people could do was to evade away from it. Once it makes contact, it would be the death of one!

Clearly, Wang Zhong's Soul Power was currently in full drive defending against the combustion of the hellish flames. However, once his Soul Power came near the hellish flames, it would get instantly turned into ashes. Wang Zhong's current performance appeared to be worse than Barran's. At the very least, he was still able to use his gravity special ability to gather and squeeze the hellish flames away from his body. However, Wang Zhong did not possess such special ability! What's more, the strength of one's Soul power would only be adding oil to the hellish flames!

Everyone's hearts started to tighten, with countless eyes staring firmly at Wang Zhong, who already had a blaze covering his entire body. Grai's face had already turned solemn in response. He did not know why Wang Zhong had chosen not to evade. It appeared as though he had intentionally made contact with the hellish flames!

However, this wasn't even the most frightening aspect. At this moment, people were also staring anxiously at Gui Xinying's jade-like hands. The hellish flames were only one of the moves up her sleeve. What's really frightening was the hidden attacks that could be contained within this combat technique of hers, just like the sudden attack she had unleashed against Barran. As of now, there's still no one that could successfully analyze exactly where her attack had come out from, and which target it was aimed at. In any case, it had instantaneously obliterated Barran's defence!

That was Tianjing's Ba God, the heavy soldier who had gone through a qualitative change! Although Wang Zhong was sufficiently strong, he did not have the gravity attribute special ability and Soul Power defensive might Barran possessed!

Clearly, Gui Xinying had also hesitated slightly. It wasn't due to her opponent being Wang Zhong, but she was waiting for the right moment to unleash her follow up. She needed the moment where her opponent's Soul defences were at their weakness for her Soul Explosion combat technique to yield the greatest effect, which was the moment were the battle between Wang Zhong and her hellish flames were at its most intense.

The opportunity has arrived!


A clear bang rang out as the clump of hellish flames suddenly exploded out. What was originally a clump of hellish flames the height of a person immediately transformed into a height 7 to 8 metres long, while being incomparably thick, appearing to have turned Wang Zhong straight into tinder to stoke itself! The terrifying temperature of the blaze was more than sufficient to cause a frown to appear on Grai's face. Wang Zhong's Soul Power has disappeared from his senses...


The entire stadium turned completely silent. Earlier, everyone could feel Wang Zhong put up a resistance against the hellish flames. However, at this moment, he appeared to have completely given up, allowing the cruel hellish flames to devour his life! His Spiritual Soul… All Mighty King has actually...

The countless Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans instantly felt a clump of flames reigniting at the depths of their hearts. Finally, finally, finally! She has done it!

It was no longer important if Gui Hao had fallen or not! They still had Gui Xinying, who was also a part of the main Gui Family bloodline!

She was the real trump card of the Gui Family! With a single flick of her finger, she had sent All Mouthy King burning into ashes! This beautiful girl was the strongest expert in the CHF!

The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans, reborn from their deaths earlier, could already not restrain their cheers and shouts. Even the expert guards brought by the Gui Family to the stadium could not help but nod their heads in agreement. This was a showdown between experts. Gui Xinying's attainments in her Dimensional Spiritual Soul combat techniques were to allow her to lord over the CHF! The only reason why she didn't was due to her keeping too low of a profile, that's all!

The Tianjing side had all turned dumbfounded, with deathly pale shades appearing on the faces of Scarlet and the other Tianjing squadron members. Victory or defeat doesn't even matter if something happens to Wang Zhong! A stretch of blankness filled their minds, while a deathly silence filled the Tianjing Academy. The one burning was not only Wang Zhong, but all of the hopes and dreams of everyone from Tianjing...

"Hurry up and surrender! Hurry up and extinguish that fire!"

"Referee! Damnable referee! Why doesn't he stop the fight! He had immediately reacted when Gui Hao was in trouble…"

Countless people watching via Skylink were already starting to curse frantically. Nevertheless, with Joseph taking over the role of the referee, he did not make any move at all. Although the situation was extremely dangerous for Wang Zhong, he still could feel not a single decrease in the latter's life force and vitality...this was extremely strange!

Mo Wen, Vladimir and the rest could also see the strangeness of this situation. However, even they could not think of anything that would result in this strangeness.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud bangs rang out from the burning hellish flames, appearing as though a catalyst had been added! This instantly transformed the 7 to 8-metre tall fire to a height of a dozen metres, before suddenly shrinking to a 3-4 metre height. This intense change in might was clearly discovered by Gui Xinying. Immediately feeling that something was amidst, she rapidly pulled the distance back in lieu of the intense danger she started to sense.

The hellish flames seedlings continued to sprinkle all around, creating holes as they landed on the ground, causing Wang Zhong's surroundings to grey and dim. The frightening flames were basically just like a bone corroding poison! 

The flames around Wang Zhong's body suddenly retracted, before disappearing without a trace in the next instant, appearing as though nothing had happened at all!

At the side of the Seer Family, Karl suddenly opened his mouth and sweared. "Fuck! That fellow's stealing from me!"

In the next second, a terrifying aura surged forth and expanded out in all directions. Whoosh…whoosh...

2 gigantic blazing wings over 4 metres long surged out from Wang Zhong's back, one of them burning with hellish flames, with the other burning with a deep red flame! At this moment, Wang Zhong appeared just like a war god descending to the mortal realm, the surging energy radiating from him far surpassing that of any Casted Soul Stage!

The black hellish flames were not only unable to hurt Wang Zhong, they had actually been absorbed and turned into his strength???

Even Gui Xinying was unable to do that!

Wang Zhong had always wnated to try stimulating his own fire attribute special ability. After all, this was the gargantuan benefit he had reaped from the hyperdimension. However, after absorbing the little bit of fire from Mario, he had discovered the strangenss of his body's fire resistance. Both sides had actually entered into a tangle with one side wanting to absorb, while the other wanted to reject. However, Karl's move had gave him an inspiration, resulting in him wanting to give it a try upon seeing Gui Xinying's hellish flames.

His fire resistance wasn't able to completely resist against the hellish flames, since it stemmed from the Darkness attribute special ability after all, and not from a Fire attribute special ability. However, using his body as an intermediary, he was able to use the helllish flames to stimulate his exceedingly weak Fire attribute special ability. Naturally, that was only for the sake of defending against the hellish flames. Nevertheless, this could be considered a very good start, as his special ability would no doubt be extremely important in his future fights. Wang Zhong clearly wasn't satisfied with his current state.

The entire stadium turned deathly silent once again as they looked at Wang Zhong's silent act of awesomeness. Spreading his hands, the 2 gigantic blazing wings dissipated away. Revealing a faint smile, he said, "Looks like your hellish flames have no effect against me."

A tranquil expression continued to hang on Gui Xinying's face as she show no indication of being scared. She didn't put too much hopes into her hellish flames, as there was no such thing as an omnipotent special ability. On the contrary, she was shocked as to why her Soul Explosion ability didn't managed to yield any effect. Her ability would have a direct effect of shaking her target's Soul Sea up. Even Barran, a heavy soldier with a strong and powerful Soul Sea was not able to block against her ability. How was Wang Zhong able to….

"This fellow definitely has a special ability!" Mo Shang said with a solemn expression. As of now, Wang Zhong was the person the Mo Family paid most attention to in this CHF. In many aspects, Wnag Zhong had already sunk into the monopoly of the Mo Family.

"Instead of his special ability, I believe that his resistance is the more important factor. His resistance might not just be towards fire. In fact, he might have an extremely strong resistance to anything that burns. However, I find something extremely strange. How did Gui Xinying's Spirutual Soul Explosion not have any effect?" asked Mo Ling with a frown. Anyone who still believed that Wang Zhong only had "one or two capable abilities" was truly too naive. Clearly, these weren't the points that caused Mo Wen to show interest in Wang Zhong.

"Gui Xinying's Spiritual Soul Imprint is extremely unqiue. Furthermore, Wang Zhong did not dispel it at all. Strange." said Napier Mo as he rubbed his red nose. This fellow definitely loves to rub his nose too much.

"It should be an issue with his Soul Sea." Mo Wen replied. "I've seen before unique Soul Seas with an extremely strong repulsive property, and they're extremely rare to come by. However, with Wang Zhong's capabilities, he should be able to dispel it. The only reason he did not was for the sake of getting a feel of what it's like."

Loud gulping sounds immediately rang out around him. What a freak! He actually dared to test his opponent's strength using his Soul Sea, one of the weakest and most vunerable points of one's being! That motherfucker's too perverted! Naturally, those laymen weren't able to see this. In fact, some of those so called experts were also unable to wrap their heads around this. Most likely, only Mo Wen was the one who understood what Wang Zhong was thinking.

Clearly, Gui Xinying only realized half of it. Her opponent's Soul Sea was too weird! Although it wasn't ferocious and overbearing like her brother's, it appeared to be even more vast and boundless! What kind of Soul Sea was this?

This was the first time that she had bumped into a person that could defend against the Soul Explosion she had hidden in within her hellish flames. That Spiritual Soul Explosion was a combat technique that no one could effectively defend against!

Gui Xinying's eyes sparkled with a brilliant splendour. As her mind raced, her body flashed forwards!

2 figures rapidly shot across the stage into a collision. Making a change to her twin illusion combat style, her hellish fire coated daggers drew countless dazzling arcs in the air, confusing everyone that saw them. A powerful frontal attack, her daggers stabbed out like the rain, while hellfire burst forth from all directions. In the blink of an eye, countless fiery arrows had already came hurtling over right before Wang Zhong's eyes!

Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew!

The chilling glint of the daggers fused with the splendour of the hellish blaze, as tens of thousands of attacks being unleashed in an instant. Appearing just like a lotus blossoming as they shot towards Wang zhong, each layer it was composed of appeared real and substantial, while the blossoming petals instantly enveloped him!

Lotus of Hell!

Watching from outside the stage, Emily was dumbfounded by what she saw. Her Asassins's Fiery Lotus was truly too much of a junk in front of Gui Xinying. The difficulty level of the attack the latter had unleashed was more than 2 fold of her own Fiery Lotus, while the speed of her blades, the fusion of real attacks and feints, as well as the criss-crossing arcs in the air had already caused it to reach a god-like level. Just a slight slip up from the latter was more than sufficient for her to chop of her fingers.

Faced against this, Wang Zhong did not stop moving his hands, creating afterimage after afterimage that appeared just like Grai's 100-fold Compounding Palm Strikes. Receiving all of Gui Xinying's attacks, they appeared just like counter blossom assembly of palms, causing all of the assassins watching in person to turn drunk and stupefied.

Brooks and Assassin were both struggled to be crowned as the so called King of assassins. However, in reality, that was only due to the Gui Family no longer playing this game. If they were to really show it all, the Gui Family's skills and techniques were way stronger than the other 2. While the other 2 were still stuck with elegance, the Gui Family had long broken free of that.

Her lethal hellish flames were of no use against Wang Zhong. In fact, Wang Zhong himself was also feeling extremely piqued. He discovered that the 2nd face of the Fate Stone, which had remained silent for all this while, was now reacting extremely towards the hellish flames. However, it wasn't just a simple energy devouring, but more towards anlyazing, and hoping to obtain something from it, as the energy rapidly dissipated upon contact with it. It was extremely possible for that to be related to the darkness attribute. Although he wasn't able to use the hellish flames, he clearly knew that his resistance against Gui Xinying's Darkness attribute special ability was completely unlike what others were thinking.

Her hellish flames were continously disappearing away. This was something that Gui Xinying was all to clear about. Wang Zhong appeared to only be able to absorb, but not use. His energy clearly isn't increasing or transforming. Perhaps...Wang Zhong wasn't the one that was absorbing her hellish flames?

Gui Xinying's eyes narrowed. Hailing from the Gui Family, Gui Xinying's realm of understanding was completely different from others, and would have much more options when evaluating matters. Therefore, she did wasn't afraid from this little bit of strangeness appearing.
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    《Battle Frenzy》