Battle Frenzy
577 Spatial Ruler Talen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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577 Spatial Ruler Talen

In that instant, bare hands were up against naked blades!

Clearly, Gui Xinying appeared to be the faster one. Hailing from the ancestor of all assassins, the Gui Family, they had mastered the essence of speed. Not only did she temper the power and speed she was able to unleash, her family had also already researched the timing to attack, wind direction, air resistance, habits and everything that could allow one to gain more strength to the very limits. This caused Gui Xinying's lotus-dagger attacks to erupt with a density akin to that of a thousand needles!

The dagger scratched past Wang Zhong's fingertips, the scorching temperatures from the hellish flames instantly breaking through Wang Zhong's Soul Power defence!

However, before the dagger could be pulled back, Wang Zhong had already twisted his hand around and grabbed onto it. What seemed like a slow movement was just a deliberate move to defend and launch a counter attack. At the instant the daggers had cut into his skin, his counter-attack exploded forth!

Gui Xinying was already extremely careful in her attack. However, she was still unable to respond to the speed at which Wang Zhong had changed his counter-attack. In the blink of an eye, 2 hands and 4 fingers had already latched onto the bladed edges of the daggers with an iron grip.

A massive twisting force formed at the fingertips, with the left hand twisting to the right, while the right hand twisting to the left!

Both of them had moved extremely quickly, causing people to be unable to get a clear picture of their fight. However, at this very moment, both of them had suddenly came to a halt.


Surging Soul Power gushed forth from Gui Xinying's body, causing the rapid twisting force to instantly come to a halt. Lowering her legs, an incomprehensible amount of power was generated from her thin and petite frame.

Bang Bang!

2 immense powers transmitted into the daggers. In what seemed like an instant, clear cracking sounds rang out from the daggers, before they were snapped into 2!

The entire process took only an instant. Other than Joseph, Mo Wen, Carolyn and a handful of other people, there was basically no one else that was able to get a clear picture to what had happened, with all of them still reeling over Gui Xinying's attacks.

A sparkle of brilliance flashed across Gui Xinying's eyes.

Clearly, her hellish flames were ineffective, while just relying on her daggers weren't able to be much of any threat to Wang Zhong. She needed an even stronger power, if not, she would lose this fight without a doubt!

Without the slightest bit of rest or hesitation, Gui Xinying's body turned into a dark shadow the instant her daggers were broken. All of a sudden, the twin illusionary doppelganger she had congealed earlier appeared behind Wang Zhong's back, sending a clean hand blade right towards his neck!

Without turning around, Wang Zhong bent his body backwards to smash into the illusionary doppelganger. The swap between bodies only took an instant to succeed, with a dark shadow stabbing forwards with her fingers right in front of him!

This wasn't just any ordinary stab. So what if she doesn't have any daggers? When an assassin from the Gui Family wants to kill someone, their entire body were weapons that could be used!

Soul Power instantly condensed and gushed to her fingertips. All of a sudden, they turned into a knife shape, stabbing right towards Wang Zhong's throat. But, was such an attack even effective against Wang Zhong?

However, in the next instant, Wang Zhong's face changed. In what seemed like an instant, he disappeared from his original position, leaving a remnant shade in his place!

In the next second, he appeared 5 metres away, a blood smear present on his throat. A deathly silence filled the entire stadium. That was a Dimensional combat technique from All Mouthy King!

However, there was not a single bit of elation present on Gui Xinying's face. Although her fingertips were now covered with the faint trace of blood, it was too little. What a pity. She was 90% confident about her sudden sneak attack. Never did she thought that he would actually be able to evade while paying such little of a price.

Wang Zhong was seemingly able to keep up with the pace of Gui Xinying's illusionary doppelganger, sending his fist right into her back. However, his fist had gone through her, going through a black shadow. In the next second, the attack before him had disappeared, replaced by the black shadow that he had passed through!

The space around Wang Zhong had turned dim, with a crack at the approximate height of Wang Zhong's neck. A deep, jet black colour was present within, appearing just like the entrance to the world of demons.

Dimensional fissure!

The 2 parties stood and looked each other from opposing sides of the Dimensional fissure, while silence filled them in all directions!

This was the first time that Wang Zhong had displayed a Dimensional combat technique. Furthermore, it was extremely similar to Gui Xinying's positional transform. If anyone else had performed this move, everyone would have definitely given a round of praises. However, at this moment, everyone was shocked and frightened by Gui Xinying's move! She had used her bare hands to tear space apart!

There was a concept that the dimensional world was also a kind of alternate universe. However, humans have yet to genuinely enter the hyperdimension, and instead have only used a "skirting" method to traverse it, instead of using a crack to travel. However, using one's bare hands to crack through space, or to forcefully rip it open, without any specialized equipment to do so???

Only the legendary Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers could achieve such a feat! How could a mere Casted Soul could she possess such control over that powerful of a Soul Power and combat technique?

Could it be...Spatial Ruler Talent?

A thought surfaced in the minds of some expert, while the look in the Gui Family members' eyes changed. Was this even possible? If Gui Hao was already an outstanding expert that would be more than sufficient to guarantee the continuation of the Gui Family if he was nurtured properly, Gui Xinying's talent was more than sufficient to allow the Gui Family to challenge the Stuart Family's rule!

This was the limitless possibilities that the Spatial Ruler Talent possessed. This situation was already way out of the evaluation capabilities that laymen could make.

This was the most terrifying talent to surface within the CHF! It suppresses all bloodlines, Divinized special abilities and unique Soul Seas… the stronger Gui Xinying gets, the greater the potential she possesses to contend for the title of strongest person!

Furthermore, for every combat technique and matter was concerned with space, her reception and comprehension would be much, much higher than others. Without a doubt, spatial comprehension was where every single person out there was aiming for. That's why she was able to wreak so much havoc and use her Dimensional combat techniques with such recklessness! One had to know that using it in the manner that she does would long have left one in an energy-drained state. However, it was as easy as breathing for her, with none of the repercussions that others would need to face. 

If there was any talent that would allow one to suppress out people just through hard work, without the need of any fundamentals to work on, Gui Xinying's talent was precisely of this sort.

That's right! It wasn't fair! Her existence was precisely one that was unfair to everyone else. Naturally, any combat technique that was related to space would have extremely high energy consumption. Therefore, Gui Xinying had chosen to use the Spatial Crack combat technique, which had the least amount of energy consumed while providing the greatest lethality. 

It would be an insta-kill against any Casted Soul Stage if her move strikes home, and so too against a Heroic Soul Stage. It was that BUG of a move! Just a moment ago, Wang Zhong had used his fasted speed to enter the dimension, yet was still cut by her. If he was just an instant slower, his head might now be rolling on the ground...

In an instant, everyone felt a sick chill churn in their stomachs. Other than evading, there was absolutely no way to defend against this move, be it a runic shield or anything materialistic!

A noisy racket erupted from the stadium, as everyone started to look over to Gui Xinying in excitement. It has been a long while since they have seen an existence like her.

"So it turns out that Gui Xinying's the Gui Family's strongest member!

"Spatial Ruler Talent! That's a BUG existence that's so much more awesome that Gui Hao's!"

"Every person that possesses a Ruler Talent would become an invincible expert that would suppress the entire era they live in, without exception!"

"With such talent, why did she want to hide it up?" Rennes Stuart could not help but to comment: "With the style of the Gui Family, shouldn't they be flaunting and publicizing this?"

"It's most probably due to Gui Hao." replied Carolyn in an indifferent voice. Compared to Gui Xinying, Gui Hao had now become more of a weakling. Once she had displayed such strength in public, Gui Hao would definitely lose his position as the number 1 successor of the Gui Family. Even if she was to give up that position, the situation within the family would change. Clearly, Gui Hao was already not on par with her. Never did Carolyn expect for a man that she had approved to collapse in a single blow.

If not for this desperate situation, Gui Xinying really did not want to display this strength of hers. This was an extremely big blow to Gui Hao. However, if she proceeds to lose, it would be a greater blow for the Gui Family, which she, as a member, would not allow that to happen. Focusing her icy-cold gaze at Wang Zhong, she hoped that he would know that the possibility of death being the decider for victory in the fight. Without understanding this, he would not be able to defeat her!
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    《Battle Frenzy》