Battle Frenzy
578 Shinigami“s necklace
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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578 Shinigami“s necklace

This was the first time she had displayed her talent before the public, and that also included her family.

Just now, Gui Xinying had completely relied on her subconscious when she had unleashed her move. Now, she had completely let herself go. She did not care much about fame and profit. However, under that underperforming facade of hers lie a heart that thirsted for combat. She too wanted to know if the males that would always look towards the heavens and who felt that they were the number ones under the heavens truly possessed the qualifications to rule this world.

Wang Zhong rubbed away the blood at his neck. Ever since participating in this CHF, this was the first time that he had received an attack that could threaten his life. Regardless of how desperate the situation he had faced in the matches, or the bitter combat he had encountered as he advanced, all of them were truthfully within the boundaries of control. Compared to those, Gui Xinying's killing move was definitely capable of reaping his life. This attack definitely cannot be blocked by any combat technique unleashed by who has yet to cast their Heroic Souls.

This Gui Xinying was rather formidable. All of the technique that could split space apart wasn't able to do so with an immediate effect. Although it seemed like an instant move, Gui Xinying had already made her preparations to unleash this move while she was summoning her hellish flames, with the only thing being that she had was only consciously focusing on her hellish flames.

There's no other way. No one could overlook an extremely powerful move like that. However, concealed right beneath it was the genuine reaper's scythe.

At this moment, she had all of her attention focused on Wang Zhong, and so vice versa.

A sliver of electricity caused sparks to fly as their gazes intersected. A faint smile appeared at the corner of Wang Zhong's mouth. This really has the slight flavour of the danger he had experienced in the hyperdimension. This kind of blood pumping excitement was the best!

A deathly silence filled the entire stadium as the atmosphere turned solemn. This was a fight that would decide victory and defeat for this match. All Mouthy King had faced strong competition time and time again. Now, he was up against the legendary Spatial Ruler Talent! He would be dead without a doubt if her attack lands, as any defence was useless against her attacks. Rush into a straight showdown?

Everyone was thinking of the possible moves that could be used, including their potential opponents. That's because once Wang Zhong loses, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor will definitely be the winner for this match. Everyone would face against a Gui Xinying of this level, a heaven gifted daughter that had great accomplishments in her darkness and spatial attributes!

Special ability? Bloodline? Close quarters combat technique?

All of them were useless! The strength Gui Xinying had displayed was capable of suppressing all of these! Even Divian, who had the strongest defence in the form of her Dragon blood, wasn't able to endure a spatial crack. What about Wang Zhong?

Everyone waited in baited breaths. At this moment, a dark shadow that appeared identical in Gui Xinying's slowly surfaced by Wang Zhong's side. Unlike the soft and light appearance Gui Xinying's shadow appeared to be, Wang Zhong's doppelganger clearly appeared more dense and substantial!



Everyone opened their eyes wide open. Could it be...

A sliver of astonishment, as well as appreciation, flashed across Gui Xinying's eyes, before yet another Gui Xinying appeared. Now, the fight had turned into a 2 VS 2! That's right! Only by using a feint would Wang Zhong have a sliver of an opportunity! This was a showdown between their understanding of space!

This might be the only way left for Wang Zhong. However, what else could he do? Who could compare to her level of understanding about space?

2 people, 4 figures!

Original body VS original body, doppelganger VS doppelganger. Or perhaps, original body VS doppelganger, doppelganger VS original body. No one was clear. It was also no use to get clear about it, as no one knew when that switchover instant would occur, as all 4 figures would be entangled with one another.

The actions the 2 made were extremely quick, yet there wasn't even once where they had come into contact with one another! The 4 figures weaved about the stage, launching a dense number of attacks against each other, yet not making a single noise at all!

A peculiar atmosphere perfused out, with only someone as strong as Mo Wen being the get a clear picture of the fight.

The switch between real and fake was sufficient for one to evade all of the other's attacks! Regardless of their reaction speed, swapping speed or usage of dimensional space, the 2 of them appeared to be equally matched in their effects!

Gui Xinying's eye sparkled with scorching heat. Wang Zhong had mirrored her move, and appeared to be able to reach the step of mixing real and fake. However, what Wang Zhong didn't know was that with her Spatial Ruler Talent, she was able to sense that this would be the victory deciding factor for this match!

The continuing exchange of blow wasn't for the sake of consuming their strength, but for the sake of accumulation and preparation!

In the continuing shuttling and exchange, Gui Xinying had always maintained a relatively stable amount of shuttling frequency, as well as in the power she had unleashed from her special abilities. Due to the Spatial Crack move she had in her hand, she was in complete control over the momentum of the fight. Even Wang Zhong did not dare to take the initiative, as once he misses, he would definitely be welcomed with Gui Xinying's lethal strike. Therefore, Wang Zhong's only chance for victory was to defend and seek for a counter attack.

After yet another real-fake shuttle, Gui Xinying suddenly took action, with both Gui Xinying's launching their attacks simultaneously at Wang Zhong. Although this Wang Zhong was still a doppelganger, she knew from the energy transmissions that by the time her attack lands, the original body would have swapped places with the doppelganger. When that happens, Wang Zhong would definitely be unable to swap places in time.

On the stage, the Gui Xinying's original body and her doppelganger simultaneously turned dim, while her entire being appeared to have transformed into a flickering shadow. The surging Soul Power gushing out from her caused her to appear just like a demonic god clad in flames as she smashed right into Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong had to muster his defence, as he was genuinely scared of her Spatial Crack!

Bang Rumble...

Gui Xinying's double attacks smashed into Wang Zhong, causing everyone's heart to clench in anxiousness. The attacks landing had forced Wang Zhong into even greater passitivity while causing him to have even greater difficulty in predicting Gui Xinying's attacks.


Spiritual Soul Imprint Explosion!

However, the Soul Sea Explosion that she had expected to occur did not appear. Wang Zhong had already made contact with her Soul Sea imprint before. Removing this move from her arsenal was equated to a chance for Wang Zhong. In an instant, 2 figures exploded apart, while a 2nd drive smashed right into Gui Xinying's original body.

At the instant when Gui Xinying wants to explode her Soul Power imprint, she would need to reveal her original body. This was the opportunity that Wang Zhong had a complete grasp of.

A Spiritual Soul Imprint was extremely hard to dispel, especially the one she was able to create. Within this CHF, the people who could dispel it that quickly could be counted with a single hand! However, not only did Wang Zhong dispel it, he had even made it into a trap for her!


This was the first time Gui Xinying had experience such a 2nd drive, causing her a massive jolt that shook her body up. A feeling akin to her being simultaneously smashed into by 2 armoured trains shook through her body. Nevertheless, she was able to endure it, as her killing move was about to be unleashed. Spatial Crack! With her current level of power, she was able to unleash it 2 more times. It was impossible for her to do so with the so-called immediate effect, with them requiring a very long time for her to prepare before she could unleash them. From the very beginning, she believed that Wang Zhong would definitely have a way of defending against her move, despite her not knowing how he would do it. Unlike Gui hao, she had never once underestimated him, as he was a person capable of walking all the way this far in this CHF. Therefore, she held the heart of a challenger as she brought the fight to him.

At the instant Wang Zhong had struck Gui Xinying, a danger had appeared for him. With her as the axis, an extremely thin circular crack formed!

A life reaping halo, Gui Xinying's ultimate combat technique--Shinigami's Necklace.

This time, Wang Zhong was not able to evade. Being encircled by her, both his original body and his doppelganger weren't able to escape. It would be useless to do an illusionary shuttle, with using a doppelganger displacement being even more of a pipedream. At this instant, he would die even if he was to unleash a Dimensional combat technique! However, even though he knew that he would die, Wang Zhong triggered the Soul Power Imprint he had placed on Gui Xinying's head.


A bang rang out from Gui Xinying's Soul Power, instantly causing this beauty's face to lose all colour, before blood started to flow out from the corners of her mouth. However, at the same time...


The 2 Wang Zhongs that attempted to flee using Dimensional combat techniques had their heads chopped off. In that instant, a deathly silence filled the entire world, while the 2.3 million people watching via Skylink turned mute, 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds...
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    《Battle Frenzy》