Battle Frenzy
579 King!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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579 King!

The 2 Wang Zhongs both disappeared! If one suffers a life-fatal injury while executing Dimensional combat techniques, there's a huge possibility that one would return to the real world, though there was still a possibility for one to dissipate into the dimensional world.

This instant had caused the entire world to fall into despair.

The powerful Gui Family, the powerful Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! Under the leadership of the genius soldier, Gui Xinying, she had defended the Gui Family's honour and glory. In a situation where Gui Hao had lost, she had displayed the strength of a ruler!

However, there wasn't anyone cheer or shouting in elation. The Gui Family supporters wanted to shout out, yet appeared to be completely suppressed by the surrounding atmosphere. Tears were already dripping down the faces of some people. Perhaps, deep down their heart, they knew that All Mouthy King wasn't invincible, that he would definitely lose one day. However, defeat doesn't equate to the need to die!

Just like a night blooming cactus flower, or a moth flying into a flame, his journey within the CHF was filled with splendour, though he ultimately perished in a sea of flames.

Ma Dong clenched his teeth with all his might. Impossible! He did not believe! He absolutely did not believe! Nothing will happen to Wang Zhong! The referee has yet to announce his verdict, so he absolutely didn't believe!

At this moment, Joseph appeared to be somewhat hesitating as he slowly raised his hand. Once Gui Xinying's attack lands, even a Heroic Soul Stage couldn't defend against it. The showdown between these 2 youths had actually managed to get his blood slightly boiling. Rings and rings of ambush, with both of them doing their all to predict and plan against their opponent's capabilities. However, in the end, Gui Xinying managed to get the upper hand. This girl did not get arrogant due to her being the successor of the Gui Family, and had maintained a cautious and prudent attitude while trying to overestimate her opponent.

It was due to her overestimation that had allowed her to win the last exchange.

The Mo Family members felt pity surface in their heart. In reality, regardless of anything, it was a pity for Wang Zhong to die. Who would have expected for Gui Xinying to actually guess that Wang Zhong was capable of breaking her move! Frankly speaking, even those onlookers felt that it was an impossible feat. Yet, she had done it.

This was the most frightening aspect of this girl. Her talent and comprehension for combat was sufficient to be a match for Mo Wen, and had tossed Gui Hao far, far away in her wake.

The Skylink remained silent, and so did the entire stadium. As a stifling atmosphere akin to the calm before the storm set in, so did an air of speechlessness. Countless people present outside of the stadium raised their heads, with the streets of Stuart City coming to a complete halt as everyone looked up to the big screens present above them. To the laymen, Wang Zhong was without a doubt represented the thirst for miracles that was present in everyone's hearts. They weren't able to understand exactly how miraculous Gui Xinying's last move was, yet were able to feel a deep sense of despair and helplessness.

This world still belonged to the 10 Great Families.

All of a sudden, Joseph's hand, which was in a half-raised position, came falling back down, while a peculiar shade appeared in his eyes. On the side of the participant's viewing gallery, Mo Wen and Carolyn's bodies shook, as a hum rang out on the stage...


Wang Zhong materialized from thin air, standing right at his the last position he had appeared in!

Everyone's eyes almost popped out from their sockets. How was that possible???

In an instant, earthshattering roars and applause exploded out from the entire stadium, with the sound waves appearing to send the stadium on the brink of lifting up into the air. At this moment, Ma Dong had already leapt into the air, pumping his fists high while shouting "Fuck! I knew that you won't get kill that easily!"

The Tianjing Academy students were already jumping into the air. This was an utter miracle! All of them were already teetering on feelings akin to the of the end of the world. However, never in their wildest dreams did they expect for Wang Zhong to still be living! This...was simply...

The entire stadium went batshit crazy, while despair was now the only feeling present in the eyes of the Gui Family. He was actually able to evade that move! With her Casted Soul Stage strength, unleashing a Spatial Crack twice was already the maximum Gui Xinying could do. At this moment, it was already difficult for her to continue standing.

The Skylink had already exploded, with countless people roaring Wang Zhong's name, appearing as though it was them who had survived Gui Xinying's attack. Nevertheless, everyone managed to keep some control of themselves, as the fight on stage has yet to come to an end.

Looking blankly at Wang Zhong, Gui Xinying did not despair as much despair as her other family members. In fact, there was even a sliver of elation present, as though she was looking at something that had piqued her interest.

"Can I ask, how?" Gui Xinying spoke out softly, as her face turned a shade paler."

With a smile, Wang Zhong replied. " You assume that I'm imitating your Shadow Doppelganger. In fact, during the 2nd attack, I was using Napier Mo's Spiritual Soul Doppelganger. You entire attack plan was extremely good. Unfortunately, you were still a little too hastily in your last attack. Nevertheless, this fight is truly satisfying."

The experts present in the stadium instantly came to a realization about the entire fight that had taken place earlier. That was why Wang Zhong's Spiritual Soul Explosion was only able to give Gui Xinying a heavy blow, and not immediately knocking her out. Gui Xinying had overestimated Wang Zhong. With his character, how would he every underestimate Gui Xinying! When everyone believed that Wang Zhong was copying her combat techniques, and using both his original body and doppelganger to unleash a twin illusionary doppelganger shuttle, Wang Zhong had merely unleashed an illusionary and Spiritual doppelganger. Both of them only possessed half the strength of the original body, while the original body had basically not left the Dimensional space!

Taking the lead, the legendary soldier Joseph started to clap his hands while saying, "This is the most spectacular fight I've seen in the CHF!"

A dumbfound expression appeared on Napier Mo's face. This Wang Zhong's basically a freak! The latter was actually able to use learn his own ultimate move! Furthermore, Wang Zhong had managed to reach a god-like level in its usage, in a way that was more exaggerated than himself! This fellow's understanding of the dimensions and Spiritual Soul was absolutely capable of suppressing the entire CHF, so much so that there was no other choice but to recognize him for that!

In this instant, Gui Xinying felt a indescribable feeling of worship surface within her heart. She had already accepted her defeat wholeheartedly!

Giving a slight bow, Gui Xinying said, "Thank you, I admit defeat."

In the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor prepartory area behind her, the few Gui Family elders all remained silent and speechless. Due to Gui Hao's mistakes, the Gui Family had already utilized a rather substantial of their strength to influencing the match. However, never in their wildest dreams did they expect for such an outcome to occur. Nevertheless, none of them said anything about it. At this time, admiting defeat was undoubtedly the most sensible decision to make. That's because Gui Xinying was completely incapable of mustering strength to continue fighting. If her opponent really wanted to be vicious, he definitely had the opportunity to land a lethal blow on her. However, it was clear that Wang Zhong did not do so.

This was a loss that they were unable to refute at all.

The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor substitutes that weren't able to participate in the group battle all had tears streaming down their faces. The pride of being a member of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had now became worthless. They were unable to believe the reality of this outcome! Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had lost...

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, had lost? They had really lost?

Absolute silence filled the Skylink and the stadium once again. Even though everyone were already clear about this when Wang Zhong had defeated Gui Hao, all of them still had incredulous feeling when the moment really arrived, when the last standing member of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor uttered the words "I admit defeat"...

They had really won! What's more, they had only relied on the strength of 2 people! They had defeated Martial Ghost Divine Emperor!


Scarlet and Emily grasped each other hands tightly, Ma Dong was burying his face into the struggling Milami's waist, his hands appearing to be at the wrong places, while Lily was squeezing Colby's neck. Despite their varied responses, all of them had their mouths and eyes opened wide.

In the viewing gallery, Laura was desperately trying to cover her mouth, her small shoulders shaking with an emotional tremble. Being a member of an aristocratic family, she was clearer than anyone of how frightening an aristocratic family can be, and this understood exactly how much obstruction Wang Zhong and Tianjing faced in this CHF! However, he was still able to walk to this step!

Everyone in the stadium were muted, so much so that a pin drop could be heared! This was the silence one would hear when everyone around was dead!

Within this deathly silence, Wang Zhong sent a faint smile towards Gui Xinying before turning around to face Grai, who was now walking over from the edge of the stage.

"We've won, senior!"

"That's right. Let's see how far can we continue to walk."

The 2 men smiled, before raising a hand each into the air. This was the second time they had high-fived on stage, sending a clear sound ringing out!


A flash appeared, seemingly to capture this instance in history.

"King!" god knows who was the one with the shaking voice that didn't managed to shout Wang Zhong's full name. Was it on purpose or not? Nevertheless, the minute, trembling voice rang out incomparably loud in this absolutely silent stadium.
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    《Battle Frenzy》