Battle Frenzy
580 Legend!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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580 Legend!

This was closely followed by the responses of 10 people, a 100 people, before tens of thousands joined in!


"King! King! King!"

"You're our king!"

The stadium instantly erupted, with the sudden eruption sounding like a rumbling explosion!

At this moment, in the distant Tianjing Academy, the roar of voices was so loud the entire academy was on the brink of being sent flying! Countless students were so happy they were crying and hugging one another. Every single corner of the academy was filled with people jumping up and down in madness as they roared with all their might!

A bottom feeder academy, that have never once entered the entered the formal competition stages of the CHF for close to 20 years, have actually defeated a S+ ranked powerhouse! They have now appeared in CHF quarterfinals!

Shivers shook through Old Greene's entire body, while happiness that could not be describe with words flooded his heart. Frankly speaking, it was for the best that takes it easy. If not, his heart really couldn't take it...

It wasn't only this old person who felt their heart being unable to handle the shock.

Carolyn, Vladimir and the others had deep feelings of dread surfacing within their eyes.

The aristocratic families have ruled this world for too long!

Too long, too long! No one have ever challenged their place!

Perhaps there were. However, there has never been anyone that managed to successfully pull it off! Without talking about success, there was no one that were able to stand on equal footing as them! Never!

This was a rule, an iron fast rule!

However, the reason why iron-fast rules exist, was for the sake of being broken by people!

The higher ups of the aristocratic families never imagined that such a day would come. The abrupt rise of the Parliament and the powerful martial prowess of the empires have always given them a sense of threat and danger. However, that kind of danger was stil extremely distant. Dicaprio was the most most obvious example. Without a 80 to a 100 years more, they would never be able to truly rock the status of the aristocratic families!

However, that was their view before this match.

Don't look down on a CHF match, and don't feel that it was only just games between youths.

To the aristocratic families, this was a shortfall! A change in the wind! The opening of Pandora's box! The deep seated respect people had for the aristocratic families would never be pure anymore!

If her previous matter with Wang Zhong had already caused a sliver of regret to form, the feeling in Carolyn's heart right now would be of pure regret.

Originally, all of these would not happen. Originally, she had the opporunity to let Wang Zhong to kneel beneath her, and work for Stuart.

Not only would that allow Stuart to immediately surpass Heaven's Fate, Grozny and Martial Ghost Divine Emperor and get obtain a easy lead, they might even be able to prevent the massive blow Wang Zhong had brought to the aristocratic family influence by defeating Martial Ghost Divine Emperor!

Carolyn did not care about whether Gui Hao lives or not, or whether the Gui Family's reputation had reached rock bottom. However, standing on the side of ruling aristocratic family, the gap that had appeared in the hearts of the mass was something that she did not want to see.

Unlike the thoughts going through Carolyn and Vladimir's minds, the only things going through Mo Wen's head was most likely delight and appreciation.

The Mo Family has never once mixed themselves with matters concerning governance. Other than being transendent, they treated everyone the same, regardless of them being commoners, aristocratic families, or from the Parliament. They would not go out to provoke people, with others not daring to provoke them either. To them, it was just fine for them to float among the others in the ocean of history.

He was only interested in Wang Zhong's strength.

Frankly speaking, the latter was the most all-rounded and perfect soldier he had every seen!

He had no weaknesses, be it strength, diversity of techniques, talent or attitude.

It was only due to these reasons that made the latter qualified for him to take action. Looks like him participating in this CHF had not gone to waste.

Seated beside him, Napier Mo's eyes turned into saucer, before tugging at Mo Ling's sleeves while speaking out in trembling voice that was filled with terror. "Capt, captain's smiling! He appears to be very excited…"

A single sentence was all that was needed to caused the entire Heaven's Fate squadron to turn quiet with fear.

Everyone realized a rather serious problem, causing them to gulp their saliva down, while sending gazes filled with dread towards Mo Wen.

However, it was a pity that Mo Wen was a "blind man".

In the next second, his voice had already were a cheer tone present within. "Napier, Mo Ling, Mo Zhong...accompany me for a warm up in a while."

"Ah!" Napier Mo gave a shriek, as in a blink of an eye, the Heaven's Fate squadron were already at the brink of collapse.

At this moment, Wang Zhong and Grai has yet to leave the stage, while the rest of the Tianjing squadron had already rushed up, shouting emotionally as they hugged the 2. Alongside the 200 over thousand audience in the stadium, 600 present outside of the stadium, and over 2.4 million watching via Skylink, they paid witness to this miraculous victory, coming together to give their warmest applause and cheers for the victors.

At this instant, Tianjing Academy had been added into the history books, while Wang Zhong's namew have resounded across the entire Federation!

Coming from a dream, reflecting into reality! All Mouthy King, overlooking the heavens!

Wang Zhong and Grai were surrounded and hoisted up high in the air by everyone, with all of them letting their emotional sides go rampant.

Engaging in combat, obtaining victory, and having fun while doing so.

Was there any thing out there that could make people more happy than these?

While being tossed in the air, he could faintly make out a familiar figure within the viewing gallery.

A gem-like lustre sparkled within Laura's eyes as she stared at Wang Zhong, who was being tossed into the air. She really wished to join in the celebrations. However, as of now, the only thing she could do was to pump her fists towards him with all her might, while shouting wildly like every other fan out there.

Seeing this, the only thing Arnold could do was to quietly.

At this moment, she was no longer the princess of an aristocratic family, nor was she the successor to the Potter Family's massive family business.

Now, she was just like a little girl that could not contain her happiness, a fan that was filled the the brim with emotion!

Her heart had been taken over, with it taking only an instant!

Please remember our date!


A berserk stadium, a berserk Skylink, a berserk Federation, and berserk brother King fans!

With the match ending at noon, there were already various kinds of news reports that filled up every single corner of the Federation before 1pm had passed!

Newpapers, Skylink, podcasts, and the various big media outlets were all fighting to report about this match! It wasn't only the media outlets focusing on the CHF that got involved; even those which were wholly unrelated, like those outlets covering financial and political news, were rushing to print fresh editions! The commoners had triumphed over the incumbents, the aristocratic families; this was significance of this moment was something that most people would never realise.

The high-five shared by Wang Zhong and Grai on stages was destined to become an enternal piece in the history books, appearing on the frontpage of every article published about this match.

An inconcievable victory!

An ancient city had rose once again!

This was a legend that had walked out from the OP!

This was a youth that cannot be stopped! What kind of miracles would her continue on to create?

With a single leap, Tianjing Academy had become the strongest academy in the heart of the commoners, without a doubt!

The were quite a few aristocratic families. However, what about commoner academies? There was only one, Tianjing! Furthermore, it was such a Tianjing that had completely stomped on a aristocratic family!

At the drop of a hat, people would start talking about the past, bringing up old matters to chat about them once again.

However, they now had a living legend right before them! What's the use about bringing up the past now!

Defeating Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had allowed Tianjing to become the focal point for the etire CHF, as well as the entire Federation! A new generation of kings have been born!
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    《Battle Frenzy》