Battle Frenzy
581 The symphony of comba
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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581 The symphony of comba

People were mad with frenzy in their attempts to understand everything about them, and even going so far as to feel curious about Tianjing.

This was the strongest academy within the hearts of the commoners. Exactly how did they nurture such a heaven-defying character?

"I'm a classmate of Wang Zhong! I've the most right of speech! If you're talking about our Wang Zhong, he had shocked the entire academy when he entered, as that fellow's test results made him the unprecedented number 1 in the history of our academy! You have to know how important one's theoratical scores are in our great Tianjing Academy, with the many bookworms present here!"

"Ah! That's why captain Wang Zhong's able to obtain number 1 in the theory test during the elimination stage of the CHF! Looks like theoratical knowledge is indeed extremely important!"

"That's right! Knowledge is the continuation of everything! Our academy's atmosphere to learn and study is extremely good! Naturally, this isn't the only place! On the aspect of combat…"

"Me me me! I'm from the Prodigy Society, the society that our captain Wang Zhong holds the post as our vice-president! You guys never see the amount of training out vice-president Wang Zhong does during a normal day! That's what terror looks like…"


Various kinds of small interviews, formal, informal and unethical ones sprung up across the academy, as all of the students took the initialtive to flaunt the unqualified combat strength Wang Zhong possessed during his freshman year. Various kinds of diligent and harkworking versions of all sorts started to circulate, with all their creators appearing to feel honoured but their circulation.

More and more people developed a rich interest in Tianjing Academy. In the afternoon after the match, the number of calls received by the student enrollment office had almost caused the phone lines to go down. There were those that wanted to reserve a place for themselves in the academy, and those that wished to transfer in from other academies...various kinds of commoners flaunting their so called excellent statistics about themselves were rushing to get into this academy!

This event at Tianjing Academy a very small fragment of the chaos that had ensued.

At the Tianjing Academy's villa in Stuart City, the liveliness was extraordinary.

Wang Zhong and the others were basically forced to remain in doors, as the outside of their villa was jam packed with reporters that covered their front doors, lawn and even on the trees! In fact, there were even some who had made the front doors as their bed, appearing to not give a damn until they were able to interview Wang Zhong and the others.

Without talking about getting out of the villa, anyone who revealed their face on the 2nd floor of the villa would be greeting with a dazzling array of camera flashes.

A tall tree would aways attract the wind. The Tianjing squadron members finally realized the troubles of being a star.

When dinner time came, Sharmie brought Mario and the rest of her squadron over, to euphemistically speaking, celebrate Tianjing for becoming the kings of the commoners. Without a doubt, regardless of the connections between their academies or squadron members, the Blazing squadron possessed both qualifications. Student Sharmie was already a familar figure within the Tianjing squadron, what more with her relationship with Milami. On the contrary, it was Mario and the others that were feeling alittle embarassed for their captain. Nevertheless, all of them could feel the warmth they were given from Tianjing, which allowed them to quickly relax and turn carefree.

In fact, other than Wang Zhong and Grai, the rest of the Tianjing squadron members were still unable to get over the sudden honour and glory they had gained. Therefore, Sharmie's arrival was just right for them to enjoy their happiness and relax.

Looking pensively at Sharmie's arrival, Ma Dong seemed to thinking about something, before pulling Wang Zhong over for a whisper. "Laura's not coming?"

"You're thinking too much. They have a match tomorrow, so they should rest today to prepare for combat." one look at Ma Dong's eyes was sufficient for him to know what crooks thoughts that fellow had in his head.

Immediately, Ma Dong held Wang Zhong's neck and replied. "Brother, you need to pick a flower if there's good one for the picking. I feel that Mario and Sharmie's relationship has improved! You shouldn't be dilly-dallying around! Laura's really good!"

Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, as he really had a different concept of relationships as compared to Ma Dong.

Everyone chat about till they went high, with the Blazing squadron members revealing their feelings of worship of Wang Zhong. Some of them had came over to Tianjing for the exchange earlier this year. During then, they were still filled with arrogance over their supposed higher position than the Tianjing squadron. However, who would have thought that within the short span of half a year, Tianjing had already reached a height so far they could only raise their heads to look at them, with all of it due to the male before their eyes.

In an everyday situation, he was a good senior. When faced with truly difficult combat situations, or dangers coming from all directions, he was the All Mouthy King that would suppress all of his opponents.

Everyone loved called Wang Zhong as All Mouthy King. To them, calling him the strongest king would be too low and ordinary of a name for him! He was the one and only All Mouthy King!

"Fuck! Is there a need to be that exaggerated! Wang Zhong, hurried up and take a look in the Skylink! Something big has happened! Lola Musk! Eh, you've turned into a god! How can you be that fortunate!"

Lola Musk! Naturally, from her surname, one could infer that she was a member of the Musk Family. However, the focal point wasn't this, but on the fact that she was voted the sexiest female idol for the past 3 years strength.

There was no one out there that didn't know who Lola was. Scarlet and the others loved to listen to the songs sung by Lola. However, what connection did Lola have with Wang Zhong? The 2 of them were of 2 completely different worlds.

Upon opening the Skylink, he could see a level of madness that was exceeded reality on display.

A world-bending video was currently exploding within, soaring into the heavens like a rocket. The title of the video was--The Path of the King!

"See! See!"

Brimming with excitement, Ma Dong helped Wang Zhong and tapped on the video icon. Lola! She's a truly sexy goddess, completely incomparable to those young and unripened young girls! Our student Ma Dong immediately had many erotic fantasies appearing in his head, though the Skylink screen remained jet black.

A series of crackles and rattles rang out as people tapped their fingers in impatience, before a string of small green words scrolled out on the screen.

"Enter ID : All Mouthy King."

"Fuck! Isn't this the collection of your best fights?" Ma Dong's eyes had already turned as wide as saucers. As of now, there were already many "All Mouthy King's best fights" collections circulating on Skylink.

When the finger tapping came to a stop, a sliver of light gradually surface on the dark screen, while a slow and magnetic voice of a girl rang out. Resounding across this world that was lit by a faint light, she sounded incomparably ethereal and lonely.

"I've a long path to walk,

with long memories being made.

I've always tried to find answers,

yet I'm incapable of hoping that far."

This singing voice too wonderful, while her voice brought about endless interest. Despite not being able to get much of a feel from the starting few lines, Wang Zhong and Ma Dong were instantly drawn into her voice. This feeling wasn't just present within the 23, as the Tianjing crowd who were grilling meat by the side of the barbeque rapidly turned silent, while expressions of envy appeared on the faces of Mario and the others from the Blazing squadron. That was Lola's voice!

The dark, faintly lit world within the Skylink video gradually opened up, before a series of combat footage slowly appeared in the darkness, then disappeared away.

THis was the 100 successive losses that caused despair in people that All Mouthy King had lost in the OP. Ridiculing faces appeared one after another, alongside looks of contempt. Regardless of the countless times these have been played on Skylink, it would always caused new feelings to develop in people when they watch it.

That was especially true when accompanyed by that graceful and subdued singing voice, causing a undescribable feeling of weight and suppression to form within their hearts. However, it was in this heavy and suppressive darkness where a sliver of brillance, a seedling surfaced.

"The bloodstains on the battlefields, the warning alarms continuing to ring.

I'm always searching and finding, for the opponents that would meet me head on.

You've said that I don't belong here,

you've said that I should retreat in a flurry,

you've said that I should accompany the lonely defeated army and march on…"

The tone of the song started to slowly turn around, before rapidly ramping up. Following suit the slow camera footage gradually started to speed up, as countless defeats and appauling scenes of devastations flashed by rapidly like the streetlamps while in a car...
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    《Battle Frenzy》