Battle Frenzy
582 King“s Path 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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582 King“s Path 2 in 1

The scene started to become increasingly clear, while slivers of colour gradually appeared. This was victory after victory in the OP, alongside various kinds of spectacular scenes.

The pace of the song gradually sped up, while the heavy pressure started to turn into a relaxed and lighthearted atmosphere.

Countless All Mouthy King fans, as well as Ma Dong, Sharmie and the others could not help but be drawn into the song, letting their emotions get tugged and the blood boiling!

"However, you've let your words become the source of your pain,

never giving up, never falling into delusion!

Regardless of the result.

when the light shines, I can hear the symphony of combat sound from your heart!

The entire world will appear before me!"

The video suddenly came to a halt, and so did the singing voice. However, during these short few seconds, the accumulation of feelings have already reached a climax!

With an abrupt change, the faint light turned bright, as though a door has been opened. The roars and shouts from the tens of thousands of people from the CHF stadiums, alongside endless honour and glory rang out!

In the video, Wang Zhong spread his hands, as match after match of awesome victories went by, with experts being suppressed, one after another. These were all insufferably arrogant experts, yet they were now crawling beneath the king's feet!

It was also at this instant when the music exploded forth!

A strong and powerful rock 'n' roll, heavy metal banging rang out, as the soft and gentle female voice suddenly grew loud, sending waves of emotions surging in all directions!

"Persevering through defeat, smiling through ridiculement,

This is the light of fighter's light,

please call me All Mouthy King!

Breaking out from the silence, honour and glory among the madness,

This is my king's path,

please call me Tianjing's Wang Zhong!

You're our only king!


All throughout the music video, everyone within the villa were still sunk deep into the rhythm and cadence. Only after the last beat did Lola look towards the screen while making the symbol of a heart: I offer this to the bravest man.

The entire room instantly exploded, with everyone turning incredibly high. Too awesome! This music video.

After much difficulty, Ma Dong finally regained his senses. Gulping his saliva, he said, "Mr Wang Zhong, can I interview you? After watching that, what feelings do you have?"

"Feelings?" Wang Zhong rubbed his nose, before replying: "It's...quite good."

"Freaking handsome!" Scarlet wasn't stingy in her praise, with Emily nodding her head repeatedly in agreement.

"Excessive modesty is a show of arrogance!" Sharmie yelled out. "You brat! You've actually managed to hook up with Lola!"

A wave of teasing comments came raining over from the rest, with some even asking Wang Zhong for his signature. In any case, chaos descended over the whole group. Nevertheless, the "King's Path" had truly taken over the Federation by storm, before propagating to the empires. This doesn't need to be mention any further.

Upon its release, this music video had immediately taking over the top position in replays and popularity within the Skylink, with the constantly rising number of viewing already creating a legend that belonged to All Mouthy King!

In the collection of the best combat footage, even Mo Wen, who was second place, was definitively tossed far behind, be it in viewership or the refinement of the video. In fact, the other videos were relatively different from "The King's Path", with their views being an astonishing 10 over times less!

There were too many experts and acts of brilliance in the quarterfinals of the CHF. However, without the slightest doubt, all of their spotlights have been masked by All Mouthy King.

All Mouthy King's legends were still continuing, while his popularity was rapidly growing like bread with yeast.

From the looks of it, this was a deliberate plan by the Parliament and the CHF organizers. In the face of this, the aristocratic families were all maintaining a rather low profile. Even the Gui Family, who had suffered a loss, was too maintaining a silence stance on this.

However, Laura could feel the dark undercurrents fermenting beneath this silence.

Just this afternoon, she had managed to obtain information from some special channels that a few of the great families have already come together for a meeting, with the Gui Family being one of them. Laura could even feel the anger and fury coming from them. They were an ancient aristocratic family that was the root of all assassins. In the Federation, they were considered to be rude and unreasonable. Now, all of a sudden, they were beaten to the ground by a little character. Even the most brainless of people would know how intense of a response they would unleash.

Laura wanted to warn Wang Zhong about this. However, frankly speaking, was there any use in doing so?

Be careful? Keep a lower profile?

Wang Zhong has always done everything in accordance to his own nature. The current "show-offness" wasn't something that he wishes to happen. Furthermore, what could he do even if he knew about this? Since he had chosen to obtain victory, he would definitely need to face the backlash from the aristocratic families. However, the aristocratic families were not united. There were quite a few people that have developed an interest in this genius that was unaffiliated to anyone, like Musk and many other more. In fact, the only one that was antagonistic against him was the Gui family. Furthermore, it was rumoured that there were geniune masters standing behind Wang Zhong. In the end, the matter about Wang Zhong was clearly impossible to unravel.

It had to be said that the effects of this music video was outstanding. The singing present all around the Federation on the following day have added fuel to this fire, as well as another voice. Indeed, these were a rather big blow for the Gui Family, which let them realise that they were the losers, that they weren't the rulers of the Federation. They had gone offtrack with their own assumptions.

Naturally, the Old Potter had also doubled down on his decsision. Not only did he represent the Potter Family's stance, he also represented the attitude of the Federation's Institute of Sciences. If the Gui Family wants to cause a ruckus, they would really have to consider the consequences before doing so!

Therefore, there was no need for her to get worried for Wang Zhong.

The wave of madness caused by All Mouthy King had swept silentlyacross last match of the quarterfinals.

Vasilyevich, with Vladimir at helm, against Copperfield, with Laura at helm!

The atmosphere within the stadium was ever so fiery, with its 200 over thousand capacity being filled to the brim. Nevertheless, it was unable to compare with the madness that was present yesterday. The fans of both sides weren't in an explosive, emotionally filled state. Despite the noisy buzz they made that reverberated across the entire stadium, there weren't any ear-piercing shrieks, nor were there any mad shoves going around. Clearly, the audience appeared in control of themselves, and were the most amicable when compared to the audience in the past few matches.

Indeed, this year's Copperfield wasn't weak, with them advancing trumpiantly in the earlier stages of this CHF. However, it was clear for all to see that they would still be unable to contend against an opponent like Vasilyevich.

This was last match of the quarterfinals, with the strength difference between both sides being the clearest cut of them all. Other than Laura's ball fans and a few staunch Copperfield fans, the majority of the people present in the stadium were here to pay witness to exactly how strong Vasilyevich was. After all, they were up against Copperfield. It would be impossible for Vasilyevich to obtain victory without displaying some of their might.

The Heaven's Fate squadron, Stuart and Tianjing, who had already completed their quarterfinal matches, have clearly become the most brilliant focal points within this entire CHF upon them turning up in the stadium. Other squadrons like Seer, Blazing, Blazing Angels as well as Giant God Peak have also appeared in the viewing galleries. The only squadron that did not turn up was the Gui Family.

If this was any other day, the Gui Family would definitely become the focus of everyone's discussions. However, there seemed to be no one today that give a damn about them.

A loser was a loser. In an instant, they have been covered by the victor's brilliance, especially the case of the Gui Family. Their previous glory and rampant arrogance have now become catalysts for contempt in the eyes of the commoners.

The aristocratic families and the various other influences might not be treated like this.

In any case, the Gui Family was the Gui Family. Being one of the upper five families meant that they were only of the existences that lorded over the Federation. It was merely a single unworthy young member of theirs that had fallen. He did not damage the Gui Family's foundation one single bit. At the very least, that could be said for the time being.

At the very end, strength was still the hard and fast rule for everything. As long as one possessed sufficient strength and resources, no one would dare to ridicule one even if one was to lose face in some aspects. However, in this CHF, the only thing they could do now was to hide themselves, the first time they had suffered such a loss for many years.

Yesterday, Carolyn had planned to visit Tianjing, as well as to Wang Zhong and Grai. However, in the end, she still proceeded to cancel it. Nevertheless, for the very first time, she had taken the initiative to greet Tianjing, while sending a smile and a nod towards Wang Zhong, and action that could be considered as a greeting.

For some inexplicable reason, the cameras managed to capture this scene. Despite not have much of any dubbing over or analysis, not was there any deliberate mention, this small scene quickly caused quite a few question marks to pop up in the Skylink.

Those messy matters between Brother King, Carolyn and Gui Hao had long become hot topics of debate before yesterday's match. The profound smile Carolyn had given to Wang Zhong was clearly sufficient to let the audience's imagination go wild.

On the contrary, Wang Zhong didn't place much care about this. At this point in time, his heart had already grown faint for her. As for friends, that might also be an impossibility. Furthermore, they weren't even considered as such. At the very most, they could only be considered as familar acquaintances. Now, his attention was focused on Copperfield. This was an extremely hard match, yet he hoped for Laura and the rest to be able to showcase their splendour.

Laura was dressed in a loose-fitting combat uniform. The outfits she wore in the OP were too tight-fitting, and wasn't too suitable for her. There were times where her big bust was indeed a hindrance in combat, especially for a soldier like Laura, who excelled in close quarters combat.

The popularity of the ball queens was not one bit inferior with the so-called four heavenly kings. At the instant when she walked into the stadium, not only did the Copperfield fans start shrieking, roaring and clapping, the countless Vasilyevich fans also joined in and gave the same welcome to her. Copperfield should be proud that they were able to obtain the recognition from the fans of both sides.

Comparatively, there appeared to be a faint trace of an unimposing feeling when it Vasilyevich appeared in the stadium. Despite the ever so presence of Vladimir's handsomeness, with continuous shrieks ringing out from the stadium, there wasn't any standing ovation present in the stadium,

The Vasilyevich fans were all ball queen fans, However, genuine ball queen fans might not be Vasilyevich fans.

Both sides did not drag the match on, with both sending up the people they were fielding onto the stage.

Copperfield had fielded their captain Laura, vice-captain Karkel, mainstay ranged soldier Arnold Teuton, as well as their mainstay soldier Valens.

All of them were familiar faces, though it was Vasilyevich's lineup that had piqued Wang Zhong's interest.

Captain Vladimir, vice-captain Pomo Vasilyevich, mainstay heavy soldier Noriba, mainstay ranged soldier Kirk, as well as mainstay soldier Gasol. All of them were tall, burly and muscular men. Such men should give people a radiant feeling of vitality, yet they appeared to have shiluettes of icy mountains in the eyes of the audience.

From the information available, the people from Vlasilyevich seemed to all possess an Ice attribute special ability. Therefore, it wasn't particularly strange for them to have such a icy cold temperament. This was the most commonly seem special ability within the icy cold environment of the northern regions. However, one definitely cannot underestimate it just due to how commonly seen it was. The greater the number of people who displays a certain special ability, the more easier it was for mutations to occur. None of them should possess anything as simple as a normal Ice attribute special ability.

"A typical icy plains soldier possess a big and burly bone structure, with average armspans 1.5 times longer than the average Federation citizen. They are naturally born experts in close quarters combat." Grai was paying an exceedingly amount of attention to this match, with it most likely due to him having travelled to the northern regions, which had caused him to be filled with curiousity and respect for them. "Its extremely hard for Copperfield to have any chance against them."

"Although it isn't zero." added Milami in a spirited tone. "Copperfield's primary goal is to bring this match into the group battle. Karkel and Laura can be considered as 2 relatively strong fighters, and won't be at a loss against the other Vasilyevich mainstays, with the exception of Vladimir. As for the group battle. Copperfield's most outstanding 6th man--- the dimensional Soul Beast Explosive Flame Bear, is something that's worth waiting for."

Colby nodded his head in agreement. "It's widely known that Soul Beast Master are at the best when paired up with a ranged soldier, and that Copperfield's Karkel is known to be the strongest Mo's List ranged soldier. As for that Arnold Teuton, he has recently been rising up the CHF's ranged soldier ranks at a great speed. Entering the top 10 ranks would not be a problem for him. The tyrannical strength of a Soul Beast would make it relatively invincible in close combat. With a Soul Beast as a combat control, coupled with a top class ranged soldier, this lineup can absolutely defeat any opponent."

"That's not true! Take a look at the duelling phase lineup. If either Karkel or Laura is caught by Vladimir, Copperfield would really have no chances left."

Everyone started to their discussions in full swing. After yesterday's victory, they have not become even more relaxed. As all of them looked towards Wang Zhong, the latter smiled and replied. "Rather than making a wild guess, why not just enjoy the entire process of this match and wait quietly for the outcome? I feel that everything's possible."

In fact Wang Zhong and Grai really didn't have any optimistic views about Copperfield, who had already shown off all of their trump cards. As for their opponents, they were basically able to easily get promoted into the semifinals. S+...were really frightening. Naturally, this match was extremely important for Wang Zhong and Tianjing, as they next opponents were mostly to be Vasilyevich.

The names of the 2 vanguards were quickly announced by the casters.

"Both sides have already submitted their names for their vanguards! Copperfield has sent out Karkel! Although he is their vice-captain, the strength he had displayed in the earlier stages of the CHF showed that he is entirely worthy of being the ace of the Copperfield squadron! They have actually sent him up for the 1st duel! Although everyone on earth knows how important the vanguard duel is, being the strongest person in his squadron, he should have more responsiblities resting on his shoulders. It's better for him to be as a reserve to deal with any changes that might happen in the match. Frankly speaking, choosing to stand up and participate in vanguard battle shows how clear of a recognition Copperfield has for their opponents! This is the definition of seeking fame and fortune in the midst of danger!"

"There's alot of ways Vesilyevich can do to deal with this. They have chosen, oh my god, Noriba?"

Ruo Zhi was slightly astonished.

Frankly speaking, Copperfield's arrangement were indeed extremely predictive. Having the arrogance of a S+ powerhouse, Vesilyevich would definitely not send the Ice Prince up for the 1st duel. If Karkel was allowed to clinch victory from the first duel, Copperfield would obtain the selection advantage. After all, other than the Ice Prince, the other 2 of the the Vesilyevich's 3 great mainstays were heavy soldiers, and just so happened to be countered by Karkel.

This was something even a layman was able to guess. How could Vesilyevich not have guessed it?

However, take a look at what they have done! They had actually chose to send Noriba up!

This fellow was rather famous in the CHF, and mainly due to his annoying trait! He was a berserker and offensive type heavy soldier, and possessed incomparably might in close combat. However, types like him were in miserable shape in the face of ranged soldier, who were able to exploit all of their weaknesses. When faced against control type ranged soldiers of the same level, they would appear no different from sitting ducks!
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    《Battle Frenzy》