Battle Frenzy
584 Ice Prince 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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584 Ice Prince 2 in 1

On the stage, Noriba appeared to be pleased with his victory. Grozny's earlier matches in this CHF were truly unable to satisfy his craving for combat. Him challenging the entire opponent squadron into a 1 VS 5 would be of no pressure to him. Even in today's duel, Karkel as only sufficient for him to get a warm up. He really wasn't ethusiatic to bully a weakling.

With his war axe resting on his shoulders, he looked up towards the direction of the the Heaven's Fate, Stuart and Tianjing squadrons and gave a loud roar, "Is there anyone that can fight!"


Mo Wen, Carolyn and Wang Zhong smiled in response. They weren't ridiculing Noriba, as this fellow should possess some kind of strength type talent. Furthermore, he also had that Gravity attribute special ability. This kind of heavy soldier was extremely hard to deal with. As for his combat style, Noriba was right to go along this path. He's utterly unsuited for defence, as he was a naturally born attacker.

However, his character and temper's truly...the only thing that could be said was that a silent tribute of 3 minutes was needed for his IQ.

The loss of the vanguard battle, with their absolute trump card being defeated. If this happened to any other squadron, worried expressions would have already clouded over everyone's faces. However, this was Copperfield!

Upon walking down the stage, Karkel got a simple bandage for his head wound, with no expressions of disappoint present on his face. As this happened, Laura gave a faint smile before standing up.

Faced against Vesilyevich, they had already planned for the worst possible outcome. Therefore, there weren't any outcome that Copperfield couldn't endure, even if it was a 0:4.

What everyone needed to do was to give their all in their fights, and not pay any heed towards victory of defeat.

Dressed in a tight fitting combat outfit, Laura appeared considerably free and easy. Her natural air of nobility complemented this calm stance she was in, allowing her entire body to radiate with a glow. That's right! Other than being strong, people were fond of a girl like here, especially with the fiery body she possessed.

In an instant, the entire stadium turned berserk. After the ovation given to Noriba, a crazier round of shouting and cheers rang out.

As for the Gronzy sqaudron, Vladimir did not hesitate as he stood up. Rather than saying that it was a tactical counter, it was more due to him showing respect to Laura and the Potter Family.

In reality, the Potter Family have more of a neutral standing among the 10 Great Families. Just like the northern regions, both parties do not have any conflict of interest and benefits. Therefore, under these circumstances, Valdimir would not display a pretentious front.

A extremely solemne expression was present on Laura. Regardless of victory or defeat, being a soldier, she needed to fight for Copperfield!

A gentle smile appeared on Vladimir's face as he too a graceful slight bow towards her. With his left hand behind his back, his calmly gestured with his right while saying "please."

"Our prince's utterly handsome!"

"I'm willing to trade my life for him to do that once to me!"

"Scram off! Don't come and tease our ball queen!"

"The ball queen belongs to the Federation, the ball queen belongs to the people! All hail the ball queen!"

The shrieks and roars from smittened fans rang out from the entire stadium, while Laura's eyes were already turned focused.

Even before the start of the duel, she could feel the invisible pressure radiating out from her opponent. Unlike the pure restrain and concealment of the accumulation of their power like what Wang Zhong and Mo Wen would do, Vladimir's aura appeared considerably more obvious. Nevertheless, it was filled with a gentle feeling, just like what air would feel like. It was invisible, silent, and unknowingly, had already grasped hold of one's lifeline.

One would be able to feel the air around one suddenly disappearing. Perhaps it a result of the sudden increase in pressure?

Despite the aura being gentle, absolute terror was instead what Laura had felt.

Without a doubt, he was definitely the strongest opponent she had faced since Wang Zhong! Fruthermore, Vladimir appeared stronger in terms of the threat of the aura they radiated!

Soul Power expanded out from Laura's body, forming a thin protective layer around her, defending her from the encroachment of Vladimir's aura.

Lowering her stance, she placed her left foot forward and her left backwards. At this moment, a powerful wave of Soul Power had gushed into her left leg, with the accumulated Soul Power drumming up within his body. In fact, a small whirlwind started to form around her right leg, causing her trousers to flutter about!



At the instant the competition bell rang, Laura shot out like an arrow launched from an arrow fired from an notched bow!

Although an assassin might have the highest speed among all of the occupations, this did not mean that their acceleration was the fastest, as there was a factor of technique involved in this. However, the main factor still laid in one's strength.

At this instant, Laura displayed an ample amount of strength in her accelation, causing her figure to appeared just like a stream of light surging across the stage!

A flickering shadow! Blazing Void Punch!

A blaze formed via Soul Power encased her fist, causing it to look just like a meteor as it streaked through the air. Surging with unsurpassed might, it instantly ignited the hearts of everyone watching!


A massive wave rumbled out, with terrifying impact causing people to felt as though the entire stadium had shook slightly.

As the blaze stopped and the meteor came to a halt, everything came to a screeching stop.

A faint smile was still present on Vladimir's face. He did not move from his original position, nor did he even raise he hands. However, there was already a gigantic ice wall present before him, appearing to have solidifed from thin air.

Unlike the transparent appearance of ordinary ice walls, this ice wall glowed with a faint azure brilliance. This glow appeared to only consist of an extremely thin layer, yet was able to stop Laura's meteor-like fist from advancing. Nevertheless, Laura did not hesitate one bit as she proceeded to unleash an all out offensive.


The violent impact only caused the icy wall to shake ever so slightly, yet was unable to cause any damage to the thin ice wall. Behind the ice wall, Vladimir appeared exceedingly handsome and suave!

It was, blocked?

That terrifying fist was actually blocked with such ease? Vladimir didn't even more a single inch!

A chill proceeded rise from the feet of now only the ball queen fans, but also from the feet of the absolute majority of the so-called experts in the stadium!

Everyone knew that the special abilities unleashed in the Casted Soul Stage could at best serve a role as an auxillary support for a soldier. This was common knowledge for the greater majority of the Federation citizens. However, this common knowledge had been shattered too times in this CHF. Karl's fusion special ability, Gui Hao's Divinized special ability…as for Vladimir, being able to display his Ice attribute special ability to such a level for it to possess that degree of defensive capability, coupled by that azure glow radiating from it, he without a doubted possessed a Divinized special ability!

Not much of any fluctuation formed on Laura's face. From the very beginning, she had already knew how much of an uphill difficulty she would have to face when fighting against Vladimir.

Without a shred of hesitation, at the instant when her fist was stopped, she retracted her fist back, before her body drew a curved arc as she leapt into the air. In the next instant, she gave a kick in the air with both of her feet!

Incredulously, the air was unexpectedly able to provide Laura with the adequate platform to unleash her strength. With a explosion, she hurtled forwards, with her fist clad once again in flames!

However, with a speed even greater than Laura, the 2nd ice wall had already appeared right before her!

This time, there wasn't and straight up collision. With an even greater reaction speed, Laura rapidly changed her explosively advance into a graceful leap, with his body travelling through the air like a dragonfly hopping over the water surface. Taping gently across the icy wall, she scaled its couple-metre tall height, before appearing on the other side!


Yet another ice wall was formed within ease. Causing her opponent to appear exceedingly hopless. This fight was basically just one between a giant an a kid! Both sides were on utterly different realms! Appearing to possess a special ability with endless power, Vladimir was utterly unafraid of consuming his energy as he was purely resorting to congealing an ice wall defence, one which was as easy to do as breathing for him.

Not only did the gentle azure glow radiating from the ice wall eat all of Laura's attacks, with a raise of his hand, a powerful rebounding force formed within the mirror like finish of his ice wall. That was Laura's Blazing Fist!

Sparking with the splendour of flames, a substainal body took shape from the reflection in the icy mirror. Attack reflection!

With such a close distance, the only thing Laura could do was to raise her hands up to block. Her entire being was smashed up by the massive rebounding force, her cuffs instantly turning charred while her body was blasted a dozen metres back!

The entire stadium turned deathly silent. Was he really a human being??? His Ice attribute special ability appeared to be capable of reaching the heavens!

Divinized Ice attribute special ability? Even that would definitely not correspond to the might Vladimir had unleashed! In the next moment, the entire stadium erupted with fervent applause, an offering from everyone to the Ice Prince.

Appearing extremely unhappy, Noriba puckered his mouth while saying "That's too unfair. Boss gets so many cheers for people just from a few casual moves. I've to drench my back…"

"Since you're ugly, don't talk nonsense!" Pomo could not but spurt out a reply to him.

Noriba instantly felt hurt. I'm obvious quite handsome! However could you say that?

Being the dominant party, Vladimir continued to focus his gaze onto Laura. Despite having a very good mentality, Laura still felt some despair in the face of his defence. He had truly not pulled any punches, with her using every single one of the Potter Family's combat techniques. Yet, she was still unable to break the thin ice walls before her!

She knew that Vladimir was extremely strong , and that she had a disparity from the 4 Heavenly Kings. However, she did not expect for the different to actually be that great!

During the past 2 days, she had seen how Mo Wen had dealt with Karl's Fusion special ability, and how Wang Zhong dealt with Gui Hao's Divinized special ability. Although they didn't accomplish that with ease. They made it appear as though Divinized and Fusion special abilities weren't that frightening.

Laura shook her head, before the surprise in her eyes gradually faded away. Since she had already made preparations for the worst outcome to happen, she would naturally bne able to adapt to any bad suitation.

As she focused her eyes on Vladimr, she noticed that his eyes were just like an ancient lake, devoid of any ripples of emotion.

Flames burst forth once again around Laura's fist, before a gust of wind swept across them. In an instant, her meteor-like fist was engulf in a half-metre high blaze!

Although the flames created by her Blazing Void Fist wasn't from any Fire attribute special ability, it similarly possessed the same scorching temperatures of flames produced by one. Coupled with the auxillary support from her Wind attribute special ability, she was some what able to accomplish the effect of a Fusion special ability.

This was what she had gained from her discussions with Wang Zhong. Coupled with the inspiration from Karl's match, Laura had also continued to surpass her limits in the fight!

WIth her hands blazing with flames, the aura she radiated was markly different from before. Now, it was filled with an air of dominance, just like a soldier would do when a berserker would radiate when entering a life or death battle!

However, an indifferent voice rang out from the other side of the stage. "That's useless."

Vladimir continued to wear a faint smile on his face. Regardless of how Laura conducted her offensive, or how she changed her moves, it appeared as though she was putting up a big show that was completely none of his business.

"Then lets try it."

Flames jumped about in Laura's eyes.


She proceeded to shoot forwards!

Her blazing fists drew a flaming streak in the air as she shot forwards, before her entire body was covered with a blaze, causing her to appear just like a meteor streaking across the sky! The might of her rush was so powerful that a frightening trail of black char was left in her wake!

Wind Fire Blazing Void Fist!


A thin ice wall appeared once again before Vladimir, with a calm expression ever so present on his face. The tyrannical ice wall had completely blocked every single path Laura could take! When she wanted to use the movement of her attack to move about, yet all of her momentum had ended.

Laura's eyes blossomed with brilliance!

From the very beginning, she had never planned on launching a frontal attack. She had only unleashed this move as a bait, with just enough might to shake Vladimir's mind, just to create that instantaneous opportunity to unleash her next move!

Bear Rules the World!

Her accumulated Soul Power gushed out while ripples expanded out through the surrounding space.

A roar that appeared to come from a deep abyss grew increasingly clear. At this moment, there was only one thought going through Laura's mind. Perhaps her opponent had made preparations against her. However, she needed to fight!


The genuine killing move was here! This was her genuine attack!

Her Explosive Fiery bear instantly descended right at Vladimir's feet! The dimensional tear coupled with the fusion of wind and fire caused all of the surrounding space to coagulate!

No one could free themselves from this locked up space, as anyone without would have their Soul Power and breath interrupted at this instant. The dizziness bought about by the Explosive Fiery Bear clad with Laura's Wind attribute special ability, as well as the dimensional energy it brought all as it shattered through the dimensional space! There's no one that could meet this head on...

Vladimir shot a look at the Explosive Bear. At the same instant, the latter, which should have suffocated Vladimir, turned stiff upon exiting the dimensional space!

Countless patches of frost climbed up the body of the explosive bear. This did not only occur on its body, but even the flames that had encased it, which turned into ice!

In the blink of an eye, the 5-6 metre tall beast had turned into a gigantic block of ice!

A deathly silence filled the entire stadium. What the fucking hell was that...can fire by frozen???

Laura was in disbelief by what she saw. That special ability was so terrifying it brought about dispair in people's hearts as it froze up everything!

All of a sudden, she understood, she finally understood. Vladimir didn't possessed a Divinized Ice attribute special ability! He possessed the exceedingly rare Absolute Zero Body, which was also the Ruler of Ice from the legends.

A hand blade rested lightly at Laura's neck, with the terrifying power within it condensed at a single point. A small movement, yet bringing about incomparable shock.

Laura instantly appeared as though she was struck by lightning as her entire body turned stiff, before turning limp as she slowly collapsed. He did not want Laura to surrender, as this was a slightly cruel thing to do to a soldier, what more a girl.

With a hand behind his back. Vladimir's figure appeared on the large screens.

With a faint smile, he turned around and left the stage, just like a Icy Prince that was successful in all endeavours.

2nd duel, Grozny Academy, Vladimir, victory!

A deathly silence filled the entire stadium.

Without talking about the ordinary laymen in the audience, even Carolyn, Wang Zhong and the other participants in the viewing galleries reveal solemn expressions on their faces. Absolute Zero Body! That's a talent that was on the same level as Gui Xinying's Spatial Ruler Talent, tthough the combat might he possessed in the Casted Soul Stage was multiple times that of her. Perhaps the latter's' Spatial Void talent might be stronger in the higher soul stages, but his Absolute Zero Body was more suppressive in the initial Soul Stages.

"That's slightly troublesome." said Mo Wen as he shook his head. Even a person like him felt that a headache when dealing with such a tyrannical special ability, as it would cause all combat techniques to unable to unleash their might for many situations, and lose all control over the fight's rhythm.

"Is there any special ability that can restrain, or perhaps, evade away from the centre of his icy explosion?" asked Mo Ling with a frown.

"It's no that simple." replied Mo Wen with a faint smile. The opponent he was most interested to fight in this CHF was Wang Zhong. However, frankly speaking, All Mouthy King wasn't the person that he was most threatened by!

Life is never fair at all. There were times were one's talents could suppress everything one faced!
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    《Battle Frenzy》