Battle Frenzy
588 The Overlord venting his anger 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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588 The Overlord venting his anger 2 in 1

Although Ma Dong felt somewhat worried, he believed in Wang Zhong. This wasn't the first time the Zhao Family had targeted them. Therefore, it was best to deal with them before being killed without knowing the true mastermind. Blindly accommodating and enduring the attacks of one's foes would only aggravate the situation. For the Assassin Family, the expansion of their business in Tianjing would definitely cause them to provoke another influence. Therefore, they needed to mature through the shedding of blood and the flames of combat.

"Do you need time to prepare for your weapon choice?" Long Mei'er appreciated Wang Zhong's character. Hailing from the armed forces, he had historically disliked the sinister schemes that those aristocratic families would pull off behind people's backs. As long as it was within the rules, he was willing to give Wang Zhong a certain level of preferential treatment. "Other than the cross wheels, there's no restriction in what weapon you can choose."

"There's no need for that." replied Wang Zhong with a smile as he walked towards the nearby weapons rack. The venue of the cage fight would naturally be not lacking in any weapons. All of those present were exquisitely manufactured products of KD Heavy Industries. Naturally, they were only of that quality.

He handily picked up a gigantic short-handled axe, one that appeared a little like Noriba's Heaven's Raising Axe. Unleashing a few casual chops in the air, the surging winds generated howled throughout the surroundings.

Upon seeing this, Noriba's eyes immediately it lit up, before glancing left and right as a crack of a smug look appeared on his mouth. Didn't I say it before? The axe is the strongest weapon in the world! Indeed! All Mouthy King's eyes are for real!

Truthfully speaking, despite standing on different grounds, the group of northerners present thought extremely highly of Wang Zhong. The latter was a real man, one that clearly demarcated his love and hate. He was unlike those terrified scums that would immediately kneel upon hearing the names of the aristocratic families.

However, the rest wasn't as optimistic as Noriba.

Yes, the Heaven's Raising Axe was an extremely ferocious weapon, was bold and unconstrained, and was one of the better weapon choices to deal with savage mutated beasts like those Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings. However, even for Noriba himself, although a 1 VS 1 situation was possible, a 1 against 5 was truly not something a human could accomplish.

Furthermore, this was a cage fight, with some better combat techniques having utterly no space execute. Mankind's advantage the usage of intelligence to gain positional superiority and breakthrough targets. However, an axe wasn't wieldy in such a cramped space, what more with a Ma Dong obstructing his movement by his side.


Frankly speaking, it was understandable for him wanting to get rid of Zhao Zimo. However, if he believed that he could carry this axe into the cage fight and survive...

The only words they could say to him were that was too conceited and too arrogant.

"I thought that he would pull out some big counter move. So it turns out to be an axe...a pity." said Rennes Stuart as he shook his head slightly. "He could have chosen a more subtle way to do so. This person is too straight forward and simple. Admittedly, causing Zhao Zimo's death was something that needed to be done, he doesn't have to strength to do so without paying a similar price."

"Cage fights have always been a game for aristocratic families since the dark era. It's very understandable for commoners to not know it. He only has a smattering of knowledge for the dangers and limitations he faced within."

"If the battlefield is flat and level, using the powerful axe, Ghostly Steps movement ability, while giving up on that ma Dong, he might stand a chance at winning, with no problem for him to last at least 10 minutes within."

"I really admire his courage. However, in the cage...there's seemingly no doubt that he will fail."

"It would be better if he had chosen to use a shield. After all, he only needs to last 10 minutes within."

"He's too much of a stickler for formalities, too eager to prove himself, and naive. He doesn't understand the implications of fighting in a cage, and his choice of using an axe shows that he takes it for granted."

Whispered discussions rang out from all directions, as clearly, everyone was able to make judgements over the cage fight. Nevertheless, those were only the thoughts of onlookers.

In contrast to the others, Mo Wen and the Heaven's Fate squadron he led remained silent as took in everything that was happening before them. It had to be said that he had raised his impression of Wang Zhong yet again, as he had shown that he was decisive in his decisions. Once a person like Zhao Zimo is let off, the repercussions would be endless.

From the instant Wang Zhong had picked up the axe, Mo Wen could feel as though Wang Zhong had formed some kind of understanding that was hard to describe with words.

Instead of using his eyes to look at things, Mo Wen would always use his heart's eye to do so, due to the miraculous things he could pick up with it. They would paint different pictures in his mind, with him being able to clear seperate anything he "saw" with them.

However, at the instant Wang Zhong had picked up the axe. Mo Wen felt as though that axe had disappeared. In other words, it appeared to have merged with the former's body. Such was the level of understanding he had with the axe, to the point where he had fused together as though it was a natural part of his body!

Though not much of expression was shown on Mo Wen's face, he had already understood everything that he had seen.

He seemed to have already gotten a look at the future, and finally knew why Wang Zhong would dare to take such great risk. That's because, to him, the "risk" was utterly not a risk at all!

Furthermore, he appeared to have discovered the secret behind Wang Zhong's strength.

What assassin, soldier, heavy soldier, ranged soldier...Mo Wen hand initially felt that it was impossible for a person to hold so many combat occupations at once upon hearing about it. There's no one in the world that had so much mental strength and intelligence to learn the many things required for all of those occupations. Most likely, Wang Zhong had not specifically went and learnt all of them. Instead, the reason he was able to execute the techniques from so many different combat occupations was due to him possessing the true essence of weapons.

Man-weapon unity!

A small crack opened up in the cage, with Wang Zhong standing in front of it.

The entire cage was currently radiating with the warmth and smell of fresh blood.

A few jet black figures, with their pillar-like arms and bell-green eyes, were currently locking their eyes onto the 2 humans that have entered the cage.

A large foot gave a light kick out.

Tu tu tu...

Zhao Zimo's head, with his eyes wide open in grievance was kicked over, before coming to a stop before Wang Zhong and Ma Dong's feet.

Hu hu hu hu!

Boom boom boom boom!

A few Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings started to pound away at their chests and "hu hu" sounds from their mouths, while their little green eyes shone with excitement and agitation!

The 2 humans just now were truly too weak, and were basically unable to satisfy them!

The fierce expression on Zhao Zimo's face caused a wave of weakness to sweep across Ma Dong's body, while his entire stomach started to churn.

While he was making a run on the bank against Zhao Zimo, he had appeared rather tough and strong willed. However, at this moment, he felt his legs starting to wobble. Trembling, he said, "Bro, we're playing with out lives here. Just now, I've let blood rush into my head...speaking of which, do you have any confidence in this? How about letting me wear some armour first?"

There wasn't any ridiculing laughter present as a result of his words, as everyone knew that Ma Dong wasn't a combat type, with a Initial Casted Soul Stage being able to lift him up. Being able to accompany Wang Zhong into the cage, and not faint in the face of those Bloodthirsty Iron Ape King was already a considerable show of courage from him.

"Ah, with you strength, you can't even serve as armour." Wang Zhong was rather frank with his reply.

"I feel that you're rather reasonable in your answer, but can you at least give me some consoling words…" Ma Dong didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. Nevertheless, he focused himself, gulped his saliva down, wiped his mouth, before patting his chest fiercely to muster up his courage. "Fuck it! When I die, my bird's gonna face the heavens! Why should I be fucking scared if I'm with you! Fuck them all!"

Hearing Ma Dong's declaration, Wang Zhong gave a faint smile, before taking a big step into the cage.

Appearing to be stunned by the cold and fearless aura radiating from the little axe-carryin human before them, which was completely differnt from the 2 crying fellows that had entered earlier, the few monsters did not launch an attack at the first instant. Rather, they proceeded move about cautiously as they change positions within the cage. Hanging on the bars of the cage, they continued to size up Wang Zhong and Ma Dong standing behind him.

These few 3 to 4 metre tall Iron Ape Kings continued to move closer, revealing greater detail of their appearances as a result. They appeared somewhat similar to the silverback gorillas from the radiant era, though they were taller, more muscular and intelligent, and also more "evil".

Despite being universally recognized to be inferior to that dimensional life forms of the same rank, this was a falsely notioned stereotype. One look at those Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings and one could tell that they were fill with intelligence and raw power. Their jet black fur slightly stained with blood and the heart palpitating bloodthirsty aura they radiate were obvious indicators of the numerous human blood they had tasted.

Intelligent, cunning, cruel, bloodthirsty, combat loving, and excelling in group combat were their natural traits.

The cage turned silent, with the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings' panting sounding exceedingly clear as a result.

The atmosphere outside of the cage appeared considerably relaxed in contrast, as Zhao Zimo's death had caused a hidden admiration to surface in the hearts of quite a few people towards Wang Zhong and Ma Dong. From a personal standpoint, Zhao Zimo was indeed a fellow that people disliked. However, from the standpoint of the aristocratic families, regardless of how much awe Wang Zhong had shown to everyone, he was first and foremost a commoner. With him "causing" the death of a Zhao Zimo, he would need to pay a price, for example, his life.

This was the bottomline of the aristocratic families. The situation Wang Zhong was all too obvious in their eyes.

"This person has a 4 life-threatening weaknesses in this cage fight." said Rennes with a faint smile. Although he might not be as famous in the CHF as Mo Wen and Carolyn, he definitely had to qualifications to say those words, be it in experience or eyesight.


"The cramped space will limit the release of his strength, what more his moves. The weight of the axe makes it even hard for him to move about within.This is the first."

"The Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings aren't afraid of special abilities. From the look of his fight against Gui Xinying, he might have some special ability trump cards. However, they will be uselessin here. That is the 2nd."

"Being unfamiliar towards cage fights and their taboos. Take a look at his stance. The correct way to fight in a cage is to have your back against the bars. However, he has chosen to stand in the middle. Although that will grant him more space to tussle about, it also causes to become surrounded by the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings. That's basically surrendering one's life away. Perhaps he assumes that he can do so because of his Dimensional Combat Techniques. However, he doesn't know that the runic array engraved in the metal cage will limit the execution of them, while also serving as a barrier into the dimensional world. Therefore, he is basically unable to travel past the cage bars. This is the 3rd."

Rennes proceeded to finish off with an indifferent tone. "Looking at Wang Zhong's stance, I can see that he doesn't have the intention of giving up on Ma Ding. This will add a sizable increase in problems on top of the earlier 3. How will he be able to survive?"

However, everyone knew that he wasn't going to give up on Ma Dong. However, attending to the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings while protecting Ma Dong would really be too impractical.

The bloodthirsty smell within the change continued to stimulate the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings, with Ma Dong's eyes flashing around caused them to identify the fear present within him.

From the looks of it, these 2 humans weren't all to different from the previous two.


The most muscular and what seemed like the leader of the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings was the first one to break the calm silence, hurtling itself straight towards Wang Zhong.

At the instant the gigantic 3 metre tall figure threw itself of the cage bars, the entire cage shook like a baby's rattle, with the massive black figure appearing right over Wang Zhong's head in the next instant. Saliva dripped out from the giant mouth of the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape King, as the flavour of the blood circulating within the body of the human was so unbearably delicious it was turning it crazy!

It lunged over, wanting to use its body to suppress, dominate and bit the human to death!

The massive winds howled across the skies. There wasn't much of any skill involved in its lunge, with the only factors being speed and strength!

A cage fight was a cage fight. With the cramped space and small dimensions, skills would just become something fanciful. Within a cage, strength and speed represented everything!


However, the head splattering like a melon scene did not occur.

Instead, a powerful arm hoisted Ma Dong up like a toy, causing Ma Dong to immediately feel how fragile and delicate he was.

A flash of brilliance burst out from Wang Zhong's eyes, before a violent explosion of aura surged out. What appeared to be a storm swept out in all directions. It was unimaginable how such overbearing aura and fury could swept out from his heart!

In the next second, his war axe was already hoisted high into the air,

Going alongside the exploding aura, an intent that caused people's hearts to turn cold instantly filled the entire cage. What appeared to be limitless energy, no, what appeared to be the entire world had now condensed at the edge of that axe!


Without any stop, a white glow blossomed from it!

Too quick!

If the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape King's speed was rated at 5 out of 10, the speed of Wang Zhong's axe would be sufficient to place it at 10 out of 10!

It was basically unable to see where that axe had came from, as it appeared as a flash in its eyes, before the massive impact had already came rushing down from above!


A sound just like a knife chopping into a watermelon rang out. The Iron Ape King, known for its indestructability and invinciblity, had its head chopped off!

Heaven's Raising Overlord Chop!

Carrying Ma Dong in one hand, and wielding his axe in the other, Wang Zhong's chop had cleaved the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape King's head right off! Furthermore, its 2-3 metre twitching body was hoisted into the air with one single arm! 

A chop! One single chop!

The discussion filled surroundings instantly turned into absolute silence.

It seemed that everyone had underestimate Wang Zhong's strength once again.

After all, in the CHF, Wang Zhong had always displayed various kinds of skills techniques and fanciful weaponry. However, at this moment...

That, that's Noriba's signature move? However, how could it have such a quick eruption!

Noriba's jaw had almost fell out from his mouth, as even he would need to warm up before using this move. However, Wang Zhong had completely done nothing of that sort!

However, from the astonishing might shown in that chop, everyone could telll that it was definitely not something that could be achieved with just any combat technique, be it even Noriba's "genuine move".

The expressions of Vladimir and the others changed slightly, as no one had expected for Wang Zhong to actually be able to use 2nd drive through a weapon! Those were 2 completely different concepts, and so does the lethality.

His hybrid attack appeared simple, yet the phyiscal strength, Soul Power, willpower and the various other componentsw were definite present within. However, more it was so, the greater the burden and exhaustion it had towards one's body.

In the cage, it took only an instant for the other 4 Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings to circle Wang Zhong and Ma Dong in fury. Lunging forwards, they would not give their prey any chance to breath!

Black figures figures covered them in all directions, with the ferocious aura from the Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings flooding the entire cage!

Wang Zhong gave his axe a light shake.


The chaotic powers present in the earlier chop swept out, causing the Iron Ape King's head to explode like a rotten melon!

Not only did it splatter within the cage, the rampant power sent blood, brain matter and chunks of flesh shooting towards the people in outside!

The rain of blood and flesh wasn't small, as it contained a portion of the hidden strength that Wang Zhong's chop possessed. Furthermore, the brain had exploded as though it a grenade had gone off within it, causing the explosion to be even greater!

Fortunately, everyone present were experts.
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    《Battle Frenzy》