Battle Frenzy
589 Overlord“s 5 successive chops
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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589 Overlord“s 5 successive chops

From the Stuart side,Yi Luo took a step forward and extended her hands out, using the Soul Power shield she had created to block all of the incoming matter. Crossing his hands, a white aura congealed around Mo Wen, attracting the incoming blood rain before sending it to the ceiling, causing it to become instantly pockmarked with bullet-like holes!

Vladimir did not even raise his hands before a ice wall instantly congealed before him, protecting him and his teammates.

From the skill Wang Zhong had unleashed, as well as his usage of Soul Power, no one would believe that the former had never used an axe before. Unlike the technqiues used by Noriba, any weapon in Wang Zhong's hands would blossom with brilliance, just as though they had been reborn.

Even the experts present outside of the cage could feel the threat radiating from him, what more the 4 Bloodthirsty Iron Ape Kings present right beside him?

The dense blood rain smashed against their bodies like a hail of bullets, though their powerful metal attribute elemental trait and defence made it not problem for them to defeat against such impacts. The only problem was their eyes. Nevertheless, being able to survive through the dark era meant that the present mutated beasts had perfected their evolution, allowing the Iron Ape Kings to block the incoming bullets with their eyelids. Clearly, Wang Zhong's move was fruitless, only managing to block their advance for an instant, while simultaneously provoking their savagery.


Only at this moment did the beheaded Iron Ape King smash against the ground of the cage. Now, a rampant and fearless aura radiated out from every pore of Wang Zhong's body. He hand always treated the fights he encountered in the CHF with a learning and enjoyment stance. However, when facing against enemies...

There was only one outcome for them---DEATH!


Without any pause in his movements, Wang Zhong gave a forward tap with his feet. Before reaching the top of his jump, he had already did a somersault, landing on his 2 feet.

The axe in his hand started to glow, with the axe intent that took Noriba countless hours training in the freezing cold to obtain the peak condition to unleash had already be congealed once again!


Although both possessed a similar imposing heaven decimating earth shattering manner, the might of this 2nd move was even more ferocious that the first. The imposing manner and power in which Wang Zhong had shown in his first attack did not dissipate after it completion. In the face of Wang Zhong, the Iron Ape King's terrifying defence appearing exceedingly weak.


The Iron Ape King's brain instantly exploded apart!

Noriba's eyes had already turned as wide as saucers, with his mouth opened so big it couldn't be opened up any furthermore. Everyone present in here were high level experts, so there were able to see that when Wang Zhong's axe chopped down on the head of the Iron Ape King, the 2nd drive present in the Heaven's Raising Explosive Chop had immediately turned it's brain into mush, before the continuing momentum and force cleaved into the already defenseless head.

Frankly speaking, Noriba felt a feeling akin to himself climaxing at that instant.

Wang Zhong had actually, he was actually able to immediately unleash a second chop?!

Naturally, Noriba was also able to accomplish this feat. However, such actions were strainous for his body, with him needing to relying on his overbearing talent to do so. He was basically unable to do so with the ease that Wang Zhong had managed... to simply do so as though it was an ordinary attack.

He really did not believe that Wang Zhong's body was tougher and more resilient than his own!

This was just like how a person jumps. If one jumps a metre into the air, one possessed sufficient strength and explosive power. Perhaps, one might even be able to jump 1.5 metres into the air. However, if one wanted to jump for a second time, wouldn't one need to land firest? However, Wang Zhong's successive unleash of his move was equilvient of someone leaping 1 metre into the air, before using the air as a platform to jump up 1 more metre! That had already exceeded the boundaries of strength eruption, and reaching to the level of breaking the laws of physics!

However, that was only the start of Noriba's shock.

In the next second, Wang Zhong's axe had already flashed over. Appearing to not stop at all, with the aid from the momentum he gained from lifting the axe, he launched himself into the air, before the blossoming of radiance congealed once against at the edge of his axe!

3rd chop!


The cage was extremely narrow, while the axe was extremely large and unwieldy. However, what if its speed became extremely quick and its chop extremely accurate, hurtling over like a bolt of lightning?


A more vicious 3rd chop was launch, with the power being higher than the previous 2. Upon landing, this chop instantly caused the head of the unfortunate Iron Ape King to immediately explode like a melon.

The remaining 2 Iron Ape Kings were frightened by the imposing nature of Wang Zhong's attacks. A wild monster like them actually knew what fear was, and wanted to flee. However, having succeeded in his attack, Wang Zhong had already launched himself forwards. Carrying Ma Dong with one hand, he raised his axe with the other, unleashing his 4th chop out!

This chop was launch at the back of the Iron Ape king, BANG...

The Iron Ape King's body smashed into the cage, its back split open, with guts littering the floor. At this moment, the last Iron Ape King had already ran to the other corner of the cage. Once again, without halting at all, Wang Zhong launched himself forwards, causing his axe to rumble with the faint sound of thunder as it travelled through the air.


A hideous looking expression appeared on the Iron Ape King as the axe smashed into it. With a miserable shriek, its gigantic body exploded like a burst bubble, sending pieces of flesh shooting in all directions.

The entire area turned silent. The inside of the cage was filled with the blood and flesh of the Iron Ape Kings, as well as Wang Zhong, his left hand holding onto Ma Dong, with his right holding on to his axe.

Lightning speed 5 successive Overlord Chops!

Mo Wen and the others did not utter a words, with even the 5 Legendary Soldier turning silent. Naturally, they had seen before power greater than what Wang Zhong had displayed. However, they had never seen before such power unleashed by someone in the Casted Soul Stage, Such willpower, such tenacity, as well as that decisiveness to kill!

Long Mei'er started to size up Wang Zhong in detail. At this moment, he had alread calmed his surging breath down, with an absence of any exaggerated expression present on his face. If this person doesn't die, he would be invincible under the heavens 10 years into the future!

Wang Zhong placed Ma Dong down, whom was still in a slightly soul shocked state. Although he possessed a heaven-defying type of courage, combat wasn't his area of expertise. What an immensely enjoyable and stimulating ride! Fucking hell! That felt like riding a roller coaster 10 times over, with his body feeling as though it had been hollowed out!

What 10 minutes? He had never once though of that.

When was Wang Zhong afraid of a challenge? Regardless of who his opponent was!

During the darkest period of his childhood, Wang Zhong meticulous thoughts was already developed into a realm of comprehension completely unlike normal people through Simba's various games and tricks, and so did his way and process of thoughts. His interaction with Simba and the various kinds of worlds he had created within his own illusion worlds as well as his thoughts and imaginations. At the period of time where a human's capacity for knowledge is at its greatest, Wang Zhong's ability to remain focused and undistracted had already reached a terrifying level. All of these had originally stemmed from him feeling lonely. However, the love he had developed for it at the end had caused the foundations he had built to amplify his strength and cause his potential to erupt to unimaginable heights. Furthermore, the speed of Wang Zhong's progress had also been terrifying, as he had all along been inspecting and fine tuning what he had learnt and picked up.

As for the saying that the steel cage would restrict the execution of technique, the narrow space and the stimulation of blood would more so hinder the basic instinct of giant beasts like those Iron Ape Kings. They were the basically the among the apex of combat types within the mutated beasts. However, in this cage, they were completely forced to become machines that only rely on power and speed to wreak havoc. Therefore, those Iron Ape Kings were basically on par with a cat!

What's more, even with their eruption of strength and speed, how much would those people know about himself?

Wang Zhong stood in the centre of the cage, his entire body drenched in blood, with 4 corpses strewn around him. With the handle of the axe held in one hand, and its tip resting on the ground, coupled with the bloody smell that perfused the air, he appeared just like an asura that had walked out from hell!

Pa pa pa pa….

A series of claps rang out, with Mo Wen being the source. Nevertheless, no one else followed suit, something that he naturally didn't care, as his appreciation towards Wang Zhong wasn't something that had appeared overnight.

A godlike series of 5 chops, and the ability to unleash his power in the face of such intense strain was already out of the realms of the Casted Soul Stage people had in their minds. This level of talent and combat technique, as well as his comprehension ability and all rounded fusion!

If it was only 2 successive chops, there might be many who would still feel shock, doubt and would investigate deeper for the underlying reason. However, 5 successive chops… that was truly the difference between gods and mortals!

Indeed, there were many people present in here that were prime examples of having surpassed the limits of the Casted Soul Stage. However, other than the freak Mo Wen, the rest of experts had depended on their unique talents or special abilties. However, there was now a Wang Zhong.

Rennes's face turned slightly sitff, before subsequently changing it to a self ridiculing laugh. This was the first time his face had been slapped that quickly. Nevertheless, he had really widened his horizon.

Noriba flung his mouth in response. He was just about to say that Wang Zhong had learnt his signature move. However...even he wasn't even able to do that number of successive attacks.

He's the same kind of freak as his captain! That person's too frightening!

Long Mei'er looked towards Wang Zhong, before turning her gaze towards Mo Wen. Even she was curious to see what outcome would there be if Wang Zhong and Mo Wen were able to bump into each other. The victor would definitely be able to take a great step fowards. The talent, character as well as their single-mindedness were traits that even she feared. At the very least, she had never seen such trait when she was young.

It was extremely rare for Ma Dong to not be pretentious. In fact, today's matter was rather dangerous. If it had not been settled properly, it would definitely blow up. Regardless of the outcome, they had already offended the Gui and Zhao Families. So what, both families weren't going to forgive them! Therefore, they needed to always have a counter move for everything. Only by causing pain and fear in their enemies would they be able to live. Never ever did Ma Dong naively think that the Assassin Family and Tianjing would be able to shield him from all dangers.

If his enemies want to fight, let there be war!
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    《Battle Frenzy》