Battle Frenzy
590 A Different Tianjing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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590 A Different Tianjing

Due to the presence of Long Mei'er, the 4 head judges as well as the 3 other great families, especially the Mo Family, made the Zhao and Gui Families be unable to continue tossing around. At the very least, they won't be able to do anything else in this CHF. That's because the Mo and Stuart Families would not allow anyone to break the rules!

A gust of wind continued to brew and expand in silence. Yet in that quiet silence, there were no one bit of any wind noises.

Zhao Zimo's death did not stir up many repercussions, with it being replaced by the performance Wang Zhong had shown in the cage. It was said that the Zhao Family had sent people to make contact, though they were met with the full force of Long Mei'er rejection. As for that unfortunate museum director, there really wasn't anyone asking for him.

Although the scheme to topple Tianjing didn't succeed, it had sent alarm bells ringing within the 3 other great families.

Wang Zhong's strength appeared to have already crossed the boundaries on their understanding. However, the most frightening aspect was that they would forever be unable to determine exactly where his limits were!

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had not lost without any injustice.

However, this was a problem that temporarily fell under the sole possession of Vladimir.

The lively Stuart City and those crazy Brother King fans did not know that Tianjing had already managed to escape from the jaws of death and survived without mishap. It was also at this moment that the organizing committee immediately broadcasted on Skylink about the matchups for the semifinals 3 days from now.

There was no balloting. Instead, it was in accordance with the sequence of matches in the quarterfinals.

Heaven's Fate Academy VS Stuart Academy.

Tianjing Academy VS Grozny Academy.

Truthfully speaking, it doesn't really matter who goes up against who, as there were only 4 squadrons left after all, with all of them showing suppressive levels of strength in the earlier matches. Even Tianjing, which had been underestimated all along, had also done so. Regardless of their disadvantage in points in the duelling phases of their matches, Wang Zhong and Grai's performances were absolutely be rated as universally destructive.

The 2 of them were also known as the strongest tag team in the CHF. Tianjing's weaknesses and strengths were clear for all to see, and were all equally obvious. However, at this stage of the CHF, the more critical aspect during combat were their strengths.

Following the progression of the CHF, individual performances would grow increasingly important. Regardless Mo Wen, who was always shrouded in mystery, the queen-like Carolyn, the freak-like Vladimir, or the god-like Almighty King, the strength they had displayed could definitely not be supplemented by quantity.

The odds for the 2 semifinal matches were all equal, with anyone capable of winning their opponents.

At this moment, there was no one out there that felt group battles was a problem for Tianjing. Wang Zhong and Grai's combination Subwoofer Cannon had already propelled Tianjing's group battle might to a extremely frightening level by the general population. As of now, they were basically hailed as BUG level existences. Be it Heaven's Fate, Grozny, or Stuart, all of them might need to places their hopes towards the individual duels. If not, they would need to use all of the strength to defend against the incoming combination Subwoofer Cannon, where they would left half maimed at the very best!

For the participants, the new few days of preparations were crucially important for them to adjust the state of their minds and bodies, as well as to come up with tactics for their upcoming opponents. However, the craze of the Brother King Fans were still raging on in the Skylink. To them, waiting was tantamount to torture. Fortunately, there were already large numbers of already eliminated CHF participants that have joined in the craze. There were quite people who were doing analysis for the semifinals, as there were people within the commoner elite that had good eyesight. Off within, there was no lacking of genuine experts like Sharmie and Laura. The different views these 2 great ball queens had towards everything was already an open secret since their OP days. However, towards Tianjing's All Mouthy King, these 2 had somehow managed to mantain the same stance in their views. Furthermore, these 2 had no longer shown themselves in the competition. Despite both of them being eliminated from the CHF, they had basically achieved the goals they had set, and had even somewhat exceeded them.

Their feminine appeal coupled with their strength caused their fame and popularity to explode. Furthermore, unlike Carolyn, Divian, Gui Xinying and Mo Xingchen, Laura and Sharmie appeared more close and intimate to the commoners, resulting in them become even more well-liked in this CHF. They were willing to lower themselves and participate in the discussion, which had slightly lit people's, while secretly causing yet another wave of craze towards the Almighty King.

Although Laura didn't participate, she too knew about the underhanded methods of the Zhao and Gui Families, as this matter couldn't be concealed. The various great families also knew about this. Nevertheless, even the Gui and Zhao Families did not expect such an intense reply from the various other great families and influences. Zhao Zimo's defeat had left the Zhao Family extremely dissatisfied. They were still planning to find some leverage from with CHF organizing committee. However, at this present moment, other than the 10 great families, there were still over a hundred other smaller aristocratic families out there that were fighting for ther survival. To them Zhao Zimo was merely a successor, and yet he was that rampant and dared to break rules. The Federation did not return back to the dark era! This was the CHF that everyone around the world was paying attention to! Furthermore, did Wang Zhong deserve all of these just because of his lack of background?

Many powerful counter attacks, coupled with the incitement from the Parliament to grasp hold of this opportunity to deal a heavy blow to the Gui and Zhao Families sprung out in reply. Naturally, the these matters were all considered to be behind-the-scene schemes, and it would definitely not be settled that easily. The Zhao and Gui Families would need to properly manage their public relations if they want to placate the displease from the various powerful influences. Furthermore, Stuart and the other great families maintained their neutrality for this matter, while the Mo Family had shown as level of displeasement. With Copperfield supporting Tianjing, they indeed did not give the Zhao and Gui Families any chances, especially the former. After all, it was Zhao Zimo who had shown his face, with the Gui Family only using their name as a show of power.

"I feel that Tianjing is very strong, and really have the chance to head into the finals. The Grozny squadron isn't much stronger than Martial Ghost Divine Emperor."

"Me too! I feel that Tianjing's twin stars are too awesome."

"Haha. The further up the stage, the more important one's trump cards are. The depth of might the powerful squadrons possessed doesn't only affect the possible changes and rotations they might do before the match. As long as one's bench is sufficiently powerful, a squadron would be able to hold a greater number of their trump cards in their hand. This allows them the opportunity to play them when they would matter the most. Take Alasi's Great Void Mouth for example. If used properly, it might translate to an easy victory."

"Nevertheless, to deal with Tianjing, one has to grasp hold of Grai. If Wang Zhong and Grai are allowed to enter the group battle together, even the 3 S+ squadrons might not have complete guarantee to take them down."


The clamouring on Skylink did not affect the peace of the Tianjing squadron.

After the calm of the cross wheel storm, everyone had likely realised that Tianjing was faced with various kinds of concealed dangers. At this moment, the reporters who had stationed themselves outside of the Tianjing villa had already been chased away by the organizing committee as well as the Stuart Family, allowing the Tianjing squadron to get their much needed few days of genuine peace and tranquility.

The Old Potter had already set his roots within the Tianjing Villa. Having reached a bottleneck in the 2nd phase of his research, he did not go around disturbing Wang Zhong and the others in their training. On the contrary, it was Wang Zhong and Grai who had found him to gain some inspiration.

It was only due to Simba's influence and Aiolos's enlightenment that caused Wang Zhong to head down the path of runes. This allowed him to be not bound by the fetters of the Federation's runic system. Indeed, he was extremely talented in it. However, Wang Zhong wasn't a god. The Old Potter's way of deductive research was greatly affected by the inspirations he had gathered from Wang Zhong's fresh and unique imagination. However, the deductions required at the latter stages were more depended on the fundamentals of computation as well as the trial and error gained from oceans of experiments. Therefore, Wang Zhong could only lead the way, but not solve the micro questions that were ever so present in the understanding of such a new system.

The Old Potter wasn't disappointed by this. Havinig done scientific research for so long, he had developed a reason that knowledge cannot be rushed. On the contrary, he was extremely excited by the ways Wang Zhong and Grai had used runes in combat.

The Federation's runic system has always been focused towards scientific usage or as an auxiallury support to improve mankind's way of life. Therefore, there were relatively few number of combat orientated runes. In fact, only a few of the ancient aristocratic families would have one or two moves that had been passed down from the dark era. These things were supposed to be dead, yet Wang Zhong and Grai had made them "living". The runes he had amassed and grouped was now able to serve a purpose in combat.

Although the 2 youths might have treated these things as just another new research, the Old Potter vied this as the creation and development of a brand new system of runes.

After all, having researched runes for his entire life, the Old Potter was rather interested in it, so much so that he was willing to completely give up on trying the breakthrough the bottleneck of his own research, and group up with Wang Zhong and Grai to do various kinds of experiments on combination runes. It had to be said that the ginger gets spicer the old it was. After getting an understanding of the workings behind the combat runic imprints as well as a few concepts of that Wang Zhong had developed, the old Potter was quickly able to do improvements towards their combination Subwoofer Cannon.

Having reduced the number of pathways in the combination runic array and time required to prepared it, he had also made it even stronger than the original. Furthermore, he had also made the process Wang Zhong needed to do to match his Soul Power wasn't as delicate and complicated as before.

Frankly speaking, the Old Potter had did all of those purely for the sake of letting more commoners pick this up...

Scarlet and Emily had already recovered from their injuries. On the contrary, Barran's condition was not that optimistic. The hellish flames that Gui Xinying had unleashed weren't classified within the 5 elemental attribute special abilities, but more towards the blaze from the dark element. It possessed an extremely potent corrosive effect as well as severely inhibiting recovery to injuries caused by it. Although meticulous medical care had ensured that there were no lasting effects left on him, his recovery speed was truly underwhelming.

Days went by orderly and in a relaxed fashion in the Tianjing Villa. Just like the time when they were up against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, everyone didn't place the incoming match too much at heart.

Everyone appeared to have already gotten used to this level of ease and relaxed atmosphere, with them no longer being that anxious and uncomfortable to be standing in the semifinals.

The only person that would probably be old Greene.

When Tianjing had appeared on the large screens displayed in Tianjing Academy, he had felt that these bunch of kids were giving their all, suffering so much, yet remaining as tenacious as ever as they climbed up agaisnst the current. Those images had already created tragic and encouraging stories in his mind, causing him to tear up involuntarily when they appear in his dreams.

However, never did him expect to see the scene that was now right before his very eyes.

The leader, Ma Dong would either be gambling horses, watching soccer, or be plain missing.

Having been born out from the slums, Barran, who had already become an inspirational story, was learning how to cook from Hymin every single day.

The perfect trump card, Grai was reading all sorts of magazines and reading material. As for the captain and spiritual leader, Wang Zhong, who as hailed as a god by the Tianjing Academy, was now not showing an ounce of any leadership qualities. Not only did he turn a utter blind eye to all of that, he had not done any proper job, as old Greene did not even see him pay half a look at the information about Grozny, nor did he enter the training room for any training.

This… was this how they had done to win all the way to here?

Greene would definitely not interfere with the way they were doing things; though after witnessing the scene before him, he couldn't help feeling a little faint.

Okay… Truthfully speaking, reaching the semifinals was already an extremely great surprise for
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    《Battle Frenzy》