Battle Frenzy
591 Gui Xinying“s invitation 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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591 Gui Xinying“s invitation 2 in 1

Although the old Potter lived here, Laura did not show any intent of hiding. On the contrary, she continued to run over to the Tianjing Villa many times over.

During the night, Laura had come over again. Despite saying that she was just passing by, everyone could see that she had definitely made meticulous preparations before heading over. Dressed in a small flowery blouse with a cute shawl draped across her neck, Ma Dong and the others were almost stunned and be in a loss for words towards the makeover of the usual soldier outfit dressed Laura.

Her milky complexion and voluptuous chest were accentuated to the extreme. There was a saying "A woman wouldn't be a good woman if she isn't able to cause men to think with their lower bodies." Although it was a statement meant to be a joke, it can likely encompass the views that men view as aesthetic and appealing.

Naturally, this wasn't a date, as that soul-stirring date had already happened a few days ago. One date was already enough for her to reminisce for a very long time. Be it Wang Zhong or Laura, both clearly weren't people who loved to hang their thoughts of love by their mouths every single day.

Laura had brought over the newest informations about Gronzy, something which she had organized together during the past few days. She knew that although Tianjing appeared extremely relaxed, everyone was, in fact, using their own ways to adjust their own mental and physical state. From the information, there were some information that appeared to be misleading. Having reached this stage of the CHF, everyone really had to pull out all of their strength.

However, due to Copperfield being the last ones to engage in combat against Grozny. Coupled with Laura being the successor of one of the 10 great aristocratic families, the information she had gone through in detail would be rather accurate.

Vasilyevich's strength was somewhat similar in construct to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, with 3 members forming the backbone of the entire squadron.

Furthermore, there was naturally Vladimir, who was the most important person among the 3 core members.

"It has been a long, long time since the Ice attribute Ruler Talent has graced the world. As long as they don't die prematurely, almost all of the people with such talent would be defintely be able to entire the Heavenly Soul Stage. In fact, they have a very high possiblity to breakthrough the life and death barrier present in the Heavenly Soul Stage. That's a talent that can allow one to fight a thousand by oneself. You have to know that Heavenly Soul Stage experts possessed a lifespan much, much longer than ordinary people. The birth of one would allow one's family to be favoured and protected for multiple generations. This is also the reason why Vladimir's able to move unimpendedly within the northern regions, not because he was the eldest son of the this generation's leader for the Vasilyevich family. From the looks of it, he's the calmest one among the so called 4 Heavenly Kings. However, in reality, Vladimir's influence in the Vasilyevich family might only be matched by Carolyn. Even that fellow Gui Hao's unable to have such an influence in the Gui Family." clearly, Laura had done her homework.

"However, other than their worshipping of experts, the northern regions also respect the brave. They prefer to watch straight up battles and clean victories, and not those who choose to use underhanded schemes, regardless of the abiilty required to do so. Therefore, you guys should be encountering too much of external factors in your uncoming match. You guys can rest well knowing that." said Laura with a smile.

"Thank you. Also, help me thank Old Potter for making a stand." Wang Zhong had already gotten the news from Ma Dong that Laura and the Old Potter had really sticking by him.

"That's right! How can I be an empty vessel, right!" replied Laura with a smile as she gave a wink.

"No problem. I'll remember this favour. In the future, as long as there's anything you need help with that I can do to help, I'll definitely not decline!" said Wang Zhong. Ever since he had realized it, Laura and the Old Potter had continued to helped him alot, even though they did not need anything from himself.

"It's a deal then!" Laura accepted it gladfully. Naturally, she had just gave a casual reply, though she would never expect for this promise to actually save the Potter Family in the future.

"Lets talk about his Divinized Ice Attribute special ability." said Wang Zhong with a faint smile. "Since you've crossed hands with him, give a little suggestion about him."

After thinking about it seriously for a while, Laura replied with, "Soft!"

That's an answer everyone had not thought off. Laura, who was the only one who had came into direct contat with that divinized ice wall, had actually gave a single word evaluation.

Soft? Wang Zhong immediately went into deep thought, as he naturally understood what Laura meant. For a person to be able to change their special ability to such a state goes to show how extraordinary his control over special ability.

"That's very strange. Those ice walls appear to be extremely tough and resilient, yet they don't possess the hard feel that ice would have upon contract. Other than having the same appearance, they gave me a feeling as though they were already not like ice, but more like beds of springs that possess extremely high rebounding strength and toughness." said Laura as she shook her head. "Perhaps using sharp weapons might be more effective than fists, though it's a pity that I didn't have the opportunity to try them."

"I've collected a few clips of Vladimir fighting in the dimensional worlds. Here, take a look."

As Laura continued speaking, her Skylink was already playing a clip.

The camera moved extremely quickly around, with some blurriness in them. That caused them to appear as though they were taken stealthily, though it might also be due to the intense shaking during higher level fights which result in the loss of image integrity. Nevertheless, everyone could barely make out the footage of Vladimir fighting against dimensional life forms. They appeared to be 5th rank life forms, a level that was insurmountable for Cast Soul Stages. 5th rank dimensional life forms were existences that would suppress all Casted Soul Stages. However, even such powerful life forms had similarly suffered in the face of Vladimir's ice walls. Regardless of how strong their special abilities were, nor their powerful fists and claws, they were hard pressed to do any destructive damage to the ice wall. On the contrary, they were killed by the continuous rebounding of their attacks to the point of death. The next few clips were of him fighting different dimensional life forms, but the outcome of the fights were basically the same.

Wang Zhong watched all of them with earnesty. To him, relaxing was just a state of mind for him, and not because of his arrogance or ego. If Heavenly Soul Stage was the epitome of mankind's cultivation, then Ruler level special ability was the apex of special abilties.

This point was shown off in full display in those videos, as well as deeper level of usage and greater variation. His Ruler level special ability allowed him to maintain an extremely high realm in his special ability, regardless of quality or quantity of power output.

Without talking about special ability counters and purely from the state of those dimensional life forms, Wang Zhong felt that even his Dimensional Wanderer King might not be able to put up a fight against them. The devouring ability it possessed wasn't omnipotent. Furthermore, it would be restricted by the energy he could output and the laws of the world when summoned. After all, this wasn't the hyperdimension.

Furthermore, from the combat footages of Vladimir going against those dimensional life forms, Wang Zhong could see that the former did not show the strength he had displayed in the CHF.

Take for example his tyrannical fleshly body and power. Take for example the combat experience and determination to win that wasn't inferior to Wang Zhong.

He definitely was an opponent that was harder to deal with than Gui Hao. In fact, he was even more formidable that Gui Xinying. Gui Xinying possessed an invincible talent. However, her talent could not manifest all of its might at her current Soul Stage. Furthermore, a girl's physique was indeed weaker than a male. In contrast, Vladimir's definitely able to unleash the full might of his talent. Furthermore, hailing from the northern regions caused him to be even more blessed by the heavens. Within the Vasilyevich family, there were quite a few Heavenly Soul Stage experts that possessed Ice attribute special abilities This definitely gave him the best environment to learn ways and methods to use his ice attribute special abilities, thereby developing the best way for himself.

It was impossible to become genuinely strong without both talent and guidance. With him possessing both factors, one could imagine how high Vladimir's strength was. The only reasons he did not appear that strong was due to the ice attribute special ability being slightly more ordinary, and that the northerner did not love to show off and act pretentiously...That's a wrong statement, as there's the exception, Noriba. It was due to these factors that didn't make his name as radiant as Gui Hao or Carolyn.

However, this CHF had already proven that strength was the one and only pass to everything.

Vasilyevich, would become Tianjing's greatest test in this CHF.


"Is captain Wang Zhong there?"

An extremely unassuming male stoof outside of the Tianjing squadron's villa. Present on his chest was a dark red badge of a skeleton, showing this not too welcomed status.

The Gui Family!

"There's someone who wishes to invite captain Wang Zhong for a drink under the moonlight at 8pm tonight."

Upon delivering the message, the male turned and left, while inciting a huge panic in Ma Dong.

With Zhao Zimo's matter clearly having the involving the Gui Family, as well as the latter's relationship with the current Tianjing, how could that be any good news at all? He had originally wished to toss it at the back of his mind, never to remember it again. However, Wang Zhong had insisted on going. Furthermore, he was even planning on going alone!

"There's no such thing as a feast, brother! I feel that's its for the best that you don't go. They don't even dare to come see you at such a crucial junction. Who knows what kind of hellish trap they have planned for you." Ma Dong was exasperated. What's the hell's wrong with my bro's mind?

However, Wang Zhong laugh and replied. "Relax, I'm aware of the situation."

On one hand, even if the Gui Family makes a move, they should know to show restraint after the previous matter. Furthermore, they wouldn't find her in such brazen fashion. Finally, the only person from the Gui Family that would call him out to admire the moon and have a drink would be Gui Xinying.

Evening arrrived just as Wang Zhong reached the bar. 2 bodyguards dressed in jet black suits stood at the entrance, with one of them just so happen to be the male that had came earlier to the Tianjing squadron mansion. Upon seeing Wang Zhong, not a single look of aggression was shown on his face. What's more, there was even a respect shown on his face that was extremely rare to see from members of the Gui Family. Bowing slightly, he respectfully opened the door to the bar.

A dim glow was present within the bar while a slow and gentle music played in the background. There was no staff present, appearing as though all of them have been removed from here. At this moment, there was only a petite, attractive figure sitting at the bar table, currently pouring a drink for herself.

"I know that you will definitely." today, Gui Xinying wasn't wearing her veil. Upon turning around, a faint smile was present on her face, appearing to be not down from the series of events that have happened.

With a laugh, Wang Zhong walked, over. Taking a glass, he replied, "How can I be discourteous when a beauty invites? However, I'm really surprised at your invitation, considering the situation we're in right now."

Gui Xinying poured Wang Zhong a drink before saying, " Would you believe, that I were to say, that my thoughts are different from my brother?"

"Thanks." taking a drink, Wang Zhong replied. "Of course. You are you, not your brother."

In reality, after making initial contact with Gui Xinying to meeting her in the battlefield, Wang Zhong could immediately feel that Barran would either be dead or lying on the hospital bed at the very least of the latter was to be matched against her. Furthermore, he could see that she was extremely respectful of her brother, yet not allowing him to influence or control her.

After taking a drink and smacking his lips, Wang Zhong wasn't able to taste anything but the booze.

Gui Xinying smiled sweetly upon seeing how much trust Wang Zhong had in her. Honestly speaking, even she wasn't able to be that trusting. Despite it being impossible for her to harm him, what if she actually could?

Wang Zhong himself radiated an aura that made people have good impressions towards him. In otyher words, he had his own rules and bottom line. Anyone who was friends with him wouldn't be afraid of him betraying them, something that Gui Hao absolutely wasn't able to do. Without taking about outsiders, even his biological sister had to be wary about him.

"This is the genuine Highland Park. It's extremely hard to find now. Take a sip, followed by a mouth of ice water. It's extremely flavourful when done this way." said Gui Xinying with a smile.

"It's more or less the same for me. What's more, you can't be inviting me to drink every single day, right? Therefore, it's best that I don't get a good taste for this." replied Wang Zhong with a smile.

"On the contrary, I would wish to invite you every single day to drink with me. However, you wouldn't agree to that, would you?" said Gui Xinying. Both of the clearly knew the meaning behind their words, that Wang Zhong would never ever come to rely on the Gui Family.

She didn't meet him today to have a drink on a whim. Recently, Gui Xinying had been frankly feeling extremely troubled. Although the world have been calm and tranquil for the past few days, that wasn't the case within the Gui Family, which had already been turned completely upside down. Clearly, this wasn't just due to the matter caused by Zhao Zimo.

Gui Hao was foreordained to becoming the pillar of embarassment for the Gui Family. His status as their successor would definitely be removed. This wasn't just due to him losing to Wang Zhong in martial might, but also due to the complete defeat he had suffered in terms of attitude and character. On the contrary, Gui Xinying, who had shown an extraordinary performance in the previous match, had already become the successor first in line after obtain the majority of vota in the Gui Family elder council, with Gui Hao being pushed to second in line.

This change didn't mean that Gui Hao had lost all of his chances to become first in line against, as balance and struggles were part and parcel of great aristocratic families. Only through these would they be able to polish and temper the strongest representatives to lead them. Gui Hao's talents were still present, though he was too immature. A blow like this was a test that had came at an extremely orpportune moment.

Great figures would need to possess the consideration of great figure. However, this was indeed an extremely great test towards the brother-sister relationship between Gui Hao and Gui Xinying.

Both of them have quite a good relationship despite having different mothers. However, the powers standing on their mothers' sides have long been going at each other's throats.

Gui Xinying frankly didn't care about herself being the successor or not. If it were possible, she would rather choose to slowly aid Gui Hao, her brother to stand up. Furthermore, she also believed that with sufficient experience, Gui Hao's talent would make he capable of being the Gui Family's representative. However, she wasn't able to control the internal struggles happening in the Gui Family. The clearer she could see, the more trouble it had brought for him. She wanted to talk to people about it, yet discovered that there was no one she could talk. As of now, she was more or less clear why Carolyn and Divian were able to become besties even with their considerable differences, including goals and character. In the end, people needed to communicate.

As for her, the relatives that were close to her a few days ago had turned into her enemies in a blink of an eye. That was simply a joke.

If power come at such a cost, she would rather not accept it. In the past, she believed that she merely had no intimate friends. However, at this moment, she felt that she didn't even have any close relatives left! Everyone around her had schemes and plans in their minds, appearing as though every single step and word they spoke was layered with various kinds of traps and ulterior motives. Now, Gui Hao had already treated her as his enemy, obviously having yet to extricate himself from the emotions he had developed from his loss. This loss had impacted him too heavily, with time needed for him to understand and get over it.

For some unknown reason, she thought about Wang Zhong, which immediately caused her to develop intense feeling that the former was someone that she could talk too. Even if they weren't about the issues she was currently facing, he was still someone she felt she could talk to.
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    《Battle Frenzy》