Battle Frenzy
593 Unbelievable 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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593 Unbelievable 2 in 1

Doubt and worry filled the Skylink, as everyone became emotional upon seeing Mo Xingchen step out as the Heaven's Fate squadron's vanguard. Heaven's Fate Master, the princess of the Mo Family. Any of her identities was already capable of making her an absolute star. However, did she really need to take physical action against other people on stage? Furthermore, she about to do fight in such an important duel, with her opponent being Stuart's Yi Luo, who was also known as the "Bloodthirsty Witch"! She had gained that nickname after her explosive performance in an earlier match. Now, how would a dainty princess like Mo Xingchen face up against a perverted butcher?

What exactly was her captain, Mo Wen thinking? Could it be that Mo Xingchen has a way to deal with Yi Luo and her special ability?

Perhaps that might be true, as Yi Luo's past displays of her special abilities were indeed too strange and mysterious in the eyes of the general public. Even among the Summoning Masters, it was extremely hard to deal with those that could summon plants out. However, could anyone within the Federation be more mysterious than the Heaven's Fate Master, Mo Xingchen?

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Carolyn's mouth as she thought, the Mo Family truly is interesting. Unlike other people, Carolyn had a rather good understanding of Mo Xingchen.

The past generations of Heaven's Fate Masters were among the strongest people within the Federation. Of course, they were strong not in the aspect of combat, but more towards their sense towards the future, and obviously towards the dimensional worlds. It wasn't to say that they couldn't fight, but more that they didn't need to.

Furthermore, the growth of a Heaven's Fate Master was a fixed concept. Their capabilities, degree of strength, the point of time where their power appears, when they mature, when their powers become stable...the entire process was just like a formula!

With Mo Xingchen's age, she should not have started any formal combat training at all. Furthermore, the Mo Family would not change how Mo Xingchen matures just for a CHF. Perhaps, she was capable of dealing with Yi Luo's vines and plants. However, Yi Luo didn't just depend on her special ability to rise into the ranks of the Mo's List!

She had done so with her body!

With just her physical capabilities, Yi Luo would be able to step on this princess that had just stepped on the path of the Heaven's Fate Master!

Clearly, Carolyn wasn't the only one who had such thoughts, as Yi Luo had already come to such a realization. She was able to sens a weird atmosphere emanating from Mo Xingchen. Although it might just be her paranoia, Yi Luo had too many ways she could use to deal with the latter.

There's basically no need for her to use her special ability!

With a slight tense of her unwomanly body, her already considerably explosive musculature instantly increased by a size. As she slammed her 2 sandbag-sized fists together, everyone could hear the resulting shockwave above the noisy din present within the stadium.

Compared to her, Mo Xingying, who had a tender and delicate appearance, and looked as though a gust of wind was sufficient to blow her over, was just like a 3-year-old kid about to face an adult!

There was basically imposing aura radiating from Mo Xingchen! As everyone in the audience watched on, the competition bell rang, before Yi Luo unleash her attack without an inch of restraint!


A faint crack appeared on Yi Luo's mouth. Not showing a single trace of intention to summon her vines, her body had already appeared right before Mo Xingchen in the next second!


A trace of smoke streaked across stage, as her massive body barreled forward like a terrifying cannonball that possessed more than ample power to decimate anything before her!

The ferocious power that Yi Luo had displayed in contrast to Mo Xingchen's delicate and tender appearance immediately caused people to that the latter would shatter apart instantly upon contact...

She would really shatter apart!

The power contained behind her rush was so powerful and terrifying that it has sent ripples through the surrounding space. One could imagine what it would do if it lands right against a human body!

Was she really a woman? Furthermore, there was no use hoping for this person to show any mercy, as she was fierce woman that didn't even show any mercy to handsome guys! What more could be said to her common gender!

Hide! There's basically no special ability that could block a physical attack of such degree!

Even if Mo Xingchen possessed the miraculous level of strength that was sufficient to take down Yi Luo, the might of the impact the latter's attack would unleash was sufficient to reap the former's life! The audience didn't want to see the fairy-like Mo Xingchen to be smashed into pieces.

However, before the audience could even shout out their gasps of shock, before Yi Luo's rush even had even crossed half the stage...


A terrifying steel pole-like vine smashed through the ground before extending crazily out towards Yi Luo!

What was that?

The entire stadium was shocked by this, as the shift came really too quickly. Before people could regain their senses from their worry for Mo Xingchen, the momentum of the fight had already turned around.


The countless suction cups of varying sizes that covered the surface of the vine all opened up in an instant, causing it to appear just like a leg from a freakish octopus. At the same time, everyone could see air currents formed by the suction created by those suction disks.

Yi Luo was a specialist towards Dimensional plants, and upon seeing the vine, her face instantly changed. Indeed, she was all too clear about the strengths and abilities those little suction cups possessed. Once anyone makes contact with them, one would definitely need to consume a extreme amount of strength and energy to extricate oneself from them.

Without any second thought, Yi Luo sent her heavy fist sweeping out, creating a powerful high-pressure air blade, instantly cutting the incoming vine up.

However, at the same time.

Hua hua hua hua hua!

Countless vines, ranging from those as thick as arms, to those as thick as trees burst out from the ground, just like a flower blossoming ferociously from the earth. Appearing to bare its fangs and unsheath its claws, they formed an encirclement as they rushed at high speeds towards Yi Luo!

Without talking about the laymen in the audience, even Yi Luo herself was stunned by what she saw!

What's happening?!

If the sole vine earlier was summoned by Mo Xingchen, Yi Luo could now clearly feel the indistinct connect she had with those new vines. Did those vines grow from her seeds?!

However, she had never, ever germinated them!

Furthermore, that complete encirclement, and the gargantuan pressure...

Across the stage, Mo Xingchen had an expression of slight excitement present on her face. It was extremely rare for her to step on the battlefield, with the Mo Family also not allowing her to do so. However, this was the first time that she had taken the initiative to make a request, as well as possessing sufficient confidence towards victory, which finally made Mo Wen grant her request. Although she possessed the power of the Heaven's Fate Master, Mo Xingchen was still a little girl. She didn't want to pretend to be someone deep and mysterious, but wanted to be like someone else and mix within the masses. Nevertheless, that was truly too hard for her to obtain that kind of life. Even this opportunity was definitely hard to come by for her.

While some people believed that every single generation of Heaven's Fate Masters would continue in the footsteps of their predecessors and possess the same kind of abilities...In reality, those were just the observations onlookers have deduced.

Heaven's Fate Master's basic ability was as a communicator. However, communicating with dimensional life forms was just one of their most basic of abilities. In simple terms, be it dimensional plants or dimensional beast, she was about to exert control over them. In fact, she possessed even greater control and level of communication with them than their original owners. Nevertheless, it was extremely hard for her to influence someone like Laura, as after all, the latter's Explosive Bear had a rather intimate tie with its owner.

However, other acquired summons that didn't have such high levels of devotion could easily be controlled by a Heaven's Fate Master, much less dimensional plants, which possessed comparatively lesser intelligence. That was too easy of a task for any Heaven's Fate Master.


With a faint smile on her face, Mo Xingchen gave a clap. Just like a command, the vines surrounding Yi Luo rushed forwards!

Bang Bang bang bang bang!

Countless sharp vines shot fiercely towards Yi Luo like pile drivers.

A dust cloud instantly bloomed within the stage, obscuring everyone's vision. The only thing people could do was the hear Yi Luo's berserk and furious roars as she put up a resistance against the numerous attacks heading her way.

The ground shuddered as the stadium shook. This was the first time Yi Luo had bumped into something like this, and it made her furious!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Appearing the enduring the countless attacks headed her way, a greenish glow burst out from within the dense entanglement of vines, followed by a single roar.


Pa pa pa pa!

Terrifying waves of compressed air pressure expanded out rapidly from her in all directions.

More than 10 think vines instantly snapped apart, as a figure glowing in a heart-stopping green glow shot out explosively from within the broken entanglement. Hurtling towards the sky, her expanding muscles still showed many traces of broken thorns and suckers that were still attached to her body.

Now, Yi Luo was really furious. In the beginning, she was still planning to showing mercy. However, never in her wildest dreams did she expect for that lass to use such a method against her! However, just as Yi Luo was planning to rush towards the latter...

With a gentle point of her finger, one that appeared to possess a god-like halo and saintly feeling, Appearing to have activated some kind of ancient taboo, or the creation of new spiritual souls, the countless severed vines of all sizes that laid on the ground started to move about with intense movement, squirming and twining together, before forming a single body in the next instant!

It travelled more than 10 times faster than the fastest vines earlier, and being more than 100 times thicker than the thickest ones earlier! In fact, two giant cracks that appeared just like human eyes started to appear on the surface of the thick vines! The jet black cracks appeared just like eyes peering out from the void. Staring right at Yi Luo, who was now in mid-air, the energy pulsations radiating coming from it immediately rose to an inconceivable level. This...

This dimensional life form was already at the peak of 5th rank, a simply unimaginable rank!

Gigantification activated!

2nd level state!

With a light wave, it created a giant surge of air to expand out, before a single vine from its body shot out at an even faster speed towards Yi Luo!


With a blink of an eye, the sharp tip of the vine had already rushed forwards, grabbing onto Yi Luo leg.

This was followed by a fierce tug.


A terrifying bang rang out, as rock chips and dust exploded across the stage, covering the sunrays illuminating the stadium!

Everyone present in the stadium could feel the intense tremor that had travelled through the ground beneath them, with the countless people standing to feel as though they had stood through an earthquake.

Bang rumble rumble rumble...

The Skylink and the stadium were blanketed with deathly silence, with the only noise present being the reverberation echoing through the entire stadium. Appearing just like the dust present within the air, the sound continued to bounce about, never to settle.

This continued all the way till the sound subsided, with the dust too landing on the ground.

Countless pits akin to that of a wasp's nest were scattered across the ground, with a massive hole in the middle being caused by the combine vine, one that spanned over 10 metres in diameter!

On the stage, Yi Luo, who previously appeared majestic and imposing, was now lying in the middle of that gigantic hole. Her entire being was tied tightly by the iron cable-like vine, with her being completely unconscious as of now. No one was more clear than her about the capabilities of those dimensional plants. Absorption of Soul Power, strong poisons and toxins, terrifying physical attacks. Those were just some of their capabilities! What's more, their terrifying defences were made any humans who faced them all too helpless.

A single vine pulled Yi Luo out, before flinging her onto the ground. At this moment, those vines treated her with a respectful, queen-like manner, before… blossoming into a beautiful flower, them disappearing without a trace...

Standing across her was Mo Xingchen, not a single dust present on her clothes, with a faint smile on her face as though she had just done everything in a simple and casual manner.


No one might have ever expected such an outcome to occur. Yi Luo, who had displayed astonishing strength during the earlier staged of the CHF, had actually being beaten into a pulp with a single move?!

The absolute silence was due to the inconceivable outcome of this duel. A moment later, 2 girlish shrieks rang out, following by an explosion of voices that spread rapidly across the entire stadium!

"Mo Xingchen! Receive my heartfelt reverence!"

"Goddess! Princess! Please receive my 101st kowtow from this lowly one!"

"Beautiful women aren't scary, but a beautiful woman who's a freaking legend is another story! A freaking awesome woman!"

The entire stadium exploded into chaos!

Although Yi Luo had shown an incredibly high level of popularity, it was in reality just dregs in the presence of Mo Xingchen!

Her appearance checks, her strength checks, her status checks, and so does her personality! The goddess had already broken into the heavens, causing everyone to instantly feel the might of her presence!

The greatest impact of this outcome was mostly likely present in the CHF participants. Although all of them knew that the Mo Family was extremely strong and powerful, never did they expect for the Heaven's Fate Master to have such an ability! That basically makes her the nemesis of all Soul Beast Masters! Anyone of them who bumps into her would be finished!

"That's why there were rumours about Mo Ling's soul beasts being obtained through Mo Xingchen's help." Mario could not help but comment. Dimensional plants have simple levels of intelligence, but were much more terrifying in might than dimensional beasts.

"Airport runway!" Sharmie replied with an indifferent tone.

Dumbfounded silence filled her surroundings, while Laura could not help but start laughing in response. The 2 squadrons were seated beside each other. Since both sides were old rivals, and with their elimination from this CHF, what's better than to gather all of them together? "It's still alright. In any case, she's a B+ at the very least. Although a Heaven's Fate Master can communicate with living creatures, my little bear will not get affected by her."

Dimensional beasts under a Spiritual Soul contract would enter a symbiosis-like relationship with their masters. Therefore, a forceful domination would be like someone snatching away one's biological daughter or son away, an action that would absolutely provoke the rage and fury of the dimensional life forms.

"A voluptuous chest is sufficient to pacify a country!" Arnold Teuton could not help but to comment in an incredibly emotional tone. In fact, what he was trying to say was that those with chest would have styles.


Ahhh! Arnold's cries were followed up by a wave of laughter. He really deserves a spanking for daring to say such remarks before 2 ferocious ladies.

"Indeed, the communication ability the Heaven's Fate Master possesses in truly frightening." Vladimir looked towards Wang Zhong in an ambiguous manner as he said, "It's an extremely hard counter to captain Wang Zhong's Dimensional Wanderer King."

"If I summon that thing out, it will immediately become Mo Xingchen's pet." replied Wang Zhong with a laugh. Mo Xingchen's ability and her life form domination special ability are 2 different things, something that Vladimir clearly knows about. This Ice Prince really loves to tease people. "Stuart seems to be in a slight predicament."

The other party wasn't acting pretentiously, and was also an amusing person. Giving a faint smile, Vladimir said. "The momentum has changed."

Wang Zhong nodded in agreement, though he did not say anything. Instead, he proceeded to focus attention to Carolyn seated within the Stuart squadron camp.

Losing the vanguard duel wasn't as minor as losing a point, as Yi Luo's defeat had disrupted their formation's momentum as well as the pressure within everyone's hearts. These things were considered to equal between powerhouse squadrons, and also had a great influence on their mental pressure.

Below the stage, Carolyn still maintained a faint smile on her face, with not much of a change happening to her expression as a result of Yi Luo's loss.

Being the captain of a super powerhouse squadron, and the future queen of the Federation's governance, she possessed the necessary level of calmness and attitude in the face of the many VIPs and the entire world. However, frankly speaking, alarm bells were already ringing in her head, with waves starting to surge within her heart.
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    《Battle Frenzy》