Battle Frenzy
594 Number one assassin in the CHF 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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594 Number one assassin in the CHF 2 in 1

How's that possible!

It wasn't that she was completely unfamiliar with the abilities of a Heaven's Fate Master, but that Mo Xingchen was too foreign to her!

Being able to forcefully assimilate and summon her opponent's dimensional life forms, and even allow it to advance and progress made her appear somewhat like a ruler of life. However, this was not all she could do, as this was just a small, small figment of the "ability tree" that she had inherited from the countless generations of Heaven's Fate Masters before her.

That's right! All Heaven's Fate Masters possessed this ability. However, the 17 year old Mo Xingchen was far, far off from the required realm!

Now, with a Mo Xingchen like that, how would she be dealt with during the group battle?

None of her squadron members that possessed the ability to summon dimensional life forms would definitely dare to step onto the stage to face against Mo Xingchen. That's basically a godsent gift for the Heaven's Fate squadron! Not only that, since she was able to unlock the ability related to the summoning and control of dimensional life forms, what about the other abilities and branches present on the gargantuan ability tree all Heaven's Fate Masters had access to?

Truly worthy of the Mo Family. Truly worthy of the family that had went through the dark era that spanned hundreds of years, taking over countless governments and aristocratic families, with no one daring to provoke them, or shake their status, the Mo Family!

Carolyn narrowed her eyes slightly, before calming her breathing and heartrate down. Now's not the time for her to dwell over Mo Xingchen. Instead, she needed to curb this losing momentum as soon as possible.

The information about all of the participants in this match flashed across Carolyn's mind, before she made her decision in the next instant.

"Wu Li." she called out her selection for the second duel.

It was an extremely simple decision. For a duel, one would needed to consider 2 things. The first one would be which side needed to make the first selection, while the second would be the weaknesses of one's possible opponents, so as to avoid a counter via occupation.

Wu Li's strength was rather all rounded, with her Fog special ability allowing her to gain an invincible position in most situations. Of the current Mo Family's lineup, other than Mo Wen personally gracing the stage, there seemed to be no one else that could suppress Wu Li. Even their heavy soldier, Mo Zhong would not be able to do it.

Before taking victory into consideration, she needed to prioritize not losing this duel.

At this moment, a petite figure had already walked up to the stage. In an instant, the cheers and shouts in celebration of Mo Xingchen's victory shot to a all new level.

These were created by Stuart's fans. Their loss in the vanguard duel was an utter mystery to them, causing a belly's full of gloom to fill their hearts. Naturally, the arrival of Wu Li has turned into an exit for them to vent all of this gloom and depression from within them.

That's right! That's the Wu Li who could destroy any combat occupation out there! That's the Wu Li with the invincible Fog special ability!

At the very least, Wu Li's Fog special ability was an unsolved mystery within ths CHF, and could counter any combat occupation she faces. It was also due to this mysterious element that made her become worshipped by people as one of the CHF's 10 great unsolved special abilities! Placed in the current situation, the 2nd duel was even more important than the first! Now, it has been allocated to Wu Li, who clearly had victory brimming within her heart!

"Will they send Mo Zheng up? After all, a heavy soldier counters an assassin…"

"Tsk. What kind of eyes do you have? How are they on the same level? Even if he's able to counter her based due to his combat occupation, how is he going to deal with her Fog special ability? A heavy soldier needs to be able to able to defend and counter an assassin's attacks to be useful as a counter pick, and that's basically not the case for now. Put aside this for now, if Mo Zhong really is sent up to fight against Wu Li, I'll strip naked right now and just out from this viewing gallery!"

"I feel that Mo Ling's the most suitable after all. He is on the same level of strength as Wu Li, and the defence granted by his Tortoise Spirit can't be broken easily by Wu Li. Furthermore, if that fails, he can still take to the skies with his Eagle Spirit. Wu Li's fog shouldn't be able to extend all the way to the skies, right?"

"Are you a pig? How would that even be of any use? Can you defend against a formless fog?"

The voices of countless discussions ringing about did not shake Heaven's Fate's decision one single bit.

Napier Mo?! They've actually chosen to send Napier Mo?!

It wasn't to say that Napier Mo was weak, as assassin vs assassin match ups would generally lead to very interesting fights. However, the problem was that Napier's Spiritual Soul combat techniques would be completely countered by Wu Li's fog! Up till this point, Wu Li's fog was known to obstruct all kinds of senses. No one knew if there was any poison present within, but with Napier being an assassin that relied on the self destruction of his Spiritual Soul would he explode his doppelganger when he couldn't even see where she was?

That's an absolute counter! Furthermore, Mo Ling and his 4 Spiritual Beastial States might allow him to put up a fight. Who knows if his Tortoise's Breathing ability would allow him to block her fog? But what the hell was with selecting the clown?

It was hard to deal with, and was also impossible to deal with. From the looks of it, Mo Wen, who appeared to be as stable as immovable as a mountain, seemed to be slightly bold and imaginative within his strategies, straying away from the proven and orthodox solutions.

A large grin on his face, Napier Mo stepped onto the stage, appearing as though everything was as per usual as he went about sending greetings to the audience. On the opposite side, Wu Li's expression was stark contrast to him, with a considerably cold and emotionless expression present on her face.

Stuart's victory and championship chances weren't matters that she needed to concern herself with. Instead, she had came her gunning for the title of the number one assassin of this CHF. As of now, all of the other powerful assassins have already been eliminated out from this CHF, including the 2 Gui Family fellows that went to and fro between the lines of an assassin and a soldier. The only person that was contending with her for the title of the CHF's number one assassin stood right before her. Indeed, Napier Mo was extremely strong. However, it was a pity that he lacked the aura and imposingness a number one assassin should possess.

Not only that, he was basically the shame of all assassins! How could an assassin have such ostentatiousness!

As the competition bell rang, as sliver of a sneer appeared at the corner of Wu Li's mouth.


Flowing light sneak attack!

This was the first time that the efficiency-oriented Wu Li did not immediately unleash her Fog special ability upon the commencement of the duel. Naturally, she couldn't just rely on her special ability, as she wanted to be number one in all aspects, including the common methods an assassin would use. The only reason why she did not use them on common basis was due to how unqualified others were before her.

Due to their starting positions being not far from each other, it took only a flash for her to close in to him as chilling flash blossomed.

A chilling glow also blossomed from Napier Mo's hand. Although it appeared later than Wu Li's, he had entered into a combat state almost at the same time as her!

2 daggers instantly clashed in mid air.


Clink clink...

Time seemed to turn slow, as 2 pairs of eyes intersected as the 2 crossed past one another. Alongside the sparks that shot out from their daggers clasing, both sides, could clearly feel the chilling aura radiating from each other's dagger as they swept past their faces. This chilling aura was more than sufficient to even penetrate their Soul Power defences.


The 2 figures whooshed past one another.

Within that flash of an instant, Wu Li was unexpectedly able to use her tongue to gently lick the scorching hot blade edge. She had always been wanting to find the opportunity to fight against the strongest of assassins. In the past the opponents that occupied her thoughts were either Gui Xinyingor Gui Wulie. All the while, Napier Mo appeared somewhat too indecent. Bluntly speaking, he was unqualified in her eyes, and gave no feeling of an assassin powerhouse to her. However, this single exchange had told her everything about him!

Whoosh whoosh!

Before the majority of the audience could react, the 2 figures had already turned around and continued their exchange.


This time, the clear sound of daggers clashing into one another rang out, before a flurry of explosive bangs exploded forth!

Ding ding ding ding ding!

2 daggers travelled at speeds so fast they appeared invisible as they clashed against one another in the air, as 2 figures flashed continuously as they weaved across the stage!

The 2 figures were unleash attacks so quickly that one would not be able to see with the naked eye! This was just the simplest of exchanges, yet it was more than sufficient to be placed right on the level of big moves unleashed by the majority of assassins! Both sides were unleashing attacks with their daggers as they tread on the edge of death, both of them having completely given up on defence in the progress. The only thing they continued to do was to attack, faster, quicker, and more vicious! Daggers continued to collide, flashing across vital parts, with no one's eyes pausing for even a millisecond to blink.

Yet another bang rang out as an exchange took place. 2 figures crossed each other at the same time. Yet another draw!

"Wu Li's faster, more nimble."

"Napier's more stable. Furthermore, his swaying and staggering movement are extremely hard to predict."


After take a single breath, Wu Li was on again with her offensive.

She could feel that Napier Mo's fundamentals weren't inferior to hers. However, her petite figure made her more suited to be an assassin. Under the same level of Soul Power and bodily capabilities, her lighter weight and smaller frame allowed for her to lose less energy while performing actions, while allowing her to recover at a faster rate.

As long as she could suppress her opponent when he needed to recover his energy, she would be able to take a step over him, and continue to stride forwards!

However, Napier Mo proceeded to take action almost at the same time as her. Not only did he avoid being forced into countering her attack, he had taken the initiative to launch an offensive against her! His recovery speed and energy consumption was unexpectedly on the same level as Wu Li's! He did not know why other people always liked to look down on him! Can it really be always the same story over and over again?

His opponent was pursuing the glamourous title of being the number one assassin in the CHF. This also the fight he was precisely was always anticipating for. At this moment, his mental state had already been raised to the highest level of vigilance. He wasn't as direct as Wu Li was in her attacks. In comparison to Wu Li's youthful exuberance, he was more ferocious! He was the true representation of the Way of the Assassin!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

2 figures collided in the stage, with their runic daggers dancing around at speeds that make them appear as phantoms whizzing about as they sliced through the air. 200 Grassos of Soul Power surging from both figures caused each exchange to sound like a huge gong being rung as the metallic clangs reverberated across the entire stadium!

Flashes of Soul Power explosions and collisions continued blossom throughout the stage.

Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta!

Their footsteps grew faster, with their figures becoming willowy and illusionary, appearing to transform into 2 bolts of lightning streaking across the stage!

Incomparably equal in strength, the tip of a needle against the edge of a blade. Regardless of which direction they came from, there was no difference in the figures. Every single attack was unleashed to reap the other's life. Yet, when they crossed each other's path, both of them were forced to change their attack's trajectory to avoid mutual destruction. This kind of life risking and daring one another to see who would be the first one to change was the fight with one's survival instinct that happened deep down both of their hearts.

Both of them, be it Napier Mo or Wu Li had an abundance of such experiences. The physical and mental consumption this kind of conflict had did not create too much of a pressure for both of them.

Who would be the number one assassin in the CHF?

However, in contrary, the Skylink had already exploded apart. At the beginning, everyone assumed that the 2 assassins were not on equal footing. However, never did they expect for both sides to show so much face to each other. Whoever wanted to obtain victory in this duel would be able to obtain the famed title of the number one assassin in this CHF, a title that would follow with that person for many years to come. One mustn't look down on this title, as any number one title would bring about unimaginable glory and status for the holder. Be it Napier, who was not connected to the Mo Family by blood, or Wu Li, who wasn't of the main lineage of Stuart, both of them needed to prove their worth and value, as well as walking to a higher apex in strength!

The audience were already high from what they saw on stage. A super quick rhythm, fiery and explosive exchanges. Compared to those rather calculative combat involving the fight on distance, or brutal and vicious combat, this kind of naked offense and defence truly wasn't too nice to watch.

Both sides had simultaneously chosen the most direct of ways to engage the other party!

Speed and strength! In this matchup between to assassins standing at the apex, the combat situation took only an instant to explode into the climax!

From the looks of it, Wu Li had always been the one taking the initiative to launch an offensive. However, deep within her heart, she was relatively clear that she was not able to gain the slightest bit of superiority even after doing so, be it in energy consumption or added pressure on Napier. Their exchanges had happened only for both sides to gain an understanding of one another. However, the might of techniques and Soul Power were limited within the Casted Soul Stage, Therefore, one's level of energy would be based on luck or through to use of one's special abilities.

It would really be too naive if any one of them wanted to use common methods to deal with the other. As the thought about this, a flash of killing intent burst out from Wu Li's eyes, before a layer of fog glassed over her cold and stern gaze.

"Take a look! The fog's rising!" all of a sudden, people with the audience pointed to the stage while crying out in astonishment.

The earlier exchanges between these had luke warm, causing the audience to almost forget the reasons why these 2 people were contenders for the number one assassin of this CHF! Finally, Wu Li was the first to unleash her killing move!

The dense fog expanded out exceedingly quickly, talking only a blink of an eye before gushing out in all directions!

With his speed, Napier Mo could clearly retreat away from this fog. However, he did not do any of such actions. The fog was a large AOE special ability that was quickly about to engulf the entire stage. Even if he wanted to hide, where could he do so here?

Napier Mo proceeded to stop moving in favour of focusing his concentration, allowing Wu Li's fog to engulf and devour his surroundings. In a few seconds, the dense fog had already covered the entirety of the stage. Furthermore, the entire fog area appeared to posses life, expanding all the way to the edge of the stage before coming to a stop.

The dense fog clearly wasn't just restricted to those that were created by nature, as they could grow thicker and change in shape, while not being able to be dissipated by wind!

These were its most frightening aspects!

Yingmei Assassin and Edde Brooks were most clear about the events happening on stage. Having been eliminated early into the CHF, both of them had no more grievances present in their hearts. In reality, the Mo's List rankings had taken all aspects into consideration, with quite a few people being stronger than them present within it. This Wu Li and Napier were genuinely qualified to be Mo's List assassins. It had to be said that the 2 great assassin families they hailed from were truly unable to rival the 10 great families. There was no way out by focusing on just the path of the assassin. Only by understanding strength in all aspects as well as the other combat occupations and link them all up together would one be genuinely able to unleash the full might one would gain from walking the path of the assassin.

"This lass will becoming someone incredible in the future." Sharmie could not help but comment in admiration. "Being able to control fog to such a degree and having such a big AOE makes her Fog special ability show the shape of a Divinized special ability."

"Not dissipating away due to wind, and being able to form a territory of her own. This move would simply be invincible in a sealed combat area." added Laura while nodding her head in agreement. "God knows what her opponents had experienced within her fog. In any case, most likely no one would engage in combat with Wu Li in confined or small places anymore."

The future was the most frightening aspect of Wu Li.

Wu Li's actions had already slowed down.

This Fog was her world! Within here, she could move about like a fish in water! However, she knew that she wasn't absolutely invincible within here. Furthermore, she had discovered that her opponent had stopped moving, and now shown any impatience in launching an offensive against her. In any case, her opponent was the one and only Napier Mo.

There was no need for her to be impatient, as her Fog was impenetrable to both visual and mental perception. However, her personal range of vision was much more broader than her opponent. Without a doubt, visual range was extremely important in the confirmation of many things.

At the same time, the entire sea of fog possessed a slightly anesthetic effect. Although it was mild, it would have an influence if one stayed within for a long period of time. This was especially critical in fights between experts where their strengths are incomparably close to each other. There were people that had resistance to poison gases, with many families having researched on medicines that could allow one to resist poisons too. However, anesthetics were impossible to removed from one's body. In precise terms, its basically not a poison.

However, the anesthetic effect would be extremely life threatening.

This time, her attack will definitely strike!

This, was something Wu Li was extremely confident about.

Therefore, when using her fog, she had already stopped wanting to immediately end this fight. At this moment, the only thing she needed to do was to wait. Just like a fisherman, she wanted to slowly wear her prey down, letting him waste his energy away, which would thereby allow her to gain victory in one easy swoop!

However, this outcome did not appear for Wu Li, as all of a sudden, Napier Mo opened his mouth wide open. In the next instant, a spiral air current appeared from his mouth, a whirlpool that appeared to be constructed from Soul Power.
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    《Battle Frenzy》