Battle Frenzy
595 第八十五章 绝望的影舞风采 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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595 第八十五章 绝望的影舞风采 2 in 1

What was he intending to do?

Wu Li gawked in response. She could feel an intense suction force coming from Napier Mo's mouth, continuously sucking her fog up into his stomach!

He's...actually eating the fog?!

In that instant, Wu Li was slightly stupified. It wasn't that her tolerance to unexpected changes was weak, but that her opponent's way of dealing with her special ability was too freakish!

Her fog was sufficient to numb people's senses upon contact, what more about the consumption of such vast quantities? Frankly speaking, Wu Li had brainstormed about the various kinds of moves people would use to deal with her move. However, even she did not dare to directly consume her fog like that! Wouldn't that amount to sucide via ingestion of poison?!

As such thoughts flowed through her mind, Napier Mo had already devoured an astonishing amount of her fog. His wide open mouth appeared just like a giant whale sifting through the sea for food. This was already the maximum speed one could achieve within the Casted Soul Stage. At the rate he was devouring at, he would really thin out the density of her fog. In just the span of a few short seconds, her liquid like fog had already been devoured into a low density!

The jet black fog turned greyish, with everyone finally about to make out the blurry figures of the 2 fighting on stage!

Has it been broken?

Wu Li was feeling slightly incredulous. Every single member of the audience felt as though she had controlled the stage like a butcher handling a cut of meat. However, in reality, this was already the limit of what she could do. Before this fight, she had already spent 7 whole days to accumulate that volume of fog. Her special ability had a limit to the amount of fog she could produce at one go. Unlike other special abilities, the recovery of her Fog special ability was rather slow. With her opponent having devoured about half of all her fog, Wu Lie didn't have much left to replenish!

However, the she found out that something was admist as she was still in astonishment for the surpising turn of events that had happened on stage.

The poison within Wu Li's fog was extremely mild. However, Wu Li would definitely not believe that there would not have any effect on Napier after ingesting that quantity! Furthermore, the visiblity on stage has already cleared up to a certain degree. Her opponent has already reached his objective, yet did not show any indication of stopping!

That's not right!

That's a fake, a Spiritual Soul doppelganger!

Wu Li's response was extremely quick, instantly leaning forward in preparation to take action against her opponent. What a joke. Napier Mo's Spiritual Soul Bomb was capable of forcing even Jormungar to swerve away. Directly attack it?

No, she wanted to find where Napier Mo's original body was!

Damn it! Where's the original body? Where did Napier Mo go to?

He couldn't hide.

Wu Li had sufficiently confidence in finding him within her Fog domain. Be it visibility or mental perception, people other than her would only be able to "see" 1 to 2 metres away from them. In contrast, Wu Li was able to "see" a range of 10 to 20 metres! Therefore, she definitely was able to launch an attack before her opponent discovers her.

Instantly focusing her concentration to the utmost degree, she proceeded to scan the area around her. However, after a rough search, she was unexpectedly unable to find him! Once again, an incredulous expression appeared on her face.

This was the very first time that she had lost track of her opponent within her fog!

Could he be hiding in a dimensional space? No! No only could stay within that place for that long of a time! However, it has been that long since Napier Mo had disappeared from the stage!

However, no one had noticed a small little drum resting on the side of the stage, the exact place where Napier Mo was hiding.

Stuart was too self confident. Wu Li had already used her fog for quite a few time within his CHF. One had to knew that there were many masters present within the Mo Family. In fact, there wasn't even the need for the seniors to take action, as Mo Wen did not even appear lively at all.

Wu Li's special ability possessed dead spots, and this was one of the observational dead spots that the Mo Family had discovered. In fact, the Mo Family had even done prelimary analysis of her fog since a long time ago. The minute anesthetic effect was not sufficient to be life threatining. Furthermore, the fog was less dense than air, resulting in there being a cushion of air present at the bottom. Therefore, Napier Mo was not one bit affected at where he rested. In fact, he was even able to take a few short breaths while doing so.

Most important, due to her pursuit of AOE, Wu Li had maximised the greatest effect of her fog within ⅔ its area. Indeed, this was extremely astonishing. However, the further away one was from the centre, the weaker the effects of the fog. At its edges, one could in fact notice this.

At this range, an assassin's most fundamental of concealment techniques would become effective. Everyone focusing of Wu Li's special ability, a big move that had garnered alot of attention within this CHF, causing them to overlook the most basic fundamentals of an assassin.

Quite a few of the eliminated participants had noticed this. Due to the thinning of the fog at its edges, the onlooks were able to extend their senses in to observe this point. However, as for Wu Li, who was still waiting vilgilantly while expanding her senses...

During these dozen seconds of delay, Wu li's fog had already become extremely thin. Stopping its suction, Napier Mo's doppelganger now appeared just like a balloon, before starting to roll towards Wu Li!

With her fog broken, viligance and killing intent flashed within Wu Li's eyes. Most importantly, this was the first time that she had sunk into such a passive predicament! Her fog had seemingly become the disguise for her opponent!

Bang rumble!

Napier Mo did not turn hasty upon her discovering his disappearance. On the contrary, he reamined extremely patient. Everyone watching knew about his "high-powered explosives", with his swollen, ball-like appearance of his doppelganger causing worry and astonishment to surface within people's hearts. Rolling towards Wu Li, it appeared as though even the slightest of touch was sufficient to cause it to blow up!

There was no way to defend against it other than to evade!

Having already lost its disguise, it was extremely hard for the ball-like doppelganger to strike an expert like Wu Li.

Frankly speaking, the doppelganger didn't move at a slow speed. However, Wu li's actions were much faster! If that "stupid" ball was able to hit her, she wouldn't be able to mix in among the top assassins of her generation. However, all the way, Napier Mo was the true target that she needed to be viligiant of.

However, she had now discovered that her opponent had definitely used an assassin concealment technique Furthermore, he had used her fog against her but using his doppelganger to observe her location. Clearly, her opponent was located somewhat far form her. If not, she would have found him by now.

It was easy for her to evade away from the doppelganger bomb, as Wu Li had already reached the peak in her perception and vigiliance, with her placing the absolute majority of her concentration in. If Napier Mo dared to even move a teeny weeny bit, or twitch his fingers, she would be able to instantly pinpoint his location!

Patience was one of the fundamental traits an assassin was required to possess. This trait was now being amply displayed by Wu Li. Since her opponent had used her fog against her, she would use his doppelganger against him!

A doppelganger needed to be control by the original. Therefore, it would subconsciously move in a direction opposite to the original. After making some calculations, Wu Li made verdict to where he was located at, while gradually moving towards him. Despite him not moving a single inch, she had already identified where he was.

It had to be said that Wu Li had never expected her opponent to use this method to deal with her! However, this since he had struck her weakness in such a vicious manner, she would never, ever commit such a mistake after dealing with Napier Mo!

All of a sudden, Wu Li rushed towards Napier Mo's doppelganger bomb...Had she turned mad?

BANG...a massive bang rang out as Napier Mo's doppelganger exploded violently. At the same time, Wu Li's gaze grew as sharp as knives as she dashed towards Napier Mo's hiding spot like a bolt of lightning. The explosion of Napier's doppelganger was caused by Wu Li's doppelganger. Although she wasn't as capable of controlling it as exqusitely as Napier, the latter's doppelganger had a fatal flaw, which was that it was extremely easy to cause it to explode. Although he could control it when it was in its normal state, it would definitely explode in its current state. The Stuart Family had discovered this a long time ago, though she had not shown it so as to bait her opponent.

The amount of detail presetn within this round of exchange was simply heaven-defying, as both assassins displayed top notch combat attainments. Training was something everyone had gone through. However, being able to have such flexible though processes during combat was something attributed to their talent and experience, which both of them possessed in rather astonishing levels.

Following the explosion, the fog completely dissipated away, revealing Wu Li, who had already fashed towards Napier Mo hiding at the corner of the stage. Having immediately come to a realization during the explosion, Napier Mo had shot forwards almost instantly, causing their daggers to collide once again. Having used their killing moves, both of them were forced to display their genuine strength. The glint sparkling from their daggers weren't even as bright as the brilliance radiating from their eyes, as both of them were thoroughly enjoying their fight. Wu Li's cold and emotionless face in contrast with Napier Mo's faint smile. 2 completely different kinds of assassins, yet similarly having reach the apex using their only levels of comprehension.


2 daggers collided once again, with both of them coming to a simultaneous halt. In the next second, they flipped their daggers around at the same time. The flipping of their daggers represented their commitment towards risking their lives to land their attacks. With their blade tips pointing towards themselves, this showed that one person would die, either their opponents or themselves!

The 2 stood only a metre away from each other, with both of them not moving at all. With a slightly lowered stance, both of them stared firmly at each other. There was basically no need for them to look at each other's dagger, as their daggers had already become part of their bodies. In fact, there wasn't even a need for them to use their eyes to see, as the gaze a top class assassin gave out was just a feint.

The surrounding atmosphere congealed instantaneously, with the air appeared to have solidified into a suffocatingly thick mixture. Drip...

At the instant a drop of sweat dripped down from Napier Mo's face onto the ground, Wu Li took action. A flash of white light swept out from her dagger wielding hand, before her body appeared to lose all weight as she shot towards Napier Mo like a bolt of lightning. In an instant, 5 Wu Lis appeared within the stage, the glint from their blades completely surrounding Napier up. The entire stadium immediately turned silent, as everyone knew that an attack unleashed by a top class assassin at the apex of their speed was a combat technique that would be over in a single breath. This move was the complete explosion of one's Soul Power and physical strength. Not only does one need to have a strong and tough body, one would also need to be mible. Therefore, male assassins generally weren't able to accomplish this feat, while female assassins weren't able to handle the torture it brought to their bodies. At the same time, one couldn't use any wind special ability even if one possessed it, as one would not be able to muster than delicate of a control over their special ability to aid in this combat technique.

The legendary assassin Anluna's sure-kill combat technique---Anluna's Pentakill doppelgangers!

Of course, there would be a difference in the effects and display of this combat technique when done so by a Casted Soul Stage as opposed to a Heavenly Soul Stage. However, any assassin that was capable of doing so would basically be invincible in hand to hand combat. This was a set of an unarmed-dagger fighting technique that would seal of all possible escape from one's target, so long as one was able to properly execute it. This technique was truly much more brilliant and superior than a direction attack like Fiery Lotus Dance.

At this instant, Napier appeared to have suddenly lost all weights. He, who had always maintained a clown-like demeanour, had suddenly appeared as though he was tipsy from being drunk, while his actions appeared to become extremely slow...yet extremely fast at the same time...appearing to continuously grow faster, as 5 crazed doppelgangers hurtled into him, a clown dancing alone by himself...

However, like a spectre, the clown seemed to phase through all of the 5 daggers chopping down onto him. God knows what would he become if they landed on him, yet none of them appeared to land.

At this instant, anyone with more of less an understanding of an assassin's fundamentals were dumbfounded by what they saw. Everyone knew the formidable might of Anluna's Pentakill doppelgangers! That's basically the apex of what a Casted Soul Stage assassin could display! When Wu Li had unleashed that move, everyone believed that the duel was over. That's because too many years had gone by with no one being able to successful execute this move. There were already so few female assassins out there, with Emily obviously being far off from her. During her special training when she went back to the Assassin Family, she had finally understood what it really meant to be an assassin, and how far she really was from that.

However, at this instant, a stifling silence filled the entire stadium, as more and more people recognized the movements Napier Mo was making. It has been over 10 years since anyone had managed to successfully execute it! According to the legends, only the people most blessed by the god of assassins would be able to comprehend it, the genuine way of the assassin!

Shadow Dance!

The final song of an assassin! A pace that draws out gasps of admiration!

Wu Li's Anluna's Pentakill doppelgangers have all been shaken away, with her blades of striking air. She had completely lost track of her opponent's location! Even though he appeared to be standing right before her, she didn't even though if she could touch him or not, or that what she was was even real! His entire being had a messed up centre of gravity, with every step he took making her suffer within her heart, crashing and crumbling all of her self confidence away.

That's because she was also an assassin, and knew that what she was seeing was every assassin's worse nightmare!

The dagger shades had stopped, and so did Napier Mo, as though he had not moved from his original location. Wu Li dropped her dagger on the ground as Napier's dagger appeared right beside her throat, just as though she had delivered herself right into it. Tears proceeded to form at the corner of her eyes, before streaking down her face. She had lost. It was a utter defeat. Originally, after finally managing to master Anluna's Pentakill doppelgangers, she believed that she would be able to obtain the title of the number one assassin in this CHF. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to meet with a shadow dancer, an existence that had completely and utterly suppressed her.

This clown with a swaying duck-like swagger was known by the name of Napier. He believed that the strongest training one could do was to do it for every single second of one's daily life. Therefore, he had chosen to live his life like a clown, leting all of his habits and normal adjustments to his centre of gravity disappear completely, causing no one to be able to make out any judgement of his habitual movements.

He lived his life as a clown. However, at this instant, he had become the shadow dancer within the battlefield!

The King of assassins, the shadow dancer!

An existence that would appear right before one, yet forever be unable to make any contact with.

The entire stadium remained silent, as the Stuart member were dumbstruck by what they saw. Up this this moment, they still believed that Wu Li would definitely win at the very end. At least 90% of the people watch had also thought the same, with the other 10% being completely clueless of what they saw. Carolyn's expression froze completely. She had sent Wu Li up to take this duel for Stuart. Yet, in the end, they had bumped into a shadow dancer.

Not only did they lose yet another duel, an immense pressure had surface in their hearts. It was just as though the entire Stuart squadron had been seen right through! That blind fellow had seen right through every single Stuart squadron member, and had utmost suppression in every confrontation.

Although there wasn't any noise coming from the viewing galleries housing the CHF participants, all of their eyes were filling with shock and admiration. There's actually such a madman in their world that could unleash a shadow dance! That was something that could utterly change a person's life! It was said that the training required to learn the shadow dance was so torturous that it would drive people mad to the point of wanting to take their own lifes. Yet, Napier Mo had found a completely new way of mastering it!

The entire world had laughed and mocked him, yet none of them knew that it was due to their ignorance that had caused them to do so.

This was the number one assassin of the CHF, the number one assassin of the Federation's younger generation--- Napier Mo!

The entire stadium exploded into an intense and frenzied ovation. There was no injustice in Stuart losing this duel. There as no need for Wu Li to be disappointed at herself. She had bumped into a genius in the way of an assassin. At this moment, Napier had pulled out a hankerchief from god knows where as he appeared flustered in an attempt to console Wu Li, though it had only caused her to cry even harder.

2 : 0

The powerful Stuart had actually been forced into a 2:0 deficient by the Heaven's Fate squadron. However, there was something even more frightening than this, as the Mo Family had displayed absolute power. The first was Mo Ling, and this time, it was Napier Mo who had done so. There wasn't even the need for the genuine powerhouse, Mo Wen to showcase any of his might!
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    《Battle Frenzy》