Battle Frenzy
596 第八十六章 天极的弱点
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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596 第八十六章 天极的弱点

This motherfucker! Who could defeat such a powerful Mo Family?

It could be said that the other 3 semifinalist squadrons were about the same in their strength, though they were still a notch weaker than the Heaven's Fate squadron. There was really no use in comparing talent with the Heaven's Fate squadron, as they were really too strong in that department! When up against them, one should just skip comparing talent and start comparing the level of hard work and determination instead.

The entire stadium cheered and shouted in applause. As of now, the Heaven's Fate squadron had already garnered 80% of the popularity votes on Skylink. In fact, they were really to strong! What's more, with Mo Wen pressing down like a mountain, what could Carolyn do?

She definitely needed to take the 3rd duel!

Rennes Stuart had already stood up. This was most likely the greatest predicament Stuart had faced in this CHF!

For the sake of suppressing the entire match or to maintain his status, Mo Wen would definitely grace the stage before Carolyn does. Now among the 2 remaining members left of the Heaven's Fate bench, Mo Ling was the greater threat. However, earlier before the start of this match, Stuart had already made preparations to counter Mo Ling via the means of various kinds of strategical and tactical analysis. Being a half-soldier and half-heavy soldier, every single one of his combat techniques and style, habits and other aspects could be countered by Rennes. His Air attribute special ability would also be able to absolutely suppress the activation of the latter's 4 Beastial spirits...

Therefore, Stuart with their 4 Mo's List rankers still possessed the advantage in this duel. Carolyn really didn't believe that the other members of the Heaven's Fate squadron possessed the same level of strength as Stuart's mainstays. Nevertheless, Carolyn's eyes suddenly narrowed.

It wasn't Mo Ling that stood up from the Heaven's Fate's bench. was Mo Shang!

Frankly speaking, Mo Shang basically had no presense before this match. There were many among the audience that were unfamiliar with his name. It had to be said that although he was able to become Heaven's fate's mainstay ranged soldier and sent up to the stage, Mo Shang's strength… truly ordinary, especially in the face of Rennes. The latter's air and fire attribute combination special abilities were frightening, and more so his combat techniques. He was also the captain of the Stuart squadron that had won the CHF championship a year ago. In the face of one of the 5 great Mo's list ranged soldiers, Mo Shang's status was instantly lowered. Naturally, this should be the arranged by the Heaven's Fate squadron to take a loss in order to gain an overall victory for this match. After all, they were up against Stuart. It was impossible for them to completely counter their opponents.

A possible reason for they not choosing to send Mo Ling up might be due to Stuart being too familiar with his combat styles and habits. At the same time, there was also the possible reason of counter him via an opposing combat occupation. However, how would a mere Mo Shuang be capable of dealing with Rennes?

In an instant, cheers and shouts erupted from the audience, as everyone could no longer control themselves. Heaven's Fate's style was simply too similar to that of Tianjing, in that both of them would not stick to any sense of orthodoxy.

"Tsk tsk. Any guesses will definitely be flipped around! They'll ever be predicted! This really is extremely similar to you Tianjing guys."upon opening his mouth, Noriba's words were rather casual and smooth. "That's right. They're Heaven's Fate, you're Tianjing. There's only one different word." ( 天极 is Heaven's Fate in chinese. 天京 is Tianjing in chinese. There's only one chinese character in difference)

"What does it have to do with this? Looks like they're planning to preserve their strength for the group battle." Ma Dong smiled and replied. "Truthfully speaking, Heavens' Fate is slightly scary."

The shock factor brought about by Napier Mo's Shadow Dance was truly too great.

On the contrary, Wang Zhong and Vladimir did show any intention of having any merry chat as they continued to watch match. As the noisy hum of voices rang out across the stadium, the 2 participants for the 3rd duel.

With his guns holstered at his waist, Rennes stood with a rather relaxed stance. Standing opposite him, Mo Shang appeared more upright in his posture, with both of his runic pistols already drawn out. Staring with unblinking eyes at his opponent, he awaited solemnly for the start of the match.

A… slightly reserved fellow.

A frown appeared on Rennes face. He wasn't feeling down due to how reserved his opponent was. Instead, it was more of a strange feeling he was getting when looking at the latter, yet he wasn't able to pin it to a any particular source.

The Stuart Family's intelligence network was considered to be rather accurate and detailed. However, they were still lacking in their ability to investigate into the depths of the Mo Family. Within the entire Federation, no one was able to compare to the Mo Family in terms of information and counter survelliance. This was how they made a living by. There was a saying that goes by "Don't challenge other people's profession with your interest."

Stuart had only the littlest of little information with regards to Mo Shang. In fact, this fellow had not once represented the Mo Family as their ranged soldier to step onto the stage. From his name, they believed that he was one of the younger generation members of the main Mo Family lineage. However, was the Mo Family making fun of people by making such a selection? Rennes found it slightly hard to believe that theory.

He proceeded to give a slight nod to show respect towards this freshman ranged soldier, before placing her left hand at his waist. Despite still having not unholstered his gun, the smell of gunpowder had already started to perfuse into the atmosphere.

Competition start!

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

iIt was still too early to talk about his combat tactics, but his Soul Power appeared to be rather abundant from a prelimary view.

Fiery tongues jump to left from the barrel of his runic pistols as Soul Power bullets screamed across the stage in succession, showing their ample explosive power for all to see.

Ranged soldier VS ranged soldier. Frankly speaking, it was a contest of awareness, a test of positions and a competition of mental attitude and viciousness.

Even though the stage was wide and spacious, with no where to hide, it wasn't too hard for a top class range soldier to evade the bullets of a regular runic pistol with their strength and eyesight. If one really wanted to take down an opponent of this caliber, one would definitely not be able to rely sole of the speed and explosiveness of one's bullets. In stead, it was more on the constrction of one's opponent's position, as well as the speed and accurary of successive attacks.

Mo Shang's opening few shots could be considered as above standard, and was of an outstanding degree for a ranged soldier. However, it was still quite far of a way off from the apex.

His bullet patterns were sufficiently accurate. Without talking about that, Renne was able to tell the deadspots and weaknesses of the incoming bullet rain from just the sounds formed as they flew through the air. 

The answer was very simple.

Renne's body appeared to move and sway at the same time his opponent started to fire his gun. His accurate judgement of Mo Shang's bullet flight paths caused him to appear extremely calm and unpeturbed as he dodged all of them.

Among the graceful and easy actions came his counter attack.

His hipfiring action had somewhat of a Alasi-like style. Perhaps he wasn't as fast as the latter, nor was he as graceful and elegant. Nonetheless, as he flashed about and dodged mid air, his guns had already started firing, launching out a barrage of bullets right of an action movie clip. As they shot out, they travelling with eye blinding tragectories, before sealing Mo Shang off from any paths of scape! 

"Awesome!" Alasi could not help but to sigh in admiration. Being one of the 5 great Mo's List ranged soldiers, there weren't many people that were stronger than him in the understanding of heated weapons.

The scatter shot Thor number 1 doesn't have any predictable spread pattern. Furthermore, it was known well for its unpredictable and irregular level of firepower. However, in Rennes's hand, even though it still have the same unpredictable kind of bullet path, he was actually able bring it to new heights. As he flipped around at high speeds, the bullets unleashed by his gun drew spiral shaped patterns as they travelled through the air. The originally unpredictable bullet paths was now controlled by him as easy as moving his fingers about.

At this moment, Galen, who was seated not far away from the stage, had already narrowed his beady little eyes as he stared tightly at the fight happening before him. He did not care one single bit of whether Stuart or Heaven's Fate wins at the end. On the contrary, he was genuinely interesting in the true strength of Rennes, on of the super MVPs of this CHF. Indeed, the latter did not disappoint, as he had shown an outstanding performance right at the beginning of the fight!

The little bit of firepower Mo Shang had opened this fight with was utterly no different from a 3 year old hammering away at an adult, before becoming completely overwhelmed by Rennes's counterattack.

In what seemed like an instant, the initiator had turned into the defensive. At this moment, Mo Shang no longer had any chance of launching a counterattack as he retreating rapidly as he evading the incoming rain of bullets.

At the very least, Mo Shang should be a quasi Mo's List expert. However, it only took a single exchange to show how helpless he was in the current fight.

Having reached this stage after a single bout of exchange, the word "suppressed" was no longer sufficient to describe the disparity between the 2 of them. When the disparity between 2 fighters of the same occupation becomes sufficiently large, absolute suppression would immediately form. Mo Wen was genuinely mistaken about this duel.

Complete judgement and control over his bullets' flightpaths. In an instant, the crazed shouts of the Stuart fans rose by 2 notches, appearing to have lost all control over themselves in the process.

However, one could imagine how much of a momentum Stuart would gain if they were to take this duel. If Heaven's Fate sends Mo Wen for the next duel, Carolyn would be able to dodge the dangerous bullet and skip the next duel. This would allow Stuart to gain victory in the last duel and thereby bring this match into the group battle phase. If Heaven's Fate sends Mo Ling up, Carolyn could immediately go up. Despite Mo Ling leaving an extremely deep impression when he had defeated Divian, among the 4 Heavenly Kings, Carolyn's status was clearly a notch higher Divian in the hearts of the Federation's citizens.

In fact, Mo Wen was slightly too stable. Therefore, Stuart would have chances if Mo Ling's the one she had to face up against.

"The critical moment still requires the old general to stabilize!"

"That Mo Shang's actions are quite deft, and he's got a good speed. He's actually able to evade those attacks."

"Rennes is only restricting his movements, and not wanting to end his life. With how miserable his opponent is, I feel that it would take one minute, 2 tops to end this."

This was a rather high estimation of Rennes.

Bang Bang Bang...

Just as lively debates sprung up within the audience, with no more than 2 minutes since the start of the fight, Mo Shang had already been struck, Faced against the barrage of attacks from a genuine ranged soldier, he had immediately be beating back to square one. If it was that easy to evade Rennes's shots, the ranged soldier occupation would have already gone extinct.

Chest, abdomen, heart, and even head. The scattered bullets possessed extremely high penerative effect, allowing them to pierce through everything they struck!
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    《Battle Frenzy》