Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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597 Simply...

This was a genuine see-through! In fact, everyone could see 4 visible bullet wounds appearing on Mo Shang's body.

"We've won!"

"That's too early to say!"

All of a sudden, Renne's eyes narrowed.

Although his bullets had penetrated his opponent, why were there no blood oozing out from the holes? In fact, he couldn't even sense the blurring of flesh and blood that would always happen when bullets impact flesh! All of the bullet wounds orderly, and too slick! That doesn't seem like human flesh at all! On the contrary, they appear like...liquid!

Hua hua hua...

Just as those thoughts appeared in Rennes's head, Mo Shang's entire body "caved" in, before appearing to melt into the ground.

Rennes's gaze instantly turned biting cold, as he had never seen or heard of such special ability before. He could sense a water attribute special ability within. However, it definitely wasn't any ordinary water attribute special ability. He never heard od any one with the special ability to melt into the ground, moreover that the granite floor of the stage was considerably hard and solid.

At this moment, a translucent liquid-like male head surfaced from the ground, his piercing eyes aiming right at Rennes, observing the latter with a rampant and unbridled manner! 

Everyone knew that the Mo Family had unleashed yet another big move. Letting a duel go? That's absolutely a lie. How could a person possessing a Divinized water attribute special ability be used as an exchange piece?

Divinized Water attribute special ability---Dissolvable Body!

It could meld with various kinds of materials, and transforming into a liquid-like form of that material. In simplier terms, he could pass through walls, travel through the ground, and was basically a freak that couldn't be defended against. Furthermore, he would also be exceedingly strong in actual combat!

A rather ugly expression appeared on Rennes's face.

He's been had!

Stuart had always felt that they were making counter picks against the Mo Family. However, in reality, they had been countering themselves in their selection!

Passing through walls and travelling under the ground was already sufficiently scary. What's more frightening was that it would be extremely hard to injure him with physical attacks. How would a ranged soldier who depended on physical attacks be able to fight him?

At this moment, Galen started to stroke his thin whisker-like moustache. Due to his poison attribute special ability, he clearly wasn't afraid of Mo Shang and his Dissolving Body ability. Being able to meld into material did not equate to being able to be immune to poison gas. Alasi too wasn't afraid, as he had his Dimensional Void Mouth that could devour anything liquid-like up. However, this wasn't a good situation for Rennes.

"Air explosion---Heaven Falls Earth Rends!"

Finally noticing what was amiss, Rennes could only turn his hopes to his air and fire attribute fusion special ability. The Soul Power surging out from his body reach its apex, before a ferocious special ability formed impact instantly congealed and took shape above Mo Shang's puddle-like body!

Appearing just like a cloud, or a spatial domain, endless gaseous explosions mixed with fire causing massive and chaotic shock and air pressure waves to surge across the entire region!

A terrifying attack filled with fighting power!

This was Renne's all out attack! Despite being focused towards the ground, with the front row audience seated 100 over metres away from the stage, the power and might of his attack could be amply felt by everyone within the stadium! Even the entire stadium started to shake and tremble from its might!

During the instant Renes launched his attack, Mo Shang's head had already disappeared from view. Everything within his surroundings was subjected to the indiscriminate explosions from Rennes special ability attack, with the ground being smashed into smithereens. Yet, Mo Shang had alrady disappeared without a trace.

He had instantly submerged his body deep down into the ground upon sensing the incoming attack. Although he might not be an outstanding ranged soldier, his special ability allowed him become extremely viable in many different combat senarios. Although might not defeat his opponent, there truly wasn't anyone that could deal with him if he was to devote all of his energy into fleeing.

 Renne's expression immediately froze upon hearing the faint scuttling sounds ringing out from the ground, before all of his attention towards observing his surroundings. At this moment, his opponent could pop out at any place and time!

Mo Shang had taken the initiative and launched an attack!

Being an assassin in the past, he had switched occupations to a ranged soldier only due to the Mo Family being short handed in the ranged department. This was coupled by his fighting style, which was focused towards a shooting-unarmed combat. Although he was extremely talented, he was indeed not as strong as the other members of the Heaven's Fate squadron. There's no such thing as a perfect human being. Nevertheless, he had chosen many counter-combat techniques while displaying his agility and deftness. This made him look like an amateur with his earlier exchange, as from the very beginning, he had never intended to contest with Rennes in a game of long ranged combat.

As for close distance combat, there's no one that could beat Heaven's Fate's Mo Wen. Even Napier Mo was in contention with the former. Any kind of attack would have a weakness that could be exploded during the start of their execution sequence. This weakness would become life-threatening in the face of a Shadow Dancer. As for the rest, however, Mo Shang had a certain level of confidence in putting up a fight against them.

Rennes's mental focus had already reached peak vigiliance state. Despite travelling under the ground, Mo Shang wasn't able to escape Rennes's detection. Furthermore, his ample experience gave him to composure allowed him to remain calm headed in the face of this opponent of his.

He cannot let Mo Shang draw close!

Rennes flashed across the stage. Being the MVP of the previous CHF finals, his terrifying firepower and fusion special ability weren't the only outstanding traits he possessed, as his movement techniques were also considerably outstanding. However, the question was that due to Mo Shang's continous evasion beneath the ground, it was extremely taxing for Rennes to keep up such a high level of mental perception. This chaotic running was completely useless, as Mo Shang would not make a rash offensive.

That special ability was definitely dope. However, what's more frightening was the time he was able to hide underground. This definitely wasn't a low grade special ability, as he was able to move about gracefully underground like a bird in the air. Even Divinizized special abilities weren't able to do so.

Just as Rennes halted his footsteps, a foreboding feeling appeared. Before the next second had elapsed, fire and lightning rumbled out as the ground exploded apart, as Rennes unleashed a vicious attack. Even if it was mutually assured destruction, he would not let his opponent have his way!

However, Mo Shang, who had just unleashed his attack, had disappeared once again. This was the fundamental strength of the Mo Family members. Being one of them, there was no use in the comparison of talent, as everyone within the Mo Family equated their fundamental combat capabilities to hard training. Even if they possessed Divinized Water attribute special ability, they still had to possess endurance. Truthfully speaking, anyone of them would become impressive existences standing at the apex if they were placed in any other squadron. However, every single member of the Mo Family was exceedingly calm headed and modest. This was the style of the Mo Family.

Even Rennes could not help but to unleash his special ability. Despite definitely possessing a higher level of endurance than Mo Shang, the latter had already disappeared. He wasn't an idiot. However, just as he unleashed his attack, he felt his legs turn weak, just as though the ground beneath them had turned into water. As his entire body started to sink, Rennes reacted quickly by starting to burst his Soul Power out, only to discover 2 hands grabbing hold of his feet! Furthermore, they proceeded to pick some kind of acupressure point, causing his body to instantly turn weak. In that split second change, his entire body had already been dragged into the ground.

Whoosh...a black figure suddenly rushed out from the ground, before all of the liquid turned illusionary. Upon leaping out, the black figure disappeared, while the ground returned back to normal.

As for Rennes, who had been pulled into the ground, his entire body had already been embedded into the ground. Only the top half of his helpless head was abover the ground, precisely right above his nostrils.

He really wanted to struggle. Although he was a ranged soldier, with his Soul Power exploding out at full blast, it wasn't difficult for him to extricate himself from this situation. However, that was only just a pipe dream, as just as he was able to do so, 2 jet black gunbarrels had already appeared right beside his temples.

At this position and distance. It would only take the pull of a trigger to destroy him. Even a god or an immortal would not survive such a close ranged attack. As surging Soul Power stopped circulating, Rennes shook his head and revealed a bitter smile. His opponent had already shown mercy. If not, he would have been pull all the way down into the ground.

Helpless, despair, powerful! This was the Heaven's Fate squadron!

A Mo Shang, a completely obscure fellow, who was presumed to be the weakling among the Heaven's Fate squadron, had turned out to be such a frightening existence.

3rd duel, Heaven's Fate, Mo Shang, victory!
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    《Battle Frenzy》