Battle Frenzy
598 Mo Wen“s fist vs. Carolyn“s sword 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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598 Mo Wen“s fist vs. Carolyn“s sword 2 in 1

3 : 0!

When this score appeared on the large screens, even the Heaven's Fate fans felt incredulous by what they saw.

A terrifying Mo Family that possessed unfathomable strengths and powers! Never in their wildest dreams that people expect such a series of events! Both squadrons were supposed to be evenly matched, yet such a large disparity had just appeared before their very eyes!

The people seated in the VIP podium also appeared to be slightly surprised by this outcome, bending their heads together in whispered discussion. Regardless of the Federation or the empires, the people from both sides had clearly recognized the might Stuart possessed. However, being on a 0:3 deficient was no different from them being the subject of an utter beating!

After a temporary bout of silence, the ordinary laymen in the audience and the Skylink finally exploded out.

This time, all of them had gone completely high!!

Stuart, which was universally recognized to be the strongest squadron in the CHF, was now in a 0:3 deficient! Furthermore, Heaven's Fate's strongest, Mo Wen has yet to grace the stage! If this match ends up in a clean sweep, who would be more emotional and delighted than Heaven's Fate fans! In fact, this wasn't just a clean sweep, as there's Mo Ling that have yet to grace the stage! Standing in the position as Heaven's Fate's vice captain, he had already displayed results that triumph Divian!

This was a clear and utter suppression!

Too strong, too strong!

"Why do I feel that I've just witnessed a fake semi final…"

"Are the Mo Family going to defy the heavens? Stuart's getting their asses whipped? They have 4 Mo's List rankers!"

"The Mo's List doesn't represent everything, kid!"

"That's right! Rather than talking about the Mo's List, why not talk about how the Mo Family being the number 1 in the Federation!"

"All hail Heaven's Fate! All hail the invincible Mo!"

The berserk cries from the excited Heaven's Fate fans were so loud it threatened to blow the roof of the stadium right of its hinges!

Comparatively, the Stuart fan region on the opposing end was so quite one could hear a pin drop!

However, they were still not willing to give up hope, as the thirst and radiance for victory still sparkled within their eyes.

There's still one more duel left!

Everyone's gaze was already focused on Carolyn.

Stuart had already been forced to the edge of the cliff. Now, only she could rescue Stuart from this predicament!

The attention and silence of countless Stuart fans in the surroundings were a stark contrast with the rampant and unbridled cheers and roars from the Heaven's Fate fans.

At this moment, Stuart had already lost the power to pull this match in a win for them. With 3 of the Mo's List rankers being defeated, even if Carolyn manages to grab a win, their last mainstay was definitely incapable of defeating Mo Ling.

However, so what?

Carolyn closed her eyes slightly as she took a deep breath.

Regardless of position or location, a wise person would always engage in matters that would be befitting of one's status. This was the family value that Carolyn was instilled with since young.

Despite differing stages and situation, she would always meet them with the same unwavering face and expression. In fact, so does the aura she radiated from her entire being.

A qualified leader must be able to put on an act, and the highest realm in acting would be total engrossment into the role. One one was truly able to enter that realm, it could no longer be classified as an act.

Carolyn was just the kind of person.

On the meeting table, she was a politician. Regardless of how unprecedented or sudden a situation was, she would always maintain a faint smile of confidence on her face while making swift and decisive moves. From the beginning to the end, she would always position herself as an onlooker, not bringing any emotion why keeping the faint smile of an expression needed by anyone with genuine power.

By the side of this stage, she was the captain of the Stuart squadron. Regardless of how much of a disadvantageous situation she was in, she would need to maintain an absolutely cool mind, as well as rational thoughts, judgement and responses.

However, the second she steps onto the stage, she was a soldier! A soldier that was filled to the brim with thirst for victory, heroism and being unfettered!

The long breathes gradually turned into silence.

Upon opening her eyes, worry and rationalism had completely disappeared from Carolyn's eyes, being replaced by a wild-like overbearingness!

Stuart could lose, but definitely not by a clean sweep!

When the monarch descends from the heavens, he would submit everyone before him!

There was no need for any words or actions. The mere sight of her gaze was already capable of causing all of the depressed Stuart fans to submit to her!

She was without a doubt the youth with the greatest influence within the Federation, the Federation's princess! She was capable of causing experts like Rennes and Yi Luo to willingly submit to her! She was the absolute genius of the Stuart Family that had inherited the "way of the sword" from the sword saint, Benja!

That's right, she was the main character for today's match!

Having turned silent after 3 successive losses, the Stuart fans immediately turned berserk upon seeing Carolyn with such force they almost appeared as they were trying to vent all of their disappointment and anger from the previous duels out! Not only that, all of the audience watching this match, be it in the stadium or outside, and in fact within the entirety of Stuart City had all turned high!

She was Stuart's queen! Their queen!

Carolyn had graced the stage!

What kind of reaction Heaven's Fate would show?

Without a shred of hesitation, Mo Wen stood up. In fact, he had already stood up before Carolyn graced the stage, and that wasn't solely due to him giving ample respect to Stuart.

Fighting against the strongest experts. This was Mo Wen's true intention for joining this CHF.

There was no need for any cool and awesome way to grace the stage.

The 2 of them stepped onto the stage at seemingly the same time, before simultaneously coming to a halt at their starting positions.

There was no intense collision of auras happening on stage. Instead, they merged together solemnly into a single unit, being as calm as an ocean and a deep valley.

The entire scenery appeared to come to a standstill, as the 2 on stage exchanged glances.

In an instant, the entire stadium turned high. This was definitely the collision between the apexes, the highest of showdowns!

Indeed, Wang Zhong had rose abruptly in fame and popularity. However, over the past few years, there were only 2 youths that had the greatest influence within the Federation, Carolyn and Mo Wen! Regardless of prestige or status, All Mouthy King could only appear as the challenger in their faces!

Not a single shred of restraint was given by the people within and outside of the stadium as they roared and cheered! The Skylink was filled with extraordinary liveliness, with various kinds of rampant banners being raised and chanted as the live viewership broken the 2.3 million!

All of the CHF participants present in the stadium were also extremely excited. Finally! It has arrived! This was definitely the showdown that they had been desperately anticipating! There will definitely have many, many awesome things for them to see in this fight! Everyone has been waiting for this for a very, very long time!

Wang Zhong and Vladimir have now focused all of their attention towards the stage. Just like the others, this showdown was also extremely important to the 2 of them, as one of them would have to face the winner of this match. While others were here for the liveliness, they held this fight to the utmost importance.

Without a doubt, the 2 currently standing on the stage represented the highest standard of the Federation's younger generation. Their fight will definitely bring about a lot of new comprehensions for people of Wang Zhong and Vladimir's level.

As of now, everyone has an even greater impression of Mo Wen. Despite any absence of pretentiousness, everyone was truly too shocked by his performance in his duel against Karl, especially towards the ease he had shown to obtain victory. This caused people to feel sense his unfathomable level of strength. He basically more of a freak than someone of their age group! This was also coupled by the spicy performances Heaven's Fate had shown in this match. Since he was able to lead this group of geniuses and make them so "obedient", exactly how frightening of a fellow this Mo Wen was?

Naturally, despite how great their impressions were on him, there was only a slight advantage for him on the polls. It was possible for Carolyn to defeat him. In fact, the possibility wasn't small.

Despite having yet to mature when he crossed hands with Carolyn in the past, Wang Zhong was still able to sense the unfathomable level of strength, which wasn't too far off when compared to Mo Wen.

In anycase, the entire Stuart squadron was walking down the special ability path. Being their captain, how would Carolyn not have any similar kinds of killing moves? Wang Zhong definitely doesn't believe that she would use the quasi Soul Domination combat technique she had unleashed on him before. Naturally, that move was already sufficiently powerful by its own right.

Within the Casted Soul Stage, special abilities and talent like that of Carolyn's would generally be sufficient to allow one to sweep the entire floor of all opposition. However, it was possible for anything to happen when people of such similar realm match up against each other!

Furthermore, this fight seemed to be a dummy run for tomorrow's match!

The peak of combat techniques and martial arts, against the peak of special ability talent!

Vladimir and Wang Zhong's eyes gleamed with thick interest and excitement. To completely different combat styles were about to clash. Exactly what kind of a showdown the 2 on stage would show to the world?

An apex showdown was about to happen!

The 2 on stage proceeded to into a completely engrossed yet serene state. At this moment, they had completely zoned out berserk sounds coming from the surroundings, just as though they had entered into another world. Everything happening on the outside was of no concern to them. In this world, there was only the 2 of them!

This feeling that was born between the 2 of them proceeded to propagate out, forming an invisible aura that slowly expanded out to every corner of the stadium.

Upon coming into contact with this aura, people immediately felt the incomparably noisy din around them suddenly disappear. The crazed roars of their compatriots and fans of both squadrons had also disappeared. In fact, they were even unable to hear their own voice, as though they had suddenly lost the concept of self. All of their thoughts and consciousness had been pulled into the world where only those 2 on the stage existed. Looking at the vast spacious world before their eyes, they only thing they could see was the 2 people on stage staring right at each other.

This strange and peculiar feeling, as well as the shocking way that it was transmitted caused all of the viewing galleries to gradually turn silent.

Not only did the laymen in the audience and top class participants like Wang Zhong feel this, even many of the people within the VIP podium could feel it. The whispers and merry chatter had already stopped stopped, with everyone being completely engrossed by the 2 youths on stage.

Genuine experts were capable of merging with the natural laws of the world with every movement they make. There were a few among the Heavenly Soul Stage experts that were even capable of reaching the legendary "commanding nature with one's words". Although the 2 on stage were young and of the Casted Soul Stage, they were already able to merging with nature to such a degree with their concentration and the absence of Soul Power, special ability or other talents! There were only a handful of such experts present in the Federation, with them being on an unprecedented realm that have yet to be seen within the past CHFs!

It was extremely rare for Solomon to spend time waiting for anything. However, the 2 people on stage now were mostly likely the best representative of the highest standard of the Federation's younger generation. This caused a faint smile to appear at the corner of his mouth. Despite the Federation's academies and their lack of life or death training, he did not underestimate the standard of the Federation. Nevertheless, as they had inherited more systems from the olden eras. This led them to have much more choices than the other empires, where one would typical just train in what one excelled in. This made him extremely interested as to exactly how what realm Carolyn was in. One's training path would always have some connections with one's character and personality. For the sake of the Kaiser Empire, he hoped for there to the Federation's younger generation to be like Gui Hao, as that meant that the rise of the empires would not be a far off dream anymore.

Naturally, Solomon was paying more attention to the intent behind this CHF. His dandelions were extremely successful in their runs in this CHF, therefore he hoped to reap the benefits from them.

On the stage, Carolyn slowly unsheathed her sword. This was an all too ordinary runic sword, with the only ornation being the silvery snowflake Stuart insignia engraved on its sheath. The Stuart Family was not lacking in the Divine Weapon department. However, genuine experts would never rely on their weapons to obtain victory.


Upon unsheathing her sword, with a slight flick of her wrist, a clear dragon-like roar rang out from her vibrating sword. Although it wasn't loud, the sound instantly swept across the entire stage!

As all of this happened, Mo Wen continued to stand at his original position, with his hands by his side. Without a doubt, Stuart's sword arts and the Mo Family's fist techniques were the number one of their kind under the heavens!

In reality, the Mo Family's Mo studies were an incorporation of fist, palm and finger techniques, as well as the usage of blades, spears, swords and other types of cold weapons. However, the strongest Mo Family expert for each generation would typically not choose to use any weapons, as their bodies were their strongest weapons!

On the other side, Stuart's sword arts have been universally recognized as the number one sword arts under the heavens for the past 1-2 hundred years! It was powerful in its offense, ferocious and overbearing!

However, despite being unarmed against a longsword, no one spoke anything on the subject of which side had the advantage or disadvantage. Both parties were the number one under the heavens for their respective domains. Their strongest experts have never genuinely clashed in public since the past 1-2 hundred years! However, today, they were placed in a situation where that needed to happen.


The bangs from Soul Power surging forth broke the absolute silence between the 2 of them.

An aura formed by Soul Power erupted from Carolyn's body. Just like a blaze being fed with fuel, it continued to expand out, engulfing her entire body!

Faced against this surging aura, Mo Wen showed not a single shred of hesitation as a similar surge of Soul Power exploded forth from him. Unlike the restraint he had shown in the previous matches, his aura flooded the stage.

Soul Power from both sides rapidly rose in might, before reaching the peak of the Casted Soul Stage in the next instant!

They never exceeded 200 Grassos. However, the feelings people got from them were completely different from any ordinary expert at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. Even laymen were able to see with their eyes the sparkling blazes surging out the 2 like brilliant flames, formed via Soul Power and dancing about with considerably realistic and stable movements!

As for experts like Wang Zhong who were extremely sensitive to the frequency and amplitude of Soul Power, they were able to see that Carolyn and Mo Wen's Soul Power frequency and amplitude had already flattened out, appearing just like a straight line that would forever remain at the peak!

Quite a few of the experts that could feel this could not help but sigh in admiration.

Being able to bring one's Soul Power to such a stable yet explosive manner, while accomplishing it with such ease! This was no longer on the level of having strong Soul Seas or how strong one can radiate their Soul Power! This were clear representations of how incomparably stable their Soul Seas were, and how incomparably vast their volumes were! Just like how like the volume of air one's lungs could expel in a single breath, Carolyn and Mo Wen were capable of exhaling many times over what others could do, and this wasn't even an exaggeration of their capabilities!

With there being so many people at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, why was there any use to forcefully remain at this realm? Everything was done so just to reach such a realm! An ultra stable peak output was the peak of the peak that one could achieve in the Casted Soul Stage! Not only would one be extremely powerful, it would also allow one to accomplish future matters with greater ease!

Clearly, Mo Wen and Carolyn had already reached this peak!

A faint smile appeared on Mo Wen's face.

In the next second, without any warning.

Carolyn and Mo Wen took action at the same instant. There was no acting present in their actions. Both of them were experts at the apex of the younger generation. At the instant where onlookers were unable to understand or feel, the 2 had already gained a complete grasp and understanding of when to attack!

The entire stage exploded!

In a split second, the flash that had insta-killed Dicaprio appeared!

Carolyn's body had just disappeared from her original position!

Mo Wen managed to take a step forwards before Carolyn's sword had already reached his body.

 The chilling glint radiating of her sword showed people how sharp it was. The match had just started, yet an insta-kill move had already been executed!
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    《Battle Frenzy》