Battle Frenzy
599 Radiant Goddess 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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599 Radiant Goddess 2 in 1

This was a insta-kill that could not be explained with any humanly possible speed. Before this match, there were people that tried to use dimensional space as a reason to explain this. However, that was clearly not the case, as the surveillance equipment present in that match showed no traces of any spatial fluctuations!


With a speed faster than the incoming sword tip, Mo Wen took a step back and did a reverse plank.

The sword tip whooshed past his face.

Having missed, Carolyn twisted her wrist around. Although her forward momentum had come to a stop, the runic sword in her hand proceeded to chop down!


2 iron-like palms clapped together fiercely, forming an iron vice-like clamp onto the runic sword that was inches away from chopping down onto his face!

The strength of the palms and the Soul power contained within the runic sword tugged at each other for a short instant. Using her locked up sword as an anchor, Carolyn pulled her body forwards. Like a crack of lightning, her left hand flashed forwards, sending 2 fingers right at Mo Wen's eyes.

Not a shred of care was shown by Mo Wen towards the incoming finger stab. Without loosening his vice on her runic sword, he moved his entire balance onto a single leg while sending his left leg sweeping out!

A powerful kick that whipped up winds like a hurricane came sweeping over! Eyes flashing with Soul Power, Carolyn instantly changed from offense to defense, pulling her left hand back to defend against the incoming kick!


A massive bang rang out, as visible shockwaves expanded out where Carolyn's left hand and Mo Wen's left leg made contact. As the shockwaves blasted out, the massive rebounding force sent both of them back a number of metres.

Tap tap!

Before the audience in the surroundings, with their mouths wide open, could regain their shock from what they had just seen, the 2 had already proceeded to lunge towards each other right after their feet touched the ground!

A chilling glow flashed across Carolyn's eyes, as her runic sword transformed into tens of thousands of shades!

These shades also included Carolyn's figure!

When people unleash a quick sword strike, their swords were the only things that were moving quickly. However, in Carolyn's case, not only was her sword fast, she moved even faster! In other words, "greater number of shades"!

Countless "sparkling" Carolyns appeared before Mo Wen. They weren't doppelgangers or illusions, but just remnant shades being left behind due to the continuous change in directions!

The combat movement technique, shukuchi was clearly not restricted to being used for sudden attacks. On the contrary, that was just its basic usage. What Carolyn was showing was its complete version!

Countless Carolyns, countless quick sword!

At this moment, reality and illusion had been blurred. With the continuous usage of shukuchi, each and every Carolyn and sword could be the real deal!

Since it was the case, let's destroy all of them!

Moving his hands in a circular fashion, a Soul Power wave started to congeal before him, spinning about before forming a white aura around him.

In a split second, the circle that he had used to deal with Karl had already been displayed to its maximum strength! No! For the 2 on stage, such an eruption appeared to have no meaning at all, as even they were able to obtain a constant 200 Grassos while prepping their attacks. For people of their realm, it was an all out eruption of their Soul Power for every single second fighting on the battlefield!

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The weakness of the quicksword lay in its lack of toughness. In contrast, the white circular aura Mo Wen radiated possessed an incomparably tough and solid defence. In its face, the sharp sword stabs were shattered like glass in the face of a rock, all of them being blocked and repelled.

Despite this loss, not a single bit of fluster or panic appeared in Carolyn's eyes. Raising her sword, the remnant shades flashing about came to a rest. The tens of thousands of Carolyns proceeded to disappear, while the layers upon layers of sword shades instantly condensed into a single body.

As they compounded together, the sword shades brought along an intense vibrational effect, causing the final sword strike to possess incomparable might as it smashed head on against Mo Wen's circular aura!


Yet another terrifying bang rang out, as massive shockwaves expanded once again between the 2. Carolyn's runic sword was smashed back, while Mo Wen's circular aura was shattered, as both parties were sent stumbling back by the intense rebounding force.

Reacting quickly, Mo Wen twisted his hands towards his back, before giving a fierce slap towards the ground. This...too fierce, too strong!

The laymen in the audience weren't able to understand the gains and losses in that exchange. In fact, they weren't even able to see what had happened! However, experts like Wang Zhong were able to see how incomparably powerful the impact was. While people would generally choose to retreat with the aid of the rebounding force, Mo Wen had actually ate all of them with his hands! It was hard to imagine exactly how much force his hands had to output to counteract the rebounding force! A body that could endure that kind of force would be utterly frightening!


The gigantic power surged out from Mo Wen's hands. Without talking about the rebounding force, his body proceeded to shoot forwards! Kicking his legs in the air to increase his velocity, a ferocious whoosh rang out across the entire stadium!

Mo Family Art--33th move, Heaven-Flipping Kick!

Still hanging in the air, Carolyn had absolutely no way to dodge or evade. In an instant, Mo Wen appeared right before her, while his terrifying kick right about to smash into her waist!

That's not right! It passed through?

Gale Shukuchi!

The kick had passed through a remnant shade! Carolyn, whom everyone believed to be still hanging in the air, had already landed on the ground, with her sword piercing out!

Now, Mo Wen was the one hanging in the air, unable to dodge or evade away. However, with a forceful breath, he gave a kick out with his feet, which forcefully flipped his body into a standing position! While Carolyn had used her sword to change her position, Mo Wen had done the same thing using his legs!

Pa pa pa pa pa!

Countless explosions rang out, shockwaves rippling out as the 2 smashed into each other once again!

There was no more need for any Shukuchi or circular aura field. When experts of their realm clash, using the same moves repeatedly within a short amount of time would have adverse effects to their fight. Not only would one be unable to establish any momentum, it would cause one to be more readable by one's opponent. This would increase one's chances of being countered and psychologically suppressed!

Stuart's sword arts were known to be offense-orientated. In the eyes of its practitioners, the offense was the best defense, while the best offense being the death of one's opponents. Carolyn had clearly mastered this essence to perfection, as her various moves were fierce, sharp, and swift like a gale!

The Mo Family's martial arts prioritise balance, equal portions of softness and ferocity, offense within defense, and defense within offense. Among all of the grandmasters of defense within the Federation, no one would dare to proclaim themselves as being ahead of the Mo Family!

Mo Wen clearly was extremely proficient in his martial arts , as his bare naked sword grab has been trained to perfection. From time to time, his hands would appear as gentle as flowers, while so times, they would appear as hard and tough as steel, and as mighty as vices. The various movements he made in mid air coupled with the fierce and violent moves he had unleashed caused even those swordsman experts to feel their scalps turn numb!

If any other swordsman was up against Mo Wen, god knows how they would be destroyed by him. Only Carolyn was capable of going toe to toe with him. The Mo Family's martial arts have surpassed the level of any Soul Power-assisted strength. They had managed to fuse Soul Power and ancient martial arts to a seamless degree, causing their every move to possess astonishing lethality.

At this moment, a somewhat ugly expression appeared on Adam Galen's face. Being somewhat of a swordsman expert, the Western Fencing he had trained bitterly for 10 years was known for its ferocity, and was believed to be able to challenge any of the aristocratic families that had participated in this CHF. However, in the end, he was the one that was eliminated from this CHF. In the face of Mo Wen's frightening bare-naked sword grab, he might not be able to even last past 3 bouts! There were traces of Western Fencing present in Carolyn's sword arts. However, it had undergone too many transformations, resulting in the appearance being the only thing left of it. The essence of her sword arts had fused the advantages of other sword arts, while being more suitable with the usage of Soul Power.

Storm-like attacks came from one side, with the other being a water-tight defense!

The strongest spear against the strongest shield!

Countless people were in a daze by what they saw.

Bang Bang bang bang!

After a successive string of explosions created from the runic sword and Mo Wen's steel bar-like fingers colliding, both sides were knocked back. Right after being knocked back, Mo Wen dashed forward, sweeping his left leg out! Lowering her stance, Carolyn also proceeded to sweep her leg out!


A shockwave visible to the naked eye expanded out from their legs as their Soul Powers exploded outwards. Mo Wen was sent smashing into the ground from the massive rebounding force, taking 4 to 5 heavy steps back before stabilising himself.

On the other side, Carolyn was sent flying from the former's terrifyingly powerful kick. Flipping 7 to 8 times in the air, she retreated 10 metres away from the collision point, before landing gently on the ground.

The entire stadium turned deathly silent in response. The members of the Mo Family have trained their fists and legs to the very extreme. Being a girl, yet was able to match Mo Wen's force on this aspect showed exactly how outstanding Carolyn was. She was able launch fierce and powerful attacks, yet was still able to display the dexterity and deftness of a female. After the previous bout of exchanges, there was no change that could be spotted on her face, with her breathing still calm and stable! From the looks of it, it wouldn't be that easy to find the victor of this match.

Wang Zhong wasn't surprised at all. When one reaching a certain realm, one wouldn't be too poor in all aspects of combat, be it in special abilities or combat techniques. Of course, she definitely wasn't as capable in unarmed combat as Mo Wen. However, it wouldn't be easy to suppress her. The intricacies she had displayed so far was much, much more powerful than what she had displayed in their small exchange in Tianjing Academy's gravity room. Both fighters had near miraculous levels of control over their Soul power. Both of them were displaying only 70% percent of their full strength while attempting to gain a detailed picture of their opponent's strength. As long as one of them showed even the tiniest bit of a weakness, the other would immediately retaliate with a storm-like flurry of attacks.

The frightening attacks continued to explode out on the stage, both of them unleashing them with extreme speed. However, all of a sudden, everything came to a stop.

Both of them didn't immediately retaliate, choosing to exchange glances from a distance, feel the current state of the other, all while calming down their breathing. In an instant, the collision of auras instantly spiked up, causing sparks to fly across the air!

Frankly speaking, the entire stadium had already turned deathly silent. Other than those great VIP figures whose realm far exceeded that of these youths, everyone within the VIP where long dumbfounded by the fight that was going on stage.

Exactly how fast were those exchanges going by? Exactly how many times have their offensive and defensive positions change? Furthermore, this fight was happening between 2 people who were only at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage!

Where they even humans?

Noriba gulped down his saliva. It was a rare sight for him to not be flippant. Although the 2 on stage were fighting at a level of strength he could match, he would need a least a second of rest before following up with the next attack. In contrast, those 2 freaks only needed half of that! Furthermore, they were able to maintain a successive chain of continuous bursts of attacks. Other than people of their realm, anyone else who really receive a whopping of a beating if they were to go up against them. As those thoughts appeared in his head, he shot a look at Wang Zhong and Vladimir seated near him. Clearly, these 2 people have thrown themselves into this fight. It was a pity that he himself was unable to do so, as his ego would be severely damaged should he really do so. Although he did not cross hands with any of them, Noriba, had a certain level of understanding about the disparity between himself and them.

Seated on the other side of the viewing gallery was Gui Xinying, whose eyes were now sparking with a complicated radiance.

During the quarter finals, the Gui Family had, under the promotion by Gui Hao, always told everyone, including countless media channels that Martial Ghost Divine Emperor possessed the strength sufficient to contend against Heaven's Fate and Stuart. Even Gui Xinying had once held confidence in that point.

However, after seeing Mo Wen and Carolyn's performances, Gui Xinying finally knew that Martial Ghost Divine Emperor truly didn't stand any chance at all. Perhaps, they might be able to put up a fight as a whole.However, there was quite a big disparity between the strength of their strongest members as well as their captains. Her brother's combat style was to rely on his talents. This was more than sufficient to show the disparity between him and the 2 currently on stage. After all, in terms of talent, how could the 2 on stage be any weaker than him? Even she herself wasn't able to match up with those 2! After all, she was still too tender and inexperienced, while the training of her physical body was lower by a notch. She definitely wasn't comparable to Mo Wen, as that person was a martial arts fanatic who trained himself crazily. However, it was truly inconceivable that Carolyn was able to match up with him on this aspect.

"Too, too strong, right?"

"Before I can even react, they've already fought a single bout? My head's spinning…"

"OMG! The number one unarmed combat expert under the heavens! Our almighty brother Mo Wen!"

"Carolyn! Carolyn! Goddess! Goddess!"

7 to 8 seconds of complete silence hung in the air after the 2 stopped fighting. After regaining their sense, a berserk explosion rung out across the entire stadium!

Everyone had turned high! Their cursory investigation was a feast to people's eyes! Techniques, power, speed, response! This was definitely the showdown of the strongest standard there is within this CHF!

A mad stadium, a mad Skylink!

Carolyn gave a faint smile in response. Despite not having any confidence when taking action, all of these was just a warm up for her. Naturally, her opponent too treated this as a warm up. From the very beginning, she had never expected to used such combat techniques to deal with Mo Wen. If she couldn't do it, there's no one else within the CHF that could do that!


With a slight twist of her wrist, she drew a circle with her runic sword. A peculiar glow radiated out from it, before her entire being blossomed with radiance!

She was about to use her full strength. There was no need to say, as everyone was exceedingly clear of how outstanding Carolyn's talent in her special ability was! However, everyone still could not help but to take a long breath.

Light attribute special ability!

Among all of the special abilities out there, the attribute special abilities of the 5 main elements were the most commonly seen, followed by darkness attribute, and the rarest of them all, the light attribute special ability!

Naturally, it being rare wasn't the only reason why people were astonished by what they say. Not only was it unique and powerful, it grants its wielder an immunity to poison, and has a natural defense against injuries. It has vast uses, and possesses a multitude of capable developmental transformations. There's no strict way one needed to train in it, while it was the nemesis of many special abilities. Now, glowing with light, Carolyn appeared even more grandiose and noble than ever. If the "goddess" chant was just a nickname that everyone had associated with them, Carolyn now appeared just like a real goddess. Standing tall and unapproachable, her status coupled with her appearance made her undoubtedly the number one beauty in the Federation! 

While sighing in admiration of her special ability, countless males within the audience could not help but to get bewitched by Carolyn.

On the contrary, Ma Dong puckered his mouth and said with a look of disdain, "Tsk. What goddess. She's still not as good looking as our Milami."

Hearing this, Milami could not help but laugh out in response as she rolled her eyes at him, her heart filled with the sweet taste of love. However, frankly speaking, she truly didn't dare to accompany him in this act of his. Although one or two witty remarks were alright, she truly didn't have any confidence to continue this.

Wang Zhong also laughed in response. He knew that Ma Dong had done in consideration of him. However, truth to be told, he had already extricated himself out from his first crush. In fact, he was currently experiencing an exceedingly peculiar feeling. At the beginning, he believed that she was his entire world, that it was worth it to even give up his life for her. However, that feeling had now dissipated, while he had sorted out his own emotions. Furthermore, Wang Zhong didn't know whether this feeling was good or bad for him. Nevertheless, it was a form of extrication for him, as he had finally realized that love was a meeting of fate, and might be childish, or naive. 

How would any youth dare to say that they understood what love was? Even after 10 years, they would not know what love truly is.

On the stage, the radiance blossoming from Carolyn's body had already encompassed her entire being. The radiance had started to take a substantial form. Under the support of her light attribute special ability, the ordinary runic sword appeared incomparably sharp. This came alongside her blossoming Soul Power, which appeared like an aura of suppression radiating in all directions, extremely domineering and incomparably overbearing!

Mo Wen made a slight drop in his centre of gravity. Although this was a slight change in his stance, it was a sign that his automatic defence was raised in response to detecting danger.
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    《Battle Frenzy》