Battle Frenzy
600 The might of the sword
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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600 The might of the sword


Sword glow blossomed out!

Without the need of shukuchi, Carolyn's figure shot forwards like a ray of light! Although there wasn't any formation of any remnant shades, she appeared to be even quicker and more powerful than before!

Fuck! That's basically faster than the universally recognized speed a Casted Soul Stage could move at!

The unique combat techniques of light attribute special ability users, Light Reflection Steps!

Not only was Carolyn moving at an extremely quick speed, the frighteningly intense rays of light blossoming from her blinded the eyes of countless onlookers. In fact, there wasn't even any use if one closed their eyes! The flashes of light were aimed at one's consciousness, and contained elements of a Spiritual Soul attack. Even if one shuts their eyes, one would still be able to immediately feel an intense bout of dizziness akin to what one would get from a piercing headache. This was the light attribute special ability! It causes the shukuchi combat move appear like a child's play, while its tyrannical brilliance brought about a king-like grandeur to surround Carolyn! 

The was the terror of being dominated!

Mo Wen's response towards Carolyn's attack had already reached the apex of perfection. It was supposed to be a perfect defence. However, he was stunned slightly by the intense rush of dizziness. With both of them being almost on par in terms of strength, that instance of hesitation and stoppage was more than sufficient to change the equilibrium present in this fight. In reality, Mo Wen, who had become habitualized to using his Heart's Eye to observe everything around him, was in a greater disadvantage against Carolyn's light attribute special ability than any ordinary people who used their eyes to see. Just like how a pungent smell would affect dogs more than humans due to their heightened sense of smell, the Spiritual Soul attacks had greater effect against people who used their Heart's Eye, which allowed them to become more sensitive to anything related to one's Spiritual Soul!


While barely being able to muster a defence, Mo Wen was already unable to mount a counterattack, forcing him to retreat back to make some distance between him and Carolyn!

However, against experts like Carolyn, that step back was already sufficient to allow her to capture all momentum for this fight!

One step back, will result in successive retreat!

A flurry of berserk sword shades instantly exploded forth across the stage!

Swish swish swish swish swish swish!

As light blossomed across the stage, as Carolyn would definitely not give up on such a victory leading chance. Her light attribute special ability would basically grant her a superior position to unleash the first attack. This was a decision granted by the heavens! Now, she really wanted to see exactly how Mo Wen would defend against her attacks! --Stuart's Radiant Sword Formation! -- 108 Sword Forms!

Every single sword strike was launched with her full power, with every single strike having enough power to end a life! Furthermore, each strike was followed up by a flash of light sufficiently capable of inducing dizziness! As the attacks continued to flow out, Carolyn appeared just like a miniature sun flashing about at lightning speeds. In the entire CHF, who could receive this move of hers?

What originally was an equilibrium was instantly broken to an utterly one-sided domination just from a single step back from Mo Wen!

Bang bang bang bang bang...

With a frosty gaze, Carolyn unleashed a nigh unstoppable rush. Mo Wen's defence was clearly suffering a pressure that he had never felt before, while his Heart's Eye had also finally met its match.

10 strikes, 20 strikes...

Mo Wen continued to remain as stable as Mount Tai against first 17 to 18 strikes. However, the berserk flurry of attacks headed his way caused him to become increasingly defensive, with every second ticking by causing his stance to crumble.

20 strikes, 30 strikes...

The circular aura started to sparkle once again as it mixed together with Mo Wen's flurry of deft hand movements. Hastily retreating, he unleashed various forms of blocks and parried in order to defend himself!

40 strikes, 50 strikes...

Maintaining his retreat, a blink of an eye was all it took for the 2 to stray from the centre of the stage into Mo Wen's side of the field.

60 strikes, 70 strikes!

Mo Wen's movements started to become rushed, while a sliver of change appeared in his stable, mountain-like defence, as though he was forced to increase his pace! This was a deviation to his always calm nature with control over everything he did!

80 strikes, 90 strikes!

His movements started to turn flustered, as even Mo Wen, who was universally known as the apex of combat techniques, appeared to be forced to his limits! No only could retreat at a faster pace than Carolyn's attack speed!

100, 101, 105, 107!

Terrifying brilliance blossomed as the successively revolving sword strikes had already exceeded the boundaries of speed. It appeared as though all of her brilliance had been condensed within the last few strikes of her move, as though tens of thousand of sword shades had overlapped and condensed together, causing their might to increase multiple-fold!


Despite putting nearly all of his strength into his hands, Mo Wen was unable to defend against the last strike. In that instant when the 3-fold circular aura made contact with the absolutely spectacular strike, Mo Wen's palms were smashed back from the resulting force, leaving him wide open! At the same moment, an invisible circular aura had reappeared as though it had formed out of thin air, creating a defensive perimeter before Mo Wen's chest! 

However, there's still one strike left!

The glow radiating out of Carolyn's eyes instantly reached their peak, so much so that the light spewing out could roast people with their brightness!

The runic sword in her hand proceeded to sparkle with incomparable brilliance. Despite having increased the strength of their runic array barrier 3-fold, the light still managed to penetrate through, leading to countless people among the audience to clutch their heads from the piercing pain in their eyes and roars ringing in their ears!

108th strike--Light Splitting Flash!


A splatter of blood spurted across the air!

The rushing and the retreating figures came to a simultaneous stop. The absolutely astonishing light attribute special ability, the absolutely terrifying sword formation! Who would have known that sword strikes would have such an effect! The laymen in the audience were utterly stupified by what they saw, as their minds were filled entirely with the image of a dazzling sun. As for the experts present, they were barely able to make out the situation of the 2 on stage through the terrifyingly intense light.

Right at the last instant, the circular aura was penetrated through by the sword strike!

The frightening might of the sword strike coupled with the support from her light attribute special ability as well as the convergence of the 108 Sword Formation gave its edge unparalleled sharpness. Piercing right into Mo Wen's chest, a splatter of blood was sent flying into the air. Despite seeming like a miss due to Mo Wen's last second movements, the stab was just 1 millimetre shy of piercing his heart!

A deathly silence filled the entire stadium, with the greater majority of the laymen audience unable to make any sound due to the dizziness they were experiences. As for those experts that were able to observe the entirety of what had happened, their silence was due to the great shock they had received as a result.

Mo Wen, injured?

The Mo Family members were most likely the people most shocked by this development, as all of them had their mouths wide agape. To them, it was inconceivable for the god-like Mo Wen to actually be injured!

"Among the special abilities with auxiliary support capabilities, there's truly none that could ever compete with the light attribute special ability! The final strike actually possesses the ability to break any defences! This is most likely the penetrative effect of light…" Vladimir took a deep breath, as this attack was clearly a threat to the ice defence he was extremely confident about.

"The disturbance caused by the spiritual soul attacks is life-threatening." added Wang Zhong as he nodded his head. In reality, the flashes of light from Carolyn's sword strikes were a kind of Spiritual Soul attack. However, her light attribute special ability was able to insert this attack after every single physical attack she makes. The only explanation to this was that this was a gift of nature for this heaven's gift daughter.

This was a move truly worthy of the number one sword wielders under the heavens, Stuart. The attacks that Carolyn had unleashed brought about suppression and despair to others, as basically no defence could stand before them?

Karl started to size Divian up with some trepidation, before asking in a shaky voice: "Are you sure...that you're able trade wins and losses with your bestie in your OP duels?"

"..." Divian was slightly speechless but Karl's question, as this fellow had prodded right at her sore spot. Anyone with the right mind would know that her practice duels against her best were done so with both of them not using their full strength! The so called wins and losses had only happened due to Carolyn not using any of her special ability moves!

Drip, drip, drip...

Blood dripped onto the ground.
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    《Battle Frenzy》