Battle Frenzy
602 Sword Qi
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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602 Sword Qi

The entire stadium turned silent, while the usually composed expressions were present on the faces of the Heaven's Fate squadron members. Unlike the unknowing audience, they have been oppressed by him for so many times, resulting in them becoming numb to his show of power. Making a serious comparison with Mo Wen would be equivalent to making life difficult for oneself. In reality, the 5 element body wasn't the frightening aspect, as it was an exceedingly heavy burden on one's physical body. Furthermore, it was also too complicated to handle, as the mutual empowerment and restrictions would drive anyone crazy. In the majority of situations, this would leave one permanently disabled. However, this wasn't the case for Mo Wen. Admittedly, this was partially due to how solid his foundation was, though it was mainly how meticulous and tough he was that allowed him to shrug off the confusingly dazzling spectacle upon activating his 5-element body. Only by caring about the splendour of one's Spiritual Soul was he able to calmly control the tyrannical strength of the 5 elements.

In the eyes of the audience, their understanding of Mo Wen was that he was invincible in the aspect of fighting and combat techniques. This was more than sufficient to promote Mo Wen to freakish levels. However, he was now showing an additional invincible talent!

This was the reason why he was able to subdue those prideful elites of the Federation's Mechanized battalion! This wasn't just due to him being omnipotent in the aspect of combat techniques, as now, with his 5-element body activated, Mo Wen was definitely a Soul stage surpassing existence! Naturally, him being able to shock and awe those arrogant and obstinate soldiers were no longer any more of a mystery.

However, in the past, people felt only fear when presented with him. Now, he was the definition of despair in their eyes. His omnipotent combat techniques coupled with the strongest physical body and talent! How was he going to let other people live?

In the next instant, the silence hovering over the stadium was replaced by a deafening wave of roars and cheers. The opposing air created by Carolyn was instantly blown into bits by the eruption of Mo Wen's 5-element body!

This was Mo Wen! The number one youth in the Federation! This was genuine omnipotence!

"This person has an unlimited future!" an elderly person's voice rang out from the VIP podium. Although it sounded casual, the shock within was evident. Despite the lack of any berserk cheers and roars, whispers could be heard from everyone present within, though none of it could be heard from the outside.

"Interesting. Is that the current protector of the Mo Family?"

"He's more interesting that that little Heaven's Fate Master lass…"

The elders proceeded to voice out in admiration, as there had been too many surprises present in this match. They had made occasional glances at the previous CHF matches. However, truth be told, there wasn't anything that had caught their interest. Although quite a few youths were pretty talented, and have also shown some extremely strong capabilities. However, all of them were just floating on the benchmarks. 

Nevertheless, be it Mo Xingchen, Carolyn, or Mo Wen have changed their views by quite a bit, as they had surpassed the expectations of everyone. This was no longer just a simple competition, but one between leadership characters. This was extremely important, as the results would affect the future resource and benefit allocation for the aristocratic families and powers of the Federation.

After all, only those with power wielded the right to talk. This was the reason why the CHF doesn't really allow aristocratic families to meddle into its affairs. There's always a price to pay! This time, the Mo Family had come prepared!

Mo Wen with his 5-element body and Carolyn with her radiant body!

The 2 people on stage radiated with brilliance, showing off how outstanding they were for the world to see.

Although various kinds of superhuman limits and physics of the human body was no longer a secret in this Spiritual Soul cultivation, this multicoloured spectacle was merely a shocking sight for the laymen audience. Without talking about ordinary people, even many of the Heroic Soul Academy graduate students as well as veteran soldiers of the armed forces have never seen such a sight before.

This was just like the human bases in the hyperdimensions that the absolute majority of the population were not privy to.

Although there was a shortcoming of governance within the empires, the aristocratic families and the parliament of the Federation have caused a wide gulf in the knowledge and vision of the general public. There was definitely much more disparity than the radiant era, as there were many matter that laymen could never, ever find an explanation for, so much so that they were fairy tales!

The noise and the shrieks ringing across the stadium, as well as various kinds of responses and astonished gasps from the Skylink, formed into a frenzied atmosphere, impacting everyone from the Federation watching this match. 

Carolyn become increasingly solemn, as Mo Wen 5-element body had definitely surpassed all of her expectations! He had really hidden it so deeply!

The radiance around her body started to gradually retreat, as her considerable knowledge allowed her to deduce that her light attribute combat techniques would not be of any use against his 5-element body. According to the legends, when the 5 elements fuse together, one would be able to form an entire closed-off world within oneself. The capabilities of any light attribute special ability would be useless in the face of Mo Wen after activating his 5-element body. It would be even more hopeless for her to rely purely on combat techniques. Carolyn was rather clear that trying to contend against Mo Wen with combat techniques alone would be an absolutely hopeless cause.

That's why...Mo Wen was sealing his sight. This was for the sake of nurturing his 5-element body!

With a slight wave of her palm, the remnants of the light radiating from her body floated into the air. Just like sparkling fireflies, they proceeded to rapidly "flowed" into her runic sword!

Without raising her hand, Carolyn's sword had already started rapidly vibrate.


The squirming light condensed across the sword's edges causing rippling rays of light to form

Radiant sword!

Other than increasing its offensive power, it proceeded to increase the length of the sword, while also making its edge more sharp.

Frankly speaking, despite it being a high level ability, it was not an extremely rare one. Adam Galen had used it during his fight against Wang Zhong.

When fused with Soul Power, those squirming rays of light from her light attribute special ability might make the radiant sword move more powerful. However, could Carolyn really be planning of using it against Mo Wen.

"It can't be this simple." said Vladimir as his eyes sparkled.

Indeed, Carolyn's special ability and Soul Power continued to pour out from her, causing the swaying radiant sword to become denser and thicker. Extending out half a feet, it started to substantial!


A wave of astonished cries shook through the CHF participant viewing gallery. Even those bigshots in the VIP podium were slightly shocked by what they saw. If Mo Wen's 5-element body had shocked them, the next thing they saw had caused them to feel a similar level of shock! 

Sword Qi???

Although Sword Qi wasn't some kind of miraculous move, with quite a few people being able to display it, most sword experts would only be able to display it at the peak of their Heroic Soul Stage. The Sword Qi Carolyn was unleashing was simply not viable with just pure Soul Power!

The Sword Qi congealed and stabilized. Despite only providing a feet long extension of her sword, it was impossible to defend with Soul Power! It wasn't an issue of sharpness, as anything would be sliced apart upon contact with its edges! Even the 5-element body was unable to stop it!


Carolyn dashed forward!

It wasn't the flashy Shukuchi from before, nor was there any exquisite sword move. There wasn't anything too shocking about the speed. Just a simple stab!

It was all too easy for Mo Wen to avoid such an attack. Even his basic response was more than sufficient to deal with the threat of the incoming Sword Qi, leading to him tilting slightly backwards. However, in the next instant, his expression changed.

It was an exquisite dodge. However, upon piercing the air, the Sword Qi suddenly exploded forth. Mo Wen twisted his head rapidly in response. Despite that, it still caused a gash on his face!
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    《Battle Frenzy》