Battle Frenzy
603 Finger Air Bullets
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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603 Finger Air Bullets

The sword stab immediately turned into a slash as Mo Wen retreated backwards.

A single move was all it takes for Mo Wen to know that it was impossible to suppress Carolyn just from speed and combat techniques. Although Carolyn as in a slight disadvantage on these aspects, there wasn't any difference in the strength of her Soul Power. However, the Sword Qi she had unleashed was definitely lethal on contact!

His retreating figure seemed to fall into an awkward situation when face against Carolyn's 108 Sword formation. Although his movements were still graceful and elegant, the unstoppable Sword Qi caused his counterattacks to all miss. The strongest attacks can cut through all defences.

2 figures darted across the stage, one in pursuit with the other in retreat. Mo Wen's exquisite defence was more than just due to the toughness of his body, but more of his ability to switch his defence to offence, and vice-versa, thereby allowing him to reduce the pressure he had to deal with defensively. However, his purely defensive stance appeared to be insufficient in the face of Carolyn's all-out offence.

Despite now being in a disadvantage, not a single change appeared on Mo Wen's face. Admittedly, one would gain the most advantage the closer one was to the source of danger. With his Heart's Eye and combat reflexes being activated to their extreme, Mo Wen was able to form a 3D image of the predicted paths Carolyn's sword was going to take!

There's always a chance for him to turn this situation around. If there wasn't any way to break out of it, he would just use techniques and tactics to form one! Transforming into an illusionary shade, Mo Wen forcefully carved a path through the incoming web of sword strikes. Even if he was to get injured by her attacks, going into the range of extreme close-range combat would definitely allow him to negate the disadvantage he had from Carolyn's Sword Qi attacks. However, before he could close into the proper range to do so, Carolyn had already slammed her feet into the ground!

She shot forwards like a ray of light!


Mo Wen was sent barreling back like a fired cannonball, before smashing heavily into the ground a dozen metres away!

The entire stadium turned silent, while the slender leg in the air drew a elegant arc before coming back down.

Everyone had just witnessed a level of strength that could contend with Mo Wen! Frankly speaking, other than Mo Wen, there was no one else that could guarantee to be a match for Carolyn in the realm of unarmed combat.

It was too visually attractive.

Her slender and long legs were definitely the best within the Federation. For the absolute majority of times, it would never be shown in public. However, when it was shown and one got kicked by those legs, the target would most likely be only able to encounter it again in their next life.

Carolyn did not immediately give pursuit. For Stuart, it would be an extremely uphill task to obtain victory in today's match. Furthermore, the only chance for that to happen rested on her shoulders. Not only does she need to obtain victory in this duel, she also needed to bring out the most of her strength. Regardless of who wins or loses, it had to one that both could accept. This was completely different to the pursuit of fame and victory in the CHF like what Gui Hao wanted.

Mo Wen was definitely not in his strongest state. However, what Carolyn wanted to see was a Mo Wen with his blindfold taken off. Naturally, that was just a rumour, as it might not be of any use!

Carolyn proceeded to wait at her original position.

At this moment, Mo Wen had already stood up. Although the heavy kick was more than sufficient to kill an ordinary heavy soldier, it was only able to deal slight damage to a 5-element body activated Mo Wen.

From the looks of it, he had still underestimated the girl before him. All the way, he had treated Wang Zhong as the target he thirsted to fight against, with Vladimir being the match that held the most threat to him. In the end, Carolyn was just a girl. Never did he expect for this girl to 54


Mo Wen started to breathe peculiarly, causing the radiance of his 5-element body to condense together, right into his hand.

He still wasn't planning to remove his blindfold?

A faint wrinkle appeared on Carolyn's forehead.

In the next instant, both parties took action!


An explosive bang rang out the instant they took action!

Upon reaching a dozen metres of each other, Carolyn flicked her sword out. However, just as she did so, her entire being appeared to be struck by an invisible attack. As her sword wielding arm shivered, her sword and arm were smashed aside! 

Carolyn's expression changed slightly as she made a slight pause. In that very instant, the tip of Mo Wen's foot had already appeared right before her eyes!


Carolyn's dash was already near the limits of her speed, yet she had been sent flying with a single kick!

Mo Wen shot forwards like a bolt of lightning in pursuit!

Before she could close in, Carolyn had already suffered a heavy but invisible blow!

The entire stadium was stumped by what they saw. Was this a magic trick? Or was that Mo Wen's special ability?

This time, all of the cameras focused on the stage had already zoomed in onto the fight. At this moment, everyone finally noticed Mo Wen flicking his thumbs towards Carolyn! Every single flick was accompanied by a whooshing sound akin to that made by a bullet travelling through air!

Mo School --- Finger Air bullets!

It was a terrifying combat technique created by compressing air with Soul Power and physical strength, and was said to be able to destroy everything in its path. However, the visual aspect if presents was indeed too terrifying for everyone who witnessed it. Just how much explosive strength and Soul Power one would need to compress air to such pressure?

The advantage of using Soul Power-formed air bullets instantly caused the offensive to change sides. Finger Air Bullet were a kind of omnipotent combat technique, and it had allowed Mo Wen to gain complete control over this match. Although this combat technique wasn't all that well-known, the superiority it grants Mo Wen would truly put Carolyn into despite. In the blink of an eye, Carolyn was shoved into an extremely unfavourable situation, forcing her to rely on her sword techniques and movements to keep her distance from him. In contrast, Mo Wen did not rush in his pursuit. Obviously, he was clear about the danger Carolyn's Sword Qi possessed. The current situation wasn't fixed. As long as he could maintain sufficient pressure, he would be able to find an opportunity to push him in a position of better advantage.

Despite unleashing a great deal of moves, the 2 were still able to maintain their calm, causing the entire stadium to be drunk by their performance. Anyone would long been destroyed in the face of Mo Wen's Spirit Air Bullets. On the other hand, anyone else would have wet their pants in the face of her Sword Qi. However, what about those 2 freaks?

What kind of freaks were they? What the hell! 

One of them had just broken the known limits of the Casted Soul Stage, with the other one surpassing even that limit! They had broken the known rules as easy as butter! How could they still be in the Casted Soul Stage? How can anyone live in their presence...

Most of the participants present felt the same feeling filling their minds. Although they were of the same age group, why did the 2 on stage appear to be in an entirely different world from them? 

The speechlessness of the entire stadium did not represent silence on the Skylink, where the viewership had already broken the 2.5 million mark. Countless people were going batshit crazy ,their hearts now filled with shock and astonishment as they watched the fight go on from the various camera angles.

Frankly speaking, All Mouthy King was definitely the most popular participant of this CHF. However, even brother King's performances were able to exceed that of these 2 freaks on the stage right now!

This was, without a doubt, the strongest showdown!

Bang bang bang bang!

The fight on the stage continued to go on, with Mo Wen's suppression causing absolute despair to everyone watching. Their control over their breathing and judgement while not even becoming one bit flustered was truly amazing. Carolyn's defence could be rated as top notch, with her perception to danger allowing her to deflect all of the incoming Soul Power-compressed air bullets. Not only that, she was actually able to gradually get used to their speed!

This explosive combat technique was completely unlike any bullets. Not only were they invisible, the explosive bangs formed by Mo Wen's flicks and the bullets hurtling through the air made them extremely hard to predict. It had to be said that the arcs they created as they hurtle through the air was really causing a headache for Carolyn.

However, Mo Wen's goal wasn't to waste Carolyn's strength. Although she was extremely outstanding, what about her runic sword?
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    《Battle Frenzy》