Battle Frenzy
604 Pray
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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604 Pray

Crack, crack...bang...

After a clear bang, the cracked runic sword exploded into fragments!

Ping ping ping!

Not showing any mercy towards the beauty before him, 4 exceedingly quick bullets shot out from his thumbs as he dashed forwards, rapidly closing in right onto Carolyn!

His opponent's sword had already shattered, which had nearly removed all of the threat he faced in this duel. Now, it was time to end it!

Countless people in the audience could not help but turn slack jawed by what that saw. What a life threatening change for Carolyn! Frankly speaking, the instant her sword shattered, so did the hearts of many Stuart fans! It was exceedingly easy for Carolyn to obtain a divine weapon to use in this fight. If that happened, there won't be any such thing as her weapon shattering due to Mo Wen's Soul Powered Compressed Air Bullets!

However, it was a pity that this princess was too arrogant, and had chosen to use an ordinary runic sword...


Carolyn evaded 3 out of the 4 Air Bullets with her deft reflexes. Nevertheless, the last one nicked her calf, smashing her body to the side as a result.

She had entered into a situation of absolute despair in just a split second. Without her sword and now suffering from a leg injury, what could Carolyn do against Mo Wen? Was she still the young sword goddess in people's hearts? How could see deal with Mo Wen, who now appeared just like a god of war?

In fact, Mo Wen did not even need to open his eyes. At the instant he closed in, all Soul Power responses coming for the injured Carolyn suddenly vanished! Clearly, this wasn't due to her leg getting injured, as a strange power started to replace the void originally formed by her Soul Power!

Upon seeing this, Mo Wen's face instantly changed. Despite having complete control over the over the entire fight, he immediately disappeared from his original position, before a 20-metre gap appeared between the two of them.

The entire stadium turned silent. Was Mo Wen giving Carolyn some leeway? That clearly wasn't a possibility! However, in the next second, some people started to feel a strange atmosphere starting to permeate the stage.

A strength appearing to originate from her Spiritual Soul started to radiate from Carolyn's body. Wang Zhong turned his focus into hyperdrive, as he could sense a strength not belonging to a Heroic Soul Stage coming from Carolyn. What was that!

A flash of light blossomed, before forming the shape of a small white sword. Slowly floating out from Carolyn's body, it appeared extremely supple and ordinary looking. In fact, it even appeared to be somewhat weak looking! Nevertheless, this substantial yet illusionary sword immediately captured the attention of everyone watching.

Being the head judge of this CHF, Long Mei'er knew that this competition was an extremely rare opportunity for the 10 Great Families to show off their might and prowess to the entire world to see. However, never did she expect for the best of their younger generation to reach such an unimaginable level, so much so that they had completely broken all sense of normalcy! What merciless suppression this would have on the Parliament! 

This was a strength only people with overwhelming talent could unleash! A level of talent that even Heavenly Soul Stage experts like her were jealous of-- Heart's Sword!

That was a Spiritual Soul Weapon! Or, in other terms, an Innate Soul Weapon!

It is born from one's Spiritual Soul, condensed without foundation, taking form from nothingness. As illusory as a dream, yet as clear as a physical object. Soul Weapons also have a level of tacit understanding with their wielder that is unmatched by any other weapon and wielder! As a result, they were the beloved weapon of choice for Heavenly Soul Stage experts!

Why did the Heavenly Soul Stage experts from the various aristocratic families not monopolize all of the divine weapons circulating out there? The reason behind not doing so was due to the fact that the Spiritual Soul Weapon born from the Spiritual Souls would be most suitable weapons from themselves! No divine weapon could compare to them, be it in the level of suitability, proficiency or the might they could unleash!

However, how could such a thing appear on a Casted Soul Stage?

That's right. In simple terms, as long as one's Spiritual Soul was strong enough, and have a method to do so, one could give birth to their own personal Soul weapons. However, the Spiritual Soul combat techniques used by Napier Mo had already exceeded the limits of a Casted Soul Stage. However, the requirements one's Spiritual Soul must meet to give birth to a Soul Weapon was even higher than that!

"Spiritual Soul Ruler type talent." Vladimir muttered slowly. Even someone like him had a slight tremble go through his soul, as this was a talent that existed only in rumours and legends. Only with such talent would one have the possibility to condense a Soul weapon in the Casted Soul Stage!

Upon reaching maturity, this weapon would allow its wielder to kill their targets even if they were a thousand miles away. They were invisible and possess no forms, can be controlled via thought, and could even fly in the air!

Those who knew about Soul Weapons had already turned pale in shock. Although Sword Qi could be evaded, the Heart's Sword couldn't! Swinging a physical sword around and generating Sword Qi would consume a certain level of energy, compared to none required to do so with the Heart's Sword. In other words, this was a weapon that basically exists in more than one dimension.

This boost of power raised Carolyn to a level sufficient incite dread in Wang Zhong, Vladimir and Gui Xinying. Despite how arrogant, unyielding and unwilling to do so, people like Dicaprio had a look of loss on their faces, as though they had lost everything they were living for.

If he had known the standard of this CHF's best had to offer, he would never, ever dare to aim for the championship! No amount of guts would be sufficient for him to even muster the courage for him to do so! So were the acts of pretentiousness he had displayed!

The strength displayed by the 2 on stage were so strong they would shatter one's self esteem! Power to the level that would make one feel embarrassed and ashamed!

That was the Heart's Sword! An innate Soul Weapon!

Upon reaching maturity, one could fuse with it and fly through the sky! Even exceedingly knowledgeable people like Dicaprio had heard of such stuff in the legends told by their grandparents!

The glowing white Heart's Sword floating in the air started to turn, before pointing towards Mo Wen.


With just a shake, a despairingly powerful aura gushed out from it!

In that instant, the world through Mo Wen's Heart's Eye disappeared, with everything replaced with Carolyn's Heart's Sword. Upon pointing towards him, the terrifying aura appeared to have locked onto his soul. Regardless of which side he moves to, he felt that none of them would allow him to evade its edge!

This time, even those stone-faced members of the Mo Family had turned solemn. This fight's really gotten serious...

Mo Wen's expression turned incomparably solemn.

This sword intent radiating from Carolyn's Heart's Sword had already exceeded the realm of what a Casted Soul Stage could unleash.

It was born from an illusion, yet was able to project into reality! A Soul Weapon born from the core of one's Spiritual Soul is able to negate all material defences! Coupled with Carolyn's light attribute special ability, it cannot be misled, and was absolutely able to destroy anything in its path!

A sneak attack? A feint and dash?

Both were impossible! Without talking about the aura-looking ability, no human could match it in speed! Carolyn could control it with her thoughts, so much so that Mo Wen would not be able to match her reactions even if he was to speed himself 10 times over!

Everyone focused their attention on Mo Wen. Under the heavy pressure bearing down on him, he was unable to unleash any Compressed Air bullets back at her. At this moment, a pressure akin to a 7th rank freak was bearing down on him, causing his hairs to stand and his body being unable to move. Seemingly everyone had believed the Mo Family would sweep over this match in overwhelming fashion. However, never did they expect for Stuart's princess to display Stuart's might for everyone to see!

Carolyn wasn't showing off her strength, as it she was barely able to control her Heart's Sword. If not Mo Wen, she really wasn't willing to unleash it, as it was too easy for her, her Heart's Sword, and her Soul Sea to get injured or damaged. This damage couldn't be repaired using any drug or medicine! However, being a soldier, she was not willing to take a loss, nor gaining any new fear. If she did, it would be forever imprinted in her heart, causing her to stall in her path towards greater heights.

The little sword radiated a majestic aura that suppressed everything in its path.

However, all of a sudden, a sliver of an upward curl appeared at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth... was he smiling? It had to be said that no one could identify Mo Wen's expression due to the blindfold he was wearing. However, Mo Wen obviously had no place to hide! Yet, he had clapped his hands together!

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    《Battle Frenzy》