Battle Frenzy
606 The calm and collected Brother Mo Wen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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606 The calm and collected Brother Mo Wen

"The Mo's Arts have a successor that will dominate the world!"

Mo Wen! Mo Wen! Mo Wen! Mo Wen!~~~~

The entire stadium erupted into a standing ovation as everyone showed their upmost respect. There wasn't any luck involved in their victory! With their strength and might, the Mo Family had suppressed the heavens!

Be it a subconscious or conscious decision, Mo Wen turned to look towards the location where Wang Zhong and Vladimir sat. Carolyn had already lost. Therefore, those 2 were the only people left in this CHF that had the qualifications to be his opponents.

Quite a few people took notice to this, causing their shouts and cheers to grow with increasing frenzy and madness. Without a doubt, Mo Wen's victory over Carolyn had allowed him to clinch the seat of King in their hearts.

Now, having reached the finals of this CHF, he was looking at the 2 possible opponents he would have to face. Wang Zhong or Vladimir? Who would be the one that would end up fighting against hi?

"Mo Wen has led the Heaven's Fate squadron into the CHF finals! Just as what I've predicted, I have high hopes for the Heaven's Fate squadron to clinch the championship! They're too frightening! Despair-causing levels of it! Every single person in that squadron is incomparably powerful! Furthermore, they possess incomparably rich combat experience in solo and group situations! Coupled with the invincible Mo Wen, I reckon that there's no one that could shake their position!" Ruo Zhi roared out emotionally: "Especially in this duel! What a terrifying performance by Mo Wen! They're simply undefeatable!"

He had already gone HIGH! There weren't many people that had good expectations for Heaven's Fate in today's match. He was the only one among the casters that did so. After all, Heaven's Fate was up against Stuart, who had 4 great Mo's List rankers in their lineup!

However, truth to be told, Ruo Zhi's predictions were spot on!

Chen Yu'er worshipped Ruo Zhi greatly. Although many of the casting and analysis done on fight are there for entertainment, Ruo Zhi really had the real tricks of this trade in his grasp, especially his incomparably accurate predictions about Heaven's Fate. Be it his wild or intellectual guesses, his predictions were all spot on!

The Skylink audience proceeded to give a rare ovation for their main host, the great intellect Ruo Zhi! After roasting people for tens of thousands of years, their brother Ruo Zhi had finally turned himself around!

"Oh emperor of predictions, I graciously offer a 100 6's to you!"

"Predict the match between Tianjing and Gronzy if you dare!"

"Don't go too far! Today belongs to Heaven's Fate!"

The first of the semifinals had ended. However, for the supporters of Heaven's Fate, the berserk celebrations had only just begun.

From the end of the match till late into the night, all of the streets of Stuart City were littered by countless half-naked people hugged alcohol bottles as they danced around, howling and shouting the names of Heaven's Fate, Mo Wen as well as the folk songs about the Heaven's Fate squadron.

Arriving on the host's tuff before defeating them, stepping on them in the face of countless of their fans! Who else but Heaven's Fate had that level of dominance to do that?

Naturally, having become the backdrop, Stuart was now in a position of misery. Their great doors have been smashed wide open by Heaven's Fate. Truthfully speaking, the entire Stuart City were exceedingly happy and excited upon the announcement that their city would become the host for this CHF. However, the outcome of the earlier match was equivalent to a big fat slap to their faces!

Frankly speaking, a nervous atmosphere had descended up Stuart City as night fell. On one end, there were those crazily excited fans of Heaven's Fate. On the other hand, there was a sea of Stuart City citizens drowning in their misery.

Everyone had expected for many conflicts and bloodshed between the fans of both squadrons, as such matters have happened before in the past CHF due to the handiwork of some notorious CHF rogues. Such matters would pop up from time to time and stem from massively unexpected changes in the CHF like what had happened in the earlier semi-final match.

Due to the unexpected result of the match, the Stuart Family and the Federation had hastily deployed additional peacekeeping forces to patrol the city. However, even when dawn broke on the next day, not a single one of those expected conflicts, small or big, had erupted! Other than a few scuffles caused by fans spilling alcohol or their actions under intoxication, there was not a single fight that broke out! The peacekeeping forces had wasted them getting all nervous for the entire night!

Admittedly, an extremely large reason why it did not happen was due to everyone maintaining a considerable level of control over themselves. However, it was more so that people didn't have anything they could get angry about, as they really didn't even have the slightest bit of thing they could nitpick or feel dissatisfied about. Furthermore, Heaven's Fate could just dispel all of them with another match!

As for the aristocratic family side, Stuart clearly wasn't a family that could not take a loss, as they did not display any sort of action that would be deemed as unsportsmanlike.

As this moment, the only thing they needed to do was to slowly lick and nurse their wounds. In fact, some of those big shots were certain that the current Heaven's Fate squadron could not be stopped by anyone of their age group. Although Stuart might have a certain percentage of success to do so, it was still in the minority. Despite that, none of them had expected for there to be such a huge disparity formed between these 2 powerhouses.

Mo Wen was hands down the most crucial factor in their prediction misses. No only did he display a performance worthy of a king, his existence was an extremely huge driving factor for the Heaven's Fate squadron! Every single member of this current squadron had exceeded their expectations in their strength, might and power! This was all due to Mo Wen being by their side! Not only was he strong, his very existence made the people around him become stronger!

Frankly speaking, many of the big shots were already contemplation of doing a brand new evaluation of the Mo Family's might.

There was already no use to describe Mo Wen's talent any further. Powerhouses aren't good teachers for sure, while good teachers might not be powerhouses at all.

People as powerful and able to teach like Mo Wen would definitely become the most outstanding leaders of this generation! The impression many bigshots have of Mo Wen were only at him being an impressive person, one that might become a general in the future. However, only now did they understand that he wasn't going to just become a future general!

In a single night, the entire Federation was lit abuzz with discussions about Mo Wen. It was though his name had replaced everyone on the powerhouse list, to become to sole name present on there!

Now, he was no longer able to keep the low-profile that he had maintained in the past. Furthermore, a few of his somewhat secrets started to be exposed from various channels, coupled with some rumours. Clearly, these were disseminated purposely by some people. 

Information like how Mo Wen was once an instructor for the Federation Arm Force's Mechanized Battalion was finally known by the masses. Furthermore, they were just privy to half of the whole matter! At this moment, stuff like how highly regarded he was, what rank he held, and how vicious he was to the recruits within the Mechanized Battalion were made public...various kinds of messy information with varying truths were being disseminated, some real, some false and some exaggerated, filling up every big and small street across the entire Federation. Just the accumulation of these messy information was sufficient to write an incomparably splendid fairy tale.

The honour and glory brought about by his victory had caused Mo Wen's reputation to skyrocket to the heavens!

Countless rumours and legends about him filled the air. However, the originator of all stories, Mo Wen, continued to answer the various questions posed by the media with a calm and unflustered manner, while replying with a smile to the various kinds of stories being spun about him.

This smile was showcased and broadcasted countless times over.

There was no need for real men to act!

The calm brother Mo Wen shows the spirit of a man of few words!

Clearly, Mo Wen had already surpassed the level of things that people like Gui Hao cared about. There was absolutely no need for him to continue publicizing his name and reputation. In fact, he did not even use his full strength in his duel against Carolyn!

When he held the post of instructor in the Mechanized Battalion, he was already able to suppress those terrifying Heroic Soul experts in the armed forces with his strength!

When he activates his 5-element body, he is able to match up to experts at the peak of Heroic Soul Stage, be it in Soul Power, physical strength and strength output. Coupled with his combat techniques, which he had tempered to the extreme, he now stood as one of the peak existences among the Heroic Soul Stage soldiers!

The CHF was truly a child's play for him. His responsibility as a member of the Mo Family was the only reason why he was still present in Stuart City.

No! There were still people left that were able to interest him.
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    《Battle Frenzy》