Battle Frenzy
608 Breaking through the barrier
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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608 Breaking through the barrier

Tianjing Villa. Having refused all guests and reporters from all media outlets, the squadron that had garnered the attention of the whole world was currently arranging their secret weapons and strategies to use against Vasilyevich.

However, in reality, everyone from the Tianjing squadron were currently off doing their own personal matters. There wasn't any special strategy being employed. On the contrary, everyone was using this CHF to raise their personal strength and their comprehension of it. Wang Zhong, Scarlet, Grai and the old Potter were currently locked in a discussion within the meeting room. The old Potter's voice truly was loud and never ending, yet Wang Zhong and Grai were helpless to stop him. Discussing with him was like going into a fight against him. Throughout this discussion, even old Greene was forced into the role of a server for tea, as after all, the old Potter had contributed greatly to the success of Tianjing.

Against an opponent like Vasilyevich, there really was no use even if they were to make any prior arrangements for the match. Furthermore, Tianjing really has too little choices in the strategy aspect. In simpler terms, they could only rely on brute strength to shove victory into their hands.

Therefore, everyone had done their best to relax in preparation to get into the most optimal state for the upcoming match.

The most important piece of news for everyone was Barran's recovery. Originally, any burns caused by the hellish flames wouldn't heal quickly. Fortunately, Sharmie had brought Mario, another expert at manipulating hellish flames, over to aid in his recovery. Although his control and strength might not be on par with Gui Xinying, he was still able to pull out the remnants of her hellish flames from Barran's wounds, thereby contributing a great deal to his recovery.

Although Barran has yet to completely recover from his injuries, they wouldn't pose much of any obstruction to combat anymore. While removing his bandages, some of the burns have already completely headed up, with other parts being closed off by new flesh.

In the large hall of their villa, soft melodious music playing in the background, while the fragrance of delicious food wafted over from the kitchen. Ma Dong and Milami were having a no holds barred conversation about their love for each other on the sofa, while endless chattering rang out between Barran and Hymin in the kitchen, 

There was also another pair present in the balcony --- Lily and Colby. For these 2 third year students, being able to ride this year's train from Tianjing was truly the greatest blessing they had ever received in their entire lives. Not only did they obtain honour and glory beyond their wildest dreams, they had also obtained another fortune, in the form of a belated romance, causing their faces to be filled with expressions of bliss. Never, ever did both of them expect this to happen, a feeling that both of them had hidden for a very long time. While Lily was injured, Colby had spent much time taking good care of her. In such situations, sparks would definitely fly. With dried tinder, a blaze was the inevitable result.

Naturally, there was no lack of Emily's presence in the large hall, though her actions were so shocking everyone was slightly unable to wrap their heads around it. This lass had actually spent the entire time watching all of the recordings for this CHF! What's more, she was extremely focused for the whole while, spending her time earnestly combing through every intricate detail of every fight! Time to time, she would even take some notes. Before entering Tianjing, Emily had relied on the power of her family and the innate talent granted by her bloodline. However, she had used a heart filled with anger and hate to do endure the special training upon returning back to her family. In simpler terms, she had only just discovered feelings that were already part of her, and not something new.

However, at this moment, Emily already had many other things present in her body. Although there wasn't much of an increase in her strength, everyone could see the precursor to a change happening within her, solidification, or perhaps, accumulation.

These things cannot be forced onto anyone. Instead, one had to ride the waves should they appear, which might happen loudly or as silent as a whisper.

Emily, who was gradually calming down, appeared to have turned into an entirely different person... 

The 2nd semi final was about to begin.

As the sun rose, there was already rather sizable number of people queuing outside of Stuart's Dimensional Arena Stadium. As 5pm set into the stadium, the entire area was already covered within the incomparably loud and noisy dim from the attending audience.

With this being the 2nd last match of this CHF, a magnificent display was definitely required. Nevertheless, the only difference between the audience for the match between Heaven's Fate and Stuart was that there were much more crazed fans in this match.

Before the match was planned to start, the crowded stadium was already on the brink of exploding from being too packed. At this moment, there were already 2 cases of people fainting due to the lack of oxygen from shouting past their limits. Even more embarrassingly, the medical squadron was unable to reach them due to the overly packed audience, resulting in them having to rely on the countless audience members present to carry the 2 people slowly over their heads.

This level of fanaticism wasn't created from a single intense match, nor was due to Tianjing's fan base or having no support from any aristocratic family, but purely due to the presence of Wang Zhong. Never, ever in the history of the CHF, has a black horse climb this high! Never! Not even in the dark era was there any example of one! Even the unparalleled genius Laforgue wasn't able to leave much scars into the annals of history. That was due to humans as a species were still unable to escape from the power of groups, just like a genius would forever be unable to fend of the attacks of countless geniuses.

Being solitary wasn't the only path out there.

However, it was due to this solitary and feelings of despair that the greatest feelings of hope and desire would be produced. This was man's basic instincts! Having already reached the semifinals, everyone wanted to personally see the fight Tianjing was going to put up!

"The King has arrived! Overlooking the heavens!"

"Wang Zhong and Grai, the kings will blow all invincibility away!

"Go go brother Wang Zhong! You're the only one I'll respect!"

The All Mouthy King fans present in the stadium have already gone batshit crazy with their cheers. In comparison, the Vasilyevich fans appeared much more calm and coolheaded. Frankly speaking, Vasilyevich most likely had the least number of fans among the S+ powerhouse squadrons, causing them to only occupies the southern side of the stadium. In fact, there were even a few seats left unoccupied.

However...all of them were iron-blooded men hailing from the northern regions!

As for female fans, what females? What the hell is a female cheering squad worth? How could females be qualified to watch such a match?

To the men from the northern regions, females have always been the trophies that would always be by the side of heroes. Those gawking shrieks from the female fan clubs were just moans and groans for weaklings!

What is an expert! An expert will always use their fists to talk, and never, ever argue with words!

Pairs of chilling eyes swept across the berserk fans across the stadium. Despite temperatures dropping to the level where a coat was needed, all of them wore short-sleeved shirts, revealing their toned and muscular bodies that was filled with wildness. All of them appeared to brim with masculinity, with their exquisite musculature blinding the eyes of any brother King fan who looked over!

We're a clan of fighters! The men of the northern region!

The northern region's clan of fighters were long known within the Federation for their strength. In fact, there were rumours that the mutated beasts present in the northern regions were the most violent and ferocious of all mutated beasts. Those savage wolf-like beasts from the southern regions that would scare the crap out of people, were generally existences that cowered with their tails between their legs in the northern region. The stories of the various gladiator fights against mutated beasts as well as people taking savage mutated beasts as pets and toys weren't false. Strength was only one aspect of their reputation, with the more frightening aspect being their formidable, tough-as-nails way of life. There was a saying that if the northerners were given a sea, legends of them smashing waves apart would having already spread! They might even cross the oceans and tour among the empires! There isn't anything present in this world that the northerners were afraid of!

Despite not uttering a single word, the invisible waves of icy coldness and terror radiated out from the Vasilyevich fans. Gradually, they started to affect the atmosphere of the stadium, quenching the feverish air created by the crazed brother King fans by half.

Naturally, despite that, the explosive nature of the stadium's atmosphere was still present. The brother King fans weren't pussies. They had the numerical advantage, while being not afraid to be unreasonable.

The impossibly thick smell of gunpowder in the air clearly caused all of the security personnel to be exceedingly worried and nervous. That was even after employ large numbers of personnel to cordon off the opposing fan side and wearing stern expressions on their faces. In the face of those terrifying northerners, wanting to use one's body as a meat shield to prevent a possible onslaught might cost them their lives!
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    《Battle Frenzy》