Battle Frenzy
611 Northern man“s Oscar-worthy performance 3 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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611 Northern man“s Oscar-worthy performance 3 in 1

Before Grai could dwell in his shock, 2 massive hands had already shot out fiercely towards him!


Reacting quickly, Grai instantly redirected the remaining force of his Hundred-Fold Palms into a shoving force. This allowed his body to move backwards, causing the 2 massive hands to miss him. Stamping his feet, he quickly retreated.

However, despite his speed, Grai was unexpectedly unable to extricate himself!

Heavy in pursuit, a wave of frosty air gushed out from Pomo's body as he lunged forwards sending a 2-metre wide zone of ice which continued to rapidly expand out.

The powerful ice attribute blast immediately slowed down Grai's retreat, allowing Pomo to match up to Grai's speed!

 The slight curl of a malevolent smile appeared at the corner of Pomo's mouth as he thought "It's the start of my counter-attack!"

Pomo, who had adopted a defensive stance, had finally made an offensive move. With a violent roar, he unleashed a powerful punch out. Although there wasn't much of any technique used, the power behind his punch was on an absolute suppressive level. Using ultimate strength to destroy anything in their path! Pomo was planning to use his attack to squeeze Grai into a narrow path of retreat!

Within its range, the mobility restrictions caused by his Ice attribute special ability would definitely prevent his opponent from being able to escape from his grasp!

Grai's eyes sparkled with brilliance as he focused his concentration, before sending out a punch of his own aiming right at Pomo's! This left many people with their jaws agape. Although they knew that Grai was extremely strong, how could he compete with a heavy soldier in terms of physical strength and power? That was basically no different from leaping into the jaws of death!

In fact, even Pomo was slightly astonished by Grai's decision! He was utterly incapable of believing that a delicate and technique-oriented person like Grai would actually choose such a direct method of retaliation! Naturally, that was the only way out for his opponent, as any escape would be futile!


What terrifying power! He sure was a super heavy soldier! The resulting impact caused incomparable numbness to spread across Grai's arms as he was pushed backwards slightly! Pomo proceeded to send another hand forwards to grab Grai. However, instead of retreating, Grai rushed forwards, transforming the rebounding force via a solid stamp to go around Pomo!

The compounded palm shades appeared once again.

Hundred-Fold Palms, full power!


Layer upon layer of palm shades smashed right into Pomo's flank, one of the weakest parts of the human body! Terrifying ripples generated by the palm strikes rippled out as everyone saw Pomo's flank suddenly cave in!

However, it had only caved in for an instant…in fact, there wasn't even a trace of movement elsewhere across Pomo's body...could it be, muscular control?

Before anyone could understand what had happened, the second heavy punch had already came barreling towards Grai.

As emotionless as a tranquil lake, Grai appeared to have predicted the second strike. Flipping backwards to avoid the incoming punch, he placed both of his hands backwards as he congregated his Soul Power, before smashing his legs diagonal upwards like a fired cannonball!

Sky Rushing Cannon!


An earth-shattering bang rang out, reverberating across the entire stadium!

Grai's legs smashed right into Pomo's lower jaw, causing energy ripples visible to the naked eye as they expanded out across Pomo's face! The massive force of the kick jolted his brain fiercely, while also lifting his body into the air!

What a terrifyingly heavy attack! The jaws, and even skull of any other heavy soldier, would have completely shattered from that attack!

However, before the Tianjing fans could celebrate, 2 steel beam-like legs had already squeezed Grai's waist in a vice-like manner! The terrifying heavy kick that was supposed to shatter Pomo's jaw had unexpectedly not caused the slightest bit of damage to him! In fact, there wasn't even a change to his expression!


Squeezing his legs ferociously, the audience heard what appeared to be Grai's bones cracking, which was followed by the shrieks from the females in the audience! As this happened, Pomo's airborne body appeared to defy gravity as he had somehow anchored himself mid-air, before slamming Grai's head right into the ground!

Grai's palms blossomed with a pale bluish radiance!


In an instant, his body expanded slightly in size, just like one would when one tensed all of one's muscles! While doing so, he made a violent twist of his body as his hands slammed out ferociously! The Hundred-Fold Palms appeared once again! This time though, he did not aim towards Pomo, but towards the ground beneath him!

The massive force coming from his palm strikes added with his body's rotation were able to counteract against the heavy pressure coming from Pomo, allowing Grai to use that instant to rotate himself back up into a standing stance.

Pa Pa Pa Pa!

The massive forces generated from their actions forced the two apart; however, the only effect it had on Pomo was that he landed on the ground with a slightly lowered stance!


To simultaneous booms rang out as the two shot towards each other!

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Seemingly stimulated by his opponent, Soul Power exploded forth from Grai's body as he entered into somewhat of a devilish, excited mode. Sparkling with a faint bluish glow, Soul Power burst forth from his palms as they transformed into a myriad of palm shades!

Although the ice domain Pomo had unleash was able to slow down Grai's bodily movements, it wasn't able to slow down the speed of his hands!

Thousand Shades-Hundred-Fold Palms!

The power and number of palm shades unleashed by Grai were a notch higher than the previous Hundred-Fold Palms he had unleashed! If one were to pay close attention, they would be able to see shockwaves expanding out as each palm shade travelled through the air. As the palm strikes converged together, they appeared to be able to destroy anything in their path, while not giving Pomo any chance to retaliate!

However, the problem was that Pomo was a muscle-bound freak of nature! His tensed muscles continued vibrated as they negated the incoming force of Grai's palm strikes, displaying to the world their frightening elasticity and steel-like toughness! Heavy bangs rang out across the entire stadium as Pomo, who appeared to be in a disadvantage, used his inconceivable mountain-like defence to deal with Grai's attacks!

How, how was this possible?

Everyone was shell-shocked by what they saw! Pomo was basically allowing his opponent to pummel him!

Despite that, Grai's powerful attacks were completely unable to break Pomo's defence and cause him any harm!

"The fusion of muscular control and earth attribute special abilities!" Wang Zhong could not help but to feel a headache developing as he identified the reason behind Pomo's freakish defence. This guy appeared to possess some heaven-defying capabilities! Coupled with his Ice attribute special abilities, this fellow had a total of 3 special abilities! What a terrifying heavy soldier! In Wang Zhong's point of view, there was basically no need for the latter to even wield a heavy shield! This was the reason why Pomo was selected as Grozny's vanguard! He was much more stable and reliable in combat than Noriba. Furthermore, his freakish defence could be said as a nemesis to Grai's strengths. The only weakness he possessed was his mobility, which could be overcome by lowering his opponent's speed via his Ice domain.

Grai was in real trouble this time.

The other CHF participants were now whispered to each other in heated discussions. Everyone had believed that Vladimir had sent a stable chess piece up as his vanguard. However, in reality, Wang Zhong was the one playing with a risking move. Such a Pomo was definitely the best person to deal with Grai! Tianjing had lost their gamble!

Of course, strength did not have an absolute relationship with achieving victories. Now, all that was left was to see how Grai performed, as well as his ability to capitalise on those opportunities to turn this duel around.

At this moment, the two on stage had already exchanged dozens of blows. Pomo's terrifying muscle defence caused Grai to gain nothing with his attacks. Nevertheless, everyone was even more shocked by the physical strength Grai was displaying, from witnessing him unleash so many strikes with this level of strength! At this moment, the two on stage seemed to be evenly matched against one another.

Pomo was extremely excited by the developments of this fight. It was extremely hard to come by an opponent that allows him to bring out all of his trump cards in order to secure victory! A agility-based soldier was actually managing to hold his own in a head-on confrontation against himself! Very interesting!

Obviously, Pomo was not prepared to give Grai the change to extricate himself from close combat. Since his opponent was seeking his death, he won't be hold himself back! Having obtained complete dominance over the aspect of energy consumption, Pomo seized an instance where Grai couldn't evade to send a heavy punch rumbling out! Grai's body shook as the punch impacted him, while the shockwaves that expanded out shattered the ground, causing him to wobble as the ground gave way beneath him.

This was followed up by 2 palms slapping right towards his head!

There was no way in hell that Grai could match Pomo in defensive capabilities! The weight of his blows were capable of blowing the former away! If that were to happen, Grai would explode just like a watermelon being hit by a bat! The easiest way for Grai to escape out of this predicament would be to dodge and retreat. However, due to the shattered ground and destructive power from Pomo's clap, which had affected his centre of gravity, Grai was utterly incapable of doing so!

Everyone's hearts instantly jumped up to their throats as they saw this! With that close of a distance and the superiority Pomo had in pure strength, Grai was already at the edge of the cliff! BANG...

Pomo's massive hands smashed together from both sides!


Everyone's eyes had already turned as wide as saucers, while a few female fans had already fainted due to them holding their breath too long from shock!

Ding Ding...

2 metallic sounds rang out, as the radiance of Soul Power surged forth from Grai's 2 fingers on each hand in a knife-like manner. Unlike the blunt force of his Hundred-Fold Palms, penetrative attacks were extremely useful against Pomo's defence. Piercing right into Pomo's steel-like palms, Grai made a fierce pull with his hands, utilising his fingers as an anchor to launch his entire body into the air!

As Pomo's clap missed its target, Grai had already left the range of his ice domain in that instant! Despite missing, Pomo clearly wasn't going to stop there. Without any hesitation, he smashed his clasped hands ferociously towards the ground!

Absolute Ice Smash!

Drawing his ice domain back, his powerful Ice attribute special ability instantly exploded forth from his hands, bursting right into the ground!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Ice spikes burst out from the ground, turning the entire surroundings into a hail of swords shooting towards the airborne Grai!

Ding ding ding!

Bang bang bang bang bang...

Grai's figure drew inconceivable arcs as he weaved twisted and turned in the air like dough being tossed around by a chef! At this moment, the most lethal attack was the reduction in speed from Pomo's Ice Domain. Having left that disgusting domain, Grai was able to display his speed to full effect, allowing him to appear just like a fish in water!

The miraculous butterfly-like dance caused countless ice spikes the miss the airborne Grai. While doing so, layer after layer of runic shields started to form before his hands, blocking those few spikes that he was incapable of dodging. Everything took only a breath to occur, yet the entire process was breathtakingly miraculous!

In the blink of an eye, Grai had already managed to create a 20-30 metre gap from Pomo, moving at a speed that Pomo was utterly incapable of following. His speed and deftness were far, far inferior to Grai. A sparkle of admiration flashed across Vladimir's eyes upon seeing this, as he thought, "This guy's actually capable of evading this attack!" Compared to him, the Grozny supporters were crying out in pity, as Pomo's display of his Muscular Control, Ice and Earth attribute special abilities were still incapable of dealing with Grai.

After attacking for a while without success, Grai finally pulled back. Seeing this, everyone knew what he would do with such a precious opportunity granted to him!

Pa pa pa pa pa pa!

Sounds of fingers slapping against one another rang out, as golden runic patterns started to appear in the air. Although this wasn't the first time Grai had unleashed this move, the breathtaking process in which he did so still managed to capture the breaths of countless people. What a perfect representation of art in combat! This runic combat technique definitely ranks as one of the biggest accomplishments of this CHF!

Subwoofer Cannon! The low-frequency sonic attack would render all physical defense useless! The situation has been reversed!

Pomo had already sensed trouble heading his way. His Muscular control and Earth attribute special ability weren't capable of blocking any sonic attacks! Putting all of his strength into his legs, he immediately dashed forwards. He could not allow Grai to unleash his Subwoofer Cannon!

Heavy soldier dash!

A massive blast of air expanded out from his feet as he exploded forwards! Shooting forwards like a cannonball, he rushed towards Grai! At this instant, the only thing going through his head was to reach Grai as quickly as he could; being even a millisecond late would spell his death!

However, despite travelling at an incredible speed, Grai was still faster!


Humm humm humm!

As he continued to retreat, Grai's hands were already placed in front of his mouth. The elaborate runic patterns drawn by his hands had already come together to form a 3-dimensional construct!

Despite being up against a head-on rush, Grai was able to maintain his runic construct as he retreated. In the blink of an eye, Pomo had already narrowed the gap to a 10 metre distance! A ferocious wind pressure wave gushed forwards as punches rumbled forwards!

Grai's eyes blossomed with radiance!

A second sound proceeded to ring out.


Hum hum hum hum!

A sound wave visible to the naked eye expanded out from Grai's mouth. Transforming into a wave of light, it passed through the runic array construct before him.

In an instant, the runic array construct expanded in size as the runic patterns came to life. Every single rune started to vibrate extremely rapidly, creating shockwaves and humming noises as they did so!

The ground shook and vibrated, as circular sound waves expanded out from the vibrating runic array construct! As it pierced right into the incoming Pomo, the latter appeared to have instantly sunk into mud. Feeling as though his head was being smacked around by a heavy hammer, Pomo's world spun around in dizzying circles. Only those who had experienced sonic attacks of such magnitude would know exactly how frightening they were. Blood started to flow out from his ears and eyes as Pomo clenched his teeth tightly in response. Nevertheless, he did not stop in his tracks.

Many people in the stadium were dumbfounded by the series of events unfolding onstage. That runic combat technique really was too terrifying! Every single attack Grai had unleashed towards Pomo earlier had all failed, a testament to the heaven-defying level of Pomo's defence. However, it only took a single sonic wave to cause Pomo to bleed!

"New defensive methods have to be created to deal with such sonic attacks! The orthodox methods are utterly useless against them!" Gui Wulie growled, a gloomy expression appearing on his face. Obviously, he was one of the few people that had the greatest understanding of Grai's Subwoofer Cannon. After all, he was the first person in the CHF to receive this attack right in his face! Now, dread and fear still formed within his heart when he remembered it. There was no invincible combat technique in the world. However, being a new combat technique, no one had the opportunity to research and develop methods to counter it. This was the main reason why Grai would be successful every time he unleashed this move.

Carolyn was also paying very close attention to Grai's runic combat technique. The Stuart Family had already started research into this new method of combat. Yes, this move was extremely useful and powerful, though it was not to the extent of invincibility. However, the research needed some time produce results. This was something that Tianjing held complete dominance in.

Despite this, there wasn't even a shred of worry present on the Ice Prince's face after seeing it! It seemed that he still had complete confidence in Pomo... It seems as if...

However, with the Subwoofer Cannon completely formed, how would Pomo defend against the incoming sonic waves?

Before Gui Xinying could guess the possible reasons behind Vladimir's confidence, a sinister smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Pomo's mouth, while all of the painful expressions completely vanished. If one was to take a closer look, one would notice that the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth came from his bitten lips...

Just when Grai was filled with confidence and prepared to launch his final attack, a wave of dimensional energy rippled out across the stage. At the same exact instant, the space behind Grai's body started to warp and distort. In the next instant, a terrifying life form aura descended upon him, blasting down onto Grai with immense pressure and frosty air!

A solemn expression replaced the faint smile that had hung on Grai's face since the beginning of this duel! Even the Subwoofer Cannon runic construct was almost destroyed by the sudden appearance of the dimensional life form!

A Soul Beast Master?


Bone-chilling killing intent gushed out as the dimensional life form leapt out from the spatial void. It appeared to be some kind of ice attribute life form! At the instant the life form appeared, Pomo followed suit and unleashed his attack towards Grai.

One from the front and one from the back, Pomo's Ice attribute special ability and the chilling intent radiating from the dimensional life form joined up, forming a perfect pincer attack at Grai!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Countless ice spikes shot up from the ground, instantly forming a sharp wall of ice that rushed forwards; at the back, a frighteningly massive palm came rumbling out. A combined attack akin to being shoved into a descending meteor! At this moment, Grai had already gone into the pits of despair! Although he was originally capable of evading the dimensional life form lunging towards him from behind, an explosive bang suddenly rang out from the ground, as countless ice walls burst froth from the ground! As they sealed off every possible path of escape, Pomo's attack came rushing in!

Frozen Tundra!

Without any path to escape to, Grai's expression turned slightly pale as he unleashed his final attack: BOOOM!


The ice spikes pierced right into Grai, followed by Pomo's all out dash, barreling right into Grai like a fired cannonball. While this happened, a massive white coloured dimensional life form sent a heavy palm rumbling downwards...heaven falling and earth rending...

Countless snowflakes fluttered in the air as terrifying energy waves rippled out. Dust proceeded to blanket the entire stage, engulfing everything in sight.

No one was able to see exactly what had happened on stage. The only thing they could feel was a bone-chilling intent condensing within, so powerful that it threatened to freeze up the entire stadium!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Massive bangs and rumbles reverberated across the entire stadium as countless explosions and ice filled the stage.

White mist filled the entire stage as countless dust and ice chips fluttered about.

Every fan out there had their eyes opened wide, while the experts present focused their senses to scan for any detail about the 2 fighters on stage. However, the overbearingly chaotic energy and spatial distortions that formed as a result had completely shielded the stage from their probing senses.

This continued all the way till the dust and ice chips gradually settled, before the fog proceeded to dissipate away.

The frightening Northern Tundra Howling Bear had already disappeared. As for the 2 on stage, both of them were currently laying sprawled on the ground!

This. Mutual destruction?

Countless people opened their eyes wide in shock.

Hugging his head, Pomo appeared to be in a curled up position as no movement was detected from him. After the powerful explosions, the only piece of clothing he had on his body, his "loincloth", had turned into more like a G-string than an undergarment! All of the ice walls and spikes created by him had been shattered into dust by Grai's Subwoofer Cannon...clearly, there was no one within the Casted Soul Stage that could defence against the frightening Subwoofer Cannon!

On the other side, everyone could see that Grai had clearly loss consciousness. Present conspicuously on his back was a massive palm print that was seeped with blood, as well as a few ice spikes embedded in his legs and hands.


"Ahhhh!" countless female Grai fans shrieked out with inconceivable might. Some of them covered their mouths, tears pooling in their eyes as they couldn't believe what they saw.

Even some of the male fans, naturally excluding those from the northern regions, as well as some of the participants could not help but stand up in shock.

This! Mutual destruction?

Crack, crack...

The sounds of rocks shifting and cracking rang out.

Pomo, who was clutching his head, started to move and sway. In the next moment, the frightening rock-like muscles that covered his body started to weather and erode, before falling off his body, flake by flake.

Ping ping crumble...

As the rock-like muscles crack and crumble, they reveal new skin that was suffused with a pinkish hue.

A large hand started to strain as it pressed against the ground, before giving a powerful shove.


Pomo climbed up from the ground, before seating on the ground. Taking big gulps of air, he looked towards the unconscious Grai as fear and dread shook his heart. If not for his decisiveness in summoning his Tundra Howling Bear, he would really be knocked out by the latter's move!

People have to act to survive in this world. Pomo had "faked his injuries" in order to act in a passive manner, thereby allowing Grai a chance to unleash his most powerful attack. This resulted in the latter being unable to evade his combined attacks. In the end, it was that millisecond that decided the final victor!

That was just a test!

Who would have guessed that this man of the northern regions was also an Oscar-worthy actor!?
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    《Battle Frenzy》