Battle Frenzy
617 Ice Coffin of Absolute Despair 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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617 Ice Coffin of Absolute Despair 2 in 1

With a stamp of his feet, all the ice shards were sent blasting away. Clearly, the frosty air was incapable of freezing him up. The sight of him doing so caused his countless fans to breathe a sigh of relief. Although they were confident in his strength, Vladimir's Ice attribute special ability was truly too frightening! After his fight with Laura, he had shown everyone how powerful a Ruler-level special ability was, and what it meant to possess a Ruler-level Ice attribute special ability! Everyone felt terror continuing to grip their hearts. Basically, without any 5-attribute body constitution, ultra level fire attribute special ability, or Divinized Ice attribute special ability, one would not even be able to put up any resistance against Vladimir! Although everyone knew that Wang Zhong possessed a Fire attribute special ability, his level was not high. Nevertheless, it should be sufficient to resist against the frosty air, as the bodies of special ability users were strengthened in accordance with their special abilities. Countless people proceeded to breathe a sigh of relief upon seeing that Wang Zhong was still able to continue fighting on in this important duel.

"If he's the emissary of God, he will definitely win this duel." said Papada and the group of Blazing Angels squadron members with a fanatical tone. At the very beginning, all of them had believed that Papada was the person that was blessed by God, with All Mouthy King being just a sign of that. However, reality had shown that Papada was not the one. In fact, he was far from that. Every single Blazing Angels squadron member turned their gaze back to Wang Zhong. Even though he was not a citizen of Blazing Angel City, if his status was confirmed, it would signify the rise of the city.

Oli and the others nodded their heads resolutely in approval. If this was any other moment, anyone else would definitely be showing disdain to this bunch of fanatical worshippers. However, everyone had no choice but to admit that they were on to something. Being able to escape Vladimir's Ice attribute special ability's freezing capabilities with ease and not suffering any injuries… A miracle was the only plausible explanation for this.

Whispers and sounds of chatter started to ring out in the participant viewing galleries. Everyone was shocked and astonished by the strength the 2 on stage had shown, which was not one bit inferior to that shown during Mo Wen's fight against Carolyn! In fact, the level of shock was even above yesterday's duel! Dicaprio's face started to burn in shame, he had actually acted pretentiously in Wang Zhong's face! The strength the latter had displayed was so high that he felt the impulse of banging his head against the wall in embarrassment! People would naturally show their strength in accordance with the level of opponents they faced. Absolutely no one within this CHF would dare to doubt the strength of the 4 semi finalist squadron captains! There was not even a chance for luck to play a role! Instead, everything was reliant on strength; true, unfathomable strength!

Not a single change appeared on Vladimir's face upon seeing this. If All Mouthy King wasn't even able to do something like that, there was absolutely no use hoping for anything else in this duel. The only thing he was afraid of was that Wang Zhong was unable to even defend against the waves of frosty air he had sent! The earlier exchange was just a test! To Vladimir, Wang Zhong was just the stepping stone he needed to gain victory over Mo Wen!

Flipping his right hand over, an ice spear started to condense in the air before him. Unlike the previous ice spears, this one appeared exceedingly long, spanning a total length of 3 metres. The spear appeared somewhat slender, while its head appeared exceedingly large. This didn't look like a normal spear, but rather, it was like… the Seer Family's Dragon's Terror!

Countless ice crystals started rapidly converge towards the ice-formed Dragon's Terror, creating layer after layer of reinforcement. As this continued, the spear started to turn transparent as the ice crystals melted together in a way just like molten metals in a high-temperature furnace. Under pressure from the terrifying frosty air, this slender spear started to radiate with an indescribable glow! Its body slowly turned from transparent to translucent, before turning into a silver-like colour!


As Vladimir grasped the Dragon's Terror with his right hand, many people's jaws had fallen wide open. What the hell was that? Did he want to engage in close combat?

As doubts began to form in people's hearts, a bang exploded out as Vladimir dashed forwards. A white ray of light shot out, as the Dragon's Terror pierced forwards!

Unlike the earth-shattering explosive dash that soldiers would unleash, Vladimir's dash appeared more elegant. In fact, one could not see much of his legs moving, causing him to appear as though he had wheels on his feet and had just slid forward! Travelling forwards with incredible speed, he shot across the stage like a bolt of lightning! The only visible trace left by him was an icy arc as the 3-metre long Dragon's Terror travelled through the air to arrive before Wang Zhong!

Wang Zhong narrowed his eyes, though he did not retreat. He wasn't afraid of a special ability user wanting to engage in close combat with him. His palms rumbled out.


With a clap, Wang Zhong grasped hold of the incoming ice spear, immediately feeling its rock-solid built, as well as the power present within. From the looks of it, Vladimir had practised close combat, though that guy would be hoping for too much if he wants to defeat Wang Zhong like that! However, just as he was able to retaliate, Wang Zhong discovered that ice had already formed around his hands. The terrifying ice-cold air had rushed forwards! Perhaps due to having direct contact with the ice spear, the ice-cold air unleashed was even more ferocious that before! Wang Zhong did not dare to remain in this stance, sending a ferocious 2nd drive-imbued shove, immediately shattering all of the ice. Nevertheless, he was still late by half a beat, as the ice forming around his hands pierced right towards his head!

Turning his head, Wang Zhong twisted the Dragon's Terror to the right. Originally, he wanted to divert Vladimir's attack before rushing in, as fancy techniques like what Vladimir had done would never hold up in the face of genuine close combat skills. The more practical a move, the more lethal it was. However, Vladimir had added rotational force into his Dragon's Terror when he had unleashed his thrust! As countless ice shards flew in all directions, the intense rotational force forcefully shoved Wang Zhong's palms away! At the same time, the tip of the spear drew an arc in the air as it stabbed towards Wang Zhong's head! The spear thrust out right before Wang Zhong's eyes as he did a high speed backwards rotation to dodge it, freezing his eyebrows up. Just as it flashed before his eyes, the spear immediately stabbed downwards, causing him to cross his arms as he mustered a guard!


Wang Zhong was smashed 5 to 6 metres back! Holding his ground, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Vladimir's mouth. Clearly, the former had underestimated the proficiency of his close combat skills. He, Vladimir was not a superficial person like Gui Hao!

He was capable of wielding any weapon with ease. Since Wang Zhong was able to accomplish that, so could he! It was only due to his powerful special ability that resulted in him not putting as much time and focus on honing his close combat skills. Nevertheless, he was not lacking in the theory aspect of it. While his countless life experiences had become valuable resources in his journey of becoming the number one special ability soldier in the Federation, Wang Zhong would become first stepping stone towards achieving that goal!

Shaking his body, Wang Zhong started to become serious. He really wanted to see exactly what kind of fancy moves Vladimir would pull out from his hat. As their gazes intersected, he could clearly see the intent present in the latter's eyes. With a boom, Soul Power exploded out from Vladimir!

In the next instant, spear shades filled the skies --- Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear!

This was not some fancy mockup! The aura Vladimir radiated was not one bit inferior to Divian! This kind of overbearing move was originally meant for the sake of increasing the ferocity of their offence. Now, the spear shades had completely surrounded Wang Zhong! Nevertheless, he was all too familiar with this move, immediately raising his fists into defensive positions, while shield-shaped runic constructs instantly formed to block all of the lethal attacks heading his way. Compared to before, Wang Zhong had much more moves up his sleeves, and possessed a more solid and stable defence. This move was now completely useless against him! Despite that, he knew that Vladimir was definitely not the kind that would display a copied move without any follow-up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There was still the ice-cold air!

Although Divian's bloodline power gave her increased strength, Vladimir was able to substitute it with a similar level of aura, while adding an ice-cold air blast to every attack! Regardless of the drastic drop in temperature or the activation of bloodlines, Vladimir's Divinized special ability was able to make his attacks much more effective against his opponent than Divian.

Despite clearly possessing a very powerful defence, the efficacy of Wang Zhong's defence had fallen in the face of Vladimir's attacks. Ear-piercing shreeches rang out as the tip of the Dragon's Terror scraped past his shoulder, sending sparks flying in all directions. Once again, his Soul Power defences were ripped apart, causing the frightening ice-cold air to gush in, while a bloody line appeared on his shoulder!

Ta ta!

Relying on the impact caused by the spear tip, Wang Zhong stamped his left foot on the ground and shoved his way forward. The injury on his shoulder was utterly incapable of obstructing his movements in any way, while the surrounding frosty air was dissipated by the Soul Power blasting out from his body. Clearly, it was not the time to continue a defending. Instead, he now needed to press the attack to suppress Vladimir!

All of his Soul Power converged into his arms, before punches came rumbling out like the roars of a dragon! Blasting straight out, they filled the air before Vladimir. Despite Vladimir's exquisite control over Dragon's Terror, a spear was a long weapon, and possessed its own strengths and weaknesses.

This rush of blows appeared somewhat like the earth shattering might present in Noriba's chops, bringing along an all powerful golden-coloured Soul Power radiance as they swept across the world. The light and space around the fist shades started to warp and distort, something that Vladimir could not ignore However, even if he were to dodge and evade, the ferocious aura blasting out from Wang Zhong would instantly put an end to his offensive. Clearly, it was time for him to display exactly how proficient he was in close combat!

Not reacting at all to the might of the incoming attacks, Vladimir gave a slight twist with his spear-wielding right hand, while a fierce gush of Soul Power and special ability power rushed into Dragon's Terror. Pulling the spear back, he proceeded to grasp the middle of the spear with his left hand, before taking a short leap forward and giving a ferocious downwards swing!

Now, the situation has changed into Wang Zhong leaping into Vladimir's ice spear! Furthermore, it was a massively powerful downwards swing!

Divian was instantly dumbfounded by what she saw! Dragon's Terror could actually have such a use even in the face of an overbearing rush?!


2 frightening masses of power collided, sending massive booms reverberating across the entire stadium! A blinding wave of light burst forth from the point of collision, expanding in all directions alongside countless layers of shockwaves!

Almost every layman in the audience was blinded by this intense flash of light. Despite shutting and covering their eyes with their hands, all of them could feel the terrifying might of the attacks from the frightening vibrations that rocked the entire stadium!

In contrast, many experts were able to see that the 2 on stage were being forcibly blasted away by the resulting shockwaves. On the aspect of moves, Wang Zhong had completely lost in the earlier exchange, as he had been forced into defending against Vladimir's attack. After eating the powerful impact of the attack, he was shoved 5-6 steps back, leaving pits in the ground for every step that he took. However, what was more frightening was that Wang Zhong was not forced into a halt by the impact! Instead, he had immediately unleashed a counter attack! This massive collision and retaliation from Wang Zhong left Vladimir's ice-formed Dragon's Terror to be covered with countless cracks!


The entire Dragon's Terror instantly shattered into bits, before Wang Zhong's next attack arrived before Vladimir!


As the ice spear shards turned into dust, Vladimir grabbed the air before him. As he did so, a long ice blade instantly formed within as he unleashed a chop. This was a simple looking blade, one with a narrow body and thick spine, while the long handle allowed for it to be wielded with 2 hands.

However, its appearance instantly caused the Seer squadron members in the viewing gallery to feel awkward.

This... this was Karl's blade!

Earlier, it was Divian's spear. Now, Karl's blade? Did the Ice Prince have something against their Seer squadron?


The instant Karl's blade took shape, Vladimir unleashed the most powerful move in the Karl's arsenal. This was the ultimate move that Karl had comprehended! Yet, it appeared to possess unparalleled grace in the hands of Vladimir! Chopping downwards, the blade hummed as it cleaved through the air, unleashing a frightening downwards chopping blade arc! The blade intent immediately took shape and welcomed the incoming Wang Zhong with all of its might!

Everyone could not believe their eyes! Was that really Vladimir, the gentle and handsome special ability Ice Prince?! He appeared just like an omnipotent and all-knowing soldier! If his Ice attribute special ability was removed, one could not differentiate him from All Mouthy King!

Everyone could feel a dominating pressure instantly radiating from Vladimir's chop, something only a blade could achieve. While other weapons would need to accumulate their intent before unleashing it, only a blade was able to allow its wielder to instantly unleash blade intent! Upon forming the ice blade, Vladimir had instantly fused with his blade into one as he engaged in combat against Wang Zhong! How incredibly overbearing! It felt as though the entire world had converged into his blade as he chopped, or in other words, pressed down on Wang Zhong!

Only those who had genuinely comprehended the path of the blade would be able to accomplish such a feat! Even though there wasn't any accumulation of strength, he had relied on the overbearing blade intent to unleash a massive chop towards Wang Zhong! The overwhelming blade intent as well as Vladimir's fusion with his blade was so fast that Wang Zhong could not react in time, causing him to be forcibly pulled into Vladimir's momentum!

Weapons were a simple means to unleash one's strength and intent, while different cold weapons had different unique traits and strengths. Genuine experts were able to unleash magical levels of might with weapons. It had to be said that Karl was now feeling extremely depressed, as it took him quite a long and hard time to comprehend the way of the blade. Yet, Vladimir had basically displayed 90% of the blade intent might he could achieve! Furthermore, he could more than easily substitute the last 10% with the ice-cold air unleashed by his Ice attribute special ability!

Who would have thought that the usually calm Vladimir would be that ferocious in close combat! Perhaps, this was the eruption of his dual personality. Vladimir started to turn and twist as he unleashed chop after chop, while Wang Zhong calmly received attack after attack in a stable manner. In reality, such berserk attacks had absolutely no meaning to him and Mo Wen. If both of them were fighting such an opponent, they only needed to wait for their opponent to finish their barrage before instantly unleashing their life-ending attack!

However, this instantly constructed ice blade was obviously not as strong and resilient as the Dragon's Terror with its multiple layers of reinforcement. After a few successive hits from Wang Zhong, it shattered into bits! As that happened, Wang Zhong instantly bolted forwards, unleashing an elbow strike right towards Vladimir's abdomen! Instead of evading, light blossomed from Vladimir's eyes as he welcomed the attack! When the attack was about to land, he did a miraculous twist, before slipping away with the air pressure unleashed by Wang Zhong's elbow strike! As his attack struck air, 2 golden cross wheels took form around him, before shooting towards Vladimir in the next instant!


Vladimir's rushing figure completely defied the laws of inertia and momentum as he easily dodged the incoming cross wheels, accomplishing that with the newly created ice blades on his feet! These ice blades appeared just like the ones Scarlet used to ice skate in the earlier duel! However, Vladimir's skills in this aspect was even more terrifying than her, as he was able to change the height of the ice beneath him at will! Every single leg sweep he made was able to completely change the direction, speed, and angle of rotation, utterly confusing the judgement abilities of his opponent!

With a relaxed somersault, Vladimir landed completely unscathed on the ground.

An advanced waltz on ice!

Wang Zhong could not allow this fellow to continue swinging the momentum in his favour! However, with the flip of his left hand, ice instantly formed once again in Vladimir's hands! This time, it was an ice bow, an ice crossbow!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh...

Coupled with his ice waltz, crossbow bolts came flying towards Wang Zhong from all different angles and directions, some of them even arcing in the air as they fly towards him... That was Karkel's sliding bolt barrage!

Without talking about the ordinary people in the audience, even those experts who assumed that they could handle any change to the duel could not help but open their eyes and jaws wide in dumbfounded shock! Vladimir had basically turned into a mimic! Faced against the tyrannical ice crossbow bolts flying his way, Wang Zhong was forced to retreat in succession! The speed of the bolts flying his way was extremely disgusting in close combat, putting an exceedingly huge pressure on Wang Zhong, especially with Vladimir's Ice attribute special ability compounded in them!

However, Wang Zhong had made a mistake in his judgement! At this moment, he was not only facing the barrage of ice bolts, but bolts that were actively controlled by Vladimir! After an instantaneous dash, he instantly changed his movement style to the ice waltz, circling Wang Zhong as he unleashing attack after attack at the latter. Wang Zhong was forced into a completely defensive stance, as trying to retaliate now would be basically seeking death! Shield-like runic constructs formed before his hands, allowing him to calmly block the rain-like barrage of shots unleashed by Vladimir.

An upward curl appeared at the corner of Vladimir's mouth, before his straight line movement suddenly turned into a rush towards Wang Zhong! Tossing his ice crossbow away, 2 ice rods radiating a crystalline glow appeared! No, no no, it was not 2, but 4 rods!

The audience continued to grew dizzier by the second! Were there 2 Vladimirs?

One on the left and one on the right!

Doppelganger? Afterimage? Spiritual Soul combat technique?

Both of them were fake!

Wang Zhong was able to feel the difference in strength between the 2 doppelgangers, though he wasn't able to sense any life within them. They appeared slightly like Napier's Spiritual Soul bodies, though they were filled with Vladimir's ice attribute special ability present within them! Those were Ice Spiritual Soul bodies!

4 daggers pierced simultaneously into Wang Zhong's shield-like runic constructs. Due to the powerful defence they offered, the dagger thrusts were fended off. However, it was at this instant when the 2 Ice Spiritual Soul bodies exploded apart! BOOM!

Ice shards were blasted in all directions as plumes of ice-cold air surged out!

A thick blanket of whiteness filled the stage!

Without talking about the epicentre of the explosion, even the audience seated hundreds of metres away and being seperated by the stadium's defensive runic barrier could feel a bone-chilling cold blasting over their bodies! The extreme temperature caused people to close their mouths and shiver fiercely, their faces instantly turning pale as they desperately tried to keep their warmth by hugging their bodies!

As the explosion reverberated across the stadium, gradually dissipated away, the white fog on the stadium started to rapidly turn transparent.

Now, there was a giant 3 metre tall and wide ice coffin present in the middle of the stage! The world famous All Mouth King was now frozen solid within it!

This was the combat technique of Vladimir's Ice Dominion, a move that was hidden behind all of his soldier combat techniques! Ice Coffin of Absolute Despair!


Slight disappointment appeared in Vladimir's heart as he slowly descended onto the ground. Yes, he was disappointed! Disappointed that Wang Zhong's talent was too poor! He was unexpectedly unable to display his special ability in the face of his Ice Coffin of Absolute Despair! Without the use of his special ability, Wang Zhong was utterly incapable of dealing with the ice-cold air created from Valdimir's Ice Dominion! He had already restrained himself for the sake of getting an all-rounded comprehension. If not, Wang Zhong would have had utterly no chance to display any of his abilities!
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    《Battle Frenzy》