Battle Frenzy
618 Wang Zhong“s special ability 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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618 Wang Zhong“s special ability 2 in 1

A deathly silence enveloped the entire stadium. People were slightly unable to keep up with the shock they had experienced from witnessing Vladimir displaying his skills. Frankly speaking, all of them were frightened by what they saw! Spear techniques, blade techniques, ranged attacks, assassin moves, and even a Spiritual Soul combat technique similar to the one used by Napier Mo! Furthermore, he had also fused his Divinized special ability within all of his moves! In fact, the final strike he unleashed towards Wang Zhong appeared rather similar to the insta-kill combat techniques that Gui Xinying had displayed in the quarterfinals, as well as components from other kinds of powerful combat techniques!

In the past, it had always been All Mouthy King beating his opponents up. This time, the situation has been reversed!

Compared to the experts present who were interested in other people's talents, the laymen in the audience were more interested in the terrifying close combat abilities Vladimir had displayed in the fight! So elegant and so graceful! Furthermore, he was currently thrashing All Mouthy King! Waves of whispers started sprouting up across the stadium.

"What kind of talent is that!"

"What exactly is he! A soldier? Or a special ability user? Can someone please tell me?!"

"Divian's spear, Karl's blade, Karkel's bow, Napier Mo's doppelgangers... this! How is this possible!"

"That's only one branch of Ice Dominion." Napier Mo said with a snort, sounding slightly unconvinced of Vladimir's strength. A Divinized special ability was just a classification given to the power output level of their special ability. The realm-surpassing trait of the Ice Dominion was its basic ability to produce unlimited amounts of frost and ice. Although Vladimir appeared extremely imposing, and admittedly possessed a certain level of talent, it was the basic ability of his Ice Dominion that had played a major role in freezing up Wang Zhong.

Hearing that, Mo Wen gave a faint smile in reply, showing his approval of Napier Mo's words. Nevertheless, this was just half of the whole story. Some people needed to put in loads of effort just to gain some comprehension in weapon handling expertise. In comparison, the Dominion special ability was much more easier to learn and use, especially the one Vladimir possessed. Furthermore, it wasn't lacking in power. However, in reality, the deciding factor for the entire fight so far was still his Ice attribute special ability. It was utterly impossible to use only combat techniques to defeat Wang Zhong! Yet, Vladimir wasn't someone who would play around casually in combat. He had deliberately restrained his natural ice-cold air production in order to draw out his sparring with Wang Zhong. There was an 80% possibility that Vladimir had an ulterior motive in doing so; if not for that, he could have just used his Ice Dominion to completely suppress Wang Zhong!

Even Mo Wen, with his 5-attribute body constitution, would have his abilities greatly reduced in the face of such terrifying ice-cold air!

At this moment, the referee started his countdown. In accordance to the rule, being completely sealed up was no different from being knocked down or submitted. The 10 second countdown was the most basic way to deal with this. Although Wang Zhong was sealed up in Vladimir's ice coffin, his breathing could still be detected. If there wasn't any breathing, the countdown wouldn't have been required at all. 

10, 9...

The entire Skylink and viewing galleries for the ordinary audience had already turned incomparably flustered! The ice coffin standing in the middle of the stage sparkled with a crystalline luster, while its thickness could not be classified in accordance to the ordinary hardness of ice. During that instant, Vladimir had condensed all of the Divinized ice-cold air that was floating chaotically within the stage! All of the chaotic attacks he had launched against Wang Zhong were not just to entertain the crowd, but also for the sake of setting up for this move!

... 8, 7...

Everyone's heart started to beat rapidly in anxiety...

A sliver of a fiery-red glow started to appear around Wang Zhong's body. Everyone knew that there was a possibility of Wang Zhong possessing a fire attribute special ability from the fiery wings he had displayed in his fight against Gui Xinying. However, that was the only instance he had used them. Nevertheless, being able to have some resistance against a Divinized Ice attribute special ability, there was a 90% probability that he possessed a fire attribute special ability.

However, an ordinary fire attribute special ability would be utterly useless against the freezing capabilities of an Ice Dominion! Despite that, this weak flame sparked hope in the hearts of everyone. Was it possible? Could it happen?

Everyone held their breaths as they waited, waiting anxiously for another miracle. Despite knowing that a casual activation of Vladimir's special ability had frozen Laura's Fiery Explosive Bear completely to the bone, as well as his all rounded combat techniques, all of them still hoped for a miracle! At this moment, the ice-cold air surrounding Wang Zhong was many times denser than what Laura had experienced! If anyone other than Mo Wen was inside that ice coffin, they would definitely be frozen solid! Yet, the weak flame present within the ice coffin kept their last bit of hope alive.

Nevertheless, the little speck of red was still suppressed within the ice coffin, unable to expand in size. In fact, it appeared somewhat weak! Vladimir felt somewhat disappointed by what he saw. He could feel the powerful life force radiating from the frozen Wang Zhong. In reality, the number of people within the Casted Soul Stage that could resist against his Ice Dominion could be counted on one hand. However, even if Wang Zhong could resist his Ice Dominion, he would suffer injuries from the corrosive strength his ice-cold air possessed, which was able to penetrate into his opponent's Soul Sea. Those injuries were so terrifying that even Vladimir would get shocked at times by the damage done. However, being a participant of this CHF semifinal, he really hoped for his opponent to be able to put up some resistance to his abilities.

... 6, 5...

Clearly, Wang Zhong was still not giving up, as the weak red flames continued to surge in an attempt to melt the ice coffin encasing him. However, even though Vladimir had only used 50% of his full strength, how could any fire survive in the presence of the frosty air created from his Ice Dominion?

Every expert present in the stadium could feel how relaxed Vladimir was throughout this fight. Although he had made a lively exchange of moves, he still wrapped up this fight with ease! In the close combat exchange, he had displayed a level of strength that would suppress an absolute majority of the experts present! At the very least, Wang Zhong could still defend against that, though it was just a pit full of despair in the face of that Ice attribute special ability!

Noriba snorted in response. Those people were too naive! He had already predicted that Wang Zhong would face despair before the start of the duel! His boss was exceedingly dishonest. Although he was able to cultivate a proper character during normal training, he would frequently freeze people into blocks of ice with his ice-cold air in a fit of anger or frustration, in the name of "training their resistance to ice"... however, their resistance was always useless.


Just when whispers flooded the stadium, a fiery glow suddenly appeared within Wang Zhong's eyes. In the next instant, the weak fire within the ice coffin suddenly expanded, its red glow lighting the entire ice coffin up, causing it to appear just like a massive red gemstone that was on fire!


Every Tianjing member was so anxious that their breathing came to a stop! Regardless of how formidable Vladimir was in close combat, he was definitely unable to defeat Wang Zhong solely with it. The only problem now was his ice attribute special ability, and whether their captain could resist it or not!

Not a single trace of happiness was now present on Scarlet's face. Just like everyone, she had placed all of her hopes for victory on Wang Zhong! He will be able to withstand this!



The ice coffin exploded as a heat wave rushed to the skies! Ice shards shot out in all directions, filling up the entire stage as they smashed into the stadium's defensive runic barrier like a downpour! As this happened, a mushroom cloud of steam gushed out from the original location of the ice coffin.

Wang Zhong took deep gulps of air as he started to stabilize his surging blood and Soul Power. Finally, his special ability had appeared! Truthfully speaking, he was privy to the intentions Vladimir had in this fight. Although other people might not have guessed it, how would he not noticed the gradual increase in the density of the frosty air in his surroundings? With the level of control Vladimir had over his special ability, he would be instantly able to create a terrifying ice coffin with the snap of his fingers.

The main problem was now in his fire resistance. Ever since gaining the ability to create fire after lighting his Fate Stone, his fire resistance had become exceedingly high. However, this had also caused a strange suppression on his special ability. In most situations, he was only able to create a small flame, so small that it would be hard-pressed to fill the role of a barbeque fire. This had even resulted in him becoming the target of Mu Zi's laughter.

After doing some research, Wang Zhong theorised that this suppression might be due to the disharmony between own constitution, his Fate Stone, as well as his exceedingly powerful fire resistance. Since he was incapable of stabilising his special ability on his own, he would need external stimulation in order to do so, with life-or-death situations being the best method for this. Now, he had finally managed to stabilise it! Without a doubt, ice would be the best kind of stimulation for his fire attribute special ability. Of course, not just any ice would do. It needed to be ice made from an ice attribute special ability user of the highest realm! Unquestionably, sVladimir was the most perfect candidate for this! Furthermore, due to the limitations of a Casted Soul Stage's Soul Power, Vladimir would theoretically be unable to instantly end his life.

It could be said that Vladimir was the key that Wang Zhong had been waiting for a very long time! A perfect key!

Seeing the flames that covered his entire body, Wang Zhong felt exceedingly warm and comfortable. Although he didn't have much time to gain comprehension over his fire attribute special ability, it was more than sufficient to defend him against Vladimir's ice-cold air.

Seeing this, Vladimir smiled and chuckled in response. Interesting! Very interesting! A Divinized Fire attribute special ability! Indeed, he was spot on in his deductions! He had the feeling that Wang Zhong possessed this after witnessing the flaming wings he had created during his fight against Gui Xinying. At that time, he had felt that Wang Zhong appeared to be unable to control it well. However, from the looks of it, Wang Zhong had been hiding this all along! Frosty air started to perfuse Vladimir's surroundings as he started to get pumped up.

The Skylink was instantly lit abuzz by Wang Zhong's transformation, a direct contrast to the still silent stadium. Despite unleashing a Divinized Fire attribute special ability, Wang Zhong was barely able to defend against Vladimir's Ice Dominion at 50% strength. Now, having stimulated the latter, he would have to face a truly frightening Vladimir! This made the people of the Grozny squadron feel somewhat sorry for Wang Zhong. If would have been better if he had just stayed in the ice coffin. Instead, he had closen to struggle at this particular moment!

In the next moment, the entire stage, as well as the entire stadium, started to experience a drop in temperature. Although it was just a slight drop, being able to do so in the Casted Soul Stage while being restricted by the defensive runic barrier showed how powerful this number one special ability user of the CHF really was!

As this happened, snowflakes started to form in the air. At the beginning, only a few of them appeared, before turning into transparent snow chips that were filled with exceedingly powerful ice-cold energy! In a short span of a few seconds, the audience in seated outside of the viewing galleries felt a chill seeping into their bones. As more and more ice chips fluttered down from the skies, the ice-cold air present in the stadium grew increasingly denser and denser. Covering the stage, the ice chips formed a layer of hard ice above the ground, while creating sizzling sounds when they landed on the fire blazing around Wang Zhong's body. However, the frightening cold snow felt incomparable warm and enjoyable for Vladimir! Floating around his body, they appeared just like feathers, fluttering in the air before gently landing on the ground.

A smile was ever so present on the Ice Prince's face. However, this smile was not quite like the one he wore on a usual basis. Instead of a courteous stance, this smile appeared to be filled with excitement and fighting intent!

In the next instant, Wang Zhong took action! He had already felt the provocation directed at him in the form of Vladimir's increasing the strength of his special ability;he felt as though he was standing in a drizzle of snow! The level of might displayed by Vladimir's Ice Dominion was not something any ordinary Divinized special ability could match!


Wang Zhong shot forwards like a flash of light! Not only was he moving at an incredible speed, the speed of his special ability energy flow was even faster!

However, the ice wall instantly constructed by Vladimir was still faster than the incoming flash of light! The snow he had created wasn't just an offensive move. Instead, it had turned the entire stage into an environment that was most suitable for him to unleash the full might of his Ice Dominion. In this environment, Vladimir's attacks were much more fluid, and were basically impossible to predict!

Due to the rapidly-formed ice wall, Wang Zhong was incapable of changing his direction in time! Nevertheless, Wang Zhong had no intention of retreating! Blazing in flames, Wang Zhong dashed forwards, increasing his speed as he smashed fiercely into the ice walls! 


With a massive bang, a frightening shockwave expanded out in all directions! A massive dent was formed in Vladimir's miraculous ice wall by the powerful impact, sending countless spider web-like cracks expanding crazily in all directions. However, despite appearing on the brink of collapse, Wang Zhong's full power smash was still unable to shatter the ice wall apart! As he smashed into the ice wall, Wang Zhong could finally feel how frightening it was. Not only was extremely hard, it also possessed extremely strong energy absorbing properties! In fact, it even possessed a glue-like property due to the ice-cold air radiating from it!

Nevertheless, Wang Zhong's attack did not stop there. Continuing to put power into his rush, Wang Zhong finally smashed through the ice wall and headed towards Vladimir. A look of ridicule appeared on the Ice Prince's face upon seeing this. In essence, Wang Zhong was still fighting like a soldier, and a soldier would not be able to defeat a special ability soldier!

Whoosh... whoosh... whoosh..

3 ice walls instantly formed before him! What a scene of despair! At the same time, Vladimir made confident swings with his hands, sending two ice walls forward, sealing off any paths to the left and right of Wang Zhong. In the next second, yet another ice wall formed behind him! What terrifying Soul Power control! How could a Casted Soul Stage endure such unimaginable consumption! However, this was just how powerful an Ice Dominion was! Truthfully speaking, Vladimir did not even consume much energy to unleash all of the terrifying special ability moves! While ordinary special ability users would have to forcefully take control over their unleashed energy, it would result in a huge loss in power. In contrast, those with Dominion realm abilities would be able to "order" their energies!

Wang Zhong did not need to turn his head around to sense the ice wall forming behind him. As he leapt into the air, what met him wasn't the azure skies above the stage, but an even wider ice wall smashing down towards him! It blocked Wang Zhong from heading higher into the air, before smacking him straight down into a cage-like formation of ice walls below!

Vladimir proceeded to open his hands up, sending the cold air present across the entire stage to seeth and surge, appearing just like citizens cheering and roaring for their king. This time, Wang Zhong had been made into the sacrificial offering for their king! The ice walls had sealed off Wang Zhong in all directions! Once again , he had been sealed into an ice coffin. However, unlike the previous time, it would definitely be harder for Wang Zhong to break free. Although he possessed a Divinized special ability, Wang Zhong's special ability could be said to be on the level of a 6th grader, a disparity that was worlds apart from Vladimir!

Terrifying ice-cold air and Soul Power danced around Vladimir, before the distance between the ice walls started to shorten.


Vladimir shouted out, his voice infused with a demonic tone, taking control of the ice-cold air and special ability power he had dispersed across the entire stage!

Clang clang clang clang!

The ice walls that enclosed Wang Zhong started to vibrate and made deep rumbling noises. In the next moment, they started to pressed against each other, forming what appeared to be a large cube that was slowly but surely squeezing in on all sides. The portions breaking off at the sides rapidly converted into ice-cold air that continued to form layer after of ice around the massive ice cube, continuing to strengthen and add to its thickness!

Ice Dominion --- Frozen Ice Prison!

This... was he planning to squeeze Wang Zhong to death?

Light blossomed from Wang Zhong's eyes. Being clear of the disparity of his disparity in the aspect of special abilities, he knew that there was no chance for him if he hesitated for even one bit. Although he was able to defend against the ice-cold air, it was utterly impossible for him to melt the thick and solid ice that was surrounding him! However, he could not just sit and do nothing as the ice continued to restrict the space around him.

Lowering his stand, his left leg acted like a bow, while his right acted like an arrow. Extending out his left hand, he started to accumulate power in his right!

 A blaze started to form around his fist, before the Soul Power surging in caused the fire to spin and expand in size! All of his power was instantly condensed in his fist, caused the space within the ice prison to appear to be wrapped and distorted by some kind of massive power! As endless fighting intent blossomed within his eyes, Wang Zhong sent his right fist rumbling out!

Explosive Blaze 2nd Drive!

Bang bang bang bang bang...

The fist blossoming with berserk fire smashing violently against the ice wall, attempting to prevent it from closing in! However, despite being destroyed, the increase in thickness was faster than the speed Wang Zhong could destroy! Even more ice-cold air flooded in violently to fill in the cracks and shattered pieces, appearing just like some kind of auto-recovery function!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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    《Battle Frenzy》