Battle Frenzy
619 The Ruler“s dignity 3 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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619 The Ruler“s dignity 3 in 1

Wang Zhong's expression remained unperturbed upon seeing that. Without any hesitation, his fist immediately opened up into a palm, before layer after layer of palm shades started to form in a perfect arc within the icy prison. Due to the refraction of light by the ice walls, it looked as though there were tens of thousands of palm shades appearing within the icy prison, surging out, creating an incomparably spectacular scene!

Hundred-Fold Palms!

Pulling his hand back, all of the palm shades instantly converged together! If not for this attack, the laymen in the audience would never have the chance to witness just how much power the Hundred-Fold Palms could unleash!

Penetrate, vibrate, explode!

The ice prison shook fiercely. However, unlike the intense feeling of a large explosion from a powerful impact, the layer upon layer of small concussive blasts caused the surrounding space to vibrate. A massive shockwave rippled out from within the ice walls, expanding out across the entire stage. This time, the effects of the Hundred-Fold Palms were clearly much greater than his earlier punch! Nevertheless, these were ice walls created by the Ice Prince! Not only were they stronger than ordinary ice walls, they also possessed the ability to turn soft and absorb impacts!

Bang bang bang bang bang...

A series of crackling explosions rang out as hundreds of palm shades pierced through the wall of the icy prison! Shooting out in a dense array, they appeared just like shotgun pellets being fired!

Wang Zhong could feel that the penetrative shockwaves unleashed with his palm strikes weren't enough to destroy the internal structure of the ice layers. If the earlier ice coffin was powerful because it was rock solid, these ice walls used in the current ice coffin appeared to have a life of their own! The entire ice structure was incomparably tough, yet was able to endure all of the force he was transmitting into them. The ice walls continued to slowly crush inwards, all while growing thicker and thicker.

Nevertheless, not a single hint of worry appeared on Wang Zhong's face. Dimensional energies started to emanate from him, as he attempted to shatter the surrounding space and skuttle out via the dimensional barrier. Seeing this, Vladimir could not help but laugh out. How could his special ability be known as the Ice Dominion, if he allowed his opponent to escape with such ease?

As he attempted to head into the hyperdimension via his dimensional combat technique, Wang Zhong was immediately sent bouncing back by the ice walls! Dimensional combat techniques used by people in the Casted Soul Stage were exceedingly "weak" in Vladimir's eyes. His frosty air possessed a life on its own, and would not allow anyone the chance to establish any kind of dimensional or spatial coordinates! As long as any of that started to form, it would immediately get frozen up! The level of the dimensional combat technique displayed by Wang Zhong was utterly useless before his Ice Dominion! Although his Ice Dominion might not be able to do anything to Gui Xinying with her Spatial Void Dominion, he was definitely able to handle Wang Zhong's dimensional combat technique with relative ease!

"Shit!" Mario truly felt despair for Wang Zhong. Vladimir was on a completely different level from Wang Zhong! Of all of the Ruler-level special abilities out there, Vladimir's Ice Dominion was absolutely the most terrifying to deal with. One could only imagine what kind of an overlord he was in the cold, frigid environment of the northern regions. With the natural frosty air present in his surroundings, even the flames from hell would freeze over!

"Wang Zhong's completely unable to display his runic combat techniques." Sharmie could not help but sigh. Combat techniques were nothing more than glorified movements and the usage of Soul Power. Simply speaking, it was the usage of energy. However, Vladimir's ice-cold air had truly destroyed the preparation process for every combat technique!

Vladimir wasn't just countering Wang Zhong; he was countering everyone out there!

Laura felt extremely flustered for Wang Zhong, as she was exceedingly clear of how frightening Vladimir could be. Even dimensional life forms would easily freeze up when against his Ice Dominion. He had already exceeded the realm of humans! A princely appearance, matched with a ice-cold devil-like power! Although Wang Zhong was extremely strong, he was still a human! The power of a human would absolutely pale in comparison in the face of superhumans!

Now, everyone present within the stadium had borne witness to the true definition of an Ice Dominion: a level of special ability that All Mouthy King was totally incapable of dealing with! It felt as though even Mo Wen would have trouble finding a solution to deal with it. Although the 5-elements body constitution possessed an extremely high resistance to the 5 elements, it would be similar to the level of resistance provided by a Divinized Fire attribute special ability. If Mo Wen did not have any other methods of dealing with the Ice Dominion, there would be no one else who could be a match for Vladimir!

The other participants turned silent. Naturally, there was a sizable number of them that felt somewhat delighted, as their hopes for Wang Zhong to fail were being realised. His road through this CHF had left them with no dignity. Although Vladimir's fame and reputation would rise to unimaginable heights after this duel, Gui Hao,... could just find any corner and squat into oblivion.

On the stage, Wang Zhong's actions sped up. There had to be a way to break this ice coffin! If this ice coffin was allowed to press all the way down onto him, he would no longer be able to get into the motions to unleash his power! However, the ice-cold air present within was on a completely different level than earlier, and could not be forcibly dealt with his Divinized Fire attribute special ability. Truthfully speaking, most of his combat moves and techniques were based on the pure output of strength or 2nd drive, and both of them were utterly useless in this situation!

In the blink of an eye, the space within the icy prison had shrunk by a foot. Although this movement was slow, the terror was present in its continuous movements. Unknowingly, the space within had already shrunk by half, leaving Wang Zhong with only 4 to 5 feet of space to move about!

A deathly silence filled all of the viewing galleries as everyone locked their eyes tightly on the stage. Countless Tianjing fans were clutching their throats and pulling at their hair in anxiety, with some so worried that their mouths and eyes were left wide open!

Was Wang Zhong about to be squashed to death like that?

A single blow to end all blow! Using strength to break all technique! All heaven-defying combat techniques were dogshit in the face of absolute power!

Within the icy prison, Wang Zhong rapidly made his decision. This time, it wasn't any attack, but an intense ripple of dimensional energies surging outwards!

He was still gathering dimensional energies! Was he actually activating it now?!

No! No! It was coming from outside the icy prison!

The space above Vladimir's head started to ripple, before a massive clump of "milk curds" rushed out from within.

Bean-sized eyes were present on that clump, and it had a mouth that was even larger than its face. With a translucent, spherical body, it appeared cute and adorable!

The Dimensional Wanderer King!

Akin to an innate ability, the large mouth of the Wanderer King was already wide open as it appeared. The pure ice attribute energies present before its eyes appeared just like a gargantuan feast! In the next instant, a massive whirlpool appeared within its mouth, furiously sucking in all of the fluttering snowflakes and endless ice-cold air in the surroundings towards it!

There was still this move!

The countless Tianjing fans nearly shouted out in joy! However, before this happiness could spread, a white ray of light suddenly rushed up to Dimensional Wanderer King from beneath it!


A high kick, akin to a terrifying cannonball, smashed fiercely against the lower jaw of the white gluttonous ball! In an instant, its massive mouth was smashed shut while cracking sounds shook its body, as though all of its teeth had been shattered!

After all, it was a unique summoned life form...

Its physical defences were too low! Just a single kick would knock it unconscious! With the whirlpool gone, all of the ice-cold air heading in its direction now became weapons that were targeted at it, rushing through its nose, eyes and cracks in its mouth!

Crack crack crack crack!

All of the frosty air instantly froze up, turning the large unconscious white curd into an ice sculpture! An ice sculpture with countless icicles sticking out from it...


The massive ice sculpture fell onto the ground, giving a long clang as it made contact. By that time, the large white curd had already disappeared without a trace.

This! It had been dealt just like that? The Dimensional Wanderer King that had finished Gui Hao off had actually...

Before the fans could regain their senses from shock of Big White being dealt with, the glow of a markedly different fire started to sparkled within the icy prison. It was 2 swirling flames, with an inconspicuous tinge of gold within, present by the sides of Wang Zhong. Of course, he did not expect his Dimensional Wanderer King to be able to deal with Vladimir. To him, being able to divert the latter's attention was more than enough!

2 fiery cross wheels rotating an extremely high speeds appeared within Wang Zhong's hands. Since pure strength might be insufficient, a fusion combat technique would definitely work!

The 2 fiery cross wheels proceeded to smashed against the ice walls! This was an inspiration he had gotten from Karl, whose combat experience allowed him to kill 3 birds with one stone, allowing Wang Zhong to pull out a contingency plan from his hat. He didn't need the assistance from wind, as the cross wheels' rotations were similar. In fact, Wang Zhong's control in this aspect was definitely stronger than Karl's. Unlike the cross wheels that were tossed out upon forming, these 2 fiery cross wheels continued to receive the inflow of power from Wang Zhong. The flames that formed them continued to be compressed, before the cross wheels sliced right into the ice walls.

Hiss Crack Hiss Crack...

Just like 2 saws cutting fiercely at the ice walls! Oh my god... they were working!

In a situation filled with despair, with various kinds of combat techniques being negated, Wang Zhong had actually managed to change himself into a lumberjack!

The cross wheels continued to penetrate deeper into the ice walls. In the blink of an eye, 50% of their bodies had already disappeared within the thick ice walls. Ice-cold air and energies visible to the naked eyes converged at a berserk rate in an attempt to halt and repair the damage caused by the cross wheels, as well as trying to freeze them! However, although Vladimir's ice-cold air and energies were strong, they were not dense enough, while Wang Zhong had condensed all of his together into the cutting edges! At this moment, it was more than sufficient to turn the advantage towards Wang Zhong!

Never did Vladimir expect that Wang Zhong would still manage to find a way out! Hurriedly trying to use the surrounding ice-cold air to repair his icy prison, both sides entered an intense struggle, with victory and defeat resting on its outcome!

The Tianjing fans already had their hearts in lodged in their throats, while their inner voices shouting at the top of their lungs! GO! GO! GO!

Appeared to have heard their shouts, Wang Zhong loosened his grip on his cross wheels, before instantly rushing forwards like a tank --- Leaning Landslide!

Smashing right into the scars left by his cross wheels, a massive chunk of ice was blasted apart by the frightening force behind Wang Zhong's blow, which flew and smashed into the stadium's defensive runic barrier a dozen meters away! The powerful impact of his rush as well as the level of ice-cold air gushing out caused the defensive barrier to turn pale, appearing as if it was teetering on the verge of collapse!

At the same time, a figure rushed out from within the icy prison!

Tap tap tap tap...

Relying on the air currents, Wang Zhong made a perfect spiral within the air as he rushed towards Vladimir! 2 rays of light burst forth from within Wang Zhong's eyes, as though he was finally able to unleash the energies he had kept pent up within him! This time, he would show Vladimir his worth!



Without giving any chance for Vladimir to react, Wang Zhong had already rushed before him like a cannonball! Despite his godlike Ice Dominion, Vladimir was only a man. Unleashing an area lockdown with a godlike level of power wasn't without its cost, resulting in his reaction speed being slightly slower than usual.

There wasn't enough time for the instantly constructed ice walls to formed a perfect defensive line! Vladimir only had sufficient time to form an ice shield no thicker than a foot before a powerful fist came streaking over!


Wang Zhong's powerful punch landed fiercely on Vladimir's handsome face! The terrifying force within his punch immediately sent Vladimir blasting back! Having always been in control of everything in his life, this was probably the first time that he had experienced such a violent blow from any opponent!

Wang Zhong had never held back any of his strength in this fight. In an instant, a torrent of power blasted out from his fists!


""Ah Ta Ta Ta Ta!

Wang Zhong unleashed a lightning barrage of punches, each having the force of a meteor behind it! Every punch that connected sent shockwaves rippling out in all directions! At this point of time, Vladimir was completely forced into a purely defensive stance, with a layer of ice-like material covering his entire body. Nevertheless, he was still smashed backwards uncontrollably by Wang Zhong's powerful blows! The ice shield on his arm continued to go through a cycle of being shattered and reformed, though each time was more and more hurried, with each successive shield being smaller and smaller. Finally, a heavy fist smashed directly against his guarded arms raised before his body!


Unable to continue enduring the heavy punches, Vladimir's ice shield and armour finally shattered apart. His body flew like a meteor, smashing heavily against the stadium's defensive runic barrier.


The entire defensive barrier flashed slightly, before instantly turning dim, while the massive bang shook the entire stadium! Everyone could feel the ground beneath their feet shaking slightly!

Vladimir's entire body was now embedded in a "大" shape on the transparent defensive barrier, being stuck to it as though it was made of glue. In the next second, he slid down, before smashing onto the ground.

Silence filled the Skylink and the stadium. Being deep into the pit of despair, Wang Zhong had unleashed a counter attack once again! What a familiar feeling! This was brother King's rhythm! This meant that the situation has been reversed! There was no such thing as absolute strength, but only absolutely effective combat techniques!

The constrained Tianjing fans went completely berserk. Finally! Their brother King was pummelled all the way till now, so much so that the absolute majority of people didn't even dare to breathe. Their idol had been suppressed, suppressed to the point of despair; and now, his counter attack had begun!

Almighty brother King!

"What frightening fiery cross wheels! What a mythical All Mouthy King! Unleashing a counter attack within despair, struggling through adversity, enduring through horrendous situations, and never, ever giving up on finding the chance to turn the situation around! This is the greatest meaning in fighting!" Ruo Zhi had gone borderline insane with his casting! Frankly speaking, with his countless experience casting all kinds of fights, All Mouthy King's fights had always invoked the greatest feelings within him! When casting his fights, Ruo Zhi would feel as though he had become more intelligent, with his thoughts become more fluid! In fact, he would even make rather good and philosophical quotes!

Contrary to the audience, the experts within the participant viewing gallery had turned completely silent. This Wang Zhong... really didn't know what despair was!

Vladimir's Ruler-level Ice attribute special ability was rather frightening, as the ice-cold air and energy he was able to output was on a level higher than a Divinized Ice attribute special ability. Wang Zhong's Divinized Fire attribute special ability should be utterly incapable of breaking that icy prison, as Ruler-level and Divinized special abilities were in 2 completely different realms! However, All Mouthy King had managed to fuse a combat technique with his special ability, and used the infinite revolutions in the shape of cross wheels to instantaneously increase its destructiveness past its limits!

Honestly speaking, not a single person in the participant viewing gallery would have the guts to make such a decision! Even if they could, they might not have sufficient strength to see it through. However, Wang Zhong had managed to do so!

Now, the situation had turned around! As long as Vladimir was unable to use his Ice Dominion, he honestly wasn't able to match up Wang Zhong in close combat with his flashy moves!

Karl, Divian, Alasi and Bobo exchanged glances and whispers. It seemed that Wang Zhong was about to win? Yet again?

It had to be said that the hearts of the aristocratic families felt grief and indignation with the change of flow of this fight. One after another, their faces had been smacked! How were they going to keep their faces high in the future? Was Vladimir about to be finished too?

However, this Wang Zhong was also acting too gentlemanly! Unexpectedly, he wasn't taking the chance to end this fight! Clearly, this fight had yet to end!

On the Grozny side, Noriba, Pomo and the others were already swallowing their saliva subconsciously as their faces turned deathly pale. Were they anxious? Or worried?


There was only one thing that Noriba felt across his entire body. Cold! "Shit, something bad's gonna happen!"

"He has never been provoked like this before…" Pomo could feel his scalp turn numb. "I feel that it's best for us to retreat a little. It will be unjust if we're to freeze to death here…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Unknowingly, Vladimir, who had collapsed onto the ground earlier, had already stood up, and was gently cleaning the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. As he looked at his blood, Vladimir's eyes sparkled with an exceedingly bewitching glow. This instantly submerged the entire stadium into whispers, as people discovered that Vladimir didn't suffer much of any injuries from Wang Zhong's barrage of attacks.

"His ice armour and shield had blocked the majority of the attacks.Vladimir's body is also extremely tough and resilient, so there isn't any big problem." said Carolyn with ain indifferent voice. Many people had been tricked by Vladimir's effeminate appearance, and forgot that he was the number one big boss in the northern regions! Without talking about anything else, his physical strength was definitely not weak.

Wang Zhong was all the more clear about this, therefore he did not immediately move forwards to finish this fight. This wasn't an opportunity, but a trap! Vladimir was calmly waiting for Wang Zhong to get indulgent. Even Scarlet managed to pull of a reversal in her fight against De Gea! Without talking about anything else, even the slightest bit of self satisfaction would cause one to flop completely!

The 2 on stage exchanged glances, before Vladimir started to laugh. It was an extremely hearty and delightful chuckle, with a little bit of excitement and berserkness present within. It has been a very long time since he had tasted the flavour of blood! There was actually someone out there who could injure him!

Upon hearing Vladimir's laugh, all of the Grozny squadron members instantaneously reacted by hurriedly retreating a large distance backwards, so much so that their backs were right before the participants viewing gallery.

On the stage, the blood dripping down from Vladimir's forehead froze up. Without saying anything, he proceeded to wave his hands slightly to the back.

WHOOSH! A violent howl rumbled across the sky! In the blink of an eye, dark clouds formed in the sky, and countless miniscule crystals formed in the air. These crystals continued to form and float in the air, creating a spectacular scene. Nevertheless, no one had the heart to admire them.

Ice cold air and energies even more terrifying than before gushed out and filled the entire stage! In fact, they appeared to have risen to a new level! Furthermore, it was not just a small increase; it had risen by a terrifying amount! Without talking about the fleshly body, even Spiritual Souls might get instantly frozen by those frightening ice cold energies! Unlike Gui Hao, Vladimir was always calm and cool-headed in combat. The explosive surge of power wasn't chaotic.

Ci ci ci ci ci ci...

The eyes of quite a few bigshots seated in the VIP podium lit up, as countless frost patterns appeared on the stadium's defensive runic barrier. As they appeared, they rapidly expanded in size! This was the defensive barrier that the Federation had purposely enhanced for the semifinals! However, it had also been frozen up? Although it was just a thin layer of frost, this was a defensive barrier that could defend against the attacks of Heroic Soul Stage soldiers! Yet, it was incapable of dispelling that thin layer of frost?! This...

A serious expression appeared on Wang Zhong's face. This level of ice-cold air and energies had already exceeded the limit he could deal with his Fire attribute special ability! The Ice Dominion... could there really be no limit to that guy?

In the next instant, Wang Zhong dashed forwards. He definitely couldn't let Vladimir finish his move!

Seeing this, an upwards curl appeared at the corner of Vladimir's mouth. He held complete disregard towards Wang Zhong's rush! To him, everyone else was utterly clueless to what true power was!

These people really didn't understand what his Ice Dominion truly meant, and even more so what realm he had reached while in the Casted Soul Stage! As long as he willed it, there was nothing he could not freeze in this entire world! Including light itself! That naturally included his opponent rushing towards him!

With a single thought, the heavens and earth appeared to be controlled, as endless amounts of frost took form within the air. In the next instant, they formed ice swords, covering the entire sky! This was the power of a Ruler level special ability! What construction speed! It was so quick that even the slow motion cameras were incapable of catching their formations! In people's eyes, they appeared to have magically conjured out of thin air!

Opening his mouth slightly, Vladimir spoke a clear and resounding word.


Absolute Winter!


In an instant, the ice swords floating silently in the skies started to move! As this happened, the ice energy crystals, that should be still due to the absolutely low temperatures, started to move violently! This caused the edges of those ice swords to appear as though they were lit aflame.

At the same time, those countless "burning" ice swords shot dowards! Disregarding Wang Zhong's rush, they instantly bombarded the entire stage!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang...

Countless berserk ice swords continued to smashed against the ground like a torrential downpour, causing massive booms that shook the entire stadium! As the ice swords smashed into the ground, they shattered apart, turn into intensely cold energies that flowed about on the stage in a liquid-like manner!

In a split second, the entire stage exploded apart, while even more white mist surged about, causing the entire stage to appear just like the abyss of absolute zero!

At the beginning of all this chaos, people could still see the figure of Wang Zhong shooting forwards, as well as the roaring flames blossoming around him. Mixed with the rotational patterns of a cross wheel, they shot towards Vladimir. However, this lasted only for a second or 2, before the fiery cross wheel disappeared within the endless white fog wave surging over, rapidly dissipating away, as though it had been extinguished!

Everything was fleeting and insignificant in the face of the Ice Dominion! This was the genuine meaning of powerless! There were simply no combat techniques that could compare to this! Vladimir was using his Ice Dominion to tell the world, that he was the strongest!

It took quite a while for all of the ice swords to smash into the ground, transforming the entire stage into a frozen ground with endless amounts of fog present in the air! These ice cold energies, including the ice that had formed on the defensive barrier, appeared to be sucked by something as they rapidly converged into the centre of the stage.

Dust to dust, earth to earth.

When all of the vibrations and spectacular displays disappeared, what appeared before everyone was a massive block of ice that dominated half the size of the stage!

It appeared exceedingly dazzling under the illumination from the stadium spotlights. Despite having absorbed all of the ice cold energies present on the stage, one could immediately feel bone-chilling cold upon laying their eyes on it!

The entire stadium, the entire skylink, and even the enter Federation was watching this fight. At this instant, all of them had turned absolutely silent. Standing at this original position, Vladimir appeared to be exceedingly satisfied with the gargantuan block of ice that he created as a look of appreciation appeared on his face.

Wang Zhong was too naive! Did he really think that his Divinized Fire attribute special ability in the shape of cross wheels would make him invincible under the heavens? Regardless of a solo duel or group fights, regardless of physical strength or special ability, he was able to freeze everything! This was the absolute zero unleashed by the Sovereign of Ice!

Through the thick layers of ice, Vladimir could faintly feel the feeble breaths coming from the trapped Wang Zhong. Indeed, he was tough and resilient. However, this was the end!

Nobody could ever break out from this ice block! Fused with his powerful will and Soul Power control, this was the highest accomplishment he could unleash with his Ice Dominion, the Sovereign's Dignity!
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