Battle Frenzy
620 Tremble, despicable world! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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620 Tremble, despicable world! 2 in 1

The shock felt by the participants in the viewing gallery could not be described with words. Even the Gui Family would now have no choice but to admit that Gui Hao, who similarly possessed a power than transcended the limits of humans, had a hysterical and insufferably arrogant attitude. In contrast, Vladimir, with his cool-headed personality, had managed to control his own transcendent power and unleash it to the greatest effect! Power had to be controlled. If not, one would get let astray by it.

"This is the strongest bloodline inheritance of the Vasilyevich Family, the 9th Rank Ice Enchantress Bloodline!" said Carolyn in a soft voice. This wasn't a secret to those in the higher levels of the Federation. However, she did not expect Vladimir to actually be able to completely inherit it. What an inconceivable matter! In this era, where the power of bloodlines had grown thin and weak, she really did not know how the Vasilyevich Family had managed to accomplish this feat!

A long time ago in the dark era, this frightening dimensional life form had descended and destroyed 5 major cities in the northern regions. It was barely defeated, after countless sacrifices and a wretched battle of attrition. That battle alone had caused the northern regions to lose over two-thirds of its population!

To this day, it was the strongest ice attribute dimensional life form that had ever arrived on Earth! This made it become unofficially known as the Sovereign of Ice!

How many years has it been since the founding ancestor of the Vasilyevich Family had managed to obtain its bloodline inheritance? Vladimir was the only person other than the founding ancestor to possess a complete bloodline inheritance. The cold air and energies it could unleash would totally outclass any Divinized Fire attribute special ability!

As for even stronger fire attribute special abilities?

Mankind had never possessed a stronger flame resistance, as mankind had never defeated the Sovereign of Fire, regardless of which kind!

There were many reasons for that. From the information collected, the Sovereign of Ice was basically an aberration of nature, and its very existence would pit it against the surrounding environment. After reaching a certain level, it would be restrained by the laws of physics, as there was no temperature below absolute zero. Therefore, after expending too much energy, it was finally defeated. However, the fire unleashed by its fiery counterpart would never cease, until it burned the entire world to ashes! Before that happened, there was no one who could defeat it.

Since the dark era till now, there had never been a Sovereign of Fire descending onto Earth. Perhaps this was something mankind should feel fortunate about. Due to the natural preservation of laws and the self protection of the world, not all dimensional life forms could descend onto earth. The stronger the life form, the rarer its appearance would be, as they would possess the power to destroy the earth.

Therefore, the Sovereign of Ice was held as the symbol of invincibility.

Vladimir extended his hands and gently touched the gleaming surface of the ice block, while a look of happiness akin to a mother hugging her child appeared on his face. No, this might no longer be considered as ice; crystals that sparkled with a gemstone-like lustre had formed the instant he willed them into existence. Although they were formed via the absolute zero temperatures he had unleashed, this ice had far exceeded the properties of any normal ice.

This was something that hailed from the higher dimensional worlds, "Dimensional Ice Crystals"!

Feeling shocked by those frightening crystals, or Vladimir's gentle touch, the audience erupted into chaos.

"The Ice Prince! Vladimir!"

"The king of the northern regions! Our eternal ruler!"

Hot-blooded roars exploded out from the Vasilyevich viewing gallery, shaking the entire stadium up, sounding exceedingly fresh in contrast to the death-like Tianjing and Brother King fans.

On Skylink, even more Grozny fans went completely bonkers with their cheers. Even though they did not understand the concept behind the "Dimensional Ice Crystal", or exactly what level an Ice Dominion was at, the massive "ice block" standing tall within the stage was sufficient to shock all of their hearts.

At this moment, deep feelings of dread could be seen within the eyes of Carolyn, Gui Xinying and even Mo Wen. Vasilyevich and Vladimir shad shocked the entire world with a single brilliant move!

It wasn't to say that the Ice Dominion had no counters. However, nothing could be said about the amount power Vladimir was able to unleash within the Casted Soul Stage!

Only those who truly understood what a Ruler-level special ability meant would know exactly how shocking a feat Vladimir had achieved! This was especially so for Gui Xinying, who also possessed a Ruler-level special ability. She had always believed that she had pushed herself to her limits to polish this treasure of a talent she possessed. In fact, she had seen, in countless occasions, the limit of a Ruler level special ability within the Casted Soul Stage.

However, when comparing her control over her Spatial Void Dominion to the control Vladimir had over his Ice Dominion, she realised that she wasn't even able to match up to a third of his!

Of course, it was easier to control an ice attribute special ability compared to a spatial void one. However, there was also a significant disparity in her level of comprehension and hard work! Exactly how much did he toil and suffer under that perfect exterior of his? Naturally, Vasilyevich was the highest authority in the training of ice attribute special abilities. With excellent guidance, beneficial surroundings, Vladimir had everything needed to be groomed into a king!

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Even the Legendary soldiers like Long Mei'er could not help but to sigh in admiration. Truthfully speaking, they were favouring Wang Zhong in this fight, as they really wished that he would create miracles once again. However, all of that had come to an end.

It was utterly impossible to deal with the power Vladimir had displayed. With the level of Vladimir's Dimensional Ice Crystals, without talking about Casted Soul Stage soldiers, even Heroic Soul Stage soldiers would not be able to break out from the ice block! Vladimir's display of strength would allow him to sweep everyone within this CHF!

A wave of silence descended on the entire stadium. Long Mei'er could feel Wang Zhong's flame of life growing increasingly weaker. She couldn't let a talent like him die here! Furthermore, victory and defeat was clear for all to see.

"I announce that this 4th duel…"

There wasn't much hesitation in Long Mei'er as she raised her hand. Regardless of victory or loss, Wang Zhong's intelligence was a treasure for the Federation. If she stopped the fight now, she might be able to save his life.

However, she had just spoken those words before everything else got choked up in her throat. Even the crazed Grozny fans were similarly frozen...

Those were?


A wisp of flame jumping about within the ice... Wang Zhong still wasn't going to give up???

The thick ice crystal layer wasn't as transparent as the earlier ice coffin, causing Wang Zhong to appear as a blurry mass within. This resulted in that wisp of fire appearing rather blurry to everyone's eyes, dancing faintly within the ice, as though it was about to be extinguished at any moment.

Nevertheless, it was, without a doubt, still present!

The silence filled with stadium and Skylink, with no one typing anything in the chat. Everyone had they eyes glued on that weak and blurry glow of fire, that was continuing to struggle powerlessly within the ice block, not wanting to give up. That's right! Through his entire career, All Mouthy King had never once given up hope!

Everyone clenched their teeth tightly, hoping and praying for a miracle to happen once again. In Tianjing City and Tianjing Academy, people walking on the streets and pathways had already come to a halt, as everyone looked towards the nearest large screen displaying the CHF semifinal match, waiting silently, clenching their fists in worry hope. All of them couldn't do anything but pray, and to continue hoping...

Compared to them, the participants in the viewing gallery were sighing in admiration. This Wang Zhong was simply an unkillable cockroach! Even in such despair-inducing situations, he wasn't willing to give up. However, his struggle caused him to appear even more pitiful than ever. The disparity between him and Vladimir was overwhelming! Without talking about Wang Zhong, there wasn't even anyone within the Dark Era who could match up the Vladimir!

"Fuck! If Wang Zhong's able to turn this fight around, I'll immediately eat 10 pounds of shit!" A lone comment appeared on the Skylink chat. However, there was not a single response in this always lively and chaotic Skylink, as no one was willing to respond to this idiot.

Vladimir could see and feel Wang Zhong's stubbornness, causing him to involuntarily wrinkle his forehead. Being all too clear about the move he had unleashed, he knew the chances of Wang Zhong escaping were...

An absolute zero!

The ice block that had escased Wang Zhong up wasn't created from ordinary frosty air and energies. No fire, or any special abilities, could survive within his Dimensional Ice Crystals...



Before Vladimir could regain his senses from that frightening thought of his, the flames within his ice crystals started to dance fiercely. WIthin the depths of the ice block, the sparkling star-like flames rapidly expanded. A roaring blaze proceeded to light up Wang Zhong's blurry-looking figure, erupting from his body as it started to burn in the depths of Vladimir's Dimensional Ice Crystal block.

The milky white, gently looking flames continued to burn, while a fighting song started to resonate within the depths of everyone's souls. That's right! Wang Zhong did not give up! All of them did not know what that white-coloured thing was. Nevertheless, as long as that flame continued to burn, it showed that Wang Zhong had not given up! He had not lost!

The faces of the Blazing Angels squadron finally changed, with dumb-looking expressions appearing on all of their faces. What was that? It wasn't an angel! Was God about to descend to Earth???

Vladimir's expression also changed. There was only one kind of fire that could deal with his Absolute Zero Ice! That existence was only present in the legends, and existed in the most dangerous spot within the dimensional worlds! That was a place that even Heavenly Soul Stage experts would need to detour!

Sovereign Flames!




This was something that would absolutely not appear in this world! It would absolutely not exist in this world! For the 4 to 5 hundred years since the start of the dark era until now, not even one of it has ever descended on Earth!

Countless Tianjing fans in the stadium covering their mouths, overwhelmed with their emotions surging out from their hearts! There were even some who were clutching their hearts in shock!

Although Mo Wen still wore his expressionless face, he was playing rapt attention to Wang Zhong. Clearly, this representative of the Mo Family could feel the intense and seemingly terrifying pressure from the stage!

Interesting! Indeed, this was interesting! Very, very interesting!

This Wang Zhong...

There was no continuation of any struggle or any vibrations, as though it had turned into a confrontation between 2 forces that were of completely different levels.

In the instant the glow of flames blossomed, a frightening power descended onto the stage!

The Dimensional Ice Crystals instantly shattered!

The shattered ice shot out in all directions like cannonballs, smashing against the hastily reformed defensive runic barrier! Turning the entire defensive runic barrier into chaos, it sent banging noises ringing across the stadium!

Even Vladimir could not help but to form 5 ice walls to defend against the incoming ice shards.

They exploded across the skies, before shooting down like a hailstorm!

Within the centre of the shattered Dimensional Ice Crystal block, as well as the endless amounts of white fog appearing, the clear cry of a phoenix rang out, rushing through the heavens!

The instant the cry rang out, the faces of the legendary soldiers present immediately turned pale white, while their expressions turned exceedingly strange. All of them knew this cry, and that it absolutely shouldn't be able to exist on Earth!

A pair of milky white wings, blooming gorgeously as they unfurled!

Unknowingly, over 200 thousand people were present in the stadium. All of the security guards in charge of watching the gates and ticketing, including some of the audience originally standing outside of the stadium had already squeezed themselves in! Feet stepping over feet, all of them were attracted and stupefied by the miracle happening on the stage!

Everyone looked silently at the brilliant and gorgeous looking wings, adorned with snow white feathers...

Those wings appeared to be constructed from pure energy! Every single feather appeared so beautiful, so gentle, as though they possessed a life of their own!


With what seemed like a subconscious flutter of the milky white wings, all of the ice-cold air, energies as well as the large ice crystals that were strewn across the defensive runic barrier and stage... instantly evaporated away. In fact, there wasn't even any steam produced! All of the ice had turned into thin air! Even the laymen in the audience could feel the air of dominance from an undisputed sovereign across the heavens!

An inconceivable expression finally appeared on Vladimir's unchanging face. He did not dare to believe that he was seeing! Without talking about him, even the legendary soldiers like Long Mei'er, Joseph, as well as the group of bigshots in the VIP podium were utterly incapable of believing their eyes!

This wasn't possible! This absolutely couldn't exist on Earth!

Not even Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers had ever wielded strength on this level!

How did it appear on a Casted Soul Stage soldier?!

Drip, drip. Beads of perspiration started to flow down Vladimir's face, before dripping down onto the ground...

He could clearly hear every single drop of sweat dripping onto the ground. In fact, he could clearly hear his own heartbeat, as well the gushing sound of his blood flowing through his body!

This was probably the first time in his life that he had felt such terror!

If there was anything Vladimir was scared of, it would only be the one in the legends, the Sovereign of Fire that was said to be impossible to appear on Earth!

That pair of milky white wings represented fire, an extreme fire that could burn everything in its path!

No one could contend against it. In fact, no one could get close to it! If the might of the Sovereign of Fire was taken into consideration, just a little bit of fire coming from it would be sufficient to decimate the entire Stuart City!



A deathly silence.

There was nothing but silence within the stadium. This silence was also present across the millions upon millions of people watching via Skylink.

Many people weren't clear about what they were seeing. Why did the fire take the shape of wings?

Unfurling his milky white wings outwards, Wang Zhong, floating into the air, his whole body radiating with a holy and elegant radiance, as though he had become the incarnation of God!

Carolyn's mind was completely empty... why?!

If Wang Zhong possessed the Blazing Angel's Extreme Fire, even Heavenly Soul Stage experts were no match to him!

Gui Xinying, Laura, Sharmie, Alasi... way too many people were frozen like sculptures as chaotic thoughts gushed out within their minds.

The only people who could respond to the miraculous change in situation about the fight on stage were the members of Blazing Angels. At this moment, Papada had already knelt, and so did Oli and his other squadron members. Devout and near fanatical expressions blanketed their faces as they prostrated themselves on the ground, with so much emotions bursting forth that people could swear they were able to squeeze water out from their red faces!


Too miraculous, too crazy, and too inconceivable!

... No!

Vladimir's eyes narrowed.

This wasn't right! This was impossible!

If those were the flames unleashed by the Sovereign of Fire, it would have decimated the entire stadium upon appearing! Being in such close proximity to it, he would have been instantly vapourized! However, how was he able still remain in one piece?

This was definitely unusual!

A renewed look of seriousness appeared within Vladimir's eyes. In fact, Mo Wen had came to his senses even earlier, managing to grasp the hidden clues about the current situation. It was impossible for the real Extreme Fire to appear. In reality, it was just a replica, a projection of power, or some kind of blessing.

In the air, Wang Zhong had already sunk into a miraculous trance. He could faintly feel the warmth radiating from those milky white feathers. They felt so gentle, and exceedingly pure, just like the Sovereign of Fire he had bumped into in the Hyperdimension!

The milky white wings appeared to be constructed from the Extreme Fire. Indeed, it possessed heaven-decimating levels of power. However, through his senses, Wang Zhong could feel that his newfound power, as well as the milky white wings, were all just projections! They were projections from the Hyperdimension, formed via the blessings he had gained from the Sovereign of Fire!

This strength did not belong to him. In fact, it really should not exist on Earth! However, it was still more than sufficient to remove all kinds of temperature-reducing energies, as the dignity of the Sovereign of Fire could not be desecrated!
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