Battle Frenzy
621 The despair of the Sovereign of Ice 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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621 The despair of the Sovereign of Ice 2 in 1

Hu Hu Hu Hu...

The milky white wings on Wang Zhong's back fluttered gently, slowly bringing him down onto the ground. As his feet made contact with the ground, the wings transformed into white balls of light, sparkling as they expanded out, before dissipating away...

All of the remnant energies had dissipated. However, the short duration of wielding such power was an extremely valuable experience for Wang Zhong, as no one in the Casted Soul Stage had ever experienced such levels of power before. Furthermore, there were no negative side-effects from doing so, and it had also helped him defend against Vladimir's Ice Dominion. This was simply the most perfect experience Wang Zhong had ever had!

This was a genuine blessing!

Other than that, it had completely removed the barrier he had faced in his Fire attribute special ability! The reason why Wang Zhong's special ability wasn't good was precisely due to the barrier formed by the Sovereign of Fire's blessing. Being the genuine essence of fire, it would never allow itself being used through the simple thought processes of humans. One had to start from the origin of Fire to use it. However, that would require suitable circumstances in order to activate it. This was the main goal behind the Sovereign of Fire's blessing. There wasn't much value in leaving just a remnant bit of strength. However, when placed in other people, it would open unlimited future possibilities for the blessed one! This was a genuine treasure!

To all Fire attribute special ability users, this was a treasure so precious that no one could ever hope to obtain!

The entire stadium lapsed back into silence.

Fire, and ice-cold air. It was as if neither had ever existed prior to this moment. What was left of the stage was a pothole-ridden, completely shattered surface; telling a story of the astonishing and soul-stirring fight that had just transpired.


Vladimir's hands stopped shaking, while those bigshots in the VIP podium that stood up earlier finally regained their composure. Fortunately... fortunately, it had dissipated away! Absolutely no one believed that a Casted Soul Stage could really control that level of power!

What if! Just what if!

What if he had lost control! Even those legendary experts would need to kneel before that power, as they definitely weren't able to defend against it!

The Grozny side was already scared shitless. If Wang Zhong really possessed that level of strength, he would basically become the nemesis of the entire northern regions! If Wang Zhong ever placed his attention on the north, the entire northern regions might have to yield and retreat in response!

Fortunately, that power had dissipated...

While the audience was still stuck within their shock and astonishment, Vladimir had already started to make his move. An outstanding soldier that had stood before the gate of life and death would never loss themselves while in combat!


Clapping his hands together fiercely, he activated his Ice Dominion once again, sending the terrifying ice-cold air and energies surging outwards. Absolute Zero was a move he had prepared in order to deal with Mo Wen. He had never expected Wang Zhong to be able to counter it! However, being in the Casted Soul Stage, Vladimir did not possess enough power to unleash it another time! 

The rapidly formed ice-cold air quickly started to take shape before Vladimir... that was, that was a humanoid shape?

A tall and beautiful girl made out of ice crystals formed on the stage, with a 3-metre long ice crystal spear present in her hands. That tall and athletic build, handsomely beautiful appearance, and even the facial constructs; it was exactly like Divian!


Divian's face turned slightly stiff upon seeing this, while Karl seated next to her had his eyes opened wide. That can't be true, right? Earlier, he had copied Divian's Dragon Terror. Now, he's even going to copy an entire human? Was this… unrequited love?

However, before Karl could fully process his thoughts, he was thrown into chaos in the next second, as another ice figure was created. This figure was unarmed and possessed a tall and sturdy built. As for its face, it was exceedingly similar to Pomo!

This was closely followed by a 3rd ice figure, an ice crossbow-wielding Karkel!

The 4th figure, was the Overlord Spear-wielding Zhao Yilong!

From the appearance of the Divian ice figure to the 4th figure, only 4 - 5 seconds had passed!

Ice Puppet Technique!

4 Ice Puppet guards appeared beside Vladimir. From the bone-chilling air radiating from them as well as the Ice Crystals that formed them, they were obviously well made, and definitely possessed power at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. 

The Ice Puppet Technique was one of the branch abilities that Ice attribute special abilities could display. The created Ice Puppets possessed a portion of the copied person's abilities, and could mimic 70 to 80% of the copied person's combat techniques and moves. This was one of the strongest combat oriented abilities that an Ice attribute special ability user could display. However, this ability was relatively obscure, as there were 2 prerequisite factors that users had to possess. Firstly, it was extremely rare to possess the talent for this ability. Secondly, maintaining the Ice Puppet was extremely strenuous. Only those with Ice Dominion would be able to disregard the requirements and unleash its full power!

However, would those things be of any use at all? That thought weighed down on everyone's minds. After all, they were just puppets!

Without waiting for Vladimir to make any movements, the 4 Ice Puppets had already arranged themselves into a combat formation. The Ice "Karkel" immediately disappeared from everyone's sight, while the Ice "Pomo" anchored itself defensively before Vladimir, appearing like an impenetrable iron tower that defended a fort. 

At the same time, 2 rays of light shot through the air, their spears smashing through space as they stabbed towards Wang Zhong!

Dragons' Terror Space Shattering Spear!

Overlord's Hurricane Smash!

The eyes of ice-formed "Zhao Yilong" and "Divian" sparkled with a bone-chilling glint, causing them to appear just like emotionless killing machines!

Bang Bang!

2 massive booms erupted on the stage as the Overlord's Spear and Dragon's Terror were blocked by a crystalline runic shield construct. As 2 powerful shockwaves expanded out in all directions, both the attackers and the defender were sent backwards by the massive force behind the blows. Wang Zhong was instantly shocked by this, as both of the ice figures were able to unleash a strength of about 70 to 80% of their mimicked persons, in both strength and combat techniques...

At the same time, a long string of gleaming ice crystals had already appeared behind Wang Zhong's head, crisscrossing and drawing inconceivable arcs in the air as they shot forwards towards him. "Karkel" had already slid his way over, displaying his close-combat style that was difficult to deal with! Furthermore, "Pomo" was getting ready to unleash his attack, and so was Vladimir standing behind it.

In the next instant, Wang Zhong had already extricated himself from the Ice Puppet's combat formation. He could not become trapped by them! However, the 3 Ice Puppets dashing forwards did not have any intention of giving up pursuit. Unknowingly, the stage was once again filled with ice-cold air, "Pomo" had already rushed forwards, and ice walls started to obstruct Wang Zhong's movements!

At this moment, everyone finally realized that Vladimir was displaying a genuine puppet technique!

They weren't just constructs; they actually possessed a portion of the charm and grace of those they were copying! This was also why Vladimir needed to display the movesets of his copied targets in combat! He needed to understand those combat techniques before he could implant them within his puppets, in order to unleash the full might of his Ice Puppet Technique!

Once this fight turned into close-ranged violence, the combat strength of the Ice Puppets, as well as their endurance, would allow Vladimir to suppress all combat techniques! Wang Zhong had pushed him into the pit of despair. However, Vladimir had returned the favour once again! 

Clearly, Wang Zhong had realised this. Being entangled into close-range combat with the 4 Ice Puppet clearly wasn't a good idea. However, his movements were being obstructed by Vladimir. Not only that, Vladimir did not show any intention of retreating! He started to press down on Wang Zhong, as ice spikes exploded out from the ground!

The ice and frost whirlpool that started to appeared started to pull Wang Zhong in. If he was pulled into it, the 4 Ice Puppets would definitely drag him down into a battle of attrition! In an instant, Wang Zhong had sunk into a disastrous situation!

Various kinds of unimaginably powerful combat techniques were being displayed!

Once again, Wang Zhong's supporters were thrown into turmoil, being tossed into a tiger's mouth just after leaving a wolf's den! Unlike the other opponents Wang Zhong had faced, the Ice Prince was so powerful he was already close to breaking into the heavens!

With a sway, his entire body proceeded to flutter about like a spectre! Brother King's OP-dominating Ghostly Steps had appeared once again. He could not get entangled! After achieving fame in the OP, there were too many people who had tried to copy his Ghostly Steps, with top-notch experts being among them. Furthermore, similar kinds of movements were brought up by busybodies to compare against All Mouthy King, like Grai's swaying steps, Gui Xinying's Shifting Flash and Napier Mo's Spectre Steps. Some looked like films taken using a camera with unlimited exposure, while others appeared just like a ghost staggering around absentmindedly.

No matter how powerful those puppets were, they could not exceed the strength of the people they were copying. An illusionary figure weaved about within the dense hailstorm of attacks unleashed towards him. An incredible amount of attacks were unleashed, yet none of them were making contact with Wang Zhong. Those ice walls rising from the ground weren't able to block Wang Zhong, who now possessed extremely powerful fire attribute energies circulating within him! Those ice walls had already been broken!

When All Mouthy King wanted to attack, no one could stop him! The final ice wall was directly smashed apart by Wang Zhong. In fact, he could use his Heart's Eye to sense the Vladimir's figure, who was completely unable to erect any more defences.

However, his rushing "ghostly figure" was met with a heavy shield! The ice-formed "Pomo"!

Among the 4 Ice Puppets, the ice-formed "Pomo" was Vladimir's true trump card. Being made from the person Vladimir was most familiar with, he was able to bring out the strength of that Ice Puppet to its maximum efficacy. Among all of the heavy soldiers out there, Pomo had the best grasp of combat. With Wang Zhong using up his energy through the successive use of the Ghostly Steps, it allowed Pomo to grasp an opportunity to rush forward.

The heavy attack and perfect ambush sent Wang Zhong flying. As he flew backwards, Wang Zhong unleashed 2 Soul Power-formed Cross Wheels that arced from the left and right towards Vladimir. He could not let his opponent sway the fight in his direction! The ice-formed "Pomo" was unable to block them, but the ice-formed "Karkel" with its crossbow and ice-formed Divian with its ice spear managed to intercept the 2 incoming cross wheels! 

Now, the 4 Ice Puppets appeared once again by Vladimir's side.

Clearly, Wang Zhong had consumed a lot of his strength throughout this entire fight, as his breathing had turned hurried and forceful. If this continued on, Vladimir would obtain the superior position once again!

This was a fight that would last all the way to the last breath!

Vladimir was also trying to calm his breathing. He couldn't become emotional! He couldn't become flustered! The more critical the moment, the more useful it was to be cool-headed. Only by doing so would he be able to endure to the very end! He had already stolen the momentum from Wang Zhong. The only thing he needed to do now was to waste Wang Zhong's energy; Wang Zhong didn't have an endless amount of physical strength and Soul Power to unleash recklessly. This time, he needed to endure! He could not let his murderous intent take over his mind! It was a struggle with a caged and wounded beast. The Wang Zhong he was facing now was the most dangerous he had ever faced!

This was the first time Vladimir had met someone who could be his match. An indescribable feeling of carefreeness was coursing through his entire body! Due to his Ice Dominion, he had never experienced what it was like to be completely drained of energy. However, at this very moment, he could feel the weakening of his physical strength and the waning of his Soul Sea. Unscrupulous usage of his Ice Dominion would still pose a heavy load on his body. This was why he had displayed the Ice Puppet Technique, as it was a trump card meant to deal with situations like this. Vladimir had predicted that he would definitely bump into powerful opponents in the future. In those situations, he would unleash this move, causing his opponent to suffer a fate worse than his!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No one possessed infinite levels of physical strength and endurance. Furthermore, soldiers would also use their Soul power and special abilities when fighting. When these energies were circulated rapidly through the body, it was extremely taxing for the muscles and meridians, and this would hence consume one's physical strength and energy in the process. After stabilising his heavy breathing, Vladimir continued to unleash his Ice Dominion, causing ice-cold energies to converge, turn into ice crystals, and finally form a blade in his hands. 

The instant that the ice blade took shape, everyone instantly felt as though the genuine ruler had descended onto the stage, immediately causing the 4 ice puppets to respond with a delighted cry through the vibrations of their ice crystals. Appearing to be stimulated by that response, Vladimir and the 4 Ice Puppets seemed to have instantly risen in level. Blade intent immediately formed on his ice blade, as though the God of Blades, Karl, had taken over his body. A frightening aura rippled throughout the entire stage, with the 4 Ice Puppets following suit.

The ice-formed Pomo's giant shield sparkled with a devilish red glow, while the ice-formed Karkel's crossbow sparkled with a chilling glint. Standing before the rest, the Dragon's Terror and Overlord's Spear started to vibrate, sending out cries, as fighting intent converged on their tips, rushing through the nine heavens!

The participants in the viewing gallery were dumbfounded once again by what they saw. Vladimir and his 4 ice puppets were suppressing Wang Zhong once again! If just a sliver of an opportunity presented itself, Karl's berserk blade-style would reap the greatest benefits, even more so when coupled with the might of Vladimir's Ice Dominion. Vladimir had really put in the effort to learn and copy from Karl!

Divian was somewhat speechless by what she saw. "Vladimir's really unreasonable."

"Indeed. There's no way for Wang Zhong to continue fighting, unless he's able to summon the world-ending Sovereign of Fire. Any other moves would be useless. Did you see the Soul Power-formed Cross Wheels? They aren't even able to scrap of the skin from those ice puppets!"

"That fire shouldn't be a power that belongs to Wang Zhong. If it really is from the Sovereign of Fire, a Casted Soul Stage would have exploded into bits from all that power."

Now, everyone had felt the power of fire that had appeared briefly on Wang Zhong's body. Perhaps he might possess a fire attribute special ability, one that was extremely powerful. However, it wasn't on the same level as Vladimir's Ice Dominion. In fact, Wang Zhong did not even awaken his special ability. Instead, he had forcefully acquired it through some miraculous circumstances. This resulted in its general instability in comparison to those who were born with special abilities.

The humming noise of whispers within the participant viewing gallery suddenly came to a stop. Fire!

A clump of flames danced about in Wang Zhong's hand. As if it was a taboo, everyone watching, including those bigshots seated high up in the VIP podium, immediately held their breath upon its appearance. Even Vladimir, who had prepared himself, was so frightened that he retracted his blade intent from the stage!

He couldn't help being frightened! In fact, Vladimir did not even dare make a single movement or attack! Without a doubt, if Wang Zhong could summon that Extreme Fire once again, Vladimir would make the most logical choice of surrendering!
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    《Battle Frenzy》