Battle Frenzy
622 Once again, witness the style of the axe! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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622 Once again, witness the style of the axe! 2 in 1

Vladimir couldn't help being frightened! In fact, he did not even dare make a single movement or attack. Without a doubt, if Wang Zhong could summon that Extreme Fire once again, he would make the most logical choice of surrendering!

If not, just a little bit of contact that fire would result in death! There was no exception, and no power out there that could contend against it. In the face of the Extreme Fire, all of mankind's defences would be reduced to slag! As for the violation of rules? Which of the moves being unleashed on stage weren't capable of creating miracles!

Although victory and glory were important, being the king of the northern regions, his life was also as important!

However, that nervousness only lasted for an instant, as everyone noticed the absence of any of the previously-seen milky white splendour. Although there was a sliver of an azure shade within the red flames, it stopped there. It was barely on the level of a Divinized Fire, and couldn't be compared to the Extreme Fire.

Everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Indeed, that was just a flashy display. How could a Casted Soul Stage ever control something like the Extreme Fire? That would really be too frightening! From the looks of it, the earlier display was just a hyperdimensional projection. Of course, the Divinized Fire in Wang Zhong's hand was also extremely powerful. However, it totally paled in comparison to Vladimir's Ice Dominion. In fact, it might not even to pose any harm to those Ice Puppets.

However, changes started to happen to the flame in Wang Zhong's hand. These changes didn't happen to the level of the fire, but to its shape.

Forming something out of nothing!

The flames rapidly condensed together and solidified. Within the blink of an eye, a massive fiery Heaven's Raising Axe appeared within Wang Zhong's hands. The fiery red flames formed the body of the axe, while the azure shade, the essence of his fire attribute special ability, formed the sharp edge of the axe, causing the separation between the 2 layers to appear incomparably clear. This was completely unlike the fiery cross wheels that were formed by the fusion of Soul Power and his Fire attribute special ability. Although this fiery axe, formed purely by his Divinized Fire, was slightly lacking in stability, it possessed an additional trace of overbearingness, causing it to appear exceedingly dazzling!

Everyone's gaze was drawn to the fiery Heaven's Raising Axe. Although it wasn't as shocking as the Extreme Fire that appeared earlier, it was still sufficiently astonishing to them, as the Fire attribute special ability was known to be the special ability that was the most difficult to manipulate into the form of objects. Due to their active and berserk movements, it was extremely hard to maintain the constantly unstable fire elements in a fixed shape. An extremely high control over their special ability and element was required; far higher than what other special abilities required.

At this moment, Wang Zhong had already stabilised his breathing. After the baptism from the Sovereign of Flames, this was the first time he was able to enjoy the process of activating his Fire attribute special ability. Although he wasn't able to display complicated combat techniques like what Vladimir had done with his Ice Dominion, his special ability was, by itself, an aid for his close combat skills.


With a casual heft, the fiery Heaven's Raising Axe rose slowly into the air, leaving a flaming trail in the air. The space surrounding the axe head started to rapidly warp and distort, as though it was sucking in everything around it. In the next instant, the axe intent blotted out the skies!

Vladimir's face immediately changed upon seeing this, as his pupils contracted in shock. Having seen how Wang Zhong had fought in the cage trial, the memories of that axe were still fresh in his mind.

Furthermore, in the instant the axe intent formed, the same flames erupted out from Wang Zhong's body, seemingly fusing his body with the fiery axe in his hands. As this happened, the entire being seemed to possess the might and dignity of a god of fire! This wasn't just any constructed axe! This fiery Heaven's Raising Axe was formed out of Wang Zhong's being, as well as the tacit understanding he had of his weapon! At this moment, the fusion between human and axe had instantly reached the apex!

The entire stadium waited silently for the upcoming exchange. There was no lack of fire attribute special ability users among the Federation's soldiers. There weren't many combat techniques within the Fire attribute special ability. Instead, an importance was placed on the realm of control and the level of fire one could unleash. In Wang Zhong's point of view, his special ability was just another tool. After fusing within his consciousness, it would increase the power and the might of his combat techniques. With his prior level of control and the power of his combat techniques, no one could tell just how much the merger of his Fire attribute special ability with his body had raised his fighting capabilities! Of the 2 on stage, one side had the stronger special ability, while the other had stronger combat capabilities. Nevertheless, the weaker side had now gained an extremely large boost. Once again, the duel had reached an equilibrium!

One side shone with the beauty of 5 ice crystals, while the other side was filled with the brilliance of surging flames!

Who was stronger? Who was weaker?

Hesitating no further, Vladimir and the 4 Ice Puppets immediately took action. Moving into an offensive formation, ice crossbow bolts were already hurtling towards Wang Zhong!

Life-threatening explosive crossbow shots! 

A terrifying burst of a dimensional combat technique! In the instant the ice crossbow was notched, hundreds of ice bolts had already shuttled through space, reappearing right before Wang Zhong's eyes! Straight shots, explosive shots, piercing shots, arc shots… endless amounts of crossbow bolts completely blanketed the area before Wang Zhong! Right behind them, 2 long spears rumbled as they rushed forward at high speeds! Before the spears could even be heard, their terrifying spear intent had already locked down the areas left and right of Wang Zhong!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Dragons' Terror Space Shattering Spear! Overlord's Hurricane Smash!

Every single attack possessing incredible power, and was more than sufficient to be a frightening move unleashed by a top-notch expert. However, they were only used to seal up Wang Zhong's movements. Although it appeared wasteful to do so, they were able to obtain miraculous results. Wang Zhong was obviously not afraid of any frontal attacks. However, if he was in the midst of evading away from such attacks, the power behind the crossbow bolts were definitely not easy to defend against. Furthermore, with his left and right being sealed up by unsurmountable giant walls in the form of spear attacks, Wang Zhong had nowhere else to evade to!

However, the scarier attack was actually hidden behind those powerful ice crossbow bolts, in the form of the blade intent Vladimir had condensed with all of his might! With the protection of the ice-formed Pomo's giant shield, he had given up all defences and focused all of his strength into his blade, causing the might of his chop the reach its apex!

This was most frightening aspect of Vladmir's trump card. With his aura suppressing Wang Zhong, and the might of his blade intent causing the surrounding space to freeze up, it was impossible for Wang Zhong to escape using any Dimensional Combat Techniques!

The lockdown created by the spears, the defence provided by the heavy shield, the suppression via ranged attacks, and the restriction of the surrounding space --- all of the attacks erupted in an instant! This was the true might of Vladimir's Ice Puppet Technique!

If the earlier coordination of the 4 Ice Puppets was rather stiff, the addition of Vladimir into their formation made it much smoother, and caused their offensive might to increase to the next level! The threat posed by this formation was correspondingly greater. Vladimir's decision to engage in close combat, showed that he had already decided to end this duel, right here and right now!

There was not a single wasteful attack, not a sliver of weakness in his defences, and not a sliver of deviation to his and the Ice Puppets' movements. The 5 figures had perfectly integrated into 1 whole! Not only were there no flaws in their coordination, their unified offence, defence, and multiplication of force, were a textbook example of perfection! This was something that every squadron dreamed of accomplishing, yet could only hope for. It was impossible to find 5 people within the whole of the Federation who had the strength and level of tacit understanding to pull of a perfect coordination like what Vladimir had just accomplished!

It was at this moment that Mo Wen sighed softly.

All of a sudden, a flash of brilliance blossomed from Wang Zhong's eyes, before a berserk aura exploded out from him. Appearing to have sensed the surging fighting intent gushing out from his heart, a frightening hurricane of flames expanded out from the Divinized Fiery Heaven's Raising Axe. An unimaginably domineering aura and fighting intent took shape in the form of fiery waves, rippling outwards from the axe in all directions!

The ice crossbow bolts that were about to reach Wang Zhong were smashed away by the expanding fiery waves, resulting in all of them missing their target!

At this instant, Wang Zhong's figure disappeared from his original location. Dimensional Dash! In the next second, he had already leapt into the air, with the howling fiery Heaven's Raising Axe appearing right above the head of the ice-formed Karkel! Fusing with the axe intent that had blotted the skies, the fiery Heaven's Raising Axe had immediately completed accumulating its power the instant it appeared. The seemingly endless amounts of power caused the surrounding space, even the entire world, to condense on that axe's edge!

Flaming Overlord Heaven's Raising Chop!


The axe descended!

The ice-formed Karkel wasn't very slow, nor was it exceedingly fast. If its speed was classified as a 5 out of 10, the speed of that axe would be more than sufficient to be a 10 out of 10! In an instant, the power unleashed by the chop appeared to suck "Karkel" into it. This was the secret essence of strength, something that life forms would find it extremely difficult to evage, what more Ice Puppets!

In fact, the lifeless eyes of the ice-formed Karkel did not even manage to observe where that chop had originated from! The only thing it could sense was a white flash before its eyes, as the frightening chop arrived on top of its head!


Its tough and resilient ice crystal-formed body did not provide any defence at all. In fact, there wasn't even any powerful collisions between 2 opposing forces!

A chop! One single chop!

As the axe chopped downwards, the ice-formed Karkel's movements immediately came to a halt, as though a curse had been placed on it! In the next second, the Ice Puppet exploded apart! Nevertheless, Wang Zhong did not stop moving, leaping into the air once again. The Dimensional Positional Swap allowed him to move freely in the air without constraints, something that the Ice Puppets were unable to accomplish. At this moment, the only thing he had to pay attention in this fight was how Vladimir would react.

Although the Ice Puppet formation was a very good move, opponents weren't blocks of wood. This was especially true when it was used against top-notch experts. The more dangerous the situation, the higher the chance of forcing out the maximum power from one's opponent. This maximum power was the result of their mental fortitude and coordination. Although the Ice Puppet Technique seemed to be extremely powerful, it was, in reality, an act of retreating. This was the real reason behind why Mo Wen had sighed. With the power of his special ability and the control he had over it, Vladimir shouldn't have unleashed the Ice Puppet Technique; he should have utilised even stronger combat techniques that would force him to the brink of life and death. Only by doing so would he be able to fight his way out of mortal danger!

In other words, when going up against enemies on a narrow path, the bravest one would be the victor!

Dimensional energies rippled outwards once again. As the surrounding space started to vibrate, the fiery Heaven's Raising Axe blossomed with radiance once again!

The same sky-rending earth-shattering aura blasted out, now with even more power than the first chop! The Axe intent and power from Wang Zhong's first chop had yet to dissipate. On the contrary, it was now merging with the second chop! This was a technique based on compounding waves! The rise of his physical strength and mental spirit after the first instant-kill attack, as well as the maximum activation of his potential, were the foundations of creating miracles through his special ability or close combat skills!


The ice-formed Zhao Yilong only managed to pull its Overlord's Spear back halfway in defence before the axe had passed through its head and down to its legs!


As the Ice Puppet exploded apart, Noriba immediately felt like crying... If he had known that Wang Zhong would evolve his trademark combat technique to such a level, he would rather have not used it in the first place!

Vladimir's eyes had already turned bloodshot upon seeing his 2 Ice Puppets exploding one after another, while endless rage covered his face. Did he summon his Ice Puppets, which he took pride in, just to become watermelons for Wang Zhong to chop up at will?!

As Vladimir unleashed an ice-filled roar to obstruct Wang Zhong, the latter had taken to the air once again, just as though he had wings attached to his back. That's right! Before anyone knew it, 2 fiery red wings had appeared behind Wang Zhong's back, allowing him to wield his Heaven's Raising Axe and unleash its might with greater ease!

There was no way for Vladimir and his Ice Puppets to retreat from Wang Zhong's attacks. In the most critical of times, his momentum had waned, while Wang Zhong's imposingness could not be stopped! The ice-formed Divian Vladimir had created was capable of shuttling through space alongside the spear shades it created. If he wasn't able to stop Wang Zhong here and now, the latter would truly steal this fight away from him! Therefore, he had made special attention when creating the ice-formed Divian. There was one advantage in the Ice Puppet Technique: the Ice Puppets were not afraid of dying!

Under the support of Vladimir's Ice Dominion, man fused with spear, and spear fused with man. Both the ice-formed "Divian" and the ice-formed Dragon's Terror fused into one. How was this called man-spear fusion? This was basically a complete fusion into "one"!

There was no spear, nor was there man. Fused with the ice-cold energies from Vladimir's Ice Dominion, the attack unleashed immediately turned into spear intent, transforming into a giant dragon that rushed towards the heavens! Even Divian was shocked speechless upon seeing this Dragons' Terror Space Shattering Spear! Relying on the benefits of the Ice Puppet Technique, Vladimir had managed to display her move to a level that she was completely incapable of accomplishing!

There was no spear, nor was there man. Instead, there was a "life-rending" strike!

However, why would Wang Zhong evade from this? The strengths of mankind came from their value and blossoming of life! How could a the life of a mere puppet amount to anything?!

The dimensional space started to fracture, before the graceful form of the fiery axe appeared from within. Not a single expression was present on Wang Zhong face, nor was there any splendour blossoming from his eyes, as everything around him had been dominated by the roaring flames above his head!

The 3rd chop!


As fiery red glow blossomed in all directions, it was met by a surge of ice-cold air that was supported by the ice dragon that had shuttled through space. However, it was welcomed by a chop that seemed to want to cleave the heavens and earth into two!

The entire stadium, and even the entire world, appeared to lose all colours before this chop!

What Dragon's Terror Space Shattering, what ice-cold energy-formed dragon...

All of them were dragged to the bottom with a single chop!

In the next instant, the Ice Crystals shattered, as the ice-cold air was blasted out in all directions. The rumbling shockwaves swept out and shook everything around them. As the endless white fog and shockwaves filled the stadium, no one could see what had exactly happened on stage. 

However, even though no one could see what had happened, everyone could guess the outcome!

A look of madness appeared on Vladimir's face. Finally unable to endure any longer, the blade intent in his hand rumbled across the skies. At the same time, a devilish red glow started to radiate from the ice-formed Pomo's giant shield as it shot forward.

2 streaks of light, one red and one white, spun around each other as they shot through the air, unleashing a frightening rumble as they hurtled towards Wang Zhong. Furthermore, accompanying this blade-shield dual attack were countless ice-crystal spikes unleashed with Vladimir's Ice Dominion!

As the blade intent flashed across the heavens, its white radiance merged with the devilish red glow from the shield shade besides it. The bone-chilling absolute zero frost, accompanied by countless of ice spikes, descended upon Wang Zhong like an icy prison!

Blade-Shield Ice Prison --- Universe Shatterer!

Die Die Die Die!

What frightening power, what terrifying attacks! The overbearing attacks instantly trapped Wang Zhong within, while appearing as though they wanted to destroy everything in their path! Despite that, within that frightening prison, the 4th fiery flash continued to blossom with radiance. Shining like a scorching sun, its light penetrated through the endless ice-cold air radiating out from the icy prison descending upon it!

Even a black hole would be unable to block his vision, what more a prison! Nothing could stop his movements! The terrifying axe in his hands turned into the centre of destruction, sparkling within the icy prison and chaos, destroying everything in its path!

Overlord Raises the Sky --- Parting the Skies, Splitting the Earth!

The blossoming fiery glow burst forth from within the chaos!

As the terrifying attack came to a stop, the overbearing ice-cold air immediately halted in its tracks.

Before it subsequently collapsed apart completely!

The ice-cold air had collapsed! The prison had collapsed! The chaos had collapsed! The world had collapsed!

The entire world appeared to be cleaved into 2 by a single chop from the axe!

All of the ice-cold air and energies covering the entire stage were split into 2, before the frightening shockwaves formed expanded crazily from both sides, finally rushing to the skies through the guidance from the stadium's defensive barrier.

Regardless of whether they were Tianjing fans or Grozny fans, everyone was already unable to stop themselves from standing up in nervousness. In the middle of the stage, the body of the ice-formed Pomo had already disappeared without a trace; no one knew whether it had been chopped into 2, or whether it had been evaporated by the scorching sun-like chop!
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    《Battle Frenzy》